Soulcalibur: Lost Swords launches on PS3 tomorrow

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Soulcalibur: Lost Swords launches on PS3 tomorrow

Everything you need to know about the free to play brawler

Hey gang. The endless story of souls and swords marches forward. Starting tomorrow, PS3 owners will be able to download our latest Soulcalibur title, Soulcalibur: Lost Swords, for free.

That’s right, I said free! Soulcalibur: Lost Swords takes everything you like about the series — the fast and fluid, weapon-based combat, the beautiful graphics, the customisation options — and wraps it all up in a free-to-play game worthy of the Soulcalibur legacy.

We’ll also be bringing back some fan-favourite characters that missed the fight in Soulcalibur V, including Sophitia and Taki. Be sure to keep a look out for other returning characters as well as time goes on.

There are some changes to the Soulcalibur formula that we are implementing in Lost Swords. The first one you’re going to notice is that the game is single-player only and revolves around players making their way through a series of quests to gain items. These items can be accessories such as clothing options or new weapons to give your character extra flair or increased stats. These upgraded items will be essential as you tackle later quests.

Soulcalibur: Lost Swords isn’t a totally solo experience, though. Once players have outfitted their characters to their specifications, they can upload their character for other players to download and help assist in battles as an ally. The more you help out other players, the more Friend Points you will receive, allowing for added bonuses.

Be sure to check out the game when PlayStation Store is updated tomorrow. And as a special gift from the development team, if you log in within the first four weeks, you’ll receive a set of bonus items as our thank you!

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  • Coming soooooooooooooon. Sooner than firmware 1.7 for PS4 thats for sure.

  • Niiiice, this release date came out of nowhere for me so THANK YOU so much Namco Bandai. :)

  • I don’t usually come out of my cave and rage, but, I mean, cmon… this is starting to be a huge massive joke…
    For me Soul Calibur 2 is the best 3D fighter experience I’ve ever had, so, when the HD version came out, I re-played it to death! It’s an amazing game, full of content and stuff to do. The 3rd game had a crazy ammount of content too, but I like the gameplay of the 2nd more.
    Anyway, then the 4th game came out, I liked the gameplay, the graphics… but… wow… content, where are you?! anyway, that’s ok… the game was fun to play!
    Then the 5th came out… and omg. I don’t give 2 F**’s about the character creation, even so, the 3rd one will always be superior in the aspect! And now, this new Free to Play thing is a Single Player experience! And you say it makes justice to the Soul Calibur name?!!!?!
    Seriously! Please, let me go back to the PS2 age! Where actual full games came out with no DLC and much more content!

    • This one is free and still people keep complaining about it. :p

      If you don’t like it, don’t download it. No doubt that a new ‘real’ SoulCalibur is on its way. 8-)

    • La_Mangouste
      That is no way to excuse the crap that Namco has been doing to Soul Calibur… I mean, at least Team Ninja (and others) knows how to create a game with an ONLINE LOBBY and MULTIPLAYER, even as a “free to play game”…
      This world has gone mad as hell with all this F2P crap and ridiculous excuses!

  • the “free” to play / pay to win games are ruining what was great about gaming. No multiplayer in a fighting game? what a shame. Not to mention its only PS3 release

  • Well, I’ll give this a look, but expect to get only an hour in before it starts spamming with ‘buy this’, ‘buy that’ and ‘purchase this pack of coins/gems/credits/etc’ and I turn it off and delete it…

  • Please tell us it’s not one of these terrible implementations where we can play a couple of matches before having to pay for “tokens” that allow us extra fights per day… pay 2 win is a travesty within the gaming world – I tried the free Tekken one and deleted it as soon as it told me I had to wait or pay in order to continue. There are good free to play titles out there, like Planetside 2, Rift, Loadout, DOTA 2, so the format is not impossible to implement well and provide an enjoyable game, but after playing Tekken Revolution I don’t expect anything from this game, either :(

    • That’s exactly what I’m worried about and its the same with Ridge Racer Driftopia free-to-play. If this is the case they can stick it where the sun don’t shine. Mobile gaming business schemes have no place on consoles.

    • Free to play actually started back in the late 90’s, think Runescape was one of the first, this is not a “mobile gaming model”, but started on the PC.

    • Izorpo
      I never said free to play started on moblie, but the whole free to play or pay to win model is out of control, more so on mobile than any other platform.

  • “worthy of the Soulcalibur legacy.”… so the first worthy one since SC2 in 2002 then? lol

  • Really for free? What’s the catch?

    • The catch is that you have to pay for ‘continue tickets’

      In other words, it’s not free to play at all. Just like every other ‘free to play’ game on PSN. There was a similiar Tekken thing on PSN a while back, which was equally pointless.

  • Can’t find in the the NA store :/

  • On paper, this looks more promising than Tekken Revolution. But I wonder how likely Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is going to be re-playable, as the before mentioned isn’t…

  • I read free-to-play, and thought HELL NO!

    • i downloaded tekken revolution a couple of months ago and played for a several hours then i deleted it. it was painful with not many modes. i don’t think this free to play would be better than their last one.

  • Free to play is better than nothing. Most any game that is free to play has limitations on how many times a day you can play unless you buy tokens, coins, coffee whatever to continue playing. You don’t have to buy items, just wait until the next day to play again or buy the items to continue playing, after all the game is free.

    Micro-transactions have proven successful in games, it’s there because people have shown time and again they will pay for items in free to play. People pay for item dlc on games they have purchased on disc or psn. GTA IV has micro-transactions which is actually more appalling than buying items in a game that is free.

  • Theres this new thing called FREE TO PLAY its so cool that you download it then play it but the best thing about FREE TO PLAY games is once you download FREE TO PLAY games you play it once then it says please purchase a coin / a ticket / or a bundle of coins or tickets at a multiple price that’s where FREE TO PLAY gets taken out the window and companies just copy the same game but less things unless you purchase tickets or coins / SC V = SC LOST SWORDS / TEKKEN TAG 2 = TEKKEN REV / LOL see how these guys work to milk the cows dry.

  • I don’t understand why games like this are just modded from the original games they sell they just take characters out or features out the game add a slap of tokens / coins / tickets / then purchase the same product again but add a price to unlock what was already on the original game it doe’s seem a lot of silly ness going on to me to see if your go for it like little kids who want there candy and see if you babies will reach out and do it LOL

  • Hate this. We all do don’t we. F2P from Namco would be good and viable if there’s local 1v1.

  • please explain Soul Calibur Lost Swords error 2005 as this happens a lot during game play and it happens on all 16 of my other PSN accounts its lame to have error 2005 and lose my winning chests.

  • Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 this happens every 4 mins Mr J. Kartje on your Soul Calibur Lost Swords game and people expect to pay for weapons when your servers are rubbish like this im gonna go back to SC V as I never get error 2005 on that game.

  • Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 wow this is happening to me as well every time I click on quest or I exit character and it happens after I win a quest battle I lose mt chests that I won I even paid for 22 tickets fron this SC Lost Swords game plus iv purchased Taki weapons premium chest and I get this Error code all the time whats going on please fix it

  • Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 wow this is happening to me as well every time I click on quest then error 2005 comes up then back to main menu then load in again then pick quest again then error 2005 its a endless loop of wasting my time here.

  • WOW J. Kartje
    Community Manager, Namco Bandai Games IS TROLLING ME WITH Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 every time I pick quest it loops Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 pick quest again then Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 pick quest again then Lost connection to the server. Returning to the Title Screen. Error Code: 2005 its and endless trolling free to play worst game iv ever been trolled on here

  • Please bring back Soul Edge like remake Soul Edge HD Online for PS3 was my original best Fighting game played so much of it I unlocked all secret endings and all characters and all secret weapons

  • @ J. Kartje
    Community Manager, Namco Bandai Games if you ever wanna make all that ca$h back from Soul Calibur series its time to bring back the original Soul Blade / Soul Edge series like remake Soul Blade or Soul Edge in full HD remaster it if you will into PS3 for Online play add TAG BATTLES with Soul Calibur characters and Soul Edge characters it will be OMG EPIC for the fans like us legends of souls and swords hence forth into original battle.

  • Can’t play the Tutorial Quest. Getting error code 2005

  • Information Regarding Soulcalibur Lost Swords Access Error We apologize for the inconvenience caused with the login errors. If you experience difficulty when connecting to the server, please try again at a later time.

    Ow my days is that it no hazard pay to people who purchased your tickets or weapons this game is 3.2 GB download and its not free to play as you purchase tickets and weapons OWWW MY DAYS worst game iv ever played as error 2005 every time I go into quest mode I hate Bandai Namco even more now and so does the other million fans out there too.. screwwww you

  • Immortal-Wolf--

    Just got %100 trophies on Soul Calibur Lost Swords I feel like this game is just a Copy off Soul Calibur V as theres nothing New in SC Lost Swords I feel like theres no point to SC Lost Swords as its just trying to make more money from SC V With SC Lost Swords ticket system theres no Lost Swords on SC Lost Swords its same as SC V weapons so why copy SC V with a ticket system to make SC Lost Swords its very sad to do B.N

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