PlayStation Home update: It’s party time!

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Find out what’s new in Home Square this week

Hello everybody and welcome to another PlayStation®Home update. This week it is Acorn Meadow Park’s 1st Birthday! We also have some fantastic new 2-player interactions, a level cap increase to Lockwood Life, stylish new clothing, and a week of free flying in Home Tycoon. Find more detail below on the highlights in PS Home this week:

Acorn Meadows Park

It’s Acorn Meadows Park’s First Birthday and VEEMEE are holding a Spectacular Party to celebrate! Take a seat at the Birthday Party Dinner Table, share cake and soda and get bouncing on the Bouncy Castle. Take a test drive in the new RC playground, or see through the eyes of your dog to help sniff out the missing birthday cake. There’s a wealth of other updates and if you complete the Birthday Challenges then you can earn an exclusive Acorn Meadows Birthday Apartment!

There are also four new flavours of the Acorn Meadows Park – Autumn, Winter, Rainy Day and Dusk. All are available individually or as part of a value bundle.

VEEMEE 3D Printer

As we go into our second year of 3D Printing, we have taken some of the more notable releases from the VEEMEE back catalogue and released limited edition, gold variations of them. Own the Golden RC Car, Plane and BMX and you can hire them in the park for free, whilst the Golden Skateboard grants you access to the Skate Park. These items are only available for 2 weeks, so be sure not to miss out.

Half Price Hot Deals

VEEMEE presents the new week of their Half Price Hot Deals! Save at least 50% on Cyber Corp locomotions, MyBathroom and MyBedroom bundles.


Hellfire Games

Fly your own personal helicopter in Home Tycoon for FREE during Free Test Flight Week! Starting May 7, everyone gets free access to the basic helicopter to fly through the skies in any city, any time — no Gold Coins required! Promo ends May 13.



Did you enjoy the nDreams 2-Player Gestures? If you did then you’re in for a treat! Get ready for nDreams 2-Player dances – the motion capture dance moves you know and love, but made for 2 people! With these 2-player dances you can show-off the Lindy Hop, Charleston, Latin and Waltz! Still want more? This week nDreams are releasing the Kiss and Wave collections. Let other avatars hear you blow a kiss, kiss the air, wave or cute wave with these fun new items!


Lockwood Life has been spreading throughout the Dream Universe over the last couple of months and now every space contains opportunities to earn XP. Dedicated level-uppers for will be glad to know that the level cap is being increased this week. You’ll also find a selection of brand new rewards on offer in the Redeeminator’s cavernous depths. XP, Crowns and rewards – that’s the Lockwood Life!

Wear your animal affiliations with pride. Are you a timid mouse, a fun-loving beagle, a proud penguin or a bold dragon? A Lockwood animal onesie lets you show off your power animal while staying warm and snuggly!


There is a distinctly blue appearance to the male items this week with the additions of the Blue Fronds Boardshorts, Royal Conquest Boardshorts, Washed Blue Luau Woven Shirt, Blue Cruiser Pullover Hoodie and Navy Venture Cap. Black and pink is a theme for the female clothing with the Dazy Dancer Dress and the Work It Mini Skirt.



Madmunki release the 9h Set of Spunland items. Get acrobatic with the Spuncrobatic Interactive Animation packs, or break wind with friends with the Spun Fun 01 Interactive Animation pack, or if silent but deadly is not anarchic enough for you, try the Spun Fun Sound Pack and hear those rude smell expelling animations!



Altamar surprises us again, this time with a line in soft blue pastels. This high couture design combines classic style with a lively colour perfect for Spring. The women’s outfit stands out thanks to its rhinestone embellishments and close fitting cut, crowned by a necklace of aquamarine and silver. The tuxedo contrasts a fresh blue colour with dark black details in the lapels and bow tie. Class and style, Altamar.



PSTALENT proudly presents The Variety Show Vol. 3 – Where the community takes the stage! The wackiest characters and most talented storytellers can be found right here in the PSTALENT Theatre!

Don’t forget PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00 a.m. BST on Wednesday 7th May for routine maintenance.

That’s all for now, see you in PlayStation Home!

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  • I want PlayStation Home 4K on PS4 ^_^

  • When you going to fix hold em poker

  • When you going to fix hold em pokrt

  • Hi Andy, still no news about Quest for Greatness 2?

  • This is all cool and all but are the dances/emotes/poses from the last couple of updates free? Cause they should really be free. This sort of stuff should be included with the base product of the program really, plus the character designs are still pretty limited and.. plastic. Also they’re really stiff looking, robotic.

    Nice update though!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing whether Home is better on PS4, the loading times made it almost useless on PS3 but with 16 times more memory the PS4 should be able to cache more and preload areas to reduce the wait when moving between them. I’m hoping E3 will bring announcements about Home on PS4 and hopefully demonstrate how Morpheus and Move could be used to make it a way more immersive experience.

  • Hi Fred could you please PM via the forum , thx

  • for jazzy734 and the next 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 that ask

    PLAYSTATION HOME IS NOT I REPEAT NOT COMING TO PLAYSTATION 4 cuz if it does when i get a ps4 i will open it up and add a blocker to block playstation home from it

    playstation 4 is for games and not this big mistake called home

    i made my point im not gonna say nothing else (all replys to this get ignored)

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