New on PlayStation Store: Bound by Flame, Titan Attacks, Sportsfriends, more!

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New on PlayStation Store: Bound by Flame, Titan Attacks, Sportsfriends, more!

Take Kratos on your travels, too

Fantasy RPG Bound by Flame arrives on PS3 and PS4 this week. Possessed by a flame demon, you’ll journey across a world ravaged by seven Ice Lords, having the chance to grow and build your character’s skills and combat prowess.

Joining it is God of War Collection for PS Vita. The first two action packed titles in the series have been remastered for portable play, with full trophy support. Tear it up in an ancient Greek setting with Kratos’ fearsome moves. It’s also Cross-Buy, so if you pick it up on PS3 or PS Vita you will get the other version, too.

We’ve also got Cross-Buy arcade shooter Titan Attacks and multiplayer compilation Sportsfriends.

Finally, an update on MLB 14 The Show on PS4. We originally announced that this would launch today 7th May, but unfortunately it’s been subject to a last minute delay. We will let you know a revised release date as soon as possible – thanks for your patience, and our apologies for any disappointment.

PlayStation Plus

Titan Attacks (PS4/PS3/PS Vita) – 10% off PLUS DISCOUNT

PlayStation 4

Bound By Flame (PS4)
Price: £49.99/€54.99/$77.95
Not available in Turkey

Sportsfriends (PS4)
Price: £11.99/€13.99/$20.15
Not available in Poland

Titan Attacks! (Cross Buy PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
Price: £8.49/€9.99/$14.35

PS4 demos

Lego The Hobbit

PlayStation 3

Bound By Flame (PS3)
Price: £39.99/€49.99/$69.95
Not available in Turkey

Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi
Price: £23.99/€29.99/$43.95

IHF Handball Challenge 14
Price: £39.99/€49.99
Not available in Australia, New Zealand

Sportsfriends (Purchase on PS3 to receive PS4 version at no additional cost)
Price: £11.99/€13.99/$20.15
Not available in Poland

Titan Attacks! (Cross Buy PS4/PS3/PS Vita)

PlayStation Vita

God Of War Collection (Cross-Buy PS3/PS Vita)
Price: £19.99/€24.99/$32.95

Titan Attacks! (Cross Buy PS4/PS3/PS Vita)
Price: £8.49/€9.99/$14.35

PlayStation Mobile

QChat (£0.40/€0.49/$0.90)

MTG: LifeKeeper (£0.79/€0.99/$1.75)

KI Scientific Toolbox (£3.19/€3.99/$6.95)


Call Of Duty: Ghosts

  • Call Of Duty Ghosts Devastation (£11.59/€14.49/$19.95)

DC Universe™ Online

  • DC Universe™ Online – Amazon Fury Part I (10) (£9.99/€7.99/$14.45)

Just Dance 2014

  • The World Is Ours (Free)
  • The World Is Ours (Free)


  • Whistleblower (£7.69/€8.99/$12.95)

Not available in India, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Turkey, UAE


Atelier Escha&Logy

  • Additional Gathering Spot-Palace Depths (Free)
  • Additional Party Character- Katla (£3.99/€4.99/$7.35)
  • Additional Party Character- Micie (£3.99/€4.99/$7.35)

Not Available In Russia

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

  • Call Of Duty Ghosts Devastation (£11.59/€14.49/$19.95)

DC Universe™ Online

  • DC Universe™ Online – Amazon Fury Part I (10) (£9.99/€7.99/$14.45)

Hakuoki: Stories Of The Shinsengumi

  • A Festive Night (Free)
  • A Meeting Of Demons (£4.49/€5.49/$8.05)
  • B’s-Log Package (Free)
  • Dengeki Girl’s Style (Free)
  • Drama CD (Free)
  • Memories – Content Under The Blossoms (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)
  • Memories – Fading Autumn Leaves (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)
  • Memories – Fateful Moonless Night (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)
  • Memories – For Good Or Ill (£2.99/€3.59/$5.25)
  • Memories – Like A Flower Blooming Madly (£2.99/€3.59/$5.25)
  • Memories – Madness (£2.99/€3.59/$5.25)
  • Memories – Never Boring (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)
  • Memories – Something Important (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)
  • Memories – The First Snow (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)
  • Memories – The Waxing And Waning Of The Moon (£2.99/€3.59/$5.25)
  • Packaging (Free)
  • Portrait – Casual Outfits (Free)
  • Portrait – Casual Outfits (Alternate) (£1.49/€1.75/$2.55)
  • Portrait – Stories Version (Free)
  • Portrait – Warrior Outfit (Free)
  • Portrait – Warrior Outfits (Alternate) (£1.49/€1.75/$2.55)
  • Portrait – Western Outfits (Free)
  • Portrait – Western Outfits (Alternate) (£1.49/€1.75/$2.55)
  • The Life And Times Of Yukimura The Page (£4.49/€5.49/$8.05)
  • Just Dance 2014
  • The World Is Ours (Free)
  • The World Is Ours (Free)

LittleBigPlanet (Cross-Buy)

  • Joe Danger Costume (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
Ancient Tiara (Free)
Cool Sunglasses (Free)
Emil Chronicle Online Set (Free)

Resistance 3

  • Resistance 3 – Brutality Pack (£3.19/€3.99/$5.85)

Rocksmith 2

  • Rocksmith 2014 – 311 – Amber (£2.39/€2.99/$4.35)
  • 311 Song Pack (£6.49/€7.99/$11.75)

The Last Of Us

  • Reclaimed Territories Map Pack (£7.99/€9.99/$14.45)
  • Grounded Difficulty Mode (£3.99/€4.99/$7.35)
  • Survivalist Weapon Bundle (£4.79/€5.99/$8.85)
  • Situational Survival Skills Bundle (£3.19/€3.99/$5.85)
  • Professional Survival Skills Bundle (£3.19/€3.99/$5.85)


LittleBigPlanet (Cross-Buy)

  • Joe Danger Costume (£1.59/€1.99/$2.95)

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

  • Ancient Tiara (Free)
  • Cool Sunglasses (Free)
  • Emil Chronicle Online Set (Free)

Availability change

Half-Minute Hero (PSP) – Now available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Qatar, Ukraine

Skullgirls Encore Character Color Bundle (PS3) – Now available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

Skullgirls Encore Squigly Character Unlock (PS3) – Now available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow (PSP) – Now available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar

Syphon Filter : Dark Mirror (PSP) – Now available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar

Pursuit Force™: Extreme Justice (PSP) – Now available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Ukraine

This is Football Management (PSP) – Now available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar

Piyotama (PSP PSN)

Cool Boarders 2 (PSP) – Now available in Bulgaria, Hungary, Qatar

Bust A Groove (PS one) – Now available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Indian, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Wild Arms (PS one) – Now available in Bulgaria

Deal of the Week

NBA 2K14 (PS3) – Was £49.99/€59.99/$89.95, now £15.99/€19.99/$24.95

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut (PS Vita) – Was £9.99/€12.99/$18.45, now £3.99/€4.99/$7.35

SteamWorld Dig (PS Vita/PS4) – Was £7.29/€8.99/$13.25, now £3.69/€4.49/$6.65


Below offers end 23rd May 2014
DOA5U: Core Fighters Original 25 Character Set – Now £15.99/€19.99/$29.95

Complete DOA5(+) Costume Set for DOA5U – Now £15.99/€19.99/$29.95

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10 Author Replies

  • Bound by Flame price isn’t that outrageous like other titles, that’s a plus. It’s still a lot higher than on the US PSN though. Still, might get it after I’m bored with FFXIV.

    • Personally I wouldn’t bother getting the PS4 version since it’s clearly a budget title from the makers of Mars: War Logs. It’s only £28 on the PS3 retail. That’s what I’m getting.

  • No crossbuy for those who bought the PS3 GOW games separetedly?

  • Interesting update. Could you maybe answer my questions?
    1. Is Sportsfriends when bought on the PS4 also cross-buy to PS3?
    2. Any chance you could add availability for PSM ‘games’? (not everything is available in every PSM country)
    3. My Brass sound pack download for Sound Shapes doesn’t unlock anything (on Vita) (although the trophies popped BEFORE I purchased the soundpack… :-/). Who should I contact to get it sorted out?

    • 1. No only if you buy on ps3 do you get both versions.
      2. Who knows.
      3. The Levels/tuturials are actually in the middle of the list not the bottom like usual have a scroll through the list slowly.

    • Is steam world dig cross buy it did say it was in a us blog post but does not show up in store description or mentioned in the blog (while other games were stated as crossbuy)? Will probably pick it up if it is, not that i need any more vita games :D but at that price for both versions can’t really pass up.
      Also dissapointed God of War Vita is only in the collection and not indidvual games, hopefully they will come later?

  • I already have Gow 1 for PS3. If I buy Gow2 for PS3, shall I download collection for free? Thanks!

  • Can We get a discount on the 400 days DLC for the walking dead, every other platform has had it for 99p at some point, even the US PSN i believe.

    • Yeah. I contacted TellTale on Twitter but they never answered.
      Do a Sale on 400 Days pls

    • I agree. I prefer gaming on my PS3 but I regret buying this game on that platform. I won’t make the same mistake with Walking Dead S2 or Wolf Among Us, I’ll get those on PC instead.

  • almighty-slayer

    How come we can’t buy GoW HD on Vita individually? Bit annoying. You do it for every other HD collection. Any chance this will be done soon?

    • It’s only applicable through the GoW Collection only at this point in time.

    • So basically pay more (18€ each) and get less (no crossbuy). Wow

    • Will it be coming individually anytime soon. I have GoW 1 HD on ps3 on its own. I don’t think its fair that I have to shell out for both games when I already have one just to play on vita.

      At least steamworld dig on sale made me smile

  • Still no Pinball Arcade Jawad, seriously!?

    • When can we expect The Pinball Arcade update and DLC that’s been out in the US for weeks already?

    • This is currently with our guys and the publisher. I haven’t heard anything else on it, sorry.

    • @Jawad: could you please ask your guys which year the patch and the new tables will be out? :-(
      Farsight claims they sent everything to Sony and it is up to Sony Europe to put it online.
      Thank you very much.

    • Is the EU/UK actually going to get this patch or has it been totally rejected, god i hope the EU?UK version is not going to end up liek the Xbox 360 version, that would be terrible.

  • No plus discount on the release of GoW for vita? I’ll pass. For that price I’ll go for the physical version any day of the week.
    Also, on another topic, There seems to be a problem with authors replying to comments:
    “God of War Collection arrives on PS Vita this week” 66 comments, 0 from the author or from blog staff;
    “This week at playstation” 76 comments, 0 from blog staff (but I’ve got a nice e-mail from sony about some considerations I’ve made about SCEE administrators, so there’s evidence of moderation).
    Can you guys check it out please.

    • They won’t…. too much “hate” there…. they won’t respond to any post that says that SCEE is doing something wrong.

    • And so, the strategy is “If we ignore them, than the “Hate” will go away?”
      I hope they don’t believe in this type of reasoning…
      And yes, SCEE needs to wake up and small the coffee. If this goes like this, in a matter of months most of Sony fans in Europe will be playing on another system not owned by Sony.

    • it should be “smell the coffee”.
      Any chance we get an editing option any time in this century?

    • Nah… I love Playstation and most of people that criticize love it too… that’s why we will stay at PS but most probably more and more people will start using american accounts. Well… I would say that 30% people do it even now… but if nothing will change it will rise probably to 60-70%.

      And here I’m going to stay with this sinking ship called SCEE… ow boy poor me…

    • Have to say I agree, apart from Jawad who regularly replies on his articles, it’s very hard to get a response from anybody.

      You only need to look at the US version of the blog to see they get better treatment with responses to questions on pretty much every article. It’s very jarring. The EU blog needs a major shake-up. Regular comments of unhappy customers on here go unnoticed.

    • @blackout_pt: The Blog Team said that an ‘edit’ function was unlikely/impossible because of “technical reasons”… So don’t hold your breath ;)

      Looking at the blog it’s very clear that SCEE really needs a shake-up. There’s just no sign of them ever reacting to customer needs. There was a glimmer of hope when the IGC showed up, but even that crumbled into rubbish.

  • No flash sale for Europe?

    • That! That is the thing that made me sad most. The US Flash sale was amazing. Haven’t seen such an amazing PSN sale in half a year. EU really needs one like that for PS4 and PS3.

    • @Viryu
      I would be fine even with normal sale (not wannabe-sale)… I get the feeling that “amazing PSN sale” is kinda impossible with SCEE… but I would be glad if SCEE proved me that I’m wrong.

    • The US had the flash sale over the weekend because of Cinco de Mayo day. Which of course Europe celebrates as it has a large Mexican community…not surprising since all of Europe shares a border with Mexico. >.>

      I guess I could understand your confusion as Old El Paso taco kits are seemingly made in the Republic of Ireland….you know El Paso, the neighbouring town to the city of Dublin. Taco’s and enchilada’s are of course the national dish of most European countries.

      Next up Britain celebrates the 4th of July, you know that time we got rid of THOSE people

    • @Izorpo
      Oh yeah… and they got sale for golden week also just because of immigrants, right? Are you kidding me? With so many countries in Europe we would have good reason for sale every week!

      On 3rd May we were celebrating the oldest European constitution… damn… if you ask me that’s good enough reason for sale.

    • Have you guys checked the monthly aan week deals lately? Those have been nothing but amazing. I’ve bought more games at extremely low prices than I did the entire year before.

    • @archacus

      Actually large parts of the south west part of the US use to be a part of Mexico. Mexico, along with Canada as well as Central and South America also fall within the remit of the same PSN. Latino’s actually have a large percentage of people in the US (why in large cities you have signs in Spanish and English)

      As for Golden Week…maybe the US thinks they own Japan, after all they have no less than 30 US military bases there and in Okinawa.

      As for 3rd of May being relevant to all of Europe, because Europe only consists of Poland and Lithuania? Or is it World Press Freedom Day you speak of???

    • Izorpo, you could say the same about NA consisting only of Mexico. I’m not talking about having a sale every time there is a holiday, but you’d expect to have them the same time other regions have them. If NA has an awesome flash sale, bring it to EU, and vice versa, don’t ditch half your player base like that.

    • @Izorpo
      It is first european consitution… it is important document even if it didn’t have impact on whole Europe. You can compare it to Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen or The Great Charter if you like…

      And who cares that large part of it was part of USA? The great Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was as big as 1/4 of current EU… it is similar but also insignificant argument

    • @ archacus

      you said and I quote “Oh yeah… and they got sale for golden week also just because of immigrants, right?” You made a presumption that they had a flash sale all because of immigrants and that is incorrect.

      England had the Magna Carta in 1215, it doesn’t make it relevant to anyone else and at the time this constitution was made between Poland and Lithuania, the imperialistic empire of Great Britain was ruling large parts of the world. So are we discussing the size or mass of a land body or are you dismissing the importance of a man to two different countries (re Mexico and the US)

      besides there was already a sale going on on EU PSN, not to mention the big sale they had prior around Easter. Whether there was anything in it for you is an entirely different matter


      Mexico is in Central America not North America, Canada and the US are North America

    • @Izorpo
      huh… Magna Carta was important document for whole Europe, that’s what is: important european document. It is important as part of European History. If there is book with title “friggin important documents of Europe” you will find there Magna Charta and Constitution of 3rd May. Not because they were important for whole europe in those time, no… simply because they were in some way groundbreaking.

      Huh… I’m not trying to belittle you nor your country. But by that time the one ruling most of those territories was no Great Britain but independent East India Company (in Asia)…when it comes to Asia, UK took over company’s territory in… something like 1850… I might be wrong, do not remeber it clearly… hmm somewhere around time when Queen became emperor of India)

      But nevermind… what I said is that no matter how big it was in the past it is insignificant for us. Be it size of pol-lit commonwealth or USA (which was by that time some far away land that didn’t matter that much, if you would be so kind to check UK press from that times you would see that longer articles were written about discoveries /news in Asia than in America) it still do not matter.

      And I’m not trying to say that you are stupid… Frankly speaking I didn’t know about Cicno de Mayo day… but what I’m trying to say it is, as a matter of fact, as good reason(not) for sale as holidays/festivals in each of European countries. There is group of people from mexico… ok… but similar there are people in EU from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France, Greece… and if you would be so kind to treat EU similar to USA than we should also get sales just because some minority is celebrating some occasion.

  • So no third episode of Walking Dead today? Read somewhere that it would arrive in late April/early May.

    Another thing: Resistance 3: Brutality Pack????? That game is “ancient” and is this pack something or something existing at reduced price?


  • As usual Europe can’t have games at the release date…. Playstation Europe Team is soooo incompetent…. US have the game since yesterday it’s in english so what the problem to have MLB in the store… CAN YOU EXPLAIN ^^ ? No i think you lies every day/every week at the consumer.

    • Very simple: Europe is not English-only. If you want to release in the SCEE area, you need to support French, English, German and god-knows-what. It’s not the European Team, it’s (most of the time) the devs that underestimate the complexity.

    • That’s would be true if it wasn’t for the fact that Microsoft and the publishers on the XB360/XB1 seem to do a pretty damn fine job of matching US and European releases 99% of the time.

  • Didn’t the God of War Collection cost 19,99€ yesterday when it was still PS3 only? I may have misread, but if the price was increased that’s kind of BS.

  • Can anyone confirm the filesize for God of War Collection on Vita?

    • 3.3GB

    • 3.3Gb is indeed a relief :)

      The product page shows the size as 21.4Gb in size and I had visions of emptying my 32Gb card each time to play God of War.

    • @14.2: as with the Sly Cooper Trilogy, the product page shows the file size of PS Vita and PS3 downloads combined.

  • Update: There is no way this can be for the online part as that was taken down in February or March. So what gives???

  • So if people bought GoW 1 or 2 seperately they do not get the VIta versions. Fix this. Every other cross-buy collection does the games seperate as well as a bundle.

    Also, GoW Collection was £16 earlier today and has been a while, so you’ve jacked up the price since it is now £20.

    Complete failure with these games.

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who noticed the price increase.

      Just because the same game can now be bought for more than one platform at once doesn’t mean it should cost more, it’s really unfair for people who only own one of the two platforms the game is available for.

  • HI jaward great update got one question is there going to be any more ps1,ps2 RPGS classics coming to store or there not going to be anymore classics coming to the store?

    thx have good rest week.

    • well thx jaward ill ask fred question on this one since no Aswer have good rest week and weekend anyways……..

  • Hi Jawad. A great update again, but I just thought I would raise the point of why is the PS3 and PS4 versions of Titan Attacks! listed for £8.49, but the Vita version is listed for £7.99, even though it is cross-buy.

    Also, is there any update on the Gex trilogy from the PS One Classics range being reduced in price and how about a price reduction for the rest of the Split/Second PS3 downloadable content?

    • The Vita version is £8.49 as well. Sorry about that. It is cross-buy across all three formats (£8.49).

  • No sales for this month?

    • We just started the month so there’s time for something, but I don’t have anything to announce today.

    • The ubisoft sale’s still running until next Wednesday.

    • @Jawad Ashraf
      I don’t want to sound too rude… but it is not sale…. when US for plus members have 10 euro for Persona 4G and we have 20 euro… that’s kinda not appropriate to call it “sale”

  • Hi Jawad Ashraf , any sign of Hogs of War for EU/UK PSN market ? I see that for US market is available.It is possible to put this game for EU/UK market ??? I know that a few people are waiting to buy it for vita , including me Thx and Best Regards

    • Is there a really big problem to make Hogs of War game available in EU/UK if this game is in US market available ??? Dziwne….

  • @Jawad

    Why is Whistleblower DLC not available in Slovenia ? We got the full game and our games are not localized.
    So what’s the problem?

  • I’m glad to see that you guys have managed to give us more PSP games on PSN, thank you! But since Konami brought one Yugi-Oh and two Silent Hill games for PSP in PSN this spring, why stop now? We still don’t have either of the Metal Gear Acid games, or Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, even though US Store has had it for years. Please, give us at least those, too.

    Thanks again, and keep those lost PSP games coming!

    • Feel free to let Konami know on their own channels. It’s best that way so they’re directly aware.

    • @Jawad Ashraf
      [Question] Ok so what is exactly job of SCEE? I’m not trying to be acrimonious here ok? I’m asking without any malice, and I’m serious about this question. What is exactly job of SCEE? Most of times we players don’t have chance to let publishers/developers know what we want. Sure there is Facebook/Twitter but nobody is treating those as a serious way of communication. On official pages there isn’t even email address to let them know what we want… Here on blog most of times they are not responding to us or say that they can’t do a thing about it (just like Atlus did with Coneption – 60% more expensive for digital version of games that in Canadian day one edition with additional box, soundtrack and free dlc on psn)

      So how exactly can we let them know? I was pretty sure that was your responsibility of SCEE as a representative of European Sony Market to be link between us and them. But now it seems that you are saying that we are here on our own. It sounded as if the only job of SCEE was cleaning headquarters in UK and from time to time uploading games that publishers want to sell us with gigantic prices. So what is your role? What are you doing there? Do you try to negotiation to bring prices down? Do you try to get us some good sales? Really what are you guys in SCEE doing? So many years has passed and we still don’t know what is your responsibility. We don’t know if you are working for yourself or if you are trying to work for us customers. Are you our ally or enemy in this war of interests?

      I know that I won’t get any answer…. but I’m just going to say, that I’m really serious about it. I don’t know what you are guys doing or what are you guys supposed to do. We players would really want to help you to bring us some good stuff… but we don’t know how. Please do explain us this whole situation to us, maybe that way there won’t be so many “hate” posts.

      With best regards!

  • Well want to be honest that bound of frame no way near next gen since easy can run ps3 so really think players dont care about next gen anymore since ps4 could be its last gen consle.

  • Any new information on Cross Region Gifting.

    News one DLC/games Like Disgaea 3 (Vita) here in Scandinavia?

    Following titles getting on the SEN store?
    Final Fantasy Crisis Core
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex
    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleap
    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of the World Radiant Mythology
    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

  • No Transistor pre-order this week? That’s a shame, I was totally ready to slap down my money on it early. Hope it’s still on track for the 21st!

  • Shame the NBA 2K14 deal isn’t for PS4, if it was the same price, even just a fiver more at about £20 I would pick it up.
    Any idea when episode 3 of the walking dead will arrive then and will vita be getting episodes at the same time as the other consoles from now on?

  • Bound By Flame (I’m getting at retail) but I’ll happily take the Outlast DLC and anything free for Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. :)

  • Seeing Skullgirls Encore (dlc) being made available for all those countries, give me some hope that Chaos code and Blazblue: Chronophantasma will also be made available hopefully soon for all the countries that were left out.

  • Why is there still no lightning returns avatars Jawad? Can you please chase them for them please.

  • FallingStickman

    Sportsfriends not available in Poland? That makes me sad. Any info on whether or not it will be available here at any point?

  • What? Bound by Flame price is stupid, €55 for PS4 and €50 for PS3 while in US store it’s only $50 and $40…

    • Meanwhile it’s 33,99€ on Steam (and you can get steam keys for less than that elsewhere). This is why I’ll probably never get a home console…

  • Wait. Bust A Groove is on the PS Store?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN AND HOW DID I MISS THIS?!

  • still no pre-order for watch_dogs ps4? come on its 20 days to go

  • Sportsfriends not available in Poland? Is this Putin’s revenge or what. Are you guys working on fixing it?

    • Not something we push out without the publishers input, so please advise them if you really want to see it.

    • I’m not sure how am I supposed to “advise them” that they have for some reason omitted one country? They know that, they don’t need me telling them so. I’m sure there are some reasons behind it, I don’t know these reasons, you are in better position to know them and to let us know whether or not we will see this game released in Poland and why.

    • OK, got an answer from the developer – they hit some trouble but are working on enabling the game for PL, so not all hope is lost.

  • Is ghosts dlc available today or tommorow? Also when will we be able to pre order watchdogs on the store?

  • Sooo…. again no worthy sale… ow well…

    For future reference, that’s how you should do sales (list of few titles from USA):
    Tales of Symphonia Chronicles – 14 Euro (+ members 7 euro)
    Time and Eternity – 9.5 euro (+members 5.3 euro)
    Soul Calibru V – 7 euro (+ members 3.5 euro)
    Persona 4G – 14 euro (+members 10 euro)
    Muramasa Rebirth – 9 euro (+members 5.3 euro)
    Ys: Memories of calceta – 19 euro (+members 14 euro)
    Arcania – 3.5 euro
    Bioshock – 3.5 euro
    Bioshock 2 – 3.5 euro
    Datura – 3.5 euro
    GTA IV – 3.5 euro
    Mortal Kombat – 3.5 euro
    Red Dead Redemption – 3.5 euro
    Braid – 0.7 euro
    Crash Bandicoot series – each game 0.7 euro
    Red Faction 1/2 – each game 0.7
    Spyro series – each game 0.7 euro
    When Viking Attack – 0.7 euro
    Tales of Monkey Island – 0.7 euro
    Out of pity I’m not gonna include all those games that are not available in EU because SCEE can’t manage to deal with rights to older titles. Oh and I’m not gonna include games that went on sale TODAY in USA.

    No suprises today… SCEE still being worthless.

    • Remember the times when being in EU was the wow factor for PS Plus? Games were awesome, especially compared to US. Now we get a slap on the face, and a cold shower. Plus games are same in both regions, while the US prices are far lower, and have far superior sales. Someone at SCEE got lazy.

    • Good luck in getting this fair prices in Europe. We earn less, get less, and pay more.
      Honestly I can’t understand SCEE marketing strategy for Europe.
      In the 19th century a difference of prices like this could work, but not on the 21th century, where with a few clicks I can compare prices of the same product in different regions, check for currency exchange rates, apply taxes and border taxes.
      With all of these, I can, in a matter of minutes, check if one branch of a company is over charging for the same product sold on a different region. And the biggest surprise here is that not only it is over charging prices, but expect us to pay those prices and accept the excuse that it’s because of taxes…
      And the biggest problem is that we actually pay this over charged prices and continue to support the company…
      In the end of the day, it’s our fault.

  • strikez_dot_man

    No MLB the show 14 on ps4?

  • Man what kind of bull pricing is Bound by flames!!!??
    $49.99 in US and €54.99 in Europe?! Please tell me that is an error.

  • Dose anyone no how much watch dogs will be to Preorder on ps4 and when it will be able to?

    • I’d avoid pre-ordering through PSN if I were you. Chances are they’ll screw it up somehow – it’ll be late, cancelled, overpriced or broken in some way.

      Every pre-order I’ve done on PSN has gone awry in some way.

  • 1. Wil I be able to get GOW Collection on Vita for free if I buy GOW II on PS3 while having the first game from PS+?
    2. Any news on Cel Damage in Europe?

  • Two quick questions:
    1) Is Steamworld Dig cross buy? It doesn’t say on the online store description.
    2) We will get a Flash Sale like the recent US one? All the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon titles were reduced, which is exactly what I want to buy :(

  • Two questions:
    1) Is Steamworld Dig cross buy? It doesn’t say in the online playstation store.
    2) We will get any Flash Sales? The US had the crash and spyro titles which is exactly what ive been waiting for…

  • Bound by Flame (PS4) $49.99 (US), £49.99 (UK).
    I see we have gone to US Dollar = UK Pound. :(

    Pretty poor.

  • When can we expect discounts on Dark Souls – Artorias of the Abyss and Dragon’s Crown?

    Specially on Artorias of the Abyss because the DLC is more expensive in Europe that in US.

  • Bound by Flame (PS4). $49.99 US, £49.99 UK.
    I see we have gone to US Dollar = UK Pound. :(

    Pretty poor.

  • Ok .. Jawad

    i finally would like an answer for this.

    Why do u always raise the price of games in store updates when they are lower mentioned in the developers own post?

    U did this last time with Pure chess (added 2 euro to the price compared to the developers release post).

    And now with Titan attacks.
    Developers post says “a love letter to pure arcade action that releases on PlayStation Store this Wednesday, priced at £7.99/€8.99/$11.99. ”
    And on the store update post now “£8.49/€9.99/$14.35”

    This is kinda weird dont u think????

    • The prices are set quite late so a tentative price has slipped through admidtedly on more than one ocassion.

    • So the price the developer himself mentioned in his own post isnt correct ??

      and the one in the store update post is??

      Hm .. weird

    • VooFoo mentioned that price is wrong on the store and it should be £4.99…supposed to be rectified by Sony but it is still £6.49…

  • Are Steamworld Dig and Lone Survivor still cross-buy with the respective PS4/PS3 versions? The blog post on their release date says they are, but the store page doesn’t mention anything.

  • When will we be able to pre-order games on the store?

  • “Bust A Groove (PS one) – Now available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Indian, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine”

    Huh? Maybe you meant Bust-A-Bloc, that PS2 game? Bust-A-Groove isn’t on PSN anywhere as far as I know. Though it should be. Freudian slip, I hope?

  • Hey Jawad, any ETA for the release of Raiden IV Overkill in Europe? According to UFO Interactive’s Twitter page, it is coming, but “in a couple more weeks”. Can you please confirm that it’s really coming?

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