Velocity 2X update and new screens: We’re nearly there!

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Velocity 2X update and new screens: We’re nearly there!

Loads of new images from Futurlab’s much-anticipated action sequel

Hi folks! Today I’m going to share some news and recent screenshots of our upcoming sci-fi adventure Velocity 2X for PS Vita and PS4! Those that follow our progress on Twitter will have seen that we’ve made great progress lately on the visuals.

Here are some screenshots:

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Explosion yums!

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Velocity 2X is a top down shooter and side-scrolling platformer in one adventure!

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Did she just shoot a crab?

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 Raid the evil Vokh’s stash of precious Rekenium!

As you can see we’ve put a lot of effort into the visual polish, and it looks beautiful in motion.

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Triple shot on foot!

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Triple shot!

Nearly there

Velocity 2X has five beautiful environments set over 50 campaign levels and 25 bonus missions. We’re currently designing the final few levels of the game, so we can now just about see the finish line, though there’s plenty of polish left to add such as a final pass on the HUD and UI. Whilst we don’t yet have a release date, we expect the game to be ready for release later this summer.
“Velocity 2X has five beautiful environments set over 50 campaign levels and 25 bonus missions”

Instant is best

The transition from top down and platforming sections is instantaneous (with a quick little fade to black for the feels) and for those of you wondering about how the teleporting works between sections, it’s very quick and intuitive.

For example, if you’re flying along in your ship, you can drop a telepod anywhere as a way to return to that point later on. If you’re then in a platform section, you can drop another telepod anywhere on foot, and using the map you can instantly teleport between the two telepods you dropped. The game assumes that the player gets in and out of their ship, but the player doesn’t have to labour over it.

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Use telepods to navigate hazardous environments and to switch back and forth between platform and top down areas.

As with the first game we’ve minimised loading times as much as possible; so much so that we don’t have enough time to show any gameplay tips on the level loading screen! We’ve had to put the tips in the Flight Computer menu instead =)

Hot cross pun

We can confirm that Cross-Buy and Cross-Save is supported, as well as some fan requests such as being able to disable the left stick for movement for those who prefer to use the Directional Buttons for controlling Kai and the ship.

There are some other features that aren’t quite ready to be shown yet, and thinking about it, I’m not sure if we will show them – we might just leave it up to you discover them in the game ;)
“Joris de Man’s soundtrack really sounds wonderful in the game”

Amazing music

Fans of the first game really enjoyed the music, and this time we’ve really gone to town. Joris de Man’s soundtrack really sounds wonderful in the game. You can have a listen to three tracks here:

With Sony’s support

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far with Sony’s support, and readers that remember our very first PlayStation Blog post back in 2010 will understand how far we’ve come!

As an example, look at Coconut Dodge, the first game we released on PSP less than four years ago:

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Just look at those blistering visuals!

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Hold onto your hats folks!

Two people made Coconut Dodge, and now FuturLab is a team of 10 with Velocity 2X selected to be showcased at Judges Day for E3! We’re incredibly honoured, grateful and excited about that, and with another few years of support from Sony, who knows what we could achieve!


As we approach completion of Velocity 2X I’ll be back with a new trailer with some awesome stuff we’ve not shown before. Stay tuned. Until then you can join us on our journey with PlayStation here: Also, follow @FuturLab immediately =)

Don’t go just yet, watch the teaser trailer:

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15 Author Replies

  • Nice! Really looking forward to this game =D

  • This is looking awesome!


  • The game is looking so fantastic and promising! Surely it can’t disapoint seeing as you guys seem to care about your fans and are actually listening to the feedback!
    Seriously digging the explosions. The colours are so clear and beautiful.
    You guys keep up the good work. So excited for the release!

  • Wow looks amazing! Been playing the old Vita version and this is awesome! Can’t wait for this!!

  • Great :) That’s very nice to hear!

  • Looking good. Are the screenshots from the PS4 or Vita version? If it’s the former, will it look just as good on Vita?
    Also, it’s nice to see a post using the white space on the right with full-width images and pull quotes, making the blog look less empty.

  • Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 7 = PS4

    Screenshots 5 & 6 = PS Vita.

    They’re as close to identical as is necessary. The lighting effects are per-pixel on PS4 to avoid any obvious grading artefacts when played on a full screen TV, but the Vita version absolutely pops off the screen. We’re very happy with it!

  • I love that drawing, its really cool!

  • Feel really bad that I got the psp one free, and then the vita one free on PS plus. Will this also be PS plus on launch or will you finally get some money from me? Day 1 download!
    Now to go back and fail to get platinum on velocity ultra.

    • I know I feel bad having such a good game free, but look at this way, if it wasn’t thanks to PLUS I’d never have played it…

      now that I have I’m so going to be doing what you have suggested and get Day 1 Download.

  • In all honesty we haven’t talked about PS+ with Sony yet, so we’ll see.

  • I got finally the Platinum for Velocity Ultra yesterday (Zone 50 ……. OMG)
    Will we have hard time with 2X again?

  • Amazing amazing as usual, don’t forget to try for a seperate trophy list for each platform :) My vita and ps4 are waiting for this, and cursing/praising you in the same breath as with the orginal. Keep up the brilliant work. excited sooner than I thought.

  • You’ll get more core gameplay in 2X, less of the side distractions.

  • I bought the original on vita, the native version. It was good but I must be the only person who owns a vita who thought it was too hard. I will buy your sequel and try to get good but probably won’t…

  • Will there be menu transition animations? Also, will it be clear if there’s a possible hidden route? Not all stages have those secrets. What about the map display, will hidden routes be displayed there?

  • So unbelievably excited for this! Would easily have been happy with just more of the same, but all the improvements look awesome! Seriously looking forward to the on foot sections as well!

    (PS, I remember reading somewhere that you guys thought using the right stick to fire bombs was an inferior control method, but I got my Platinum trophy using that method, can you confirm that the control method will return? :D )

    • @ FlawlessBiscuit

      Of course, we listen to our players, and will find ways to provide alternative options even if we disagree preferentially =)

    • Wonderful news! Would have been day one in any case but I’m glad I can jump in with the controls I’ve grown used to!

  • Watch Dogs? Destiny? Nah, I want this! I can’t say I’ve been with you guys since the start, but I grabbed Velocity Ultra when it was released and embarked on the finger-crippling road to the platinum trophy. No regrets there. I also love Coconut Dodge and Surge Deluxe, but… well, I’m not very good at those. >_>

    But yeah, day-one buy, take my money etc etc. You guys put a lot of care into your games and it really shows in the final product. I’ll be all over 2X, crippled hands or not. ;D

  • The game looks fantastic! i’m an huge fan of the first Velocity (played the Minis version on PS3) and i hope this sequel will be equally challenging.

    From what you have said here:

    The difficulty was tuned down for Velocity 2X and i’m a bit scary… i dont want an easy game :’D
    For those who find Velocty Ultra too difficult… try to launch the bombs with Circle Button instead of the right analog stick, THAT is pretty difficult ^^ (and more fun/challenging).

    Btw, i hope you all the best, Velocity 2X FTW!

    • You do not need to worry about difficulty. As with the first game, all levels are designed to reward elegant and skilful play, with the difficulty ramping up significantly toward the end.

  • This is a must buy for EVERYONE!!!
    I love the explosions , the platform characters and enemies , music and everything!
    What ill do it for me is that it has an affordable price so that i and everyone gets this! :)

  • It can’t be here soon enough.. it’s so beautiful :’)

    Any idea if they share the same trophy list too or if they have separate lists for double the trophies?

  • Hi.
    Sorry if I repeat myself but it would be great if the HUD was not static and it could move or wobble.
    Of course it would be perfect if we could turn the HUD on/off.
    Keep up the great work anyway.

  • This game looks freaking awesome! I loved Velocity Ultra so I will literally buy this no matter the cost. You guys are bloody amazing, keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the support. Out of interest, what do you think is a fair price to pay given what you’ve seen?

  • I’m not really sure, I suck at estimating values of stuff. I guess 15-20 Australian dollars? That might be high or low, I’m bad at this haha.

  • Game looks amazing!! FWIW, it’s fantastic getting all these games on the Vita that require actual ‘skill’ rather than simply playing whack-the-mole between cutscenes.

    I think $15 is the sweet spot for this sort of game. I paid $15 for Bastion, Fez, Mark of The Ninja and Spelunky…and the Velocity games are definately in that calibre of game going by Velocity Ultra and what’s been shown of 2X.

  • HERE’S MY WALLET!!!!!!!

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