New Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer: Everything you need to know

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New Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer: Everything you need to know

Comprehensive video dives deep into the PS3/PS4 mystery adventure

Hey folks! There’s just over two weeks to go before Murdered: Soul Suspect is out in Europe and to bide your time while you wait, we’ve conjured up a comprehensive 101 trailer to show you today.

But firstly, we’d like to say thanks for your support for the game so far, it has been overwhelming to say the least and means a great deal to the development team at Airtight Games. Additionally, we’ve received a ton of questions lately about gameplay features and story, so hopefully this trailer will help enlighten you on everything you need to know about the game. But don’t take our word for it, jump in and see what all the fuss is about!


It turns out humans aren’t the only beings Ronan can possess in the game… Our talented dev team have plugged away intensely to bring you a unique investigation game unlike any you’ve played before, with fresh gameplay mechanics, relatable characters, and a twisted story that will leave you speechless, even after you’ve put down the controller.

So what do we know about Ronan’s ghostly abilities so far? He can walk through walls, possess and influence humans (and cats!), teleport to hard-to-reach locations, and poltergeist objects to spook innocent bystanders. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… but we’ve gotta leave a few aces up sleeves, surely? Well that’s what Ronan would do for sure.


Then there’s our ruthless antagonist, the Bell Killer. We can’t tell you too much about him without spoiling some element of the game, but he’s a merciless serial killer terrorising the town of Salem who Ronan must stop before he becomes trapped in the Dusk world for eternity. The spirits you encounter roaming the Dusk are people who have left something unresolved in their previous life, who, much like Ronan, cannot move on to until they’ve settled their unfished business. Several side-quests in the game revolve around helping these lost souls move on, while some can’t or don’t want to be helped, Ronan will need their help if he is to catch the Bell Killer in time.


The path to uncovering the Bell Killer will not unobstructed, there are those who linger in the Dusk that seek to consume wandering souls. These Demons will devour Ronan if you’re not careful and should be avoided at all costs. Confront them head-on if you’re feeling courageous, but be warned, they’ve been roaming the Dusk far longer than anything else.

So what did you think of our 101 trailer? If you’ve still got questions, fire away in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is out on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on 6th June, 2014. Pre-order the game now to guarantee your Limited Edition and get £5/10 off.


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11 Author Replies

  • Really looking forward to this game :)

  • Don’t tell me Lightning will make a cameo in this game.

    • No, but Murdered is full of little easter eggs from other Square Enix games, so keep an eye out for them when you’re playing!

  • Any chance of seein a comparison between the PS3 and PS4 version?

    Also, how long(ish) is the game?

    • From a gameplay point of view, both versions are exactly the same. We don’t have any plans to release a comparison trailer, but sometimes the likes of Eurogamer create a current vs. next gen comparison clip around a game’s launch.

    • @Lee
      Which would be recommended to played on if they are exactly the same? Shouldn’t that make the PS4 version the same price as PS3? Or does PS4 have something extra (like the touch pad)?

  • I kept gravitating back to your stand at EGX rezzed and after visiting it for the third time in three days I decided it was about time I went ahead and pre-ordered it as it had clearly sunk its hooks into me! lol I cant wait for this, looked amazing!

    • Thanks! If you’re interested, we’re featuring some mini investigations on the @murdered Twitter account this weekend, where you can be in with a chance of winning exclusive Murdered merchandise.

    • Sure am Lee! What i sthe whole twitter handle please?

  • Now THAT is what you call a trailer!

    Looks incredible and right up my street. :)

  • Any chance of streaming it before it’s released? :D

  • I will support every new IP with strong storytelling and innovative gameplay. This looks like it.

    • Thanks! It’s a story we’re really proud of and the development team at Airtight Games are incredibly grateful for all your support so far!

  • @BarryBallache, the twitter links are as follows… and – you’ll want to follow both as the latter account initiates the puzzle.

    • Thanks Lee! The guys and gals were out of the cool T-shirts at Rezzed, so here’s hoping some of those are up for grabs! I’d love to get my hands on one of them! :D

  • My question: Is Murdered: Soul Suspect open world?

    • The town of Salem is our Hub world which Ronan traverses between investigations. You’ll learn more about Salem’s troubled past whilst discovering hidden secrets, side-quests, and collectables.

  • this looks good…..

  • Looks like I got my ps4 at the right time. Pre-ordered limited edition for my long nights ahead.:-D

  • Got to say the trailer is very impressive, am definitely interested in getting this one, not sure about getting £5/10 off When i pre-order, how will this work?. retailer, if so who, can’t wait to get hold of the game and am sure it will be as good as it looks.

    • The £5/€10 is already discounted from the price on the retailer’s webpages!

    • Thanks for reply, had already discovered the blue pre order line/link and can see Game as one, will call in there this week and hope the offers are in-store as well as online, delivery is a big pain for me so have to get from shop or psn. Looking at trailer few more times as well and the seven bullet holes but six of his own bullet casings found, then his dress style, is it just a retro look or IS he from 50’s?.. missing bullet case possibly taken as trophy or simply hidden/lost, but era he is ‘looking’ to be from, hmm, probably just retro but it got me thinking, well after viewing the trailer and giving the setting i’ve not stopped thinking/imagining, again am looking forward to playing this and getting to bottom of as much as i can.

  • The Netherlands isnt listed on the pre-order site.

    Means we wont get a limited edition ?

    • The Square Enix Store will ship to The Netherlands, however we don’t have the Limited Edition on there. Hold tight, we’re looking into this for you…

  • Why is this released on disk in Europe but not Drakengard 3?

  • I didn’t even know about this game till now, but the hype for this game… That was instantaneous! Damn! I’m pretty receptive to new IPs, and I’ll pre-order it, or buy it day one even whithout pre-order.
    But I have a question, wich version do you recommend? Are the grafics the only improvment on PS4?

    Thank you.

    • Well I’d recommend going for the next-gen version of the game if you have both consoles. Gameplay remains the same on both, but graphically the PS4 version is superior to the PS3 :)

    • @Lee Williams, yes, I have both consoles. Thanks for the answear… PS4 then :D

  • This looks bloody good!

    Question: In a gameplay video I saw they walked us through the investigation technique whereby Ronan narrows down various options. If you make a mistake, does it just cross the wrong thing off the list, or is it a bit more ruthless and if you mess up too many times then too bad, you don’t get the information you need?

    • We didn’t want to be that ruthless, if you make a mistake it won’t be crossed off the list but you’ll get the opportunity to try again!

  • orionthehunters

    I would LOVE to know how long the game is? on say average game play though. Also this seems to be the perfect type of game for DLC do you plan for future DLC’s?. Looks different and that is a big plus from me but I do worry about how long it will take to finish………

    • I know the demo at Rezzed was just the opening section. People were taking up to an hour to find everything and some just rushed through and found what they needed in 20-30 minutes. So Its going to depend on your own approach I think.

  • Like the look of this game. Have this on pre order for £35 for the limited edition. Any one interested Simply games have normal version for £32 pre order.

  • Thanks for making this game, there just aren’t as many of these detective/investigation type games around as there should be. Really like the creepy gothic mood and how atmospheric it all looks. I’ve got my PS4 version all pre-ordered – bring on the 6th of June!

  • The game looks awesome i have pre-ordered it at GAME. QUESTION: is the game more than 20 hours?

  • Caling it now, you are the killer!

  • Major credit for creating an intriguing game, but the believability and immersion of the game is not helped by the wooden facial animation in 2014.

    L.A Noire did this much better several years ago, though I guess that was expensive, and the facial animations in infamous second son were some of the best I’ve seen but that game was forgettable.

    Anyway very interested in this game, it looks like it could be quite memorable which will be a great achievement.

  • This looks fantastic but I’m a bit worried about the fighting demons part. Everything else looks phenomenal but combat just looks like it isn’t needed and there because most games have some form of fighting. Still hugely excited though and I hope the balance is right.

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