Jet Car Stunts races onto PlayStation Store in July – check out the trailer

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Jet Car Stunts races onto PlayStation Store in July – check out the trailer

PS4 version to follow later in the year

Hey! This is Jakub from Grip Games. Some time ago, I told you that we’re bringing the popular racing franchise Jet Car Stunts to the PS3, PS Vita and PS4. We can now share more information about the release dates, pricing, Cross-buy and Cross-play.

But first, have a look at the new trailer showing the game in all its insanity. You’ll be flying in the air, racing on narrow tracks and using jet to reach supersonic speeds. Jet Car Stunts is a hybrid between a racing game and a platformer. The tracks are devious, the pace is ruthless and your opponents are the best racers from the whole PlayStation Network.


Jet Car Stunts will first launch for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in July, followed by the PlayStation 4 incarnation of the game in August. All three versions support Cross-play and the best players’ ghosts and leaderboards transcend all three platforms.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions will be identical and will offer cross-buy.  The PlayStation 4 version will be significantly upgraded – offering better visuals, more track details and will run at 60fps and 1080p. Anyone who purchased the PS3 or PS Vita version will get a big discount while buying Jet Car Stunts for the PS4. We will announce more about the PS4 version upgrades and the discount for the owners of the PS3/PSV version as the release date gets closer.

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We can’t wait to show you more of Jet Car Stunts. Follow PlayStation Blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook and the official website for more news about Jet Car Stunts, including the exact release date.

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7 Author Replies

  • I really can’t understand why ps4 version is not cross buy with the others. Ok it has more details, but no more contain, it’s actually the same game.
    Also any idea if there will be a demo ?

    • The PS4 version requires three months of additional work, hence the reason for it not being available until August. There are a lot of additional costs associated with that – so It’s totally understandable that they won’t make that available for free to people who bought the PS3/Vita version.

  • Does it have tilt controls on vita? stereo 3D on the PS3/PS4 versions planned?

    Cross play sounds great but I think Vita will be where I play the most

    • We are still deciding about stereo 3D. It is certainly doable, but very few people actually seem interested in it anymore. Vita will be controlled using the the analog sticks as that is much more precise (and less frustrating) than the original tilt controls.

  • What’s the framerate of the Vita version? 30fps?

    • It’s an updated version of an iOS game from 2009, I’d be surprised and disappointed if it was anything other than 60fps, native res.

    • I never played the original, but you’re right. For racing games, it really helps to have 60fps. Wipeout on the Vita was 30fps and the graphics were sometimes a bit grainy, it affected me more than I anticipated, hell, more than I even wanted.

    • It is a variable framerate. Some tracks and game modes will have 60fps, others will run at 30fps.

  • Confusing art direction. The sky looks hyper realistic, the car looks like a toy and the track look like they are in the first face of development (just geometric shapes).

    • it’s a great game. played it a ton on ios, will buy on vita day one. It does look a little basic, but go read some reviews of the ios version if you want to be reassured of the quality of this game.

  • Play the game and you will see it’s a great little title and that graphics do not make ore break a game.

    What you see as ‘first PHASE of development’ actually has beautiful ray traced lighting bouncing off surfaces reflecting subtle colour everywhere. The simple crisp art direction allows you to focus on what is important – control and speed.

    The game is hugely addictive, has a tonne of replay value and i’m really looking forwards to playing it with proper controls. If you overlook titles simply because of a few screen shots then you are going to miss out on some incredible gems. Take my advice. This game is great and you will appreciate the graphics once you start playing.

    • I agree with you, but even though I like to support indies and buy most of them, sometimes they were a waste of money. That’s why I believe that most, if not all, games should provide a demo. After all, since developers are so sure about their game, a demo will only boost their sales.

  • iOS/Android games should stay on those platforms. This shouldn’t be allowed on home consoles and even handhelds to be honest.

    • This is a remake – new engine, new game modes, new features, better looks. It is not a ported mobile game, but a full-featured PSN release, based on a game that has 94 on Metacritic.

    • Why? no one is forcing you buy them and smaller companies have to start somewhere. Considering how cheap they are ( most of the time ) they also give a nice value for their money.

  • I’m with @dirtyCAT79 and @KlawUK, Jet car Stunts was — and most definitely still is — a thrilling, addictive and above all, super fun racer. I can’t wait for the opportunity to play it without forced tilt controls, and I highly recommend my fellow Vita (and to a lesser extent, PS3) owners do likewise.

    @VitalogyPJ – if you’re not interested in ports of iOS games, there’s a simple solution, don’t buy them. But for open minded lovers of great games of all shapes and sizes, just let us enjoy the best of what mobile gaming can bring to alternative platforms.

  • I have actually never heard about this before, or seen it. But reading the post and looking at the screenshots/trailer, it looks like it might be worth a purchase when the time comes~ It looks pretty fun!

  • Any idea on the price? Around£3.99-5.49 sounds right to me to buy it day 1. I might be happy to spend more if there’s a lot of content.

    • The final price has not yet been set, but we are definitely aiming below 10 Euro. Something like 7.99

  • Wow! This game REALLY reminds me of the stunt tracks from Rush 2 on the N64, me and my brother played that game SO much!

    I’ve got a question, would be great to get an answer: Will there be splitscreen at all? Or is it strictly singleplayer? I ask because I’d love to play it with my brother again, although I suppose I could always just use the crossbuy feature and let him play on my Vita while I play the PS3/4 (I’ll probably rebuy it on PS4 too, lol… I do that a lot).

    Either way, as simple as the game looks graphically, it looks really fun to play, I’ve never heard of the original, but I did just look it up and it got rave reviews and tons of people loved it, let’s hope the same happens with this, because it really does look great!

    • There’s definitely asynchronous multiplayer – so you will be able to race against ghosts of your best time, as well as ghosts of other PSN players. So you can race your brother in a “hot seat” fashion.

      We are actively considering split screen as one of the upgrades for the PS4 version. Seeing that that’s something you guys really want, there’s a good chance it will make it to the final game.

    • StevenJamesHyde

      +1 for splitscreen, 4 player if possible!

  • I think it looks stunning! Love the vibrancy of it all, and even if the geometric shapes appear basic to some, I think they’ve been rendered beautifully….and it moves as good as I’d hoped.

    I’m going to hold out for the PS4 version, but if that trailer is indicative of the quality then I can see it becoming moreish.

  • Dobrá práce, vypadá to jako zajímavá oddechová hra. I když nevím jestli oddechová je to pravé slovo, kvůli různým překážkám a pádům by to mohla být pěkně “rage” hra. Ještě popřemýšlím o koupi :)

    • Díky :-)
      “Rage” to je, ale trest za chybu nikdy není příliš velký – jen pár vteřin zpět na nejbližší checkpoint.

  • Does this have content from both iOS games or new content or a mix?

    • It is based on the first game, but with a lot of new content added – new cars, new game modes, some changes to the tracks, etc.

  • Plánujete do hry přidat denní nebo týdenní challange? Myslím tím, že by každý den nebo týden byl event a kdo by se umístil třeba v top 10% by dostal nějakou odměnu. Třeba novou barvu auta či nějaký vizuální doplněk. Myslím si, že by to byl zajímavý prvek do hry.

  • Will there be an option to play Multiplayer? Asynchronous multiplayer seems to me that the game stores only the best gameplays in the cloud where you race against with? So there’s no chance that the other random online player will fail the race and crash into something?

    I hope the game has enough maps, and if not that there will be maps added later.

    Best regards

  • It looks very repetitive. I’ll have to see what the trophy list etc. is like.

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