New Freedom Wars screens showcase the world of Panopticon

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New Freedom Wars screens showcase the world of Panopticon

A closer look at Japan Studio’s futuristic PS Vita action RPG

It’s been a few weeks since we announced the impending European release and we’re overwhelmed with all the positive comments we have been receiving! So, today we’d like to dive deeper into the world of Freedom Wars.

In PT Era 102014, the earth has been devastated by atmospheric pollution and the world is running out of resources. Human-beings can only survive inside purpose-built facilities known as Panopticons. City-states across the world fight each other to take control of what is left, using these Panopticons to take over other competing regions. You take on the role of prisoner in this Panopticon facility, subject to a million-year sentence.


When the story begins, the main character finds himself in a cell with no recollection of who, or where he is. An Android, also referred to as an “Accessory” throughout the game, is sent to brief him on his fate. The Accessory tells the protagonist that he must fight massive Abductors to reduce his million-year sentence. Abductors are mechanic monsters that roam the earth, abducting citizens. It’s the player’s duty to work with your Accessory and other players to rescue civilians and take one step closer to freedom.

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After taking a look at a few screenshots, you’re probably asking yourself how you’ll be able to overcome these massive Abductors. That brings us to the weapons…

In Freedom Wars, players will be able to use variety of weapons such as Swords, Rifles and Machine Guns. However, the most unique and valued weapon is the Thorn that is wrapped around the arm of the player. The Thorn can be used to retrieve accessories, hook on to enemies or walls, move vertically, travel with speed by pulling the character to where the thorn has been attached, tie down Abductors, and more!


We’ll have more to share leading up to launch, so stay tuned to PlayStation Blog.

We’re also excited to announce that a playable demo will be available at E3! If you’re attending the show this year, please swing by our booth and experience the world of Freedom Wars first hand!

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