New on PlayStation Store: Wolfenstein, Transistor, Drakengard 3, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Wolfenstein, Transistor, Drakengard 3, more

Plus, discounts on Strider, FIFA, Knack and Killzone Shadow Fall

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, assume the role of super soldier B.J. Blazkowicz as he uses elite combat tactics and an arsenal of über advanced weaponry to take down the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

From the creators of Bastion comes the exquisite looking Transistor – a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as you fight through a stunning futuristic city.

Also available this week is RPG Drakengard 3, Cross-Buy PS4/PS Vita puzzler Sparkle 2 and price drops on Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack! See below for the full roundup of content.

PlayStation 4


Sparkle 2 (Cross-Buy PS4/PS Vita)
Price: £5.99/€6.99/AU$10.05


Price: £14.99/€18.99/AU$27.95


Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4)
Price: £49.99/€69.99/AU$99.95
Not available in Israel

PlayStation 3


Drakengard 3
Price: £39.99/€49.99/AU$73.95
Not available in Russia


Mugen Souls Z (available 23rd May)
Price: £39.99/€49.99/AU$69.95

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
Price: £10.99/€14.99/AU$17.95


R-Type Dimensions
Price: £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45


Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS3)
Price: £39.99/€59.99/AU$79.95
Not available in Israel

PlayStation Vita

Sparkle 2 (Cross-Buy PS4/PS Vita)
Price: £5.99/€6.99/AU$10.05

PlayStation Mobile

Origami Kami (£0.99/€1.29/AU$2.25)


Call of Duty: Ghosts (22nd May)

  • Classic Ghost Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Hex Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Legend Pack – Soap (£3.49/€3.99/AU$4.95)
  • Snoop Dogg VO Pack (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.45)
  • Squad Pack – Extinction (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.45)


Call of Duty: Ghosts (22nd May)

  • Classic Ghost Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Hex Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Legend Pack – Soap (£3.49/€3.99/AU$4.95)
  • Snoop Dogg VO Pack (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.45)
  • Squad Pack – Extinction (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.45)

Drakengard 3

  • Drakengard BGM Remix Pack (£1.19/€1.49/AU$2.15)
  • Japanese Voice Over Pack (£3.99/€4.99/AU$7.35)
  • Manah’s Garb (£1.59/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Nier BGM Remix Pack (£1.19/€1.49/AU$2.15)
  • Tokyo Tower (£0.65/€0.79/AU$1.15)

Not available in Russia


  • Alpha Map Pack (Free)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle

  • Cool Ice (£1.59/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Narc Anastasia (£1.59/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Pannacotta Fugo (£1.59/€1.99/AU$2.95)

LittleBigPlanet (Cross-Buy)

  • Lemmings Minipack (£2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35)

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

  • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace – Princess Punt Sweets Set (Free)
  • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace – Special Quest 2 (Free)
  • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace – Thief Head Kerchief (Free)
  • Ragnarok Odyssey Ace – Yggdrasil Holy Helm (Free)

Rocksmith 2014

  • Rocksmith 2014 – Mastodon – Colony Of Birchmen (£2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Mastodon – Oblivion (£2.39/€2.99/AU$4.35)


Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars

  • Fallen Disciples (Free)
  • Love And Magic (£1.99/€2.49/AU$3.65)
  • Seeking Power (£1.99/€2.49/AU$3.65)

Not available in New Zealand


  • Alpha Map Pack (Free)

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

  • Princess Punt Sweets Set (Free)
  • Special Quest 2 (Free)
  • Thief Head Kerchief (Free)
  • Yggdrasil Holy Helm (Free)

Soul Sacrifice

  • Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Collaboration Costume (Free)

Deal of the Week

Strider (PS4/PS3) – Was £11.99/€14.99/AU$21.95, now £7.29/€8.99/AU$13.25
10% additional PS Plus discount

Master Reboot (PS3) – Was £11.99/€14.99/AU$21.95, now £5.99/€7.49/AU$11.05
10% additional PS Plus discount

FIFA 14 (PS Vita) – Was £44.99/€49.99/AU$69.95, now £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95
10% additional PS Plus discount

Price drop

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4) – Was £52.99/€59.99/AU$89.95, Now £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95

KNACK (PS4) – Was £52.99/€59.99/AU$89.95, Now £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95

Lumines: Electronic Symphony (PS Vita) – Was £14.99/€19.99/AU$24.95, Now £11.99/€14.99/AU$22.95

Rust Buccaneers (PS3) – Was £6.49/€7.99, Now £3.99/€4.99


Grandia (PS one) – Was £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.75, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85 (ends June 4th 2014)

Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle (PS3) – Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £3.19/€3.99/AU$5.85 (ends June 4th 2014)

DC Universe Online Ultimate Edition – Was £23.99/€29.99/AU$43.95, now £15.99/€19.99/AU$29.95

DC Universe Online – Origin Crisis (7) – Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35

DC Universe Online – Lightning Strikes – Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.45, now £5.49/€6.99/AU$10.35

Availability change

Toukiden – Additional Missions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 – Now available in Russia

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13 Author Replies

  • Great update :)

    • Not really. And why no news on the NEW ps3+ps4 models, mp3 support for ps4? Sony must think we r dumb

    • Actually it is a great update. Well I think getting new release games weekly since launch would delight anybody ^_^
      Maybe buy a PlayStation console first and create a really gamer PSN account before asking for newer model PlayStation consoles too lol.

    • @BaneyFunny Transistor (85 metacritic), Wolfenstein (79), a sale on Strider (77), for no apparent reason half price Grandia (89). Arguably not a great week for Vita owners if Sparkle 2 (75) is not really your thing, but I’d count this as a good week and will buy a few of these.

    • Whats your point? My only console is a ps3. And a psp i didnt use for a long time. I would buy a ps4 but i dont like that it does not even have mp3 support in games. Thats a great feature on ps3.

    • @WearingFin ps3 games should not be full price anymore, and its a bad week because no new sales except a few random titles. No free/reduced ps3/ps4 upgrades.. why should i still buy ps3 games at full price when i would have to rebuy them later on ps4??

    • @BaneyFunny Only two of the games I mentioned could not be played on the PS3. You’re saying that it’s not really a great week, but not giving a good reason and then launching into hyperbole surrounding a feature which is not within the remit of an update of the Store, i.e. the place where games are sold. I am countering by saying that there are in fact good games as part of this update. Therefore, I find this to be a good week. Others find it to be a good week. If you don’t happen to find this week’s store update to be good, then please elaborate as to why instead of trying to hijack the first comment in order to push your own unrelated personal issue.

    • @BaneyFunny – If they are going to announce new models, it will probably be next month at E3. Either way, if you come to the Weekly Store update expecting these kinds of announcements, that word you used, “dumb”, suddenly becomes appropriate. Mp3 support has already been confirmed for a future update. When will that be? When it’s ready. It’s not the only thing they have in the pipeline.

    • Ok but you would have to be kinda “goodwilling”, not to say “naive” to not know the reason why there is still no mp3 support which any cheap $5 mp3 player can do, but sony was able to code in the complex music unlimited service day1

    • Discount on Strider, you say?

      I’m in!

    • Yes, yes, I personally must be very naive to not know the reason why various people in different countries did not include the ability to play MP3s whilst simultaneously playing a video game on a device which was not originally designed to play audio CDs, let alone have the codecs in place to play MP3s. They probably haven’t even paid for the license yet. But who am I to say? I neither work for Sony or work within the wacky world of computer engineering. I’m just living in a world full of candy canes, rainbows and unicorns in the hope that things magically appear because surely coding into the OS the ability to play MP3s, to enable CD ripping and import from a variety of sources is as simple as pressing the play button on your five dollar MP3 player. I must make sure in future that I provide a greater input and more sparkles into this most pressing of developments. You have steered me towards the errors of my ways, and for that I must thank you.

    • @WearingFin its just so much nicer to play your favorite racing game with your own music coming from the headset or audio setup… :)

    • @baneyfunny Turn the in game music off so you are just left with sound effects and wack a cd on problem solved. Oh and maybe stop talking rubbish but if your are going to carry on at least find the correct place to do so.

    • Some people are just hard to satisfid.
      Only complaining about little things.
      Just enjoy gaming and put music louder from a cd player.
      Its just a little thing hardly anybody cares about

    • Funny replys :) And yes its an important function. For me and many others its the most important function to have the ps4 send the sound to your surround sound setup without losing the game sound which is atmospheric. But why ask something from sony when you can be a sheep and accept everyone sony does as if you were a loverboy :D

    • Anyone expecting to see a new model at E3 are going to be sorely disappointed. Maybe in 2-3 years time, sure, but 7 months from launch? Don’t be silly!

    • @ThugETH yeah thats what one would think but there was a leak about a new PS3 and a new PS4 model. Probably minor changes like better chip design but still. Also the 12GB Slim PS3 is sold out everywhere, probably that one gets replaced also. E3 will surely have the announcements.

  • when is the eu psn plus being announced?

    • Should be next week

    • i hope so i cant wait to see the awesome games were getting

    • According to Fred, next week,

    • cool :D cant wait im excited

    • Was looking forward to today, expecting the announcement of the yearly games being switched out…

    • i hope somebody tells us from psn eu who its being told

    • Yes, we’ll have the announcement for you next week. Hold tight.

    • @Fred,
      Are they still not finalized or why do you need that long to announce them?
      If i remember correctly we got the announcement of the IGC title last year in the middle of the Month and those games that are entering sometimes 1 week before Month endet, but since the PS4 released we are getting the announcement and the changing title later then last year

    • I mean the Monthly game rotation not yearly

    • Generally we announce the next batch of PS Plus games around one week in advance of them going live, and that’s certainly the plan this month. So, generally Plus games go live on the first Wednesday of the month, so expect the announcement on the last Wednesday or Thursday of the month.

    • Got my new vita at the weekend…hoping for some awesome vita stuff (ultimate marvel v capcom would be especially awesome).

    • Generally, as in, since the PS4. I don’t want to sound like too big of an arse, and I still love and appreciate PS Plus, even with the quote unquote downgraded service/value, but I miss seeing what was coming 2-3 weeks before they went live. This 4-7 days before hand doesn’t really get me as hyped as the longer preview windows did. :(

  • Hurray for Transistor! The wait is finally over! :D

    Any chance you could look into getting some Atelier Totori, Rorona, Meruru, Ayesha or Escha and Logy avatars?
    Would really love some more JRPG avatars on the store~

  • I don’t even… what… wait… why?!! US PSN price for Wolfenstein – 60$. I’m left speechless. 100$! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS?!!! Seriously SCEE?! Seriously?!!! The game was developed by a Swedish team. Sweden is in Europe last time I checked. So why are we extorted like that?! I don’t think that Bound by Price – Never Forget movement is enough for that anymore. Shouldn’t European Commission check how Europeans are discriminated against?

    Also, as much as I was hyped for Transistor… yeah, it’s 33% more expensive in EU. No buy as long as it’s more expensive here.

    This message was brought to you by Bound by Price – Never Forget Movement.

    • Yupp the price is crazy. €60 would have been good (even thought that is also to high)

      Thought it was only EA who did these stupid €70 PRICED games :/. Bound by flames and Amazing Spider Man 2 was priced good but seems we are up to high prices again :(

    • Maybe a good idea is to make a petition or something , a big one that players in EU can do something with this price discrimination’s , talk about this topic everywhere , maybe this will help or starts some revolution .

    • Yep. The pricing of digital games is beyond ridiculous. $99.95 AUD for a digital copy vs $64.98 for a physical copy if you pre-ordered at an Aussie retailer. At least with a physical copy, we don’t have to download 20+Gb and it can be traded in once we’re done with it.

      SCEE continues to charge us more than SCEA for the same content, and we’re often forced to wait weeks, months or longer for that same content. Then there’s discounted content that the US offers, that we never see. SCEE’s sales are pathetic by comparison.

    • I agree here the prices are only getting higher for a many areas and it’s starting to get to much. What Viryu and the others have said is true.

      Bound by price – never forget movement

    • @Viryu

      and going by SONY


      seems… fair…

      The idea of petition isn’t new… but you would have to make it look professional. I mean no facebook and no special petition websites… You would need to make separate page, write petition, translate it to european languages + japanese… and than send it to Kazuo Hirai.

    • Ubisoft/EA/Activision/Take Two simply love the €70 price tag, that’s more expensive than in retail stores! The only way they’ll listen is if we vote with our wallets, but lots of casual nimrods enjoy their Fifa just way too much. :/

    • @zalwelgoedgaan Xbox players voted with their wallets by not buying Xbox One bundled with Kinect. We should do the same, not buy any games in Europe. I’ve already stopped buying any that are more expensive than in NA.

    • @Viryu
      That doesn’t help much…

      Buying from USA/Canada only proves that those markets are more important than Europe. The only solution is ->not buying at all<- that way those developers won't get your money. I know that it is hard… there are games we really want to play… I wanted to play conception II but I won't. I will not import it and I won't buy it from digital shop.

      That's the tase of my middle finger!

      Also… petition is not bad idea… but I would wait for explanation first. But… i think that it might be the only way after all. Someone should loose his job, and it's not Fred or Chris or Jawad… someone way higher.

    • You can buy credit for the U.S store with paypal you know, get $60 games for €37 or however much it converts to. I’ve only ever used it to get Fatal Frame since they never released it here :( But I’m sure you could use it to buy other things. Probably not the best idea to though, there’s probably rules against it since technically you could just buy games cheap.

    • @Ants_Pai
      Great mystery of world: why there is always at least one Briton who encourage other to buy in US PSN?

    • Stop it. Seriously. It’s just awkward. You don’t live in the US. You don’t trade in US currency. Stop expecting prices to match the US. It’s not discrimination.

      Read this closely and read it again if you still need to: YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE US. You do not get paid US wages. SCEE staff don’t get paid US wages. Neither you or they pay US taxes. Retailers in your country don’t pay US electricity bills. SCEE cannot operate in a fantasy realm where they pretend to live and work in the US, and your local retailers cannot charge US prices and expect to make a profit in your country, and pay their workforce. Your prices also include a high sales tax – US advertised prices don’t include sales tax, and the amount of sales tax is determined by each state. The average minimum wage in the US is $7.25 for adults.


    • @Archacus, how about we just send emails to political parties starting for European Parliament? The elections are soonish, some of them might actually look into SCEE’s extortion, just to kill time or show that they are actually doing any work. If it lands in the media, it would be a score for the Bound by Price – Never Forget Movement.

    • @Viryu
      IMHO no point… it has nothing to do with policy and Sony is independed company with hq in Japan

      And European Parliment isn’t subject that can deal with things like this… if anyone in EU… it would be DG-SANCO I guess in European Commission.

      Well… maybe we could try to say that SCEE is monopolists and can set prices however they want… but it wouldn’t be true… I mean publishers are also responsible…

      But I think that first of all we should create message board to communicate with each other… I mean people who are intersted in trying to change something… Not only for polish customers… all european customers. We are Europeans! We are ONE! And as ONE we should fight…. (sounds kinda lame, right :P ?)

    • The difference in price for Transistor is alot less than 33% once you knock VAT off which SCEE must charge. Under 10% which is a lot closer.

      What annoys me is the statements by Sony about prices for Full Retail games for PS4 being the same as PS3. But apparently, this only applied to SCEA. SCEE went must charge even more!

    • @Archacus – When you get together with your little ‘revolution’, I hope that you figure out how pointless it all is. You need to accept that your country and your economy is not the same as the US. It’s not only the cost of games, but also the cost of business that is higher. SCEE don’t operate in the US, so they can’t function the way SCEA does. They can’t pay US bills, taxes, wages. Your local retailers have a higher markup than US retailers because they need more money to do business in your country, just as SCEE does. Not because of some global conspiracy, but because YOUR ECONOMY IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Wages, taxes, the cost of business, the cost of distribution, the cost of localization, and on and on and on.

      Comparing prices is pointless. It’s also ignorant. Different currency. Different economy. You can’t expect SCEE or retailers to give you foreign prices. They can’t operate their businesses on foreign costs. They can’t pay their workforce on foreign wages. The cost of everything is different. All you’re looking at is numbers, and over-reacting because they are HIGHER. WOW HIGHER NUMBERS. That doesn’t mean you are being ripped off. If you want US prices on everything, go live in the US.

    • @blendercat27

      I wouldn’t call this “revolution”, is it so weird for customers to ask for improvement of service quality? We don’t know if it will be pointless, it might be pointless just like you say… but maybe it won’t be.

      SCEA is responsible for 51 states of USA (some of which have different laws and tax systems) + Canada + Latin America. So please do not try to say that SCEE is that much different from SCEA. Shops and private customers import games from America/Canada because even with tax and customs it is cheaper… and let’s not forget that we don’t get some of games. So the subject that is losing the most on this situation… is non other than SCEE.

      Did I ever say that there is global conspiracy? (o.O) Would you be so kind to tell me where? Lad believe me or not but I am aware of differences. What you are trying to do is act like a person who knows everything. You know how much publisher would earn, right? you know high are costs of production and distribution, right? Than go ahead show me some data, show me numbers… clearly you know them, right? And you know costs of localization… for games that were already localized for USA, right?

      Comparing prices is not meaningless… and yes we can expect them to give us price that will be satisfactory for us. What if we will give them choice: lower prices or say goodbye to our money. Who would be the one to lose more on that situation?

      Why are you so… hurt over somebody’s else complaint? Why? What is the reason? Ok we know that you like buying games from US PSN… ok we don’t care really about you…. but the thing is… we don’t like it. So unless you have something reasonable to say… how about being quiet for a moment, what do you say lad :*

    • @Archacus – You’re over-analyzing everything. The pricing differences. My response to you. Everything.

      Your country is not being singled out. Everything about your country, your currency, and your local marketplaces are different to others. How much you get paid. How much you pay in taxes. How much is costs to buy milk and bread. How much electricity costs. It’s all different. And it doesn’t just affect you, but also businesses operating in your country.

      The point is, you aren’t really being charged more, but rather, differently. Not because somebody is sitting behind a desk saying “Hey I know, lets charge those people more because they live in THAT country”, but because your entire economy, the value of your money locally and abroad, and the cost of doing business, is ‘DIFFERENT’. Expecting SCEE to give you an explanation is fruitless. You want me to show you some magical numbers that explain it all – I’m not sure even an economist could explain it a simple way.

      Your economy is not the same as the US economy. The value of your money within your local market is not the same. You’re trading in tulips, they’re trading in beads. How many tulips it costs to buy stuff in Europe won’t be the same as how many beads it costs to buy stuff in the US, and how many beads an American earns in a week will differ from how many tulips you get in your pay every week.

      I’m not hurt that people are complaining. It’s just bizarre that people are making such an enormous deal out of… nothing. This is not me being a smarty-pants. It’s just common sense. Every economy is different.

      If you can save money by buying your games from a foreign market, then by all means do it. Nobody is stopping you from taking advantage of such things. Of course, lots of people doing this, will have an effect on businesses operating in your region who simply can’t compete with those foreign prices. It already has. Such is life.

    • People do need to stop believing the publisher story!!! Sony, microsoft, game, tesco and so on are all companies that competitively set their own prices. Sony have a sale team much like every company out there that sits down and agrees on a price and if people are still buying extortion priced digital games then just let them as any company will take advantage of those who what ever reason like to spend 30% more for nothing!
      @blendercat27 I think you are missing the point, Ps4 want to push forward for a digital only world but their prices as you know are a lot more expensive than retail. Retail games are only just justifiable apart from ps4 games as most are just ported from ps3 version with a lick of paint, you will not see games being made to use the full power of the ps4 for another year or so (the division has been pushed back as ps4 cannot handle the game, wish dice did that lol!). As far as your comment “scee don’t get payed US wages” that made me laugh hard, scee is based in london. That my friend is london wages that are a lot more than anywhere else in the uk and for what to sit and laugh at people on here because they certainly do not reply to real issued question they rather sweep it under the mat and reply to someone who is happy and spending money.
      With that being said games are hitting the second hand market faster than anything, i picked up killzone at cex for £18, what a bargain.

    • @blendercat27 you completely miss the point. They aren’t comparing it to NA prices.
      They are comparing it to physical copies in their own region.
      I’m honestly surprised UK isn’t being screwed on this as well. Day 1 physical price here is £39.99 but digitally is commonly put up for ££50-55.
      This is not comparing it to NA, this is comparing it to physical in our own region.


      See, I can caps too.

    • And oops. I remember priced of something else lol. Actually yeah UK is being screwed on it too. It costs £40 physically >_>

    • Speak with your wallet – buy the US version digitally on a US account instead of getting the Australian version.

    • @blendercat27
      Did I ever say something about my country? Did I ever say something that I want games cheaper for polish users? Sure we are earning less than rest of you and we have to work more hours to afford single game… but I never said anything about treating Poland in any special way. I want whole EU + Australia to be treated the same way. To be treated fair.

      And you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Even in each state of USA there are different costs of living. Just browse internet and search for comparison of states (GDP and population) to other countries. There are states like Montana that can be compared to Lebanon, Oregon that is similar to Pakistan, Virginia to Poland, New York to Australia. There is no single tax system, and there are different costs…

      As a matter of fact EU market is sometimes more unified than USA market. We are single market!

      If one cannot provide data that he do not know what he is doing. I understand that you are not economist… I clearly see that you have no idea whatsoever. But not all people are ignorant, mkay?

      USA is federal country… your argument is invalid.

      Ok great… you are helping SCEE by buying in SCEA. The one losing money is non other than SCEE… for SCEE to stop people from buying in SCEA they need to provide service as good as SCEA. Simple as that… that means if they are able to provide service on equal level they will earn more. We will be happy, and they will be happy.

      Another thing is that in order to create account one need to provide American address. Giving fake address is not legal…. simply not. So as a matter of fact if SCEE will ever decide that they don’t want tolerate this anymore… they have full right to ban all of your accounts. Right now they are tolerating it… maybe they won’t change their attitude… but maybe (and I hope they will) one day they will lock possibility of creating/using US account. They are losing money on silly people who buy from US PSN. So in order to earn more they decided to set higher prices… but that was bad decision leading only to huge exodus to US PSN.

      So one of good ideas would be to lower prices, give more content and block access to US PSN.

  • Can we please have FINAL FANTASY ORIGINS and FINAL FANTASY IV PSOne Classics?

    • AND Crisis core, dirge of cerberus and tactics………oh and chocobo racing aha

    • and Birth By Sleep

    • and Chrono Cross + Chrono Trigger

      but let’s face it… there are far too many games that SHOULD BE available in EU. We can spend whole day writing all titles…. but they won’t show up…

      it seems SCEE is planning only to count on good will of publishers…

    • Crisis Core and Birth by Sleep aren’t available digitally in any region.

    • @JoeB423

      I don’t see reason why EU should be the one to eat dog’s scraps. So what if there is non in US or Japan… why should we care? It wouldn’t be bad idea to get something as first region… or I wouldn’t even care if that was exclusive just for EU.

      But the thing is… someone must encourage publishers to bring those games to us…. and SCEE is waiting only for sb else’s good will. ->You want to publish game on PSN – fine, set price however you want… you don’t want to publish game on PSN – fine, we still love you <-

  • Any chance you could do some communication to bring the Netflix app for the Vita to Europe with SCEA (they do have an app on the Vita)/Netflix, especially since they just announced that Netflix will come to 6 other European countries by the end of this year (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg –

    • Netflix and other services are dealt with by various teams, but rest assured as soon as there is relevant information to pass regarding Europe we will let you know.

    • It really is bad as the US Netflix app on PS Vita has been compatible with the UK service since day one. That would suggest it supports the different DRM scheme that they use in Europe so why on earth they didn’t release it is anybodies guess.

  • What about IGC update??

  • Hi Jawad Ashraf , another weekly PSN update so same question as last week : It is really problem to make available Hogs of War for classic for PS Vita in EU PSS Store ? The US PSN market have this game and a lot of other games but EU PSN market don’t . If you notice a lot of people asking about this topic . Can you answer who is responible for adding games ??

    • The original publisher would decide any future re-release of thier own titles. In this case it may be Atari who now control it. Why not express your interest by dropping them a tweet?

    • Thx for respond . So this mean that we need to contact Atari in this case . I will check it and tweet them .

    • you know Atari got no instests to realse games because they only doing mobile games to get more money Atari need to sell there rights to another Dev or Pubshiler

  • Any chance for more PSone Classics especially imported ones? And can we please have the PSone classics menu back. It’s a bit annoying since only the top-rated ones like Tomb Raider can be found while the rest has to be searched from the search box.

  • Shin Megami Tensei PS2 please

    • Ghostlight are looking into it. Taken from their blog post :)

      “And before I go, just a quick word about the recent release of Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call (aka Nocturne) on PSN in North America. While I can’t comment on whether this title will be released in Europe, I’ve been hearing a few stirrings regarding a possible European PSN release for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2 as PS2 classics. I can’t promise anything just yet, but I’m hoping that this might mean the conflicts with the emulator which prevented us from releasing the game on PSN last year have now been fixed. I will of course provide you with more news on this as soon as I get it, so as always, keep watching this space!”

    • possibility.. huh?

      possible European PSN release… so that means we have chances from 0.00000001% to 99.999999% that’s not bad…

      and what is SCEE doing to make sure that we will get it? or is SCEE just counting on sb. else’s good will?

    • Well it does it depend on the performance with the emulator. Unfortunately if that doesn’t work out again and leaves critical bugs then it won’t be released. We’ll have to wait and see for the time being and hope for the best.

    • @Jawad Ashraf
      Erm… I’m confused

      But DDS 1 landed on US PSN just today… do we have different version of game or different emulator? If there weren’t any problems for US… than are there for EU? I’m confused.

      I have already both DDS 1 and 2 nice retail version… but it would be great to add them on PSN for all people who didn’t have chance to grab those games.

      Btw. Thx for all those replies today! It really means a lot!

  • Drakengard 3? Would have bought that if not for Square Enix EU making it DL only in the EU, not only will I not buy it from PSN (overpriced as a DL too…) the “physical” collectors edition also doesn’t have a game disc but does come with a proper PS3 game case (salt in the wound). I won’t support Square Enix on this. Especially since myself and many others complained last year about the lack of a disc and they didnt fix that. The US and Asia both got physical releases too.
    Yet when people complained to Konami about no MGS Ground Zeroes PS4 disc release we got one yet Square Enix didn’t with Drakengard 3.

    • Same here. It would be a day 1 buy for me but digital-only? Never.
      RIP Drakengard in EU. Due to the low sales it will certainly have, caused by the stupidity of those in charge at SE EU, we probably won’t be getting future games of this series or even any game made by Access Games. They’ll assume we don’t want them when it’s clear they are the ones disrespecting the work of everyone involved in this game by doing an incompetent job promoting and selling their game.

    • Yeah, it’s really disappointing to see how [deleted] poorly Square Enix Europe handled the Drakengard 3 release, especially when compared to the Japanese release and even to the North American release.

      Releasing a 25 GB game as download only, what the hell were they thinking?

      They’ve got no one else to blame but themselves if the game ends up bombing here in Europe.

      I was actually prepared to buy the Collector’s Edition even though it doesn’t include a physical copy, however the Square Enix Store doesn’t ship to where I live…

      @Cloud_AC I’m sure they’ll continue to localize future titles albeit digitally.
      When Squenix Europe made the decisions to go digital distribution only for this title they’ve surely offset the loss of revenue from boxed copies with the cost savings of going download only.

  • Hey Jawad, can you tell us please, why we don’t get anymore demos for ps4?
    US got Sparkle 2 demo, but we don’t any reason ?

    I would have gotten Strider for that price if it was for PS4.

    • Stupid no edit. I just noticed that strider is for ps4 too :>

    • he got no much demos and this conplains need be pass on i feel you.

    • @Rochala .. Demo’s .. man I rather first have them sort out the library .. I won’t EVER try a demo on my PS4 because it will remain in my library among all my paid content/IGC games for ever. The library should have categories and we should be able to delete demos, trailers etc from our list!

    • Lt_combo …

      u mean a nice sorting option/delete option like the downloadlist on the ps3 has?

  • Transistor and Sparkle 2 for me this week!

    Could you ask Insomniac Games to give us Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time a PS4 version :)

    • With Insomniac now busy developing Sunset Overdrive for the Xbone. I’d say doubt it.

    • @supersmith2500

      I think Insomniac Games has multiple dev teams. I would be surprised if none of them worked on a Ratchet and Clank PS4 game. I don’t think they’re bringing A Crack In Time to PS4 though. If they are making a PS4 Ratchet and Clank game, it’ll be a new one.

  • I see scea are kind enough to give there ps4 owners yet another pre order this time for destiny aaaaaand what do we get? Sweet f a

    really scee if you cant figure out how to do pre orders on our ps4 psn give scea a call im sure they will give you a simpleton step by step guide on how to do getting pretty disgruntled with scee

    • Don’t even try to buy Destiny on Playstation. Knowing SCEE, they will price it at 100euro in EU. Because money.

    • i think we should ge pre orders so i guess EU again siting on there ass.

    • PS4 digital pre-orders are starting to roll-out from today. If you boot up your console you should see Watch_Dogs on there, for instance.

    • Well im shocked we actually got a pre order on the store for watch dogs but im not shocked by the fact we dont have the bundle that comes with the season pass like scea gave its customers

  • alice_push_lara2

    any chance we EU region gamers could have Raiden IV Overkill like the rest of the world??

    • UFO Interactive said it’s coming, but “in just a couple more weeks”. It’s been 3 weeks but still nothing, though. I’ll keep waiting.

    • Okay, UFO Interactive just posted on Twitter that R4 is coming IN A WEEK! :)

  • Nice to see some price drops on those PS4 games. I have both of them but its still nice to see..

  • No DDS? No Nocturne?
    No Drakengard for Russia?
    BULLIES ;_;

    • That’s what you get for invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea, DEAL WITH THAT PUTIN … lol

    • @Lt_Combo. Are there a moderators on this site? I thought that insults and political debates are discouraged on Sony’s gameing site.

      With regard to the Crimea, it was presented by Khrushchev to sister republic of Ukraine in 1954. After the collapse of the USSR in 1991 the Crimea should be returned to Russia (because Russia became the successor of the Soviet Union). Well it happened 23 years later.

    • @Lt_Combo.You even know the name of the president of my country. While I (and I think most of ppl) do not even know who is the leader of the Netherlands…lol

  • When will we get a response on why EU sony broke promises and made changes regarding PS plus:
    *removal of one ps3 game (promised ps4 wouldn’t affect plus output)
    *no vita yearly update (promised they would be updated nov 13)
    *removal of one monthly update (not even communicated)

    Also why, now we are paying for multiplayer access, does Sony feel the need to take the PSN down wihtout communication on a saturday evening!!!

    Now Xbox Gold is offering 2 x xbox one games a month, sony better step up its plus service

  • Wait why is the watch dogs pre-order £60? just when i thought the prices were getting lower after wolfenstien matching RRP -.-

    • alice_push_lara2

      because we are rich people

    • lol i’ll probably end up getting the PS store deluxe edition. its £65 but you can buy £35/25 psn cards for £30/20 online. buy a £35 and 25 + 5 from credit card = £55. which is the same as the game exclusive ‘special edition’ but the deluxe edition has 4 more DLC’s

  • Is Strider cross-buy?

  • With the release of Drakengard 3, would be awesome if the other two were released as PS2 classics. Great games, I was surprised to see a reboot of the series as it’s been 8 years since the 2nd Drakengard came out.
    (Nier doesn’t count imo as it doesn’t feel like a drakengard game)

  • Jawad, Chris anybody??? I bought Wolfenstein from the PlayStation Store yesterday and was wondering if I am still eligible for the Doom Beta (Whenever that may be)?

    • no one showing the doom beta so i guess doom beta was fake or it was awful they dont want to show it so at moment i think beta fake .

    • BETA was only for preorders I believe .. also the beta won’t be here for a while .. and people who preordered it it digitally should get it in the mail later or something. While physical copies should include a voucher.

    • LT Combo, Zero chance of pre-ordering it Digitally. I bought it for the PS4.

  • Wooooooooo R&C crack in time YESSSS!! now i can buy both & BaneyFunnyITS A GREAT UPDATE sostop moaning or buy a xbox banana mush. ppl that moan about ps3/ps4 stuff are nagging grannys

  • May I ask where are PSX imports? Again SCEE couldn’t even work hard enough to bring those games to us… why? You can’t really say that someone holds rights to those titles right?

    Also no Digital Devil Saga….

    No sale for Muramasa DLCs

    … try harder.

  • Drakengard pre-ordered on Play-Asia for 39€.
    Psysical copy.

    I appreciate Transistor. Great game and all..but this new pricing tag for digital games is ridiculous.
    18,99€!! O_O

  • YO ElfMageBex ps plus anounced end of each month b4 start of new month

  • madmanwithabox12

    Will the PSP Silent Hill debacle ever be fixed? Konami promised they were for Vita.

  • Wow, nice to see A Crack in Time available digitally finally. Hopefully that pops up on Plus or gets discounted at some point.

    I’m looking to migrate my PS3 collection over to digital so as to future-proof my collection.

  • Any new information on Cross Region Gifting.

    News one DLC/games Like Disgaea 3 (Vita) here in Scandinavia?

    Following titles getting on the SEN store?
    Final Fantasy Crisis Core
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex
    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleap
    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of the World Radiant Mythology
    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

    • I see the question on Cross Region Gifting in the comments every now and then. What does it mean?

      Do you mean one account buying a game and then gifting it to another account in another region? That will never happen, cos the target region may not have the same game (even the same game has different codes in each region, so they are different). Obviously sales in one region can’t go into the ledger book of another either.

      If there is even a Same Region Gifting (or even Same Country Gifting), that will be good. At least I will then be able to buy a game that I already own from IGC when it’s on sale in order to permanently own it… by buying with another account and gifting it back later.

    • @Uk
      Crossregion is what they really need to add, Most disc games are region free. they Crossregion gifting would make it easier to get the DLC whitout having 3-4 accounts, it would also be beneficial for us gamers as we could be gifted from friends in different regions, games not avavible for us. And ofcourse, for sales purposes, a gifting sale should count in the place the giftGIVER is for their books..

  • StevenJamesHyde

    The Sparkle 2 devs promised a demo here on this very blog. Where is it?

    Good work on the digital price drops by the way – keep them coming

  • Jawad, when Atelier Escha & Logy and Atelier Meruru Plus will be available in Russian PSN?
    TK said that all settled long time ago and now everything depends on the PSN.

  • Any explanation for why SCEE decided to:
    *Remove one ps3 game from plus despite promises
    *No yearly vita update despite promises for Nov 13 update
    *removal of one monthly update a year (and no communication of this change- in fact did we ever get one extra update despite what you said).
    *Sony felt the need to take the Psn down on a sat night , especially now we are paying for the multilayer service

    With a certain competitor now offering 2 x next gen games per month with its online service I think its time SCEE pulled their fingers out.

    • And this this relevant to this post because?………

      Seriously, bore off will you. If you don’t like PS Plus, don’t subscribe. Easy as peas.

    • Very good questions but watch out. Mr. Fred Dutton is man of no honr so he can ban you for asking this question.
      @DavoTheDiv – It’s releveant because no one bothers to reply to this question, and there is no way to contant PlayStation PR department who have the possibility to answer it. If this not bothers you then ok, you don’t even have to read this, nor replying to it :)

    • Relevant because this is a service I paid for through the store and bought a subscription based on these promises.
      Saying don’t subscribe is a ridiculous statement:
      firstly I don’t have a choice if I want to play multi-player on ps4,
      secondly if i don’t subscribe I lose access to the games i got before through plus,
      thirdly my decision to voice my dissatisfaction with cahnges made to a service depsite promises does not mean that I don’t want to remain subscribed to plus.

      If you want to blindly accept every negative change in life, then go ahead, but dont coem cryign when suddenly ps plus changes mean you are paying for just multiplayer access and 1 play-station mini a month.

    • @hiryu_PL You bother me ;)

    • @DavoTheDiv: This is relevant because it the questions wont get answered in the relevant post, which makes posting the questions in any post relevant.

      So i assume you are going to refund the already paid subscriptions ( already paid before the changes made ) and i’ll gladly unsubcribe. If not, keep your irrelevant comments to yourself cause we heard that some many times its boring.

    • @hiryu_PL

      I think he is just a troll (especially with with a mildly offensive username like that)

    • Alright, no need to cry about it.

    • I agree 100% but i got some bad news i gotten a few EMAIL from sony saying plus is fantastic vaule for money & i sign the T&Cs agreement what SCEA does as we use SCEE Content.

      so i dont think it going to change the latest email wanted to speak with me over the phone.

      dear sony if you reading this im busy ATM getting ready to go somehere for 5 days housework 1st shopping, & others then be away from home. i spead other email soon.

    • Although certain concerns I totally agree with … MS isn’t giving 2 games a month .. they have totally adopted the PS+ model, you can’t play the games without XBL gold. They will give 1 game each month for X1. They start off with 2 games and 360 also gets an extra game in June. They do this to get some extra cred in preparation of E3 and because the anniversary of XBL games with gold.

      I wonder if Sony has some surprises planned for PS+ June in order to generate some hype and good will from the community before E3.

    • @hiryu_PL You’ll not get banned for posting negative feedback or asking difficult questinos, but you might well get banned for calling me names, so I’d advise caution.

      I’m sorry I haven’t been able to offer up a more satisfying response to your Plus queries. I can only ask that you stay tuned to our monthly Plus updates. Your feedback has been taken on board and is taken very seriously throughout the company. Hopefully you’ll be pleased with the value the servie offers in future – and if you’re not, please feel free to keep letting us know about it.

    • @Fred Dutton you have banned me already on twitter – thats why I said what I said. That was purely unprofessional behaviour. Now you are threating me for saying truth? Dear God, where is your boss?

      @Sicmay – Yes I think the same. Sadly in current world when you say something about negavive changes you’re “hater”. Even though US PS+ hasn’t changed a bit.

    • @Fred -thanks. I would add I am still happy with the plus service overall, but these changes shouldn’t have happened with prior promises being given out. This kind of change should have a clear and honesy advance notification – so then people may decide what to do with their plus subscription

    • @hiryu_PL Well, I’m not afraid to admit moderation policy differs slightly between PlayStation Blog and my own personal Twitter account. You are very welcome to leave any kind of feedback here, negative or otherwise, as long as it is done so without profanty or name-calling, and it will be taken seriously and passed on to relevant teams, as has been the case with the Plus issues mentioned in the original post. Similarly feel free to talk to me on Twitter. If you’re polite and friendly I’m always very happy to chat and respond to queries where possible.

    • Thanks for the info Fred, you’re always fair with your replies from what I see and its good to see more presence on the store post this week. I have to say though now it feels like we may be waiting for E3 or something to possibly get back that we should never have lost.

    • @Fred Dutton – Sorry for late reply.
      You say it’s ok to post negative feedback, or ask questions. But you know what? That was just what I did on twitter. I wasn’t unpolite, or unfriendly. I’ve asked simple question and got banned.

      And you say moderation differes between this blog and your private twitter – I’m really ok with that, but please remove any information connecting you to SCEE if it’s your private twitter – your family and friends know where you’re working, other think you’ll answer they questions cause you work in SCEE.
      One of people you work with said the same – and I’ve asked him same question, yet with no ban, but nice prv talk :)

      If it’s really that big issue point me where I was unfriendly to you. By using work Xbox? Oh common – we all know they’re in this business too. Please don’t say that was the reason of ban since it would be like when Nintendo banned @yosp on Miiverse (if I spelled the name incorrectly, then sorry, ever used this service/platform). I can post my all (two) twitts to you – I have nothing to hide :)

      btw thanks for at least SOME reply about differences between US and EU PS+.
      It’s not what it should be, and I’m pretty sure it’s should be posted officially – not in a talk like this, since not everybody will find it, but it gives me some hope the PS+ and PR team will soon react to this issue.

  • definitely picking up transistor and granda. would of picked up Drakengard 3 but not at that price for a digital title. £30 maybe £40 not a chance in hell

  • Hi Jawad any word on Watch Dogs season pass when available to purchase it and how much to buy?

    • game out next week so there no pre oder just go to the shops to save your time or wait when out on psn next week.

  • You’ve forgot a couple of other Ghosts DLC items that are released tomorrow, Jawad :

    Blunt Force Personalization Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
    1987 Personalization Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
    Heartlands Personalization Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
    Eyeballs Personalization Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
    Molten Personalization Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
    Drill Instructor VO Pack (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.45)

  • When will Destiny be available to pre-order on PSN for PS4?

  • dangerousbrian0

    Hi there Jawad Ashraf any news on the youtube app for PS4 that was meant to be released on the PS 4 last week but never got released and I have just had another look and it still is not available and you put it on the PS store release list last week.

  • >Not available in Russia

  • Nice Killzone Shadowfall price drop. Now it’s only twice more expensive than in retail second hand. Or even sometimes new.

  • Killzone and/or Knack are coming to the IGC!
    Nice to see Dustforce get a free map pack, hopefully the lag on Vita is fixed.
    Really want Drakengard 3, guess it will be my first PSNow title!

  • DCUO sale price is almost double the sale price in US a couple of weeks ago.

    Knack is now finally down to the day 1 srp in other regions. Come on, put that in the IGC already… or is its Metacritics score too low to qualify for IGC?

  • @chad1990 Crisis Core and Dirge of Ceberus haven’t been released on the PlayStation Store in North America or Japan either, so no point asking PlayStation Europe. And as for TACTICS, it wasn’t released on PSOne in Australia or Europe and there’s no point going through the import process when it’s available on PSP and playable on PS Vita. Just wait for HD remasters.

    • Yeah but war of the lions was just a remake. Some people would like to play the orignal tactics and on their TVs. Square Enix are nutters sometimes though, if they were to make these titles happen across all PSN store regions then they would certainly empty alot of peoples wallets…I’m only keeping my PSP for crisis core, would rather play it on my Vita n sell the PSP

  • @Vashetti KINGDOM HEARTS games aren’t released digitally I’m afraid.

  • Any news of a future PS3 firmware update to make it more PS4 friendly?

    If I receive and read messages on my PS4, they are all unread on my PS3. Quite a juxtaposition there, the systems feel very disconnected.

    May as well ask if there’s any news on new PS4 firmware too?

    • I don’t see why the PS3 cannot be a remote play client to the PS4. The PS3 is more powerful than Vita, so if Vita can do it, why not the PS3. (Remember, PS3 as a client accessing the PS4, not as a Remote Play server.) Most of us still have a PS3 (or two or three) that could very well be used in another room to access the living room PS4 when that TV is occupied. We need a PS3 firmware update to make this happen.

    • This is probably because the messages you read and don’t read are not tracked by PSN. Hard to imagine them changing this – it’s the sort of thing privacy advocates go nuts over.

    • Guys please answer me do you have any problems with the new PS4 update (1.70), because some people saying they have some bugs, did they fix the problems ? i don’t want to ruin my PS4.

  • Picked up Master Reboot and Strider, but didn’t realise Strider isn’t Cross Buy. Oh well!

  • Are we able to preorder ultra streetfighter 4 today

  • With the PS3-games now on the store, any chance for a Ratchet and Clank-sale? Oh, and excellent sale on Strider for PS4. I was hoping that would happening soon.

  • Another week goes by and still sad to see that Chaose code and Blazblue Chronophantasma hasn’t been made available for the remaining countries that were left out. And worst part is that Aksys games / Arc system works has been ignoring everyone that has been asking about it and SCEE can’t help getting some info for us. Sigh….I guess will continue to wait for it.

  • Hi all.

    I have a question, when watchdogs released next week, does it still have the upgrade promotion (buy ps3 version gets ps4 version for only 10€)

    The promotion was announced before the game was delayed so I would like to know if it still applied

    Link to promotion:

    thanks, and keep the great work.

    • StevenJamesHyde

      Unlikely. The upgrade promotions were for cross-gen games that launched on PS3 before the PS4 console launched, encouraging people to buy on PS3, play for a few weeks, then ‘upgrade’ to PS4 when the console became available. That no longer applies to WatchDogs – you can just pick up whichever format you want from day 1

    • No, as I understand it, that promotion does not still apply.

  • Goodday Jawath. Can you have a look at the price of Theme hospital ? Its in the may madness sale but its still on its original price. I wanna play so please fix it ;)

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