Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment coming to PS Vita this July

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment coming to PS Vita this July

Digital release will also include Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment HD

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be coming to Europe, Australia and New Zealand this July! This title will be released exclusively on PlayStation Vita as a digital title.

After the latest announcement of Tales of Hearts R, we are quite proud to keep on releasing titles for PS Vita!


In Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, players enter the world of SAO, a massively multiplayer online game to discover that the creator of the game has locked them inside without the possibility to log out. They also find out something terrible: dying in the game means dying in real life! To escape, the players must explore and defeat the enemies contained within in order to find a way out…alive.

Based on the very popular Sword Art Online universe, the story follows Kirito as he fights to survive in the dangerous VR world he’s stuck in. Encounter many beloved characters from the light novel, manga and anime, as well as new ones exclusive to the game, as you explore the different areas and battle the most ferocious bosses.


The game is designed to simulate an MMORPG just like the one in the anime, allowing you to team up with other players to go on raids and do quests together! You’ll even be able to play ad-hoc with up to three other people. Master the combo system to pull off amazing attacks, build relationships with the characters you meet, and do your best to survive!

We’re also including an HD version of Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, a game unreleased outside of Japan, to offer the ultimate Sword Art Online experience on Vita! I’m excited to see who will be the first one to finish the game with all the endings and side quests done.

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