Tales of Xillia 2: Day 1 Edition and Ludger Kresnik Collector’s Edition detailed

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Tales of Xillia 2: Day 1 Edition and Ludger Kresnik Collector’s Edition detailed

Featuring the game, an artbook and soundtrack all in a beautiful metal case

Outstanding JRPGs deserve amazing Collector’s Editions. Tales of Xillia 2, the follow up to last year’s Tales of Xillia on PlayStation 3, concludes the story started in the first opus and follows in its legacy with two awesome ways to get the game: the Day 1 edition and the Ludger Kresnik Collector’s Edition!

ToX2_FB Cover

You won’t believe what we’ve managed to pack inside the Collector’s Edition. You’ll find the game, an artbook and the soundtrack featuring a selection of songs picked by the development team. We have designed a unique metal case, based on our favorite cat mascot, Rollo! This is exclusive to this Collector’s edition and never released in Japan! But that’s not all – get your hands on the Ichiban Kuji figure of the main character of the game, Ludger Kresnik, and a life size pocket mirror, an exact replica of the mysterious pocket watch from the game!


If you can’t manage to get your hands on this very limited Ludger Kresnik Collector’s Edition, rest assured we’ve got you covered! The Day 1 edition of the game, available in selected retailers across Europe and Australia on launch, includes both the game soundtrack and a Tales of Xillia 2 metal case unique to Europe and Australia. Find out soon where to get each edition over at http://www.talesofgame.com.


Have you completed Tales of Xillia yet? If not, what are you waiting for? The story continues a year after the events of the first game in Tales of Xillia 2 following two brand new protagonists, Ludger Kresnik and Elle Marta, as they search for the Land of Canaan in a beautifully animated epic odyssey full of decisive choices, drama and adventure. The cast from the first game returns in ways you would never anticipate, in a story that’s sure to leave you crying and laughing. But don’t worry, you can share your experience with the Tales of community at http://www.facebook.com/tales and http://www.twitter.com/talesofu using #talesof! Join us now! And don’t forget, Tales of Xillia 2 is out 22nd August on PlayStation 3!

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6 Author Replies

  • cant wait for this. sweet day one edition, thank you bamco!

  • Four months to go!! I really hope the theme song is on that CD.

    Also do you know of anyway I can get the Xillia theme song?

  • Finally a release date! Almost getting spoiled with Tales now! :p
    Need to find a place to pre-order the CE. Looks mighty fine.
    Thank you for the news and bringing ToX2 CE to this part of the world! Glad to see some developers/publishers are actually listening to the fans!

    • We do our best! And the European team loves a challenge :) I mean look at that beautiful metalcase!!

  • First Tales of Hearts R and now this sweet info about Xillia 2! I am definitely going to be pre-ordering that CE, looks great! Keep up the good work, a very happy Tales fan here. :D

  • Please tell me Collector’s Edition will be available through retailers also. I’M CRYING AT THIS NEWS. FINALLY A DATE. This is an amazing week for Tales fans.

  • Definitely going to get the Collector’s edition, will sit very nicely next to my other Tales collector’s editions :) With two Tales games coming and some One Piece and Naruto too all we need now is some Gundam games to be localised (Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost) hint hint nudge nudge :)

  • Awesome, just pre ordered my Kresnik Edition. Can’t wait.

  • I must confess I still never got round to playing a tales game. *hides face* But I think Tales of Hearts R would be a good start for me as I’m in need of a Vita game. I have far too many PS3 games on my mind that needs to be finished up.

  • Will this title have dual audio like the Symphonia chronicle? In any event a good game, already played the Japanese edition of it quite some time ago.

    • +1 would be a huge bonus if it did

    • Hey Tenechan! Xillia 2, like Xillia, will be English audio. But as you can tell with Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, we hear the demand for Japanese audio! And we hope to make it a standard in the future.

  • If we get the day one edition, will we get that with a regular cover also or is it a metal case only?
    I’d like to have it with a regular, with the metal case as an extra. I hope it’s like that.

  • Can we hope to see a “Tales of” DLC sale anytime soon ?

  • Will the Day 1 metal case have that horrible ugly gigantic USK logo on the front? I was kinda bummed the Xillia 1 collectors edition otherwise great box art was ruined by that huge ugly USK logo.

  • This steelcase is glorious. *_* Another Day1 for me.

  • Ooh awesome, i can’t wait to finish xillia 2!

  • Does the Collector’s Edition also get the Day 1 Steelbook?

  • The Picture is missing the Cat, Soundtrack and Costumes

    Guess this is Namco way of screwing over EU again

    • Hey Artemis. Harsh words there! The EU CE does have the same soundtrack, and we have the Rollo metalcase (exclusive to Europe only! As in not even Japan has one like that!) while the US has the keychain instead. Regarding the costumes, more info on that will come later, but you will be able to get them in EU too.
      Both CEs are pretty amazing, but I guess I’m biased huh :3

    • Hey could be worse. They could have replaced the game disk with a worthless piece of paper with a download code and still charge the same amount of money like a certain other company does.

  • Day One edition ordered. Can’t wait to play it.

    Will Tales of Hearts have a day one edition?

    All I need now is Tales of Vesperia and I have played all the recent tales games.

  • Will these editions be available in New Zealand? The post doesn’t mention us specifically, but I’m hoping that an Australian release (as confirmed in the post) means we’ll get these too.

  • Just to make clear, all tales games have subtitles for people with hearing problems, right? So it’s easy to understand the full story? Or has any of the games have them missing for which I should avoid?

    Which would be recommended for a best first buy to take a chance with it and see how it is between Tales of Graces f, Xillia (one of them from the sale) or start with the Vita version which you just announced yesterday Hearts r?

  • I kinda like the Day 1 Edition metal case more than the Collector’s Edition but obviously I want the Collector’s Edition

  • @Isshak
    Many thanks for bringing over ToX2, ToH:R and, after its announcement for the US, most likely SAO:Hollow Fragment. It goes without saying that I’ll buy them all :D I have just one little question: Do you see a chance for the localisation of an Idolm@ster main line game, like One for All? You already released the Shiny Festa games for iOS so… it’s not impossible? Or are licensing issues or a possible audience in the west that make this rather unlikely?

    And lastly I want to tell you that I really really appreciate you putting dual-audio in your new game releases, makes me buy more and more of them :)

  • Day One Edition is weaker than in the case of Xillia 1 but CE looks great (just scared about the price).

    Do you have any news concerning Tales of Vesperia enhanced for PS3? Would look a bit odd on my shelf – every Tales on PS3 than just one on X360 :P

    And thanks for hearing our Japanese audio demands!

  • This would have been a day-one purchase for me, and so would a physical version of Tales of Hearts, but due to the current situation regarding the 3rd ps3 plus game, I am not buying any games on Sony consoles until they are at least half price.

  • the moment i read, Xillia, will be English audio i stopped caring for the whole product.

  • @ Isshak Ferdjani (Post 16.1)

    It’s understandable consider Namco Bandai’s CE treatment with comparison to US and EU

    For example Tales of Xillia 1 (US slightly better)

    > Soundtrack in a separate jewel case in US
    > Book in hardcover – we got paperback.

    Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles (EU got shafted, US vastly superior at a cheaper price) Novel in colour and hardback for US whereas EU got paperback and not in colour
    > US 4 discs doe soundtrack, we got 2
    > US had steelbook (not inferior metalcase), we got jack

    At first glance this time, it seems like we are getting a better deal with the metalcase (those hinges in pics !!!!! preferred a steelbook) but need to wait actual release for subtle differences like it seems there isn’t a normal game case for the EU CE, just metalcase.

    But I am glad you guys are listening to the JP voices though, as I would love to play this as close atmospherically to it’s original as possible, it’s a JRPG after all =p

    • Not that I disagree with you overall, but I do feel it necessary to point out that the soundtracks in the EU and US versions of Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles were actually exactly the same in terms of actual content. They got 98 tracks spread across four discs, we got 98 tracks on 2 discs. It doesn’t do anything to make up for the actual differences, but still. :P

    • lol wish we had a edit button !!! >.<

      @ Valarze

      Ah cheers forgot about that.

      However just to point out as well, as you know it's 4 disc onto 2 with the same content. This means it's more compressed thus lower quality, so imho I think what I said about the soundtrack still stands.

      Don't get me wrong, i do appreciate the fact that we get tales localised and I am a huge jrpg freak

  • TAKE MY MONEY. Sold on any special edition I can find for NZ.

  • I don’t buy JRPGs with english audio only, so I must ignore ToX 2 like ToX 1, sorry guys. But its nice to hear that you listen to the fans and make a dual voice for future releases. If you can make it then I will definitely support you and buy the games, promise. :-)

    • You can’t have played that many JRPGs in your lifetime then. Ignoring one of the best JRPGs of yesteryear and it’s brilliant (hopefully) sequel just because it doesn’t have Japanese audio is just silly. If you understand Japanese then import it, otherwise it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

  • day one edition’ metal case looks sooooooooo much better than the CE’ but…. that pocket watch though -_-

  • Ordered it already but would really like some more info about the pre-order costumes as though all this fancy stuff is very nice it’s the in-game bonuses that tickle my fancy when buying special editions of games.

  • So which stores in NZ can I pre-order this? EB Games and JB, even Mighty Ape all don’t have any editions listed, not even the normal Day 1 version. Don’t tell me this will be an Australia only thing again like the original Xillia?

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