The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC trailer and Twitch livestream!

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The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC trailer and Twitch livestream!

Take a closer look at the new TLOU expansion, out this week

It’s a great week to be a fan of The Last of Us – especially if you are a Season Pass holder! Throughout the week, the PlayStation Stores around the world will be updated with our latest drop of DLC content for The Last of Us .

Each pack or bundle is available separately, unless you are a Season Pass holder, in which case all this content is included with your Season Pass. In addition, everyone will be getting a new gun for free – the Full-Auto Rifle, is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that offers a flexible play style.

For a quick recap, our next drop includes The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, the Professional Survival Skills Bundle, the Situational Survival Skills Bundle, the Survivalist Skills Bundle, and the Grounded Mode Difficulty for the single player campaign.

Or you could just watch this trailer we put together just for you.

To prepare for the new content release, The Last of Us multiplayer Patch 1.07 will go out tomorrow. We will post the full patch notes just before the update goes live.

For a more in-depth look at this multiplayer content release, be sure to catch our Twitch livestream  TODAY at 8.00pm BST (What time is this in my city?).

Watch live video from NaughtyDog on

See you there!

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2 Author Replies

  • I can’t wait until the PS4 version drops. Looking good guys

  • Right, a decision has to be made. I’ve yet to buy the season pass but it is something that I’ve had my eyes set on. This has pretty much confirmed the fact that I NEED the season pass. But what’s the point if the Remastered Edition will have everything as well? Well here’s the thing: it all comes down to pricing. I want the season pass. But I also want the Remastered Edition. Now, Sony and Naughty Dog NEED to get something going where PS3 owners who already own the game only need to pay the amount of the Season Pass plus a couple of pounds. Because that is all they are really offering with the Remastered Edition – DLC and Graphics. I know the DLC costs £16 and no one in their right mind will pay even £30 for the Remastered Edition just for the better Graphics. If Naughty Dog can release the Remastered at around £20 for people who already own the game for PS3 then the decision is much easier to make since the price is easier to swallow. But if I’m having to pay £30 or so for a game I already own and paying extra for DLC that I can get for half the price, then we have a problem. So what I’m saying is that the price needs to be based around the price for the Season Pass and about £4 for the superior graphics. Otherwise, people like myself who have already played the game but want the DLC are just going to buy the Season Pass and get it over and done with. There’s something to think about Sony – please take heed to my advice.

    Thank you!

    • You will not get an answer on pricing. But even though it’s Naughty Dog, I still think they will go for full price release on ps4. I understand the arguments behind letting people upgrade.

      But they will probably make more if they go full priced release for everyone. (an upgrade system is easy to exploit).

    • zavvi 38 quid :)

    • Yeah… I feared that would be the problem. In that case I’m hoping for Game to whip out one of their own trade-in offers. I can see that option being slightly more viable. However that too can prove to be a problem if they don’t carry over leaderboard data, which I’m hoping they will….

  • Can we have more of a description of what Grounded Mode actually entails?

    Is this the more advanced AI that was advertised back in the E3 video where enemies flank you and can beg for mercy?

    • Grounded Mode is an advanced difficulty mode for the single-player content. Imagine a step beyond even Survivor Mode.

  • We need a dedicated Twitch App for PS4 at least, with Naughty Dog hosting a live streaming session and with E3 in a month’s time, surely we should be able to watch things like this through our Playstations properly instead of the live Playstation thing.

  • Can’t wait for the PS4 version. Got mine for £35 which is a great price. Considering Last of us is a great game plus all the DLC. Better graphics in 1080p and 60fps gameplay. I also get to play it online with friends now as they didn’t have a PS3. £35 is a bargain in my eyes. 9

  • Ok, it’s time to go back to the dead USA now. I’ll finish all the works on PS3 version then i’ll see if it’ll be worthy buying a PS4 copy.

  • AssassinHunter95

    Is the dlc coming tuesday for Europe or wednesday in the store update?

  • Will we finally be able to move the camera faster and actually turn up the aiming sensitivity? I’m not asking for run and gun gameplay here, but being able to keep up with a sprinting player (and not getting 1 hit melee’ed) as a result of slow aiming mechanics is incredibly frustrating. This is my favorite game of the generation, I don’t want it being hindered by slow aiming mechanics!

  • Hi I’m just wondering if anyone can help… I bought a ps4 today and it won’t accept my bank details it’s always the card number that stops this and I don’t know why because I’m not putting no wrong digits it’s all correct :/

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