God of War Collection arrives on PS Vita this week

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God of War Collection arrives on PS Vita this week

The first two entries in the classic action series go portable

God of War defined the word “epic” like no other when it debuted on PS2 in 2005, introducing an iconic character to PlayStation fans worldwide — Kratos. Once the servant of Ares (who saved the Spartan General and his army from annihilation in battle), Kratos was tricked into murdering his family, forcing his metamorphosis into the “Ghost of Sparta.” Now, chained by the Blades of Chaos, Kratos unlocks the memories of his past, seeking redemption for his sins and vengeance against Ares, the God of War.

This is where the story of Kratos begins, a saga in which players will encounter a skyscraper-sized Leviathan, explore a twisted temple on the back of a massive Titan, decimate enemies with 100 hit combos with the mighty Blades of Chaos, and discover gaming moments that will stay with them forever.

I’ll personally never forget “I am what the Gods have made me!” I’d like to think that line alone inspired a generation of gamers.

Now, it’s time to bring the legacy of God of War and God of War II to PS Vita, so that no matter where you are, you all can experience the two epic adventures that blasted the action gaming genre on PlayStation straight to Olympus.

God of War Collection for PS Vita brings the same level of full control to PS Vita. We’ve also added touchscreen control enhancements to environmental weapon interactions like catapults and opening doors, which happens to work great for opening chests as well. As you would hope, the same genre-defining graphics, gameplay, and narrative are a powerful experience on PS Vita, for those new to the franchise or those turning back the clock to play it again. Kitchen, bathroom, train, bus, a grassy field, the beach, at work, family dinner, backyard… wherever you are, Kratos will follow.

As an added bonus, if you purchase God of War Collection for PS Vita system via PlayStation Store, you’ll get the PS3 version for free via cross buy (and vice-versa).

Legions of fans worldwide have embraced Kratos and the God of War franchise and literally put our Santa Monica Studio on the map. We bow down to you and implore fans and newcomers alike to experience the God of War franchise on PS Vita when it arrives in stores later this week — it’s one of many reasons to get one!

For all things God of War, visit our official God of War Facebook page or website, and follow us @SonySantaMonica on Twitter.

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  • What if I already own GoW Collection on PS3? Would be awesome if I could download it for Vita for free. But I doubt that’s the case.

    • “As an added bonus, if you purchase God of War Collection for PS Vita system via PlayStation Store, you’ll get the PS3 version for free via cross buy (and vice-versa).”

      So I would say you get it.

    • Well, it’s “If you purchase…”, not “If you purchase or if you’ve already own…” :P

    • Cross buy applies to games you’ve already bought as well.

    • What if i buy the PS3 version on the store as its cheaper, just to get the Vita version ?

  • Looking forward to it! Was not expecting Cross-buy, so thats a nice suprise!

  • 1:03 – is the framerate really that choppy at times? Come on, Vita is able to perform and here I was unpleasantly suprised.

    Maybe it’s just the video, but on the other hand – why choose this snippet to show off GoW Collection?

    • It’s youtube. It has frame cap at 25-30 fps and sometimes videos get converted poorly. You can see it in many gameplay videos of action games.
      Reports say that there only a few small drops in 2nd GoW on vita and overall it plays smooth.

  • Res is Native and the framerate is 60. the game is otherwise untouched from the PS2 versions so no upgraded textures

  • I’ve tried 3 different demo’s for God of War games and still don’t see what the all fuss is about…

    • Buy it now! Its unforgettable!

      “Let the RAGE of the gods drive your blades Kratos!” that’s what sounds in my head since 2005 :D

    • btw: Anyone else waiting for GoW PSP collection (60fps, native res, trophies) for Vita ? :D

  • Will it be two downloads, or just one? What happens for those people who already have one of the two in terms of cross buy, or even just buying this in the first place (PS3 wise I’m thinking)

  • Eh, our version will be censored again, so why bother? Or you finally removed the censorship?

    • Blame your countries censors, not Sony/Publishers/Developers. They would sell the same version world wide if they could.

  • Can we buy a physical version of this if I do decide to play them through for the third time?
    Or I’m betting it will eventually be on PSPLUS!

  • What Happens to people who own both Original PS2 Versions on Discs.. and also HD PS3 Versions on Disc too..
    I happen to be one of em. Do I have to pay once again in Full..?

    • Yup, otherwise you could just give your discs to someone else and they could claim free Vita copies too.

    • I could be possible with some revision (but not in current state of store), Steam, Uplay and Origin already do this and it makes sense for PSN to go down that route for the future.

  • There has to be some kind of code on the discs.. maybe barcode.. that I can use just once to redeem my Vita Copies..

    • Sorry, not going to happen.

    • Why?

      People are so expecting to get everything free.
      It’s tough if you bought the disks. End of story.

    • I don’t think he’s expecting everything for free, the person is just hoping to get the same deal digital purchasers are offered. Steam and other services will tie a retail copy to a digital account, it would be good if PSN went this way for the future too, they’re already are able to tie a title to a person with their online passes so it they got a little more user focused it wouldn’t be that big of a stretch.

      You can’t even rate retail copies on the Store, yet they can tell if an online pass has been redeemed by a particular users (yes I know the collection doesn’t have an online pass, it’s an example of potential possibility only).

    • Given that Sony loathes the idea of second hand games those who purchase retail copy will always be disadvantaged compared to digital purchasers. You could always sell your coy. Then buy Vita version and still have PS3 version.

  • Mr. Aaron Kaufman.. Can you pls advise on this matter.. ?

    • As ha been the case for all cross buy games you have to have the digital version, they wouldn’t have been able to include a code on the disc as when it released on PS3 they would have had no plans for a vita version, as some above have mentioned PC games do it thats because PC games all come with 1 use activation codes and all it does it allow you to play the game, having a PS3 copy won’t allow you to get the vita copy

  • Cross-buy? Guys you rock!

  • Thanks for this guys. Two questions
    1.What’s is going to be the price of the game?
    2. Can you make the physical cross-buy also?

    • Same question here.

      I bought the physical edition for PS Vita and no cross-buy for me :S
      Whats the point of buying a physical copy if I can have it for the same price in PS3 and PS Vita as digital download… :S

  • I own the PS3 version and this Is a welcome to my PS Vita. Thanks to cross buy :)

  • So if I buy the PS3 version now from PSN for £15.99, I’ll get the Vita version via cross-buy? :)

  • Now please actually manufacture some Vitas for Europe… it’s hard to find them in local stores

    • I saw a bunch of them at Almada’s Worten today. And Fnac also has some.

    • i think availability is more down to demand in the country, all my local stores in the uk have around 50-60 in the backrooms with 15-20 on display

  • Give us more PS2 or PSone remasters please! As an older gamer I’d love to play some classics again, with some trophies ofcourse. GoW is a great start, but Spyro and Crash games would be awesome!

    • totally agree, when i see the US PSn with crhrono cros and loads of RPG from ps1 and ps2 we got nothing, no ps1 and ps2 , why we dont get these amazing RPG’s they were release only in japan /US of A ???? i hated sony about this.. treating euro like trash, no child of light , or trials demo , but if you go to the USA store they have it… why so japanese company treat us so bad ?? because this market is less concurrential than the US one ( competition VS the xbox ? ) tha’s why ? it it’s that reason , it’s not a good one.

    • My favourite PS2 games wouldn’t even have to be remastered for me to enjoy them. It would be nice though.

    • @Alexiel-FR, that’s exactly the reason why I created an American PSN-account. You can buy American PSN-cards online, download games with your American account to your PlayStation, and play them on your European account ;)

  • I was going to preorder the physical version, but then I saw it’s crossbuy on PSN only. :( Why not include a code like with PS All Stars?

  • I love cross buy, it’s an amazing feature but I’m starting to grow wary (if not sour) of it as with every cross-buy release, there’s apparently a non zero possibility it won’t work.

    I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks for my Dead Nation cross buy to be fixed and I’ve kind of lost hope, honestly.

    • check again – works fine on PS3 store – probably Vita and webstore too – :)

    • I also had trouble with my Dead Nation DLC and Sly Trilogy cross-buy. I called customer support (01.70.70. 07.78 in France) around two weeks ago and they fixed both of them monday so hope is not lost. I suggest you either wait a few more days or give them another call.

  • best action games right there!

  • Know it is Cross-Buy, but is this available for Cross Save also?

  • Anyone know whether they’ll have separate Vita trophy lists?

  • I have the God of War I HD via PS Store, now I can download the Vita version for free?

    • no, you’ll need to buy God of War 2 hd from the PS3 store to get the collection free on the vita, it’ll be cheaper that way

  • Those most likely to buy this collection are probably existing fans of the series. And yet again you put a technically inept B-team on a Vita port. Stuttering gameplay, audio effects compressed beyond recognition etc. etc. Just ugh… you can keep this port, it is worth the same as the amount of effort you put into it… very little!


    Look at that FMV compression. Look at it! When you compress two DVDs worth of data into a measly 3.2 GB package you get horrendously butchered sound and movies. Why do kill all potential of your Vita games, Sony? I can only believe that you simply don’t care about quality, at all. It’s time to kill that size limit on Vita games. This sub-PS2 trash is unplayable.

  • I preordered this on Amazon a while ago.
    Just saw the Cross Buy deal (already bought digitally on PS3 last year).
    Amazon preorder cancelled. :)

  • Do we know if its cross save at all?

  • Oh my God (of war). I’ve just checked the US store and GOW collection ps vita weighs in at 15.5gb. If that’s true I guess some people better buy a memory card first.

  • good, but where are new ip’s ??? tired of ports an ridiculoud inde game , that most of them looks pityfull compared to most iphone games …. the vita deserve so much more than this…. the blame is enterely on sony for me.

  • So only the ‘Collection’ is on Vita store. For people who bought GoW1 or 2 on their own no cross-buy.

    Is this right? Or has the Vita store just not updated to include each game seperate?

    If right this sucks, no cross-buy for disc owners and none for individual game buyers.(and since GoW1 was a PS+ game, probably a lot of people who bought them as individual games).

    • Yeah I wondered if they would do that. That is why I bought it as soon as I heard cross buy. It was $24.95 in Australia but now it is 32.95 to match the rice of Vita version.

    • That’s a joke! I saw it several hours ago still on the previous price and it’s on par with the vita version. Way to go publishers, way to go….

  • It will be interesting to compare remote play of this game through my PS3 to Vita version.

  • Never played these when they were originally released, and not had time to go back and play them, GoW 3 was my first…. but I just may make an investment in this, perfect gameplay for the vita!

  • Surely the big question is do PS+ members, who received God of War I HD as one of their free games, get to download this for free to their Vita?

  • Do PS+ members who received God of War HD as one of their free games get the Vita version for free?

  • Why can’t we buy them individually with a Cross-Buy feature?

  • So I bought the original GoW and GoW2 on PS2 when it came out many years ago. In 2009 I bought the retail version of GoW Collection on PS3.
    And now everyone who bought it on PSN (probably most on a sale even) gets it for free on the Vita and I have to buy it again???
    Seems like the biggest fans get the worst deal out of this. :(

    • I really don’t think that’s unfair it’s just logical. Why would a 4 year old game have a Vita cross buy code in the box? It’s pretty simple to see if someone has purchased a game in the PSN store. It’s obvious surely?

  • I have the GOW colection I and II, for the ps3, on disc, god os war 1 and 2 for the ps2, god of war 3, ghost os sparta and god o war chain of olimpus for the psp, i should have got the digital version, now i dint hve to buy the vita version.

  • You should be able to buy them individually…. I have GOW 1 digitally on PS3… I should get this now for the Vita as a cross buy…. I then would have purchased GOW2 digitally as a cross buy for them both.
    However I’m not paying twice for a digital game and being forced into buying the collection when I don’t need it.
    I am disappointed and hope Sony address this and release them separately as cross buys.

    • You can buy God of War 2 hd from the PS3 store and you’ll be able to get the collection, i got GoW 1 and 2 from seperate sales and have the vita collection free on my download list

    • Well, that didn’t work for me – I have GoW I HD & GoW II HD as separate purchases, but both collections (PS3 & Vita) are not available.

  • So GOW1 is in my download list but not free on my vita….. if I now buy GOW2….. will I then automatically get them both as the collection as cross buys on the vita??

    • Well, that didn’t work for me – I have GoW I HD & GoW II HD as separate purchases, but both collections (PS3 & Vita) are not available.

  • Can you try and fix the bug where the trophies don’t don’t show up they show up on my brothers vita but not mine its really getting on my nerves

  • The trophies don’t unlocking after save and exit the game. When I returned to the game the trophies don’t unlocking anymore.

  • Please add boss rush mode as well as select stage in DLC

  • Who’s done the conversion onto the PS Vita, as tbh it doesn’t look any better than the God of War versions that were released on PSP. Ghosts of Sparta was amazing !

  • Wow you guys are like little kids… You all expect to get it for free if you already bought it separately. If I buy a laptop should I get the better version of it later for free? No! Just get mature and if you really want it buy it again.

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