Soul Sacrifice Delta launches on PS Vita tomorrow

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Soul Sacrifice Delta launches on PS Vita tomorrow

Find out what to expect from Keiji Inafune’s expanded action RPG

It’s with great pleasure that I can now declare the new Archfiend hunting season open, with the PlayStation Store launch of Soul Sacrifice Delta on PS Vita tomorrow, priced €29.99/£23.99! And for the first four weeks, we’ve bundled the game with the following exclusive raiment items:

  • Soulbinder Costume
  • Magic Helm
  • Wizard’s Hat
  • Golden Mask
  • Possessed Mask
  • Slave Clothes

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When we announced the release of Soul Sacrifice Delta last month, we introduced you to the new Grim faction and highlighted many new features and improvements to the Soul Sacrifice universe. Here are some more details on the new game modes.

The first obvious addition to Librom’s pages is the Bazaar Ledger; Carnatux’s bazaar to be more precise. Here, you can purchase new raiment items, have your palm read, get quest-altering rumours, leave or claim gifts and embark on special quests to repay your debts because “None of this is free, you know?” as Carnatux would put it. And if you’re lucky, you may even bump into old friends…


Also available from the Bazaar Ledger is the Faction Power Balance where players can contribute to their faction’s global score by logging their Slayer points. Every week, the scores are compiled and the winning faction is named. There’s a reward for each player of the winning faction and the best players in each faction as well. So get logging – your faction needs you!


Found in the Sorcerous Deeds, Alice’s Eternal Maze is a survival dungeon mode where players can test their endurance by trying to survive to wave upon wave of deadly Archfiends. The longer you survive the better the rewards, but do be careful: don’t let greed overcome you and know when to stop! You wouldn’t be the first sorcerer to fall victim to Alice’s Hollow, or the last for that matter…


And if you feel you still haven’t had your share of deadly quests, then look no further than the Blank Page mode. In this mode, you will be able to generate random pacts at the cost of some of your offering and lacrima. You can take on the pacts alone or online and expect a pretty reward once all the quests on the page are completed. There are three blank pages readily available and five more which you can only unlock with Memory Clods.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran (in which case you will want to transfer your Soul Sacrifice save data over to SSD) or an apprentice waiting to take the Sorcerer’s Ordeal, there is a lot for you to do in Soul Sacrifice Delta: new modes, new sorcerers, new Archfiends, new stories and much, much more.

Gameplay_2 Gameplay_4 Gameplay_7 Gameplay_8

In Soul Sacrifice Delta, no matter what time of the day or night you may want to play, chances are that you will always find someone to play with online, as the multiplayer server is now global, so you can team up with players from all over the world!

So go on, read through Librom’s pages and discover its many secrets. “This is where your story begins.”

That’s all from me now. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a message from the “Comceptor” himself, Inafune-san:

“In Soul Sacrifice Delta, we’ve expanded the world settings based on retellings of classic fairy tales with unique monsters. We’ve already released Soul Sacrifice Delta in Japan and Asia, and we’ve received great feedback from users there. I’m happy how the game turned out so I’m confident that players in the West will also enjoy the game.

“With the introduction of additional faction “Grim” and the dynamics among three factions, players across the world will belong to one of the three factions and vie with each other, fighting against new monsters. I hope all of you will be immersed in the world of Soul Sacrifice Delta and enjoy the game to the fullest.”

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  • PlatinumSpectre

    Any wording on game install size? Pleasantly surprised at the price!

  • This looks really good but I no longer have my SS save file and no physical version makes me not want to buy it :(

  • It makes me really sad that is Sony’s only contribution to the RPG genre these days. While it even is no RPG. At all.

    I get that some people enjoy it, so cool news for them. I only wish the rest of us would be provided too.

    • Tomorrow will be released on PSN Conception II that’s also RPG… but only digital version and with price way higher than american day-1 edition….sadly that’s boycott for me, I’m not accepting discrimination…

      But yeah… like I said that’s also RPG… :/

    • Conception is no Sony series. I criticize that Sony’s only own development effort in the RPG genre is Soul Sacrifice.
      They waste so much money from their limited Vita budget, on projects that shouldn’t have priority. Especially not on a portable console.
      Even the ports that they support, as Borderlands 2, end in a disaster. If I were in charge, I would have set sails to get Bravely Default onto the Vita right away.

    • Ah sorry my mistake, I missunerstood your post!

      I thought that you meant that it is the only RPG for SONY console these days. My bad.

      Bravely Default (Square-Enix) or Etrian Odyssey (Atlus)… or Fire Emblem (Intelligent Systems – Nintendo) would be… GODLY CHOICE… but that’s not going to happen. But… yeah I feel your pain :(

    • Dude chilllax lol , you’re in for a treat. You want an RPG from Sony ? Well , guess what. You will be getting it. Oreshika tainted bloodlines – don’t miss it . It looks very unique. Do some research and look for some videos of this game. And if that’s not enough we will be also getting Sword Art Online this summer , Tales of Heart R this winter , Freedom Wars and many more games:)

    • HELL YEAH , i have been waiting for this SOOO LONG . Huge Soul Sacrifice FAAAN . Can’t wait for tomorrow to kick some Archfiend ass in Sanctuary style !!!

    • Over my Dead Body is Sony made jrpg and it’s coming to west too.

    • I’m dissapointed by lack of discount for owners of first game.

  • Will there be a box copy released to stores or is it digital download only? Does owning the original game on card have any advantage? Can the new material just be downloaded to save space while using the original card?

    • Hi Tuimic,

      Soul Sacrifice Delta will be getting only a digital release in Europe. If you have your game progress from the first Soul Sacrifice however, you can transfer it to Soul Sacrifice Delta. You’ll have to download the whole game as the team has reworked the graphic engine, the AI, connected the game to global servers among other improvements and these are reflected in the new code. Enjoy the game!!

    • I have a EU physical copy of Soul Sacrifice. Is it possible to import my savegame and DLC (pre order cloth) to an Asian physical copy of Soul Sacrifice Delta? And is it possible to obtain future DLC in EU PSN for the Asian copy?

      This whole thing would be much easier if you release a physical copy of the game -.-

    • Don’t think you can mix and match EU and JP dlc/games.

  • I don’t know if you guys announced the day earlier but… is it legal to announce a game and then – surprise, play it tomorrow!
    In a world with so much delays and expectations, you can kill someone with an heart attack. (I know I skipped a beat).

    Anyway! When is the physical release gonna happen? Tomorrow too, or by the end of the week? don’t see any pre orders up yet.

    • Digital only I’m afraid. =/

    • @jarekmasta
      Nah, SONY wouldn’t do that for one of the best VITA exclusives. That would be just silly, I mean, this is THE VITA Monster Hunter. (Don’t like Toukiden or Ragnarok that much).

    • I’m so happy for this, Soul Sacrifice is one of the best games Vita has (imo) and I can’t wait to discover all the new things. From what I’ve seen the game got really improved. One question tho, if I may, will we have the option to choose original japanese voices? Or some DLC for that like for the first SS? And will the game be avaible at midnight?

    • @Bio_Dio It’s been officially announced that it’s digital only for EU and US though.

    • @jarekmasta
      Crap, you serious? damn.. wth!?
      This means that, if I buy it now, in 20 years I’ll probably won’t be able to play if I deleted it to make room for more Digital crap?

      God… where are the PS2 days!! I miss you so damn much!!

    • Why wouldn’t you be abled to play it? It’s unlikely psn accounts will be gone in 20 years.

  • The original Soul Sacrifice is €35 at the moment, will the price of that game drop significantly when this gets released tomorrow? Already have it for PS+, but I’m still curious.

  • any chance of seeing a physical copy of this released? rather not spend £24 on a license that i could lose at any time

  • Will there be dual audio? Or a Japanese voice dlc or something similar?

    • I’m still waiting for the japanese voice-over dlc for Soul Sacrifice. so I wouldn’t get my hopes up =/

  • Game looks great. But was really dissapointed that comes as a digital only release and it’s memory size is huge in which I can’t take anymore. Would of picked up if it had a retail release but looks like I’ll have to skip this one I’m afraid. I’ll stick with the vanilla version of the game.

  • Buying this on Thursday, thank you.

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    I’m still bitter about the lack of physical version, but at least it’s not a full priced.

    I think I might cave on this one, I just enjoy the franchise so much. Hoping this game has as much free DLC planned as the original. Looking forward to it, Sanctuary here I come!

  • Is it possible to upgrade to Delta from my physical copy of Soul Sacrifice?

  • I’m also disappointed by the lack of a physical edition. I know it isn’t always an economically viable approach, especially for an expanded edition, but I’ll certainly be more likely to buy games if they’re physical.

    That out of the way, this is looking great. I’ll likely get it once my backlog is a little smaller.

  • I would buy it day-one if it wasn’t digital only. Waiting for Oreshika and Freedom Wars instead.

    • What if they are also digital only :O

    • X_Blood_Curse_X


      God I hope Freedom Wars isn’t digital only -_-‘

    • X_Blood_Curse_X

      “Playstation – We’re for the players…

      …unless you own a Vita”

    • I’m on the same boat. No day one purchase for me with digital only. Never have bought day one and never will. Will only buy digital when it’s on PS+ or has a really great deal (like under £10)

  • Is it possible to play Soul Sacrifice together with Soul Sacrifice Delta in local multiplayer / online multiplayer?

    • Should be possible unless Delta has their own dedicated servers, which may be the case since the Delta servers are global now, while vanilla’s were/are not. Maybe they will merge them somehow? Then again Delta has a lot of changes, for example the ranged magic cast time, so it would be weird if people from vanilla could spam skills while others had the longer cooldowns :P

  • This is only $24.99 that does not equal £23.99. Quite a rip off.

    • Oh… are you sure? They didn’t say anything about price on american blog, and also I don’t see anything about price in posts.

      If this is truth:
      25$ -> 18 EUR
      18 EUR + about 20%VAT = 22 EUR

      We have to pay 30 EUR…. that means… about 36% more than we should….

      If this is truth… than it must be joke…

    • 35.99$ Soul Sacrifice Delta Limited Edition Bundle, fun fact – I don’t see any regular edition lol :P

    • Yup it seems they have 36$

      36$ -> 26 EUR
      26 EUR + about 20% VAT = 30 EUR

      So… we have the same price as US… that’s weird (o.O)…. Well… it is a good thing…

      but still a lil too much for game without retail version…

  • Any discount for SS digital owners, or some sort of dlc/upgrade option?


    1vs1 or 2vs2 would be great . Is there any plan like that please , bring that mode with patch !

  • Those exclusive items♥
    To those still unaware: yes, it is digital-download only. It was mentioned in the “behind the scenes at JAPAN studio” blog post.
    Also, there’s an Asian-region english version that is stated to have english language and subtitles, to be released physically sometime next month. Something to consider if you want to import for a boxed copy.

  • I like the 4 week exclusive items ^.^ thats actually a really cool thing to include

  • AW YEAH! I thought it was next week. This is a nice surprise. Still not 100% how it works however. I own the original. Is this essentially an add on to the original or a new game all together? If it is an add on type thing will I lose or gain anything from my original save? Or even keep my save for that matter

    • If you have a save from vanilla you are going to keep some offerings (10 of your choosing as far as I’ve heard), keep your outfits and up to 10k lacrima. Your arm level will be back to 1 though. Would be great if we got some exclusive raimene for playing the first game.

    • Ah right. Yeah, something to reward previous owners would be nice. Even if just a minor discount. While I love the game and will snap it up in a second, I am a tad tired of rebuying the same game with added stuff. Capcom in particular are bad for this and do this with every game and I get suckered into buying the first iteration every damned time. An expensive mistake to make

    • Wait wait wait, only 10 offerings? Sounds like us vanilla owners are being punished if anything. They’re just lucky it’s probably my favorite Vita game or else I’d probably not bother

    • @Shnoorum replied in wrong spot, read my post under this :P

  • I did some research and found some pretty fresh thread about it on gamefaqs that says it’s 10 of EACH offering and all the essences and sigils you had. Plus to quote said topic “while your level will not carry over, depending on the level you were at in SS, when you carry your data over to SSD they will award you with a certain number of rumour slips that, when equipped on a quest, will allow you to gain EXP faster.”

    • Oh well that’s not so bad at all then. May get a bit of final grinding in before the release tomorrow just to bulk out my offerings. Thanks very much for the information :)

    • Very welcome :) Wish I knew what time we may expect it to appear on EU PSN :P Midnight would be sweet but probably it’s gonna be after weekly update which time I don’t remember anyway :P
      One last thing, seems the story progress carries over too, according to US PSN: “Carry over saved data from Soul Sacrifice™ including story progression, costumes, offerings, sigils, black rites, life/soul essence and lacrima (up to 10,000) to carry on with your adventure in Soul Sacrifice™ Delta.”

    • Costumes carrying over is a big plus. Loved collecting them. I don’t know the exact time they change the store but I think it may vary from week to week. I leave for work at 3pm every Wednesday and I seem to remember the store usually have content anywhere between 1pm – 3pm. I could be completely wrong but I suppose it remains to be seen. The earlier the better

  • No physical no buy. Congrat Sony…

  • Thats nice and all but does EU get the japanese voices? Its been like a year? Why does NA get the DLC but not EU?

  • would have bought it if it had a physical release but Digital is a no go for me. and the ppl buying digital what’s your point in buying it digitaly you don’t own it and if sony decides 2 kill off your donwload list each Gen ór handheld cycle you’ll be rebuying the same games a lot.

  • the Vita sure is looking crap for europe all it’s released games are mostly digital meaning i sure as hell won’t be owning a lot off games on it. kinda makes the handheld useless for the most part nothing much good coming our way.

    • You are forgetting that unlike 3DS, Vita is region-free so you can just import games from USA and they will work fine. Problem with SSD is that it’s digital only in US too.

  • What price will this be in Australia? The Playstation EU blog seems to always forget that it covers the AU PSN store too :/

    • If it’s consistent with Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi’s pricing then it’ll be £23.99/€29.99/$43.95

    • Cheers! A little bit more pricey than I expected but I’ll probably be grabbing it anyway.

  • I’m in Europe, but I can’t find it in the shop? Only the regular Soul Sacrifice..

  • Is this just SS 1.5 then? Does it include original? If it is just and add on it seems expensive if you already own original.. The original looked great, had an awesome story and the voice acting was fantastic,,,,,but the combat sucked. it was such a shame because everything else was awesome but without out good deep combat it is nothing.

  • Sorry that wasn’t meant to be a reply!!

  • Downloading now! 2994 MB! There are also Memory clods, for the blank pages. 1 piece and a pack of 6. The single one cost around 1 euro, the pack of 6 is around 3,75 euro.

  • Downloading now! :D 2994 MB!!! Excited!

  • Mine doesn’t seem to wanna import my Soul Sacrifice save :(

  • As always, no physical copy, NO BUY.

    Don’t even get a cheap upgrade program like Japan got, if you own original digitally you get digital Delta for really cheap.

  • BOught the game, didn’t get any of the exclusive items. What gives?

    • Those items are in the bazaar, the 4th npc, Claim Gift option.

    • Hey MaxiM_82,
      After downloading the items, you can access them in-game by choosing the following sequence of options: “Librom”, “Read Journal”, “Bazaar Ledger”, “Cassus the Flunky”, “Claim Gift”. I should mention that story progress is required to unlock the “Bazaar Ledger” mode.
      Hope that helps and enjoy the game!

  • I press the button to import the save – and is then meet with
    What happen? I have a EU Soul Sacrifice save and I check that it work, so why won’t Soul Sacrifice Delta import it?

  • If Sony are going to keep up this digital only for Vita business, they better bring over that 64gb memory card and SLASH the prices of all of them. I bought a 32gb a while ago and I’m still constantly deleting and re downloading games because there simply is not enough space. The Vita is perfect for an all digital library; why cripple it with terrible card prices and sizes?

    I want to give Sony and the developers my money, I really do. But with all these digital only releases I just don’t have an easy way to play them! I had my eye on Conception 2 (I know that’s not Sony, but still), and I was hyped for SSD but now I’m just not going to be able to buy them.

  • @SCEE as far as I’m concerned, I refuse to buy digital only games that cost more than 10€. If I pay more than 10€ for a game, I want a box to go with it. Also, when I own a digital game I don’t own it, I have the possibility to download it from a remote server as long as that server is online. If by any reason the company goes bankrupt, is bought or decide to bring the server off-line, I loose the game permently. That is never acceptable, nor it should be. Also, considering the lack of costs associated to digital releases, the price of digital only game should be at least less 50% than the physical copy.
    Also, as Archacus (comment 16.1) said, the USA price plus VAT is equal to 22€, not 29.99€. SCEE needs to explain in very clear terms how are the prices calculated.

    • And with you man!
      Ainda bem que existem pessoas que entendem o que acontece quando se compra algo digital.

  • And here I was looking for the physical version of the game when I discover DIGITAL release only…you guys can forget it, just try to do that in the future and you will see no money from me.

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