Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC adds online co-op mode

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Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept DLC adds online co-op mode

New four-player expansion will also see standalone release

Today we’re pleased to announce Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, the next big DLC expansion for Killzone Shadow Fall.

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept places you and up to three of your friends on the elite VSA team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha. Operating behind enemy lines, your team is on a mission to intercept and relay Helghast military transmissions back to VSA headquarters. To succeed, you’ll need to keep Helghast interlopers at bay long enough to establish a Hacking Uplink and transmit the data. Thankfully, the members of your team have all been trained in unique Combat Roles – from close-quarters Assault and mid-to-long range Marksman roles to supportive Medic and Tactician roles.

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To successfully fend off the enemy and transmit the intel back to HQ, teamwork is absolutely essential. Your Team Score indicates how close you are to establishing a Hacking Uplink; increase it by defending your Uplinks from Helghast capture attempts, or by “banking” the Personal Score you’ve accumulated from kills, ability uses and recaptures. You can even earn bonuses such as artillery strikes and jetpacks!

Always be on your guard, though: if you lose an Uplink to the enemy or have to respawn after critical injury, your Team Score will incur a penalty. If all members of your team are dead and your Team Score is too low to allow re-spawning, the mission is a failure.



Just like the members of Intelligence Squad Alpha, the AI-controlled Helghast enemies in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept have their own sets of goals and Combat Roles. They will switch up tactics and angles of attack when they capture an Uplink, so you’ll need to adapt your defense strategy accordingly. On top of that, the enemy can call on special Helghast champions with unique abilities, based on key Killzone Shadow Fall characters. Expect to go up against some very familiar faces…

Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept comes with four arena maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign, and launches this June. It will be available for free for Season Pass holders. A standalone version of the co-op experience will also be available later this year. We’ll have more in-depth information on Combat Roles, maps and tactics for the co-op mode in the coming week, so stay tuned to!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

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  • TroubleMaker411

    a hint as to what they would be?

    Also, slightly off topic.
    Any chance of allowing weapon and ability grinds in Botzone to count towards the main multiplayer/trophies (even if we can grind to Mk X in BZ, then the last one online) as time goes on, I’m loathing the grind and would love to do it offline. Cheers

  • TroubleMaker411

    I deleted half of my message!

    It said,
    I can’t wait to get my hands on it, it looks awesome.
    Are there going to be new trophies etc.
    Then i went on one about botzone.

  • Sounds COOL :P + I keep asking(& i know i will never get it but i live in hope) :D any chance of a 4 player split-screen off-line mode with Bots like the brilliant ‘TimeSplitters’ games? KillZone would be AWESOME with a mode like that i think + i wouldn’t care if the graphics of the game in split-screen mode was less amazing than the game now. I just want to play the brilliant world of KillZone with my real friends in the same room really because that would be MEGA-FUN :P

  • This game just keeps getting better

  • So do those of us who do own the game but don’t have a season pass, have to wait until the standalone version becomes available or can we still purchase the DLC when it launches in June?

    • I’d like to know this too

    • You’ll be able to buy it as separate DLC. The standalone version will probably be a version you can buy and play without having Shadow Fall.

    • if i remember reading correctly a while back, if you know someone who has the season pass they can invite to play if you dont have it

  • I really hope this saves the game for me because so far I didn’t like the multiplayer and I’ve been a Killzone fan from the start.. Hope this is a lot like Operations mode from Killzone 3 and not just survival in the same area the whole time.. Also 4 maps sounds a little too little for a mode we have to purchase on top, so I hope we get to see some free map add ons there too..

    • I have played MP for 200hrs and it’s not entirely. It just suffers from little problems and online bugs that can make you really mad sometimes. It’s no CoD or BF but it has its moments and I hope this DLC will make Season Pass owners happy.

  • There seems to be a 40’ish % reduction on Killzone Shadow Fall on both the web store and the store on the PS4. Guessing it’s an unannounced weekend sale. If it’s a bug, get it whilst you can.

    • Looks permanent or at least not a bug, as Knack is also reduced, i think there asking £34 now (for both titles), but yeah am kinda surprised there was no mention of this at all, wouldn’t be surprised if our blog don’t even have the info.

  • Is It single-player (story) co-op or online multi-player split screen co-op?

  • Sounds like a great update, i just have a couple of questions.

    Can the same team score be achieved by two people as a group of three or four and are there AI team members to complete the team when you do not have 4 human players?


  • I forgot killzone was out are people still playing the mp? Can’t wait until watchdogs is released it will finally be time to dust off my ps4 which I have only played once so far this year.

  • Solo play option like L4D? Sounds great btw.

  • So is this also going to be region locked along with all the map pack DLCs? As much as I enjoyed playing the single-player campaign on my US blu-ray disc, the fact I have a UK PSN account means I can’t install any of the multiplayer DLC map packs. Thanks for that Sony.

    • Actualy you can install DLC map packs. Just look in the forum. BTW I think that as of the latest map pack this issue was fixed.

  • Thanks for the reply. When I saw the new map pack on PS Store this week. I deleted all the old DLC which still had the status ‘ Waiting to install’, then downloaded the new bundle. It downloaded 4 map packs, however all 4 of them are stuck at the ‘Waiting to install’ status. Could you post a link to the forum that I should look at please?

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