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This week at PlayStation

New PS Plus games, Evolve, Watch_Dogs, Tales of Hearts R, GRID Autosport, more

Hi there folks. Time once again for your weekly recap. It was a little quiet round these parts by virtue of the Easter holiday weekend here, but that’s not to say PS Blog was devoid of news. We saw a handful of big game announcements (including Tales of Hearts R and GRID Autosport), announced your PS Plus games for May, and hosted fresh videos for Evolve and Watch_Dogs.

See below for a summary of the highlights, and join us on Monday for a busy week, including the arrival of PS4 firmware 1.70 and SHAREfactory.

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. Coming to PS Plus in May: Puppeteer, Payday 2, Muramasa, more
  2. New on PlayStation Store: Octodad, The Walking Dead, JoJo, more!
  3. JRPG Tales of Hearts R coming to PlayStation Vita
  4. Tales of Xillia 2: Day 1 Edition and Ludger Kresnik Collector’s Edition detailed
  5. Starlight Inception lands on PS Vita tomorrow

Top 3 most viewed videos on our YouTube channel:

Top 3 most RTed @PlayStationEU tweets this week:

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7 Author Replies

  • Hi Fred, I found Demon’s Souls in my download list. So I do have it after all. Just started playing it there now and wow it’s class!! Don’t know why I never given it a chance a while back. Suppose I just wasn’t into RPG back then. But if this gameplay is pretty much like Dark Souls then your right, I’m going to love it! Just met my first boss and he killed me straight away. :(

    • Demon Souls is so good…..and harder ;)

    • Really? I thought Dark Souls was meant to be harder while others argue Dark Souls 2 being harder due to life lost. Would there be a big difference in which is truly the hardest? Perhaps you find Demon Souls being harder while it was your first game as playing first time is always harder than second or third. Would be great to see a poll to see what most people think is the hardest.

    • Judging from first playthrough difficulty for me it was Dark Souls > Demon’s Souls > Dark Souls 2.

      Game quality? Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dark Souls 2

    • I played Dark Souls first it was very hard at points but mostly manageable with a bit of luck and experience (Like all souls games its like you have to learn a lesson before you can do it).

      I found Demon Souls harder because some of the environments were alot more tricky and checkpoints can be even crueler also the losing life thing is a pain in the ***. I have horrible memories of this cave with multiple levels, dropping points and a nasty boss.

    • I prefer Dark Souls as the connected environment and the castlevania type multiple paths really sold it for me. Also the environments with exception of Blight town are just damn pretty.

    • Cool, glad to hear you’ve got stuck in. As for difficulty – I guess it’s obvious to say, but whichever one you play first is the hardest, and then the rest IMO feel fairly similar. I played Dark Souls first and it took me about 90 hours to finish. Demons Souls then took me 30-35 hours, and Dark Souls 2 45 hours.

      Anyway, hope you enjoy!

  • This week on Playstation we made all PSP and PSOne titles work on Vita. Later, once everyone had purchased those games, we quickly took it away and said absolutely NOTHING about it.

    • Don’t you mean. They accidently made all PSP and PSOne titles work on Vita after the update. Someone found out about it and spread it around the internet. Sony found the mistake and fixed it after.

      If it was official you would have seen a statement about it. People can’t complain for taking advange of a mistake and then were burnt when Sony fixed it.

    • Seen enough,
      you must mean like those official statements we got After plus services got altered, other similar Important ‘stuff’?.

    • Its a damn shame hopefully its a “big” announcement at E3 (it better not be the only announcement for vita its almost like playstation america consider it a afterthought)

      Does the work around still work by using your ps3 and transfer it?

  • Still no answers about why we only get 2 ps3 plus games every month and US gets 3. Looks like I’ll be buying Tales of Hearts and Tales of Xillia 2 when they are reduced to half price then (or less than £10 for Hearts if it is Digital only), if this silence continues. I would have bought them both at release, plus I would have bought Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Danganronpa and Final Fantasy 10+10 2 at release as well, but due to SCEE’s current attitude towards their customers I am not buying any games on Sony consoles for full price.

  • An excellent week, from Muramasa Rebirth being added to the IGC (many thanks for that to the PS+ team), to Tales of Hearts R and the news of Xillia 2’s Day One and collectors editions. Also, a great weekend debate as well.

    Now I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting news about Sword Art Online (yeah, I know I keep harping on about it,) as Namco US have just announced it will be released on PSN in America this summer, but Namco Europe have been worryingly silent about it, given that they usually announce both releases together. Would be incredibly excited to see this on the EU PSN as well, which would mean I could buy it digitally and get all the DLC, so I hope this won’t be another case of us EU gamers being treated as second class citizens.

    • Not a fan of digital only releases, at all. But yeah, would also appreciate a confirmation of Sword Art Online in Europe!

      Pretty sure it’s us Europeans who are supporting the Vita right now! The damn thing’s getting outsold by the original Wii in America!

    • @X_Blood_Curse_X so true about the vita in the US it’s a damn shame. Its like its a forgotten product in the US with the playstation team over there (they don’t even promote it and make no games for it! )

    • Alas, I’ve no news on this one. However Isshak from Namco should be on the blog a bit later this week, so maybe he’ll be able to say something then if you ask nicely ;)

  • I think it’s more of a case of old school accounting for EU as opposed to intentional second class treatment, if there’s short term money to be made it’ll turn up.

  • E3 in about 7 weeks.

    Has the conference time and date been set yet?

    If it is the 2am showing again I need to book the next day off work to watch it.

    Also how long will it run for?

    • Nothing confirmed yet but you can expect timings to be broadly similar to last year. Might be another late night :(

    • Since E3 is based in the US, It may be a 2am showing. I’d watch the replay if I were you if you hate buffering issues.

    • @supersmith2500
      That’s my plan. Done that last year too. Only problem with that is there is a lot of reading to do on the blog too. lol. So between watching it and reading the blog, hard to do them both same time properly.

      Speaking of E3, I wonder if we will be able to watch it on the Vita this year.

  • I ‘d like to report something strange. I think I encountered a bug or limitation on Vita software. When I started a new game I bought I was hit with the following message:

    There is not enough space to save trophy information.
    Trophy information for the following application will be deleted. Do you want to continue?
    Treasures of Montezuma Blitz
    This trophy information is not saved on the server.

    I just clicked OK and started my new game but it is strange. The trophies of Treasures of Montezuma Blitz seem to be gone, even though I have updated them to the server.

    • Il save you some time Fred will send you to customer support if he replys

    • Indeed so wouldn’t hurt to write to them anyway.

    • Sony said better than last year but i think its about VR but im hopeing some big exclslive ps4 titles

    • E3214 coming up so he hopeing see at this years E3214 long list

      Mass Affect4
      Mass Affect Collection for ps4
      Star Wars Battlefront 3
      AC next gen
      Call Of Duty Next gen
      Eight Days remodel for PS4
      Last Of Gurdian remodel PS4
      unkown videogame projects
      VR Games

      Home PS4
      Playstation Now
      VR headset

    • Yep, alas, I’m afraid this is one for customer support. They will be able to fix you up!

  • Fred, any chance whatsoever that Ground Zeroes could be in the IGC for PS4?

    • They don’t give hints regarding Plus titles anymore.

      Wait and see.

    • Bearing in mind its only just come out id say you may have to wait a year or less if it does and then its up to Konami and if anything it will be used when MGS 5 comes out.

      Bottom Line: Possible, but you may be waiting a loooong time

    • Don’t we just miss the hints?! :( lol. And I’m still puzzling myself over deciding to buy the Tales Of games from sale or not. Won’t be long now until it’s over so need to make my mind up quickly. On one hand the sale is too good to pass up. On the other would have the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls to sink into after Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD. That’s a bit too many games so it should make the decision easy but it doesn’t.

    • As above, we just can’t give out clues I’m afraid. I will say that it’s pretty new, so it’s unlikely that it would come to IGC any time son.

    • Don’t except Ground Zeroes to be on IGC anytime because it’s too short and it’s just came out couple of months ago.

  • what’s up with the Vita in europe? why is it so hard to find on most stores? when is the slim model being released here?

    • Stock of the 1000 model is being sold off to make room for new 2000 model.

    • they aint producing any more vita 1000 so they are harder to find there are some on amazon uk if you want the OLED

    • Many Vita games are sold on PSN for less than the standard retail price, as such many retailers refuse to stock it because they feel that they can’t make any money on the games because we’ll just download them instead. And people still believe that digital pricing should beat retail in all cases.

    • If you want to, you can import a Vita 2000 from Japan. It’s still all in English and what not (although it defaults to Japanese, but it asks you to choose your language when you set it up). Since the Vita 2000 won’t be showing up in New Zealand any time soon, that’s what I did…. and I already have a Vita 1000. I’m crazy. Also, the new Vita is fantastic.

  • the slim version is there as well

  • hi fred
    been slow week but next psn update get better and want ask 1 question

    why i cant see ps1 , ps2 classics on psn page

    thats all have good week.

  • Hi Fred, hope you’ve had a good week. A few things that I hope you can clear up.

    1: European releases of digital content keep getting caught up in QA when they seem to release in the US just fine. Is anyone looking at the differences between the SCEE and SCEA processes to try and figure this out and get games out here on time? It was particularly disappointing to see Borderlands 2 HH5 delayed for reasons unknown while Mercenary Kings, a game that should have failed certification remains unpatched to fix its network settings.

    2: It was revealed recently on the blog that apparently there are no plans for the Vita 64GB memory card in Europe, I urge you to tell whoever is avoiding that decision to stop dithering and get it done, we need those cards.

    3: Last week’s maintenance, a bank holiday Monday and all online functionality of my consoles is deactivated for almost the whole day. Me and my friends don’t get a day off in common very often and the one day we could rely on, we’re all offline by your decree. Would it be possible to look into either separate maintenance cycles for each territory or at least rotating the times so each territory takes it in turns to have their peak time taken away from them.

    That’s all for me. Any answer to any of the above would be appreciated. Have a good week Fred.

    • 1. Yes, we hear you. We try our best to ensure that all games make it out at the same time, and I believe if you look back in the history books you should see considerable improvements in this area over the last year or two. That said, there is the occasional issue, eg. Borderlands – we’ll keep you posted on how things progress here.

      2. Feedback noted and will be passed along

      3. Yes, I appreciate how frustrating that can be (I was trying desperately to download the Infamous update so I could fiddle with Photo Mode!). I’m afraid that the way PS Store works currently dictates that maintenance must take place in all regions at the same time. We are of course conscious of minimising disruption as much as possible.

    • Occasional issue? There’s missing / delayed content almost every week lately. If it was even worse 2 years ago i really wonder why Sony hasn’t replaced the people responsible long ago.

      It’s probably because of the different laws in the different regions of Europe, the same laws Microsoft and Steam dont have a problem with and manage to release content worldwide on the same day. There’s only 1 thing they need to announce at E3, i’m hoping for a decent SCEE team instead of some clowns.

    • WizzNL – be careful. We absolutely welcome constructive negative feedback, but when you start calling people names, whether they be SCEE staff or other posters, you will attract the attention of moderators.

    • Thanks for the responses Fred, I know you guys are just messengers so a lot of this is out of your control. If I may respond to your response.

      1: I’m a keen follower of history and yes, some things have improved. Trine 2, Dungeon Defenders and MK Arkade were held up for months, but why aren’t delays communicated? If we take the last 12 months as being recent activity there were 10 delays to TellTale games alone, there’s the Borderlands DLC last week and plenty more, all without warning. A quick line in the “This week on PS Store” post saying “I know you were expecting TWD Ep3 today, but TellTale missed the submission deadline, it should be here next week” is much better than it simply not being mentioned at all on its expected release date.

      2: Thanks. It’s really frustrating having to constantly delete games I haven’t quite finished yet if I want to look at something I just bought, and with sales like the recent Easter Sale that’s a lot of deleting, then I’ll have to delete more stuff to get back an old game I want to finish off and it’s a little unnecessary as the cards do exist, it’s merely a matter of shipping them here.

      3: Fair enough if it has to happen globally but what are the chances of a rotation so it’s not always us that loses our peak hours? I get that with the time differences one of the three regions *has* to be put out, but it’s a little disappointing that even now, 8 years after the PSN launched it has been Europe every single time that loses out.

    • They actually said there were no plans for the 64Gb card?
      Wow, that doesn’t make a scrap of sense, people are importing them like crazy

    • Trying to impress, Fred? The use of the word “clowns” surely cant be the reason you’re upset, as i’ve seen much stronger language being used without you replying. Besides that, what do you call a group of people who manage to mess up almost every week i wonder?

      You welcome constructive negative feedback? Why is it the Blog team always dissappears for days after constructive negative feedback, often ignoring hundreds of comments, and leaving relevant questions unanswered for months? Let’s hope these mess-ups will also attract some attention, and im not talking bout some moderators.

  • Here are some games that I’d like to see in this month’ s deal (if there is one):

    Rayman Legends: less than 14€
    Diablo III: less than 19€
    Grand Theft Auto V: less than 27€
    Gran Turismo 6: less than 27€
    The Last of Us: less than 18€
    Resident Evil 6: less than 8€
    Dark Souls II: less than 25€
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: less than 6€
    FEZ: less than 5€

  • You may remember that the lack of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and other game was a recent topic between us Fred. ;)
    You can imagine my reaction when I saw the US “Golden Week” sale (, including those 2 classics and many others games. It is so incredibly frustrating that we can neither experience such prices, nor even some of those games at all.

    I just don’t get why there seems to be no notion at all to convince Square Enix to release those games in our PSN store too. How many years have we begged? How many years did we get neither a reply at all or a random and simple “I don’t know the reason either” from a Square-Enix CM?

    If Shahid managed to convince Namco to localize Tales of Hearts R, via #jrpgvita, what does it take that someone taps Square Enix on their shoulders to simply copy their game file from one store to the other? Why is possible to release Chrono Trigger in Europe on the Nintendo DS, but not on Sony platforms?

  • Any chance for a “Golden Week” sale in Europe too?

    • As much as I’d love to have that sale I think a short break is needed right now. That Easter sale took a lot out of me. lol. But for another big sale, that would be great to have as-well as the other sale the US got buying games for $1

  • Really good to have the blog back on the mobile app. Great work. Appreciate it

  • Regarding the blog on the mobile app it doesnt seem to be showing peoples replys within the conversation. Just your replys to peoples questions.

  • I would kill to have the US PSN Golden Week sale over here.

    Also, can we PLEASE get Atelier Totori Plus in New Zealand? It’s available to almost every other country, but not New Zealand, and Tecmo Koei certainly don’t give a damn. It’s a digital-only game for Europe/UK/Australia/NZ, so it shouldn’t be difficult. I’d really like to avoid importing a psychical copy from the US.

  • DLNA for the PS4. When?

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