Multiplayer sensation Nidhogg is coming to PS4

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Multiplayer sensation Nidhogg is coming to PS4

The side-scrolling competitive fencing smash is inbound!

Hello blogizens, we at Messhof are super excited to announce that Nidhogg is coming to PS4! The game has always been best played with gamepads, so we’re pumped to be working with Sony on our newest release of Nidhogg.

We have the most fun playing Nidhogg in front of our TV with friends. Sharing a TV and controllers is way more comfortable than crowding around someone’s desk and sharing a keyboard. Exclusive to the PS4 version, the built-in tournament mode now indicates your fencer’s colour on DualShock 4’s light bar… how cool is that?!


When you’re not hosting an awesome Nidhogg tournament at home, you can get some practice in by playing through the single-player training mode, which has a variety of AI personalities you can practice against. Of course, sometimes you want to play against a real human, so playing with your friends via PSN is going to be super sweet.

In the past few months we’ve been watching Twitch streamers play Nidhogg on their computers, which is usually only set up to be super comfy for one person. Our crystal ball says that with Nidhogg on PS4, we’ll be seeing more living room battles. But seriously, guys, the PS4 version is dope, and we’re ready to start streaming our own living room parties through Twitch… ASAP.

We think you’ll really love the PS4 version as much as we do. For us, a new pool of players to challenge on the battlefield is really exciting. En garde!


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  • The most exciting of the new announcements imho. I resisted buying it on Steam because I hoped that Playstation would follow. Just a bit sad it has no online multiplayer (I remember the Polygon debate about why not), would have enjoyed such a game on the Vita.

  • I’ve been interested in this for a little while, and having it on console with the ability to play it with my brother over PSN (he doesn’t live near me these days) makes this a definite buy when it comes out on the PS4

  • I had hoped this would come to console with online multiplayer, I am excited.

  • Got to say ive been holding out on this while waiting for a console release, the idea of playing it with local multiplayer on a tv excites me :D

  • With Towerfall, Sportsfriends and now this local multiplayer seems to being going through something of a renaissance on PS4, will pick this up day 1 for sure!

  • This would have been perfect for Vita :-(

  • Oh dear lord not another 8-bit alike game on ps4 *sigh*

    I have to give that one to xbone fans when they say that doesn’t matter ps4 be more powerful if keeps getting crappy games from 20 years ago -.-”

    • I find it funny that most people beat the hell out of Nintendo Wii when it came out because of its games with “mediocre” graphics, and now everyone is praising games like this. I reckon most of these indie games are fun, I’m a fan of a few myself, but I honestly feel that the term “pixel art” has been abused of lately, it seems to have become more of an excuse, rather than a true programming style. I’m cool with 8-bit style games being released on PS4, but not when the vast majority of games being released on the PS4 are 8-bit style games. I’m sure most people didn’t buy a PS4 for these kind of games (most of which have already been made available on Steam for a very cheap price, anyway).
      This is why I’m waiting for at least a whole ear before getting a PS4. But I guess it’s better to have these games to play on the PS4 right now than nothing at all.

    • “… a whole ear”, and maybe also a nose and an eyebrow.

    • Wow sorry did i read your post properly,your saying graphics over gameplay,thats just really narrow minded,saw this game get 91 out of hundred in a magazine so think i will look forward too this.One question tho,have you actually played the game.

  • @VitalogyPJ

    Man, don’t say that! You’re from Portugal, you got to be nice xD Now seriously, all games are welcome when they’re good, and it seems that all these indies are GREAT! Some will enjoy them and some will not buy a single one, but that happens with every game! Personally, Nidhogg is something I’ve been wanting to try and now it’s the perfect time :D
    Don’t disrespect indies and 8-bit games, please

  • Owning a PS4 (and Vita) is getting better and better every week :)

  • I have this game on my PC and love it. However, I won’t buy this again unless it’s crossbuy on the Vita.

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