DRIVECLUB release date revealed in brand new trailer

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DRIVECLUB release date revealed in brand new trailer

Mark your diaries – the much anticipated PS4 racer is on its way

Hi all. It’s a big day for us at Worldwide Studios as we are now in a position to announce a launch date for the much anticipated PS4 exclusive title from Evolution StudiosDRIVECLUB.
The team has been working relentlessly on the game and have captured a new video to showcase just how impressive it’s currently looking. I absolutely loved it so please watch through to find out the date.
We planned for the game to be ready for early 2014 and are committed to delivering on our ambitious promise of creating a truly innovative, socially connected racing game. The problem with being ambitious is you have to be prepared to accept there will be challenges along the way. What DRIVECLUB offers has not been previously achieved in this category and because of this, the team needed more time to give you the game you’re waiting for.
In addition to the new date, we are also very pleased to announce that as of February 2014, Paul Rustchynsky – better known as Rushy – has been at the helm of DRIVECLUB as Game Director.
His experience when it comes to delivering racing games is impeccable. Previously Game Director on critically acclaimed MotorStorm RC, he has been an integral contributor to all major titles coming out of Evolution Studios since 2004. With Rushy in the lead, we know DRIVECLUB will deliver on its initial promise to be a truly next gen racing title for our PS4 portfolio.
We are really proud of the incredible work the team has produced – their tenacity and passionate pursuit of excellence is admirable and DRIVECLUB will be all the better for it.
Your anticipation for the title since my last update has been a huge source of motivation for the team at Evolution Studios, and I know they are all extremely grateful for your continued support.
Look out for plenty more news on DRIVECLUB in the coming weeks including a blog update direct from Rushy tomorrow, and don’t forget, the date is in the trailer. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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  • I’m getting a PS4 for this and Project CARS. Can’t wait!

  • Looks good, but I’d like hear some details why the game was delayed and given a new game director. What did change about the game?

    • Other game director left because his son was really ill and he worked hundreds of miles away and wanted to be around more. It’s on the web if you google it straight from him and several sites reported on it.

    • I think they tried to aim to high and some way into development came across some problems with the interconnected racing experience they wanted, with all the extra time it’s had i can see it really blowing us all away, it will have lost a lot of the hype tho unfortunately

  • “Available in stores…..” So does this mean its no longer a PS Plus game? Because it was stated prior to the PS4 launch that it WOULD BE a PS plus game. Some clarification would be nice please.

    • My thoughts exactly! After it was initially delayed it was said that it would still be free on plus but conformation would be nice!

    • The full game was never coming to Plus; only a pared-down version (called “PS+ Edition), which I read as a bit like the GT prologue games.

    • It was always going to be a full release like Infamous/Killzone. Just that as well as that, a cut down version of the game called “Driveclub PS+ Edition” would be given to PS+ subbers on the day the game comes out as well.

    • IF it is still a PS Plus game, it will be the ‘PS Plus edition’, and not the full game, as was always the plan. It all depends on whether they still have the microtransactions system in place, where you get some cars and some tracks, but have to buy the rest to complete the game.
      More importantly, IF it is still coming to PS Plus, do we get our second PS Plus PS4 game back then? We lost that one somewhere down the line…

    • Previously they confirmed you can also earn the platinum trophy from the PS+ version. I hope that is staying the same as well.

    • It is a full game just not a complete game and yes it should be still for PS+. Can even get the platinum trophy from it. Only difference is missing a few cars/tracks.

    • PS Plus version confirmed: Would have been nice if they had deigned to answer questions on the blog or twitter though. :(

    • There will be “PS Plus Edition” for Plus members.

  • “only” 6 months away, well, it looks awesome already, why not release a kind of “prologue” so we can just have a taste sooner?

  • It is great to see a big update on DriveClub and that the graphics are looking even better, but a release date of October 8th 2014 is rather risky in my opinion as you will have Project Cars releasing in November 2014 and quite possibly a next-gen version of F1 2014 that I would expect for release around September 2014. The point being is that it is more than likely that DriveClub will be book-ended with an exceptional racing game either side of it. I was expecting a Summer 2014 release for DriveClub.

    • that’s my thought as well. October is a very risky release month for a racer, you can gurantee that the new F1 game will be out in September, and i think Codemasters have said that this one is a next gen only title. you’ll also have another NFS coming out somewhere around that time as well. so that’ll be an unsaturated market in the game library for the PS4 heavily saturated within 3 months. which will kill off at least one of the game series, it wont be F1 or NFS as they’ve both been around long enough to have their own dedicated playerbase (I’m an F1 guy personally) but the new IPs like Drive Club and Project Cars could get lost, and that’s a shame.

    • @DjSparx162 – I totally agree with you and another game to add to that growing list of racing games available for retail release between September and November 2014 will most likely be The Crew. I really don’t see Project Cars being overlooked considering how they are really stepping up their social media marketing with regular trailers, alongside the ability of multiple racing formulas and a game with an official license such as F1 will never be overlooked, although with this year’s layoffs to Ghost Games; a Need For Speed game this year appears to be 50/50, although I guess we will all see at this year’s E3 if they are doing Need For Speed: Underground 3 or if they are putting the series on a temporary hiatus.

  • finally,great news im expecting a brilliant racer to rival forza,an with the delay an the extra months of work on it,this isnt too much to ask for,the Ps4 is really getting into gear with its game releases now.

  • Pushed back to “early 2014” October isn’t “early” in anyone’s book. Still I suppose a year late is better than not at all :-D

  • Trailer looks great and glad we finally have a release date! Didn’t expect it until E3. Wished it would come out sooner as there will be a lot of great games around that time. Is that date for digital and PS+ or does it include physical? Dragon Age Inquistion is released two days after. I would also like to know what changes have been made when they went back to the drawing board.

  • To bad it’s that late i will pass, plus still no damage to the car it’s not 2006. I get it’s gonna fail too bad it were supposed to be a lunch title. Am still waiting for a game to play… finish second son and now what ?

    • blame the car makers, if the car makers do not want to see damage done then no damage can be done to the cars

  • So there’s going to still be a PS+ version of this with the upgrade option still ?

  • Looks great, October is looking to be a great month =D

  • finally it has a release date.
    I’m still waiting for a new blog post about the other features coming in the PS4 update 1.70

  • Wow the world looks much more alive then previously. I sure hope their is a photo option in there like in Infamous Second Son to capture these cars and stunning environments. The extra development time of a total of almost a whole year really will be worth it I guess.
    It’s a shame we won’t get the full version for Plus as that service is deteriorating month after month but I’m sure it’ll be a nice glorified demo lacking stuff you really want. Can’t wait to check it next to the Crew and Project Cars.

  • Any idea why it’s 2 days later in the UK?

  • Still waiting on a gameplay video that is longer then 10seconds….

  • Initially the PS plus games for November became Resogun and Contrast to “replace” DriveClub…….so hopefully DrvieClub simply moved to October. Also, I realise its not the full content, but maybe its about time we were told if it will still be a PS PLus option and what the cost will be to “upgrade at a reduced cost”?

  • Sorry, entirely lost interest in this game. Will be shocking though if it’s no longer part of PS+ but not entirely surprising.

    • I am sure that deep down you still love Playstation as Sony is more reputable to the cause of gaming than than microsoft. You are right to give them a hard time though, things have not been right lately, and your comments make me chuckle. This game should now be completely free for everyone on PS plus.

  • Will there be a public or semi-public beta test before you release the game?

  • Sony was lucky that the flop about driveclub release date didnt slow PS4 sales but I still feel like Sony owes us more than “available in stores” and “preorder now” instead of detailed info about PS+ version

  • Looking good,

  • Disappointed it is not coming to us sooner but that is only because this is my most anticipated PS4 title (Well this and The Order!) Cannot wait to get my hands on it!!

  • Cool Trailer :P Shame it’s not coming out sooner but what can you do :D

  • Looks good.
    Now to the all important question. What wheels will be support and is the Fanatec CSW one of them?

  • Que este juego no iba a ser gratis? –
    This game was not going to be free? –

  • “We planned for the game to be ready for early 2014”
    I planned to be playing this late 2013 when it was announced as a PS4 release title, it was the reason I pre-ordered mine, I hope it’s worth the wait.

    • It bloody well better be worth the wait else I will do my best to get used to Microsoft since Sony can’t keep to deadlines.

  • Well…. its a shame its now competing with batman arkham night, the division and dragon age and the order for my money and im sorry but the other 4 win. Will have to get this next year uni workload and money allowing.

  • I am glad this finally has a release date and not ended up this generations vapourware ie Agent & Last Guardian

  • Never before have a watched a video game trailer that actually caused my heart rate to go up. All I can say is WOW. I am SO happy you guys delayed the release of the game and made it into what looks to be the best looking racing game ever created. I know what it is like to poor your heart and soul into a project and it is very evident that you all have done that with Driveclub. I love cars and I love video games. All I can say is Thank you and well done. October can’t come soon enough! Congrats to you all!

  • What about splitscreen?

  • This trailer does no justice for the game. All I see is challenges, avatars of the people your racing with, social features I have no interest in, stickers of your wins appearing on cars and a showcase of graphics. I want to know how deep the game runs. Can you customize cars and mod them. Will the game have an economy. This game was something I would have played when PS4 had very little to choose from but by October I’ll be knee deep in a dozen titles that grabbed my intention. One game in particular that shares a release date with driveclub and that’s Dragon Age.
    Sorry to be a critic, I’m sure this game is very high on peoples radar but so far what I’ve seen of the game does nothing to grab my attention. I could just buy Need for Speed on PS4 for 30 euros and get a very simular experience from what I’ve seen.

  • October, what a joke.

    • Hear hear! I can’t believe they think that’s ok to tell the world it’s coming early 2014, get all the PS4 fans excited to then dump us with rubbish releases except a few good big names like Black Flag and think it’s ok to delay it almost a year.

  • You guys had early access to development on the PS4 and still the game is almost a year late. If this is not one of the most enjoyable racing games ever then you’ve done a massive injustice to everybody who supported Sony by buying the console early.

  • Hilarious to say the least. This was supposed to be a launch game and was delayed and it’s know dated for october, almost one year later than it should’ve been released.
    If this game doesn’t get 10’s/10’s in reviews after all this, than consider it a massive failure.

  • Nice glad it finally has a release date and night driving forza 5 doesn’t have that, do we still get the ps plus edition?
    Mark you diaries who has one of those any more lol, I will put it on my calender app.

  • Didn’t you guys promise an update about FW 1.70 (on twitter) this morning?
    Also, why is Child of Light releasing one day early in the USA but not for us in Europe etc? I want to play that game SO bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took till tomorrow midday for it to release! PLEASE release the game early!! AT LEAST let us download it at midnight … it’s pretty ridiculous that the Americans get it early but we have to wait.

  • Hopefully….. Hopefully some news about steering wheel support at some point.
    No wheel support… No sale.
    Simple as that.

    • I’m pretty sure they said somewhere before they do have a steering wheel support but I can’t remember which one. Could be in the blog somewhere.

  • I know they stated before ”You can also choose to drive with manual gear transmission and we’re working on support for steering wheels to enhance your driving immersion too.”
    So I’ll keep my fingers crossed they support all of the great steering wheels out there. Concrete news on the steering wheel side of things in the next couple months would be mint.

  • October? Dayum that’s a long wait, especially as it was originally expected as a lunch title XD
    Oh well, game looks amazing, you guys have done a phenomenal job, can’t wait to play it, roll on October!

  • I don’t get your logic. So every game that gets delayed needs to get 10/10 on every review or it’s a massive failure? Well, that pretty much guarantees that every delayed game is a failure then because in this day and age with a million different review sites, no game ever gets 10/10 across the board. The Last of Us was also delayed. I guess that was also a massive failure too because it didn’t get 10/10 from every review site.

  • Looks like yet another NFS clone in an ‘open world’ with terrible, arcade handling. Not promising…

  • Finally a release date, even though ‘early 2014’ didn’t happen the delay will (I sincerely hope) will be worth it! I’ve been looking forward to this since it was first announced and bought the disappointing NSF Rivals to tide me over and for it to still be PS+ minus a few cars/tracks has got me hyped!

  • Congratulations Sony, for once, neither Final Fantasy or other RPG games made me decide to get your console earlier, for once it is one of your first party titles. This looks like it will be an excellent game with hours of fun in it, and lets not forget the gorgeous graphics the developers managed to get. :D

  • hi Shuhei Yoshida like say great job did on ps4 and looking forward to driverclub and im looking forward to next gen games coming to ps4 in coming years and aslo like to say been fan of playstation ever since started and you do a great job and deviler best games as well
    keep up great hard work Shuhei Yoshida and rest of playstation team around world.

  • Wow…wish it was sooner than October but I have full faith in evolution to deliver a game that will SMASH not only smash forza, but deliver what no other racing game ever has. Oct. can’t come soon enough

  • Looking good guys! No matter what, still looking forward to this and will get this day one! Everything worth while is worth the wait!
    And Thank you Shuhei for being on the page and communicating to us! You have no idea how at ease and more personal you being on the other side and talking to us feels to us! Thanks for taking of the Fans!

  • Very excited, this game is the reason I bought a PS4. Looks like you’ve done an epic job, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Wait what? the best game for me on the PS4 which made me get it…. is coming out in another 5 MONTHS! You have to be kidding me? It’s a joke right? Oh well I can’t say that I’m not disappointed and well I won’t bother waiting for it any more we was told early 2014… yeah right just a publicity stunt…

  • Its better to play a game that is 100% finished with delay….than playing a game that has 1000 bugs in it.
    I’m still glad that they pushed throu and releasing this game this year instead of cancel it. Looking forward to this game.

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