A DRIVECLUB update from Evolution Studios

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A DRIVECLUB update from Evolution Studios

Game Director Paul Rustchynsky reveals what the team has been working on

Hi everyone. Following Shuhei’s message yesterday, I’m here give to you an update on DRIVECLUB direct from Evolution Studios. I’m proud to be leading the extremely talented and hard-working development team here at Evolution. As gamers first and foremost, we are determined to deliver the game we promised to the quality we know you expect.

We appreciate all of your support – it’s motivating and humbling for us to have such a vocal and supportive community. Your messages drive us to do everything we can to live up to our original ambition of making DRIVECLUB the game that invigorates the racing genre again.

Your great support deserves us to be open with you. I know we have been quiet for a while since we made the decision to delay the game, so I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know exactly why the team felt that DRIVECLUB needed more development. We wanted to make sure we got one important feature right.

The dynamic menu is key to how much fun you’re going to get out of the game because it is the glue that connects you to everyone else in the DRIVECLUB community. Whenever you fire up the game; between every race you play, and when you log in to DRIVECLUB on your phone or tablet, the dynamic menu has to be slick to ensure your experience is seamlessly connected. Essentially it’s where you discover what to play, and who to play with.

It’s also absolutely vital to our ambition of growing a vibrant network of millions of connected clubs, who all share the excitement of driving amazing cars together. Whether they play just to have fun, or to complete every challenge and beat their rivals in every race, it’s this connected community who will keep the game fresh and enjoyable well after launch, so it makes sense for the connectivity to be perfect.


No racing title has ever combined the development of a socially charged, multi-platform dynamic menu with all the other connected online elements that DRIVECLUB delivers. We know that what we are creating here is hugely ambitious and we’re proud of the fact that we’re getting close now because we’re a relatively small studio. The progress we’re making is great, so I’m looking forward to showing you more as development continues and prove that all the hard work has been worth it.


While that work goes on, the rest of the team here is relentless when it comes to exploiting the power and confidence of the PS4, so we’re also raising the bar even higher across other aspects of the game including:

  • Visuals – We’re constantly improving how stunning the game looks as we continue to optimise visuals and find new ways of pushing the PS4. You can see for yourself how it looks right now in the latest video we shared yesterday because all the footage was captured on PS4 from the game. It’ll look even better in October.
  • Audio – It’s absolutely state of the art. We’re continuing to refine the authentic sounds that we have for each and every car in the game and we’re going to put together videos that focus on this.
  • Driving – It already feels great to play and we’re continuing to add further layers to the physics to make it both more accessible for everybody and more sophisticated for experienced racers.
  • Clubs – We’re making it easier for you to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your club as part of the rework on the dynamic menus. We’ve also tweaked clubs to support up to 6 players instead of 12 (because the game is more fun with tightly-knit clubs and it paves the way for awesome 6 on 6 club races).
  • Tour – The difficulty curve for the campaign mode is becoming even smoother as we continue to optimise the vehicle handling and also refine the game’s AI for non-player racers.
  • Cars & Tracks – More time means more staggeringly detailed cars and exciting tracks too. If you haven’t already, check out the Ferrari in the video released yesterday. There are loads more exciting cars for us to reveal in the coming months.


I’d also like to confirm that the PS Plus Edition of the game will be available on the same day as the full release. Offering a selection of cars and tracks from the complete version, we think it’s the perfect way for those new to the genre to get an idea of what the full DRIVECLUB experience is all about. Look out for more details on the PS Plus Edition very soon.

Thanks again to everybody for your continued support; it really is a huge source of inspiration for the team. We appreciate that there’s a lot of anticipation and excitement for everything that DRIVECLUB promises to be, so we hope that you understand why we won’t compromise on quality to rush it to you.

It’s been a long and hard winter but it’s great that we can finally start sharing updates with you again about all of the cool things that DRIVECLUB does. We don’t anticipate another quiet period for a while so you can expect to see plenty more from us in the coming weeks leading up to E3 2014!

More soon™,


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31 Author Replies

    • Beat me too it, exactly what i was going ask. He probably would have said if it was 60, so that means its either 30 or they cannot confirm anything yet

    • Rushy said on twitter that they’ll be confirming the framerate this week.

    • Yeah 60fps or I’m done with it

    • To put it simply, 60 FPS is not a big deal, While nothing can compensate for prettier image, your eye can adapt to motion especially if locked 30 FPS, the same way your ear adapt to constant noise, so its manageable but sacrificing the image quality is NO WAY

      I like to take pretty screenshots over playing smoothly ;)

    • We want to push the boundaries on PS4 with the visual detail in DRIVECLUB, so we’ve now locked the game to a rock solid 30fps. Doing so means that we don’t compromise on the staggering native 1080p visual quality or the seamlessly networked connectivity while you race.

      We’ve got a lot of experience at Evolution Studios and members of the team who worked on Gran Turismo, WRC, Grid, F1, MotorStorm, Project Gotham and more have all contributed to the handling dynamics. We’re confident that it gives everybody a fluid and authentic driving experience that is accessible for beginners, yet deep enough to satisfy even the most track-hardened racers.

    • 30fps in a racing game? What a crappy move. Fast paced games like this need to be at 60fps. The difference between the two is too big in racing games.

    • Forza Horizon was great with 30 FPS framerate.

    • @Gradly The 60 fps argument is not about how it looks but how it handles. The controller input is read at every frame so if the framerate is higher, you will have more precise controls. That is why COD is always at 60 and a game becomes unplayable at 20.

      Something like a platformer does not need 60 because it does not need twitch controls but a racing game definitely does benefit from it.

  • What @mad8vad said.

    Of course, with a year’s delay I’d expect it to be 1080p and 60fps – if Forza 5 can manage that at launch on the Xbox One then there’s no excuse for not equalling that on the PS4, with all its extra grunt under the hood.

    • Just read elsewhere that it’s been confirmed as 1080p and 30fps. I’m out.

    • Yeah ofc Forza 5 runs 1080p 60fps with all the downgrade that happen to it. How can u even compare these two titles ??? Driveclub is leagues ahead visually it´s not even funny anymore.

    • Sorry but are you talking about Forza which has no weather effects or day/night circle, and with pre-baked lighting?

      Yeah sure it is 1080@60.

    • We’re using the power of PlayStation 4 to give you an innovative, fun and staggeringly detailed racing game. It’s about the experience and entertainment, not the stats on the back of the box.

    • Does Forza have dynamic real-time lighting and reflections? – no: its baked.
      Can Forza do nighttime? No: they wouldn’t have anything for Forza 6.
      Can Forza do real-time atmospheric simulation and weather? No and no: see above.

      You’re a funny banana.
      Wait for GT7 or Forza 8.

    • Framerates doesn’t necessarily make the game better! Some games are fine without 60FPS, I would never play something like a FPS under 60FPS but there’s HUGE difference between a FPS and a racing game since you won’t have to have complete control over your surroundings in a racing game.

    • If you really look at Forza closely, the game is FUGLY! It really isn’t anything to scream about and no wonder they were able to get it to run at 60 frames. It is a joke. They had to scale the game back in many areas and don’t have weather effects nor night racing because the Xbone can’t handle it. Driveclub is taking a major dump on Forza visually and just look at the effects and the global illumination. It is incredible.

    • easy to get 1080p/60fps on Forza, it has vastly lower image quality, literally no anti aliasing, baked in lighting, no weather effects, no time shift and cardboard audiences. This looks absolutely outstanding, detail level is unheard of and the lighting is truely remarkable. Very impressed and I’m glad they used the delay time well…congratulations Evolution on a great looking game lets hope it plays even better!

    • I’d rather have a locked 30fps and pixie dust visual flair — to distinguish the game from anything the X-Bone can display — than truly mediocre and bland Forza 5 graphics. Get used to it, since Uncharted 4 single player will also be 30 fps (just like Second Son and 1886: The Order).

    • We love racing wheels! We’re working closely with Thrustmaster to support their awesome wheels already and when Logitech support wheel peripherals on PlayStation 4 we’d love to support them in DRIVECLUB too.

    • How about Fanatec wheels? Specifically the CSR. I understand that the Fanatec wheels would be supported on PS4 (which were originally released for PS3, + PC & 360), so I’m really hoping that’s the case.

    • As I said to Diego-gene, we’re big fans of wheels, so whether its Logitech or Fanatec we’d love to support their wheels if they choose to bring them to PlayStation 4.

    • I just hope my Logitech Driving Force GT will be compatible.

    • Please ensure Thrustmaster and your brilliant team make the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel compatible. I can’t justify buying another wheel as this one is fantastic on the PC and PS3. Let’s makes it work great with this beautiful game on the PS4.

    • Oh please let Logitech G27 be supported. Logitech, read this, make it happen!

  • Is the full time day/night circle still there? It would be fantastic if #DRIVECLUB detects the PS4 time and adjust the time in the game automatically :) Race in real time lol

    • That sounds great on paper but when you have limited playtime you tend to be playing at the same time of day all the time. A decent feature is wasted. Better to have shorter day/night cycles that most games use these days.

    • Tanaki_Khan is right. We tested this because on paper it sounds really cool, but when you actually play at the real time of day for a while you lose a lot of the magic and diversity.

      We allow you to customise the start time and the time compression (time lapse) in every race you set up, so you have lots of flexibility yourself.

    • Yea guys but I’m not saying this should be the only option, of course its fully customizable but this added option can be there especially The studio spent time on the global illumination and even the real location of stars and stuff as they referred to months ago :) and now imagine if they included weather effects too, like snow, rain, etc, it would be even more amazing if the game detects the current location weather and adjust it accordingly, this would be the first and really revolutionary :)

  • Very important question: LOGITECH WHEEL SUPPORT!!

    LIKE LOGITECH DFP, G25 ETC , will be supported? I hope yes, because who have this wheel have been payed heavy price!

  • You see Forza 5? DriveClub have more ambient and in Forza 5 the people are made of paper…Stop compare Forza 5 with DriveClub.

  • Not buying the game because it’s running at 60FPS instead of 30FPS? Oh well, bye bye then, you won’t be missed. Hope you enjoy all the screens from Driveclub I’ll be posting hehe. :D

  • *Sorry 30FPS instead of 60FPS, got that the wrong way around :D

  • I’m hoping for Thrustmaster support. Driveclub sounds like it will be a unique and great game. I am so thankful for Watchdogs and MLB 14 to help pass the time until October. Great job guys!

  • How about Fanatec wheel support? I know you already announced Thrustmaster support but there’s a lot of Fanatec and Logitech wheels owners out there that would like to finally get an answer.

  • I know the online component focuses on clubs but are there any solo multi-player options for us anti-social people with no friends?

    • DRIVECLUB is at its best when you’re connected, as you’ll always have fresh and exciting new challenges around every corner. It’s up to you how you play, when you play and who you play with. You can play solo if you want: online or offline. There’s a full single-player campaign for you along with the ability to set up your own events, which will all help you earn access to new cars and rewards. Everything is better when you’re online though, connected to friends and playing in a club, sharing every moment and competing in engaging challenges.

  • Logitech wheel compatibiliy !!! Pleaaaaaaase…..

  • Maybe its early to ask but,do you guys plan to release an upgrade of the PS+ version which matches the original game?

    • That’s exactly right. You and your friends have plenty of options on how to get into the game and into your club. You can get all of the cars and tracks from the start by picking up the Blu-ray, which offers the best value overall, or you can try out the PlayStation Plus Edition first and then upgrade to match the original game.

  • Rushy: Why do you say 30fps is better for this game? Everyone knows 60fps is a much better experience for a racing game. That said, CVG newspost also said that you said that 30fps on inFamous: Second Son was the right call, but at the beginning it wasnt even locked to 30fps, it was unlocked.

    So, any chance for locked/unlocked option then..?

    • The most important thing for a racing game is a locked frame-rate – whether it’s 30fps or 60fps. It’s vital that every controller input you make is consistent and also equal for all drivers. We chose a locked frame-rate for this very reason and with 30fps we don’t have to hold back any of the obsessive visual detail in our game.

  • Will there be any car performance upgrading

  • People moaning about 30fps and refusing to buy the game – try the free version with PS+ THEN decide if it’s an issue. Simple really.

    • You don’t need to wait for the Plus version. Plenty of 30fps games out there to know the difference already. If GT4 could do 60fps@1080i on a PS2, GT5 and 6 at (most of the time) 60fps@1080p, I can’t understand how on a PS4, with much more power than a PS2 and PS3, they can’t reach the 60fps as well.

  • I also want to know about wheel compatibility.

  • I’m sooooooo excited for this game!!! Really want to play it right now but would rather the team take their time making it good. Any chance you could be making a wheel of your own for this game?

    When you say “Offering a selection of cars and tracks from the complete version, we think it’s the perfect way for those new to the genre to get an idea of what the full DRIVECLUB experience is all about. ” Does this mean there will be quite a lot of things missed out on in the PS+ or just very few? I’d like to know why the game cost around same price as all the other PS4 games so what makes that money worth paying for the full game.

    • if I am understanding this correctly. You will be able to try a ftp version (with PS+). It won’t be the full game, but it will have tracks and cars. If you decide to buy it, you can pay to unlock the full version like you normally would, or you can pick up the BR. In my opinion, this is actually a pretty nifty idea, and may be cool for future games.

    • Yeah that’s pretty much right but only thing I’d like to know is how many cars and tracks we would be missing out on if we didn’t buy the full game. A PS4 game cost like £55 so I would like to know what would I be getting for that £55 which I wouldn’t get from the PS+ version.

      For that price I could buy Dragon Age Inquisition which is released on the same day for a very big story. Would like to know what would I get from this game for that price. Know what I mean? Also the upgrade price would be cheaper to unlock the full version so surely it makes sense to sell the retail copy for a very similar price rather than £55. I agree that it’s very cool and it gives a reason to support the developers. After all I’ve no problem paying for this game. Just want to know what all I would get from it which I can’t get from the PS+ version and what gets me my money worth.

  • How bad must this game have been prior to the PS4 launch? I mean by the time it comes out it would have been nearly a years delay. I hope there is a good amount of single player content, I’m sick of all this social crap. I don’t mind playing online but I don’t want to join clans, clubs and chats.

    • This possibly isn’t the game for you then.

    • These were my initial thoughts too, but I’m willing to give the social features a go. I just hope it doesn’t get to the point where the winner is always the player that has spent the most money on car parts and upgrades.

      If you’re looking for a great single player racer, then F1 2014 might be a better bet.

  • You mention that Clubs are now limited to 6 players for more manageable Club v Club races. Will there be any concept of a club being allied or favourited by another club, to make them easier to find for events?

  • Hey Rushy! I know I’ve asked about this in the past on GAF, but will the soundtrack be available outside of the game in anyway (either digitally or otherwise)? I want more Hybrid in my life.

    As always, I’m comping at the bit to get my hands on this game.

  • Are you guys going to put a photo mode in this game like infamous second son? it would great for this game

  • @DriveClub, – how many cars will be available and can they be performance upgrades

  • will there be a club garage where you can see your friends cars?

  • Hi, does the game have dynamic weather ?

  • This. Game. Is. Going. To. Be. So. Awesome. I hope its like test drive unlimited a free driven world or let me say. Just like Need for Speed

  • Do you unlock new cars or earn points to “buy” new cars; same question in regards to parts/skins.

    • In DRIVECLUB every action you perform, whether that’s drifting in style, reaching insane top speeds or drafting an opponent to set up an overtake, you earn FAME.

      When you earn enough fame you level up and when you do you unlock new cars to race with! The same goes for you club. When your club reaches specific levels you’ll earn new cars, which everyone in the club gets immediate access to. It’s a simple and focussed approach that allows everyone to help each other to earn more and play more.

  • Will you include the Porsche 911 GT1 and Mercedes CLK GTR?

  • Will there be an option to upgrade from PS Plus Edition to Full Version at lower price? (Lower than buing full game separately)

  • Can I see a video of some gameplay?

    • We will be showing you more of the game before and at E3, including direct gameplay captured from PS4.

      We’re keen for you to see how much it’s improved since you last saw it, even for the areas where we’ve already achieved great things. Our artists have relished the extra time to add more cars and tracks and to add detail upon detail to the cars and tracks we’ve had all along. They’re all trying to one-up each other and exploit the power of PS4 as much as possible and they’ll continue to do so until you get your hands on the game. So you can definitely expect us to be proudly sharing updates with you for the rest of the year.

  • You have talked about having the, “biggest tracks you will ever see in a racing game”. Could you give us an idea of the sort of length we could expect, and whether there will be environment changes during the course of a track that effects gameplay?

    • The length of the roads and race tracks in DRIVECLUB vary massively, with some that you can speed around in less than a minute and others that stretch on for miles. The longest takes 5 minutes end-to-end, even with your foot to the floor in any one of the quickest cars in the game!

      We did try our hand at making even longer tracks and while it was possible, it was difficult to keep super long tracks feeling fresh and exciting, especially when you’re racing because the pack you’re racing with tends to break up the longer the race goes on.

  • I really don’t care how many frames per second there are as long as it runs smoothly, anyone stating that 60 fps is a critical condition which determines whether they will buy the game or not should give up on gaming and become a statistician or something. games are to enjoy not analyse and I will buy games that look fun to play.

    Thankfully Driveclub does look fun and I hope the social integration is pulled off properly. I already like the small implementation of asynchronous challenges in games like MotorStorm RC and NFS so I have high hopes for this in Driveclub.

    As for the handling physics, would you say it is more towards arcade or simulator? Basically, is it possible to make it round a sweeping curve by just tapping the brake and throwing the car sideways? I hope not and would like this to be a more serious racer, not necessarily down to the simulation level of Gran Turismo but something more than arcade physics.

    • Our ambition was always to transcend “arcade” and “simulation” stereotypes because we want to bring fans of all racing games (and all of their friends) together in DRIVECLUB. The driving model we’ve developed offers the best of both worlds, with handling that offers many layers of depth to allow players of all ability to race together.

      If you come from a background of arcade racing or you’re completely new to racing, you’ll find it easy to pick up and you’ll quickly learn that you do need to use the brakes more than you would in most arcade racing games.

      If you come from a background of simulation racing or you understand the art of race craft, you’ll be able to pull off advanced driving techniques and use the weight and velocity of the car realitsitically to keep to the racing line and shave milliseconds of of your lap times.

    • Best of both sounds good to me, I hope you manage to achieve it.
      Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi, @Rushy.
    Got two questions:

    1. How many cars there are in DRIVECLUB?
    2. Is there a Splitscreen/SimulView-mode in final game?

    Thanks for answer :)

  • Hello! I’ve been excited about Driveclub since it was first announced. Thanks for working so hard to get the game right, I’m really looking forward to playing it!

    Will the tracks in the game all be original tracks created by you or will you also have real-world tracks like Laguna Seca and Nürburgring?

    Thanks for your answer!

    • All of the tracks that feature in DRIVECLUB are authentic and based on real world reference trips, but rather than just recreate reality we exploit the freedom of games design to make them more exciting and enjoyable!

    • Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to reply!

  • Hey Paul, DRIVECLUB looks so mind blowingly beautiful it’s been on my mind since the first reveal trailer, the team at Evolution Studios have done such an amazing job.
    I just wanted to ask, for those of us who don’t really have the luxury of opting for a wheel (even though it’s always the best way to play racing games), has the team done anything in particular with the Dualshock 4 that will not make it feel like a handicap in comparison?

  • Are you able to comment on tracks at all at this time Rushy?

    The number of locations and individual tracks we should expect?
    Circuits only or will we have point-to-point tracks as well?
    Will there be a option to run tracks in reverse (mirror mode like in MS1)?
    Will it mainly just be rural tracks or will there be city tracks as well?

    Thanks :)

  • Hey Paul,

    Any idea if we could see weather (possibly dynamic) in the game, at launch or potentially as an update?

  • First of all ——> Congrats Rushy ^_^
    I’m following you for sooo long on Twitter. Nice seeing you as a Game Director for a AAA racer.

    My question:
    Will there be a photo mode in DRIVECLUB ala inFAMOUS: Second Son? I think that should be standard in all exclusives. Ace feature + Free PR! Just look at all the inFAMOUS pics and .gifs from the PS community. This NEEDS to be in DRIVECLUB (and any other SCEWWS game).

  • Hi Rushy, Will you put out some HQ version footage today?

  • Hey Paul,
    do you plan to use a 3D option like GT6?

  • If you get the PlayStation Plus version will you be able to upgrade it to the full retail and how much will it cost.

  • Rushy, the game is looking great. Is the game going to have dynamic weather? Also, was that aurora borealis in the trailer? Nothing would beat driving along the road with the northern lights dancing above you.

  • This thread is worthless without a demo

    • If you’re going to either E3 or Gamescom this year you’ll be able to try out the game for yourself.

    • Fancy giving us a few tickets to E3? I don’t see many people round here in EU would have the money to go over and try it out. lol

  • Will the game support 4 player split-screen multiplayer? Or at the very least 2player splitscreen multiplayer?(With UI drivers aswell and not a ghost race)

    This is what I really enjoyed about Motorstorm last gen and I hope you have continued with that.

  • will there still be a free to play version for ps+ users?

  • Anyone complaining about the refresh rate obviously has not seen the video clips from Evolution’s facebook page (this video says it all: http://tinyurl.com/lun2xh5). I know those clips do the visuals in Driveclub absolutely no justice but they do give you a hint at how amazing a beautiful this game is. My only questions at this point are will there be perks for those of us that pre-order via the PS store and at some point will VR support be re-considered or possible.

  • Hi Paul, looks like everything you guys at Evolution are doing is coming along well but I have a question and a suggestion for DLC further down the line. The question is…will their be microtransactions & the DLC suggestion is car skins based off of PlayStation’s other franchises (Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Sly Cooper, Motorstorm etc)

  • I never saw anyone complain about the PGR series being 30FPS. I think people need to calm down with the fanboy wars and be glad this game has day/night cycles as well as weather and no PS2 era cardboard cutout crowds or environments that look like 3D extrapolated Google Maps.

  • When the game was first announced it was said that PS+ version was basically the full version minus some cars and tracks, now it’s being described as a “collection of cars and tracks” almost as if it’s a demo or something. Sounds like there’s a massive reduction in scope on the Plus version to try and push that retail copy.

    Can you go into any detail on what the difference will be. Are we talking GT5 vs GT Complete Edition as was originally described, or are we looking at something more like GT5 Prologue vs GT5?

    • The PlayStation Plus Edition hasn’t changed. It’s hardly a demo because you get access to all of the game’s features online and offline. The difference is that you only have 10 cars and you can only race in one country (which gives you access to 5 tracks with 11 distinct variants).

    • 1 country out of how many?
      10 cars out of how many?

    • 10 cars and 5 tracks? So it is basically a demo but with full online features if we’re actually being honest isn’t it?

      I’m not the world biggest racing fan so DriveClub wasn’t exactly high on my list to begin with, but 10 cars and 5 tracks isn’t exactly going to convert me unless all ten cars are cars I like, all five of those tracks are great (and none of them Nurburg) and the gameplay is truly exceptional. I have confidence in the gameplay as you guys have always delivered there, but I can see the car and track selection being deliberately average so as to tempt people to buy the £50 retail version (which will be 60 USD in The States) just to get a decent car on a track that really lets you enjoy what the game is capable of.

    • There’s no suiting some people. You don’t like racing games and don’t want to pay full price but you do expect it to be exceptional and give you all the best content for free.
      There doesn’t have to be any free content so it’s great that a significant portion of a brand new game is being made available with no obligation to buy anything extra unless you want it. This is perfect for people who are not convinced they want to buy the game to start with; play for free, even complete the game and only pay if you want more content. If you want everything from the outset, just buy the game as normal and nothing changes.

    • Oh, seems I stand corrected about completing the game (see the comment below), I thought it had been confirmed that the Platinum could be achieved in the Plus edition….

      Well either way, I think it’s a good model which will encourage more people to play (the whole point).

    • @mikslp

      It’s not that I want all the best content for free, not all. But the Plus version was originally described as the full game minus a few things, now it’s a demo that allows online play, nothing more.

      It sets a dangerous precedent for PS+ to start offering free demos instead of free games and I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say that would be terrible. We all bought into this service for the value it represented in free games and discounts, but since the release of the PS4 the games and discounts have reduced in value a little, now with the prospect of being given demos instead of games, that’s just not what we paid for.

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