PlayStation Home update: Chest bump bro!

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PlayStation Home update: Chest bump bro!

Find out what’s new in Home Square this week

Hello everybody and welcome to another PlayStation Home update. This week, we have some more two-player interactions coming your way using motion-capture technology thanks to nDreams, some neo-victorian style clothing from Kovok and new hairstyles from VEEMEE’s new Split Ends range. So here is what you can expect this week:


2-Player interactions are finally here! Time to get closer than ever to people in PlayStation Home with a bunch of interactive 2-player gestures. With these new motion-captured 2-player poses and gestures you can choose to receive a friendly hug, lovers hug, high five, fist bump, chest bump, massage, kiss on the cheek, romantic kiss, handshake, or even hold hands!

Still want more? Coming up there’s also the all-new nDreams Sound Packs – grab other avatars attention like never before with this brand new functionality! With these 2 sound packs, other avatars will be able to hear you wolf whistle, clap and cheer!


The Dream Yacht’s Artic Voyage just got cooler with the addition of a clubhouse version and the opportunity to obtain more Lockwood Life XP.

Foal are going bohemian this week, with floral prints, loose knits and comfy canvas shoes featuring heavily in their collection. The Bliss hairstyle pairs long, loose locks with a boho-chic forehead chain for the perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

If you’re the ideas type, you’ll need the Dastardly Plan Poses Pack. It provides every pose you could need to hatch your plots.

If you want to keep your identity secret during all that chin-stroking, head-scratching plot-hatching, look no further than the latest colour variations of Lockwood’s anime-inspired masks.

JAM Games

This week, JAM Games brings you another addition to their virtual fashion label JIVE! Check out their new additions to the Paige, Pasha, Pandora and Pricilla colour collections with a stunning basque! Also make sure to grab yourself their new shorts with jazzy tights line in a variety of patterns and the black boots in another amazingly affordable bundle!

Jive_Collection2_01_684x384 - Copy


A new chapter of Raven Culture has arrived! This neo-Victorian style collection has become the reference point for the night fashion. This time we bring you leather outfits with red and black contrast.



The VEEMEE hairdresser is in town this week so be sure to head down to the VEEMEE Store and get your fashionable Female Haircut! With Pigtails, Side Fringe and Ponytail along with highlights in teal, blonde, red and blue there’s sure to be something that will take your fancy.

Head to the Billabong store this week and check out the all-new items. The Asphalt Aftershock PX Jacket for men offers a stylish windbreaker. Combine the floral White Cap Shea Top for women with the Sea Bleach Seeker Tie Dye Jeans for a beautifully striking look. The elegant Off Black Anya baby doll dress is a must-have anyone’s spring wardrobe.


It’s a new week and with it comes new fantastic items in the VEEMEE 3D Printer! For women, suit up in this smart Cat Print Military Jacket sporting a sparkling skirt and bracelets. Top the look off with a Bling Fedora. Both items come in black, blue and white. There are also four new additions to the Strut Leggings brand along with an adorable Tanuki Animal Avatar locomotion.

Hellfire Games

Hellfire Games presents Bonus Karma Week! For the first time ever, get 25% more Karma on every gift you send to friends or yourself in the Giftinator 9000! Head to the Home Tycoon Train Station or the Giftinator 9000 in your personal space to level up faster than ever before. Bonus Karma Week ends April 30.



VEEMEE presents the eleventh week in their Half Price Hot Deals! Check out the Sales icon in the VEEMEE store each week for great deals; all AT LEAST 50% off!

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If you are experiencing issues with logging into PS Home, please add your PSN ID to this link and we’ll resolve it for you.

And don’t forget PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 23th April for routine maintenance.

That’s all for now, see you in PlayStation Home.

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2 Author Replies

  • Will PS home ever come to PS4?

  • Good lord hope not. Keep the freak show on PS3.

    • You know.. a lot of non-gaming folk would deem ALL gamers part of a “freak show”. A little more tolerance from people already within the gaming community to what others gamers enjoy wouldn’t go amiss :)

    • Comment really reveals your level of maturity

    • @SpiderMike_X

      That’s pretty silly I think, I haven’t thought about PS Home in a long time but even so I feel it should move to the PS4, but just because there’s a chance it might be, doesn’t mean we have to play it, you do know that right? Unless you go out and buy every game for your console because you feel you’re being forced to?

  • You wouldn’t have to install it, just something extra to do on the PS4. Being as it seems to be collecting a little dust

  • Heylp, Heylp :D

  • Hey Andy,
    Really love the new Hairstyles from veemee :)
    Also a litte over a year ago we wanted to have a Vaio Jeans on Home (which was sadly not possible), so we had a poll on the forum for another device in back pocket and we were told to get it soon… Could you find out something about it, like, when are we getting this?!
    Very appreciated if you get some infos on this :)

    • Hi Nordlyset87

      Thanks for your message, I will look into this and try and find out what is going on but this might take some time so please bear with me.

  • Maybe yours is gathering dust. I’ve 22 games in constant rotation. Ps4 doesn’t need Home. It’s capable of much more than a second life clone.

    • Im not sure what games you have in “constant rotation” (prob ports or games you could of played on something else) but ive played pretty much every game worth playing and i do still play some occasionally like killzone and MGS, i replayed infamous for the photo mode but other than that there’s still not that much to offer on the ps4 as of yet.

  • What exactly is the point of PS Home? I ask this in a spirit of genuine enquiry having just got my first PS3 …

  • hey Andy, got any news on my issue? i’ve even posted a link to that thread, i hope to hear more soon.

    • Hi Lance_87

      I do apologies for the delay but I am delighted to say that it is now FIXED!! So just go to the Quest for Greatness scene to claim your code now. Any issues please do let me know but I just did it myself and it worked for me.

    • Nice one Andy, was just able to redeem my copy of Twisted Metal. Much respect to you sir.

    • Hey Andy… this is UNBELIEVABLE! After 4 months, it’s finally fixed. Thank you so much! Now i’ll just wait for the next part, hopefully it will arrive soon :) thanks for this little miracle.

  • SpiderMike_X is right playstation home is just a virtual world with games to play and things to buy and freinds to make no matter how much sony improves HOME it will always be know as another virtual world and anyway i quit playstation home for personal reasons it is no place for people such as myself with learning disabilitys and anyway i got better things to be doing more constructive things like getting fit going to the gym bike riding and other REAL world things

    making freinds in the real world is alot nicer then maing freinds in a virtual world you will probabley never meet and so what if people say home is better then real life thats your opinion for me real life is alot better and nicer :)

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