Daylight creeps onto PS4 tomorrow, with 20% PS Plus discount

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Daylight creeps onto PS4 tomorrow, with 20% PS Plus discount

Procedurally-generated scares from ATLUS and Zombie Studios

“They moved the afflicted to this place where you stand. They thought it would protect and leave them to grow. Then came Corruption, Persecution… and Chaos.” — Dr. Mercer

Dark corridors? Check. Creepy sounds of death and terror? Check. Ominous quote with heavy implication that you’re probably somewhere you shouldn’t be? Double check! Daylight, the new horror game from Zombie Studios (Blacklight Retribution) and ATLUS, launches today for PS4!

This procedurally generated, first-person survival-horror game (say that ten times fast) puts you in the shoes of Sarah Gwynn — a girl who mysteriously wakes up in the abandoned Mid Island Hospital. Exits throughout areas of the hospital are sealed off with rune inscribed doors that can only be opened with unique relics. Each relic ties into the facility’s dark past, but they will only appear once you’ve uncovered enough of Mid Island’s sadistic history. Sounds easy enough, right? Oh yeah, just watch out for those evil, revenge-driven witches stalking your every move… Remember — light is your friend!


What is “procedurally generated,” you ask? In a nutshell, no two playthroughs will be identical. The game deviously analyzes your play style to ensure evil spirits execute maximum fright potential. Even better, the level design changes as well. Don’t worry, you’ll always have your trusty cell phone with a helpful free navigation app to keep you on track. Grab a couple of glow sticks, some mighty flares, bandages, and you’re ready to rock!

Daylight’s variable nature is taken a step further with Twitch users. The game taps into the chat channel of your stream and viewers can type keywords to cue in-game events. For example, typing “meow” into the Twitch chat would make the game generate the sound of a cat. We’re not giving out the list of keywords though; you’ll have to find those out for yourself. So hop on to various channels and find new ways to scare the pants off of your buddies!

Oh, and because we want to see you all scaring yourselves silly, we made Daylight just £8.20/€9.59 for PS+ subscribers (£10.25/€11.99 for non-Plus users) until 14th May. After that, Daylight will return to its regular price of £12.79/€14.99.

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  • Kind of meh after the reviews, 4~5/10.

  • Is there a demo/trial?

    • A demo…on PS4? Pffft, you’ll be lucky.

    • i think demos are dead its too exspenise to make demos this days and i think they should start chargeing for demos around 3 to 4 pounds but ya demos help to sale the games even more.

    • Hahaha, a demo on the PS4. You crack me up mate. Crazy talk.
      I know we were PROMISED that games released on the PS4 Store would ALL have demo’s, but Sony have made quite a few promises they never kept.
      “Sony….Sony never changes”

    • As for demos, I’m currently downloading the Trials fusion demo. I think it’s the first one I have seen on ps4

  • I was ready to buy this but reviews are panning the game with the lowest I’ve seen from LameSpot giving it a 3/10 and say it’s only 30 mins long each time you play.
    Think I’ll probably pick up Child of Light instead.

  • Still no mention of Child of Light? NA got to play it today, wish we did too.

  • We got the limited edition though.
    Which looks really bloody good. Can’t wait for my Ignacious keychain!

  • Didn’t you guys promise an update about FW 1.70 (on twitter) this morning?
    Also, why is Child of Light releasing one day early in the USA but not for us in Europe etc? I want to play that game SO bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took till tomorrow midday for it to release! PLEASE release the game early!! AT LEAST let us download it at midnight … it’s pretty ridiculous that the Americans get it early but we have to wait.

    • It’s because the US PSN store updates on a Tuesday whereas in the EU, it updates on a Wednesday, it’s been this way for years.

    • Before you vent you should check who is the author of the blog post. This post was made by ATLUS, to promote their game. So it’s no use to ask about other games or updates here which are handled by Sony.

    • Should have just pre ordered it online, got mine today and the ignacious keychain is lavly!

  • Honestly I’m looking forward to this, after playing Outlast I appreciate the smaller but more memorable experiences. So I’ll be giving this a go :D

  • Games looks great, do appreciate these small doses of horror these indie titles provide, plus a discount on a discount? Awesome, will be buying.

    Just a shame my new Sony Headset hasn’t arrived to experience the full chills this game has to offer.

  • I’ll read some reviews on this game, then decide whether or not to pick it up.

    Tbh, The DLC for Outlast is out in about a week too so..hmmm….

  • which I will update the store Ps store in Europe ?

  • Well I seen a vid review and also read some stuff…..shall give this one a miss and hold out for the Whistlblower DLC for Outlast, oh yeah!

    Maybe pick up daylight on Steam when its 75-80% off.

  • IGN gave it an 8 and the do the best reviews on the net by far.

  • This game got reviewd by gamespot and its score 3/10 so its that bad but thats just review it might be better than outlast .

  • 9,59$ us store = 5,76 pounds :)

  • really bad game, atlus can produce great RPG an such , but outlast is far better than this one… do not buy it day one, wait few month for a sale…

  • Well… I don’t understand how a game scheduled to be out on 29th (which that can only purchased online!) is not even out 36 hours later. I have also been looking for Child of Light since Last night since this one was to be released on 30th and yet nothing. My question is: WHAT IS THE POINT OF GIVING RELEASE DATES IF YOU DO NOT COMMIT TO DELIVER GAMES ON TIME?

    I play other systems and I found curious that one other company which supposedly offers weaker online services had the game available as soon as the clock marked 0:00 last night. I purchased it.

    I expect more from Playstation brand and that is why I am leaving my feedback. It is not my intention to show anger or claim nonsense.

    But for the future please consider the following points:

    1. Customers expect products to be available on release day. If for any reason the game shall not be ready this must be properly and clearly communicated.

    2. There seems to be a substantial difference in the quality of service -online- received in UK (or EU) compared to what is offered in US (even the blog seems to be more elaborated).

    I think this type of issues are not fair on users that have chosen your product over others available. PS4 is currently leading the market in UK, please act accordingly.

  • This game SUCKS!! It gives me headachs everytime i play it. Outlast never gave me a headach! another thing i have a issue with is the walking/runing looks like its skips everytime you do it. Notice how walking/running in outlast looks like a nice clean run no skips in motion while runing, do that in daylight and you will see what i mean. 1/100 Game Sucks DONT BUY

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