SingStar coming soon to PS4 with free microphone app

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SingStar coming soon to PS4 with free microphone app

Everything you need to know about the hit series’ new look

Hi everyone! Here at SingStar HQ we’re really excited to announce some very big changes coming to SingStar this year.SingStar logo rgb

It’s hard to believe but SingStar is ten years old today and in that time we’ve sold a whopping 26 million copies, so thanks to all of you for your fantastic support over the years.

Over the last decade we’ve really tried to keep making your SingStar experience the very best possible, from launching the SingStore back in 2007 (even before the PlayStation Store), giving you instant access to the very best tracks online, to the wireless mics we released in 2009. And we don’t plan to stop any time soon.

We’re really pleased to announce that SingStar will be coming to PS4 later this year! Not only that but we will be launching a free SingStar app that will transform your smartphone into a microphone. That’s right, no more mics required!

SS 1405_Sony_1553RGB

The app works with both PS3 and PS4 versions of SingStar and is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones and devices. The app will also let you create your own personal playlists.

Z2 Blue Mic and Playlist Overlap 1

We’re also working hard to optimise the social experience of SingStar, so we’re making it even easier to share the best bits (or epic fails) of your night on Twitter and Facebook straight from the game. With an improved scoring system you can also build up your XP and get rewarded for game activity, or challenge your mates online and entertain (or in some cases disturb) them with your renditions of your favourite songs.

Check out our new trailer!

Later this year we will also be releasing SingStar: Ultimate Party on PS3 and PS4, which will host a collection of 30 epic tracks, which represents great value for anyone new to SingStar. The track list is looking great and we’ll be bringing you more news on that soon.

As ever you’ll be able to download tons more songs from the SingStore, and if you haven’t visited recently we have just added Bruno Mars and some classics from REM. We cater for all tastes on the SingStore from the latest Pop hits and Rock classics, to Hip Hop and RnB.

We’ll be sharing more details over the coming months so please keep an eye on PlayStation Blog. Over and out!

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9 Author Replies

  • Are tracks cross-platform?

  • Pin it to my PS4 dash and I’ll flip the F out.

  • To clarify, do I need to buy the tracks again for my PS4 if I bought them previously on PS3?

    • If you have already bought the track on PS3, and the song is available on PS4 then you won’t have to pay again. :)

    • Best news ever if true I have bought so many songs on Singstar

    • That’s a disconcerting half-answer. :p

      I guess we have to wait until launch to see which songs do not make the PS4 cut.

    • I’ve got over 800 songs as DLC. The big question is, if it’s available on the PS4, will it mean we have to remove it from the PS3 release in order to have it on the PS4, or will it be possible to own the same content on both consoles (at no extra cost)?

  • Is this app going to be pre-installed just like the PS3 and Playroom on PS4? I hope not.

  • You better not add this to the PS4 menu system in a firmware update!!!

  • Can you egomaniacs please take the icon off the PS3 XMB men–oh forget it. A mandatory icon is #4theplayers, right?

  • How about letting us remove the icon from the PS3 version and giving us the choice to download it as an app from the store like the North American users can.

  • And with that announcement millions of PS4 owners were paralyzed in fear that they’d re-experience a PS3 traumata, of the ever haunting icon.

  • As above, get this garbage off the PS3 menu and don’t even THINK of making it compulsory on the PS4 dashboard.
    We are gamers, we do NOT play “games” like this. They are for Shrill, wine-fuelled rooms full of shrill, whine-filled people. We want action, racing, fighting and innovation. We do not want to warble our way through some vile mainstream fodder.

    • “We are gamers, we do NOT play games like this”

      Holy generalisation batman! Some us do, although I agree that those who do not should be able to choose to at least hide the icon. Heck, I play it and still want to hide the icon because I always play from disc and its easy to accidentally launch the wrong version with its independent trophies.

    • I agree i really want the icon removed too but you have to see that there is a lot more to gaming than just action fighting and racing, don’t be so narrow minded in what you play.

    • what a childish mentality! I’m a gamer, have been for over 20 years and i love playing singstar, i had lots of fun parties with friends and the new years eve was a riot with this game… oh unless you think gamers dont have parties. pffff

    • As much as I want to get rid of the Singstar icon, that’s a bit narrowminded and arrogant talking about “we gamers”.

      I would still complain about the icon if it was about an action, racing or fighting game instead of Singstar. Even if it was for my favorite PS3 game I would like to see the icon gone.

    • Johnnycide’s a fool. I’ve been a gamer over 30 years; I own PS3, PS4, Vita and Xperia Z2 phone, all of which I use for gaming. I’ve over 150 boxed games for PS3 alone and my PS4 is not lacking for games; plus my 64GB Vita card is full. So I consider myself a “gamer”. And I LOVE SingStar. We’ve had countless SingStar parties over the years featuring people from many walks of life and age ranges. My friends love it and they’re pretty damn rock & roll. It’s not all about singing Total Eclipse of the Heart; there are some classic rock & indie tunes on there (although the choices published have got worse over the years) – I’ve got over 200 songs in my collection and they cater for a wide range of tastes.

      So yeah, “real” gamers CAN love SingStar. Do NOT try to talk for all of us, johnnycide. You have no clue what you are on about. SingStar is a LOT of fun. It does help if you have actual friends willing to play it.

    • A fool? Really? I’m not the one flailing around my living room to Rhianna. I’m not in the habit of apologising and refuse to offer any more clarification on my previous post. If you want this crap, buy a competitor’s console. There’s enough rubbish coming from Sony at the moment without this idiocy.

  • yay this is great news i hope i can transfer all my songs from my ps3 to my ps4 :)

  • The guy in the header image is clasping the mic/phone with both hands and ‘singing’ into the top of it… Obviously designed so we can ally see the ‘Sony’ logo emblazoned across the phones but looks daft, to me at least, after all – the microphone is at the bottom of a mobile phone

    • On the contrary, most high-end phones have a microphone on the top as its used for noise cancellation during phone calls and stereo recording when doing video.

      Some even have THREE microphones to further improve the noise cancellation.

  • When the free SingStar app was released for the PS3 we got an unremoveable icon on the games list that advertise the game as soon we turn the PS3 on.

    I’ve been wondering a bit how SCEE can outdo themselves here with the PS4, so I guess soon when the free SingStar app is released for the PS4 we get an unskippable 30-minute Singstar ad video each time we turn on the PS4 before being able to play any game?

  • Please please please let us transfer our songs from the PS3 to PS4.
    I’ve spent too much money and I’m not keen on buying the same songs again. Otherwise, I’m giving up on SingStar.

  • NOOOOOO!!!
    i want NO MORE SingStar icon on my dashboard!!!!!!!

  • Will the songs for ps4 singstar be ‘up to date’ like the songs from the other karaoke app that came out this year ?

    If they can do it .. so can sony’s flagship singstar u would presume.

    • We’ve got some great tracks lined up for the disc already, more on that soon. And we always want to bring the best to the SingStore….. Bruno Mars, One Direction, Rihanna, all available to download right now, and thousands of others too by the way ;)

    • “We’ve got some great tracks lined up for the disc already, …Bruno Mars, One Direction, Rihanna, all available to download right now, and thousands of others too by the way..”

      No thanks I bought thousands of songs but stopped after you focused more on songs by the above then on all types of music.

      Updates used to have 25 songs per update true story.

      Fool me once shame on me, you won’t be fooling me a second time.

    • Sorry I meant over a thousand.

    • “And we always want to bring the best to the SingStore….. Bruno Mars, One Direction, Rihanna”

      That’s a poor definition of “the best”. I love SingStar but the choices of song over the past few years have been AWFUL compared to the early days. You need to broaden your horizons!

    • Yeah, the updates used to be fortnightly, and contained 20-25 songs as well as song packs. Now, they’ve reduced the updates to once a month and the content hasn’t really improved.

      What SingStar really needs are some current, new, and popular hit songs… may I suggest Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and The Fox by Ylvis for example.

  • This is great news, hopefully this will mean access to more artists and tracks being released more frequently

  • My main account is from NA. I bought tracks from the EU store because they were not available in the NA store at that time.

    Will I be able to download my EU tracks to my PS4?

  • If I get a sing star icon on my ps4 I will be visiting SCEE in London and inserting my PS4 into somebody….

  • Woop, my family are gonna love this, can i just ask. With the PS3 version of Singstar, you can insert PS2 discs to play songs that are stored on disc, will the same feature be in the PS4 version with the use of PS3 and PS2 Discs.

    • I certainly hope so as I have both Queen and ABBA discs. Some of those tracks are NOT available on the store.

    • On Facebook and Twitter they’re saying “NO”… that the PS4 doesn’t support PS2/PS3 discs.

      But, apart from the launch PS3 console, the PS3 didn’t support PS2 discs, but SingStar managed to get their game/app to read the game data from PS2 discs.

      The same could and should be possible on the PS4 since it can actually play DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs. PS2 discs are DVDs. PS3 discs are Blu-Rays. There’s no reason why the new PS4 game/app couldn’t read the game data from PS2/PS3 discs inserted into the PS4.

      If there is some technological barrier to making disc-swapping a reality, i’m sure SingStar could persuade Sony to patch the firmware to make it possible.

      So, c’mon SingStar… please make it possible to use PS2 and PS3 discs. I have 20 PS2 and 30 PS3 SingStar discs that i’ve collected from all over the world. I would like to be able to use them on the PS4 as well.

  • The permanent icon reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s stand up show “Delirious.”

    “And then they came out with herpes, you keep that **** forever like luggage.”

  • Singstar on PS4? BURN IT WITH FIRE!! Before it spreads its unremovable nausea-inducing icon as the first thing you see!

  • I’d just like to know one thing. There were songs that I purchased on my old 60GB years ago, but after that broke, I was unable to use them on my new one due to them only being activated on one system.

    Will I be able to use all of my purchased songs on PS4 even though the one-time activation is locked on a broken PS3? I don’t want to go through all the hassle of terrible customer service to get it fixed.

    • Customer services can transfer the songs to your new PS3, it should be pretty straightforward.
      The songs that are available on PS4 you will be able to download them.
      Hope this helps!

    • i had this issue, contacted Sony Playstation customer support and they made the change in 24 hours

    • I never understood why SingStar is locked to one system… I’m a Plus subscriber and I have 2 PS3 consoles where I play everything i buy except for singstar…

      At one time I bought a set of microphones for my daughter to use in her playstation and when i tried to download songs i had bought digitally with a voucher I was informed it could not be done, because of the one system activation… So I was stuck using Singstar only in the PS3 where I had first used the voucher.

      Now you say Cross-buy to the PS4, ok looks good but not for me, i’m sticking with PS3 and never again will buy tracks from singstar because i can only use them on one system.

  • Will the Singstar: Ultimate Party for PS4 support disc swap for PS2/PS3 games? If so, is there a way to temporarily load all discs to the hard drive so I don’t have to swap them and can choose from my full library?

    • PS2 and PS3 discs can’t be played on PS4, sorry.

    • That’s really disappointing that the same functionality implemented from PS2 to PS3 will not be in place for PS3 to PS4. Why was the feature dropped?

    • PS2 discs can’t be played on (most) PS3s either, but the songs can be loaded from the old discs. Without this feature, you’re not making a compelling argument to upgrade.

    • Why not? PS4 can read DVD and Blu-ray so why wouldn’t it be able to read the songs on PS2/PS3 Singstar disks?
      If there really is a technical issue then please release the “Studio 100” songs digitally and get them to release more of their recent songs.

    • Are there any plans to look into adding this functionality? I have a stack of Singstar Discs and don’t wanna have to swap back to PS3 when someone wants to sing one of the disc songs.

    • I’ve just gone from really excited to could not care less about this game in 1 comment. I have 6 PS3 discs and 3 PS2 discs and now we find out they aren’t going to be compatible.

      The PS4 is definitely capable of reading PS3 discs as I have to insert my PS3 Battlefield 4 to be able to play it as proof of purchase.

      I hope you rethink this.

  • I would honestly prefer the Singstar PS4 app being unremovable from the dashboard. I’m having a blast every time I read those whiny comments about PS3 version. Seriously, is it really bothering some of you that much? It’s just an icon, no one forces you to spend any money on it…

    • Yep, keep defending Sony. They’re very proud of you.


    • I’d like my games to be the first thing I see when I boot up the console, not malware.

    • @Viryu: Some people are just short sighted corporate apologists. Not only that, they always start off insulting people who are not against mandatory icons, especially if it’s only in the EU.

      It’s people like them who are okay with always online DRM and no lending/trading/selling games.

    • @zalwelgoedgaan DRM is a completely different thing. I just find complaining about an icon for over a year a little weird. It simply sits there, I don’t even notice it most of the time. I just see it as an overreaction, that’s all.

    • I find it much weirder that the icon is still there after one year of complaining.

    • You are wrong. It’s not just an icon. It’s embodiment of SCEE arrogancy and lack of interest to loyal customers.

    • It’s the principal dude

    • I think it’s hilarious that so many are worried about a lil icon. That being said, i’d probably be a lil annoyed seeing a Call of Duty icon on my XMB/Dashboard… I wouldn’t get overly mad about it, but I do understand that it annoys those that don’t play SingStar. It should be removable like the US release that gets grouped neatly with all other PS3 downloaded titles.

      I’m personally annoyed as to why PS2/PS3 discs won’t work with the PS4 version. PS2 discs are regular DVD’s. PS3 discs are regular Blu-Ray discs, so the console will accept them and they can make the game/app read the game data from those discs. Much like they did for the PS3 version – apart from the 60Gb launch console, the PS3 didn’t support PS2 discs but SingStar made it so it could read the game data from them. Don’t be lazy SingStar…. make it possible!

  • I haven’t tried it on ps3 yet, not willing to pay microphones, but now it’s kinda tempting, as long as there are lots of classic rock and sum heavy metal songs \m/

    • Plenty of rock and metal to choose from…. Judas Priest, Iggy Pop, The Clash, Tenacious D, Def Leppard, the list goes on…. be great to see more of you joining us!

  • I’d like to jump in and say I’d like to be able to remove it from my PS3. It’s fine for people to have it if they want it but for those of us that don’t, it’s only fair to remove it. Make everyone happy by giving us all that choice.

  • If you need any help testing it, just say the word, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more

  • The SingStar app is one of the absolutely worst things that happened to PS3. You can’t remove it, you can’t put it in the folder and it always shows up when you turn on your console (with the only exception when you have a disk in your PS3). This is so unfriendly to users, reminds me the times when all smartphones were preloaded with a really bad software from operators. And now it will happen to my PS4 as well. “Good news, everyone”!

  • Hey Fred,
    When will u guys announce June’s IGC?


    (although I may have become a little too ‘overexcited’ … )

    Anyway, just one question from me:

    How soon is soon?!!

  • I lied… I do have another question!

    Regarding the current online/community set up with galleries of video excerpts, snapshots and audio clips – will this be available in the new version? If so, will there still be a rating system? Are clubs still going to be phased out?

    (That’s quite a few questions after all lol)

    • Hi soozibags,
      First off, thanks for the birthday video the other day – we all loved it!
      Videos and snapshots will be transferred over to the new version of the game, but we are ending support for audio.
      Clubs are going to be phased out too, and we are going to update star ratings to a ‘like’ system.

  • No more PS3 icon for people who are not fans of Singstar.

  • Awesome news. Will the wireless mics work with PS4 ?… the smartphone app is a nice idea but I’d rather use the mics seeing as I already have them.

  • It’s neat and all but please don’t force this on my dash, and since your still working on this series, please work on getting it off my PS3!

  • Any chance of a monthly/yearly subscription VS having to buy individual tracks?

    • Nooooo. Bad idea. I’d rather download the content once and own it. Not have to be connected to the internet and stream it each time.

  • Please can we get an answer regarding the PS3 XMB icon?

  • Will you still be able to use songs from the old PS2 discs via the import feature as you could on PS3?

  • Will we be able to put our PS3 Singstar discs in our PS4 to play those songs?

    I believe this was possible on PS3 (could put PS2 Singstar discs in)

    • Sorry, PS2 and PS3 discs can’t be played on PS4.

    • Other brands made it possible to transfer the content of the disks onto digital but not Singstar.
      Very disappointing and customer unfriendly because other brands showed it is possible.
      No Singstar for me anymore.

    • @Chris Bruce… Re: Sorry, PS2 and PS3 discs can’t be played on PS4.

      PS2 discs can’t be played on the PS3 either (except for the first 60Gb model), but SingStar made it possible to read the game data from PS2 discs.

      I cannot see any reason why the same cannot be done for the PS4. Please reply!

      The PS4 plays both DVD and BD discs. PS2 discs are DVD format. PS3 discs are Blu-Ray format. The PS4 will therefore “accept” or read the data contained on those discs, but obviously won’t be able to boot the discs up. The SingStar game/app just needs to read the data from those discs like it did in the PS3 version!

  • Mr. Bruce, do you have guts to show yourself on EU blog after forced Singstar in XMB fiacso? After arrogant Nina Scherer answers? After “listening to our feedback” for over 1 and half year?

    Even dumb person can understand that delete option for forced, insulting and irritating Singstar in our XMB can solve all our complaints without harming customers who appreciate it in their XMB!!!

    • just build a bridge and get over it. Its been a year and a half. Just accept the fact its not going anywhere

    • It’s probably not SingStar’s fault. It’s Sony’s. I play SingStar, but I would prefer to have the game grouped with all my other PS3 downloaded titles, not add an icon for itself on the XMB.

      Sony’s got a lot to answer for. It a bit like the PS4’s Library (it serves as the download/purchase history on the PS4), there’s no way to remove DLC or remove a game icon from the Library. It’s there forever. Sure, you can delete the game and content from System Management, but the icons will remain in your Library. Over the years, that’s gonna become a cluttered mess!

  • Will we be able to use our Ps2 discs on the ps4, same as ps3?

  • Oh crap, not again please!

  • And what about Windows Phone app? WP users discrimination again.

    • You forget that Microsoft is Sony’s rival. DIngbat.

    • Yeh I have WP too but I think its obviously not gonna get it for reasons already stated.

    • Sounds like a silly reason if that’s true. I’m using a Windows PC to type this comment on a PlayStation website. No problem there. PS users can and do have Windows Phones as well. Sony’s Vaio laptops run Windows.

  • Don’t force this on my PS4 PLEASE! not everyone wants this on there personal console and I hate seeing on my PS3. PLEASE…………….PLEASE……………………………….P L E A S E

  • Seriously? No old disc support?

    Well, then I’ll probably still just play more on the PS3.

  • Will the PS3 wireless mics work on the PS4?

  • Since PS3 discs won’t work, how would I get to play Singstar Afrikaans on my PS4? Will the songs be on the Singstore and/or can I at least expect a Singstar Afrikaans for PS4 like there was on PS3 (Singstar Afrikaanse Treffers)

    • PS3 discs are blu-ray disks and are readable by the PS4. It will be the same as using PS2 Singstar disks on the PS3 : press button and get prompt to insert Singstar disk (PS2/PS3), game will read disk content and add it to the song selection.

    • Whoops, that’s what I get from reading the article and then the comments from bottom to top :-/
      Why the hell would they drop the feature to use old PS2/PS3 Singstar disk when more than half of the disk releases are not even available for download.

    • You’re absolutely right StefNighthawk.

      There’s no reason why game data from PS2 (DVDs) and PS3 (Blu-Rays) discs cannot be used by the new SingStar on the PS4. If they drop the feature, it’s laziness. The PS4 can read DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs. It should work just like the PS3 version did. PS2 discs won’t boot on a PS3, but SingStar still read the game data from the discs.

      Can we get an official response to this Chris?

      It’s a pretty major feature. Having 30 PS3 discs and 20 PS2 SingStar discs, i’d be pretty annoyed at not being able to use them on the PS4. Especially when there’s no technological reason for them not working.

  • Just quick question, I know you are saying an app is coming for new version, can you still use the mics and also are they compatible on the PS4?

  • Hello SCEE London! So according to the Eurogamer Interview, 120 people are working at SCEE London.
    Is this true?
    No “over 300” anymore?
    See here ->

  • Just another way of reselling old stuff.

  • Will PS4 support mic from ps2 singstarts?

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