JRPG Tales of Hearts R coming to PlayStation Vita

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JRPG Tales of Hearts R coming to PlayStation Vita

Watch a special video message from series producer Hideo Baba

It’s impossible not to hear the shouts of JRPG fans worldwide asking for the chance to play a Tales of game on their PlayStation Vita. Your hearts resonated even across Twitter through the JRPG Vita hashtag poll. Without further ado, we’re happy to announce that Tales of Hearts R will be making its way to Europe and Australasia!

For this very special occasion, Hideo Baba, Producer on the Tales series, has prepared a video message straight from Japan! Keep an eye out for all the Tales goodies…


We’ve done our best to keep this announcement a surprise, and we’re really excited to see the fans welcome this new addition to the growing heritage of Tales games in Europe.

The adventure starts with Kor, a young man living in a small village by the sea. While watching the house in his grandfather’s absence, Kor meets a young woman named Kohaku who has come searching for his grandfather. However, a mysterious witch soon appears and casts a spell on Kohaku’s Spiria, the embodiment of her heart and soul. Kor attempts to lift the spell, but while doing so he accidentally shatters her Spiria Core, the source of her emotions. Armed only with the Soma, an unusual weapon given to him by his grandfather, Kor must now set out on a journey to find a way to make Kohaku’s Spiria whole once more.


With character designs by Mutsumi Inomata, and the new Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System enabling players to move freely in the air and experience aerial battles like never before, Tales of Hearts R is looking to become a JRPG classic in the PlayStation Vita library.

To keep up to date with the latest info, join our community on http://www.facebook.com/tales, http://www.twitter.com/talesofu using #talesof and visit our website http://talesofgame.com! See you soon!

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6 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait for the release. Thank you for finally confirming all these rumours

  • Genuinely excited. I’m a big Tales fan.

  • “…Kor meets a young woman named Kohaku who has come searching for his grandfather.”

    I am confused. She is called Amber in the localized version of Tales of Graces F. Now you are changing her name back to Kohaku which is what she is called in Japan, while Shing is localized to…Kor?

    • Yes, you’ve summed up the changes nicely. Thankfully, the game is more than just the names of its characters! Tales of Hearts R on Vita will rock, I promise.

  • Thanks for bringing more Tales games to the West!
    Any information on whether this will get a physical release?

    • Nothing to announce right now but you will know soon! We’re going to be mainly focusing on Tales of Xillia 2 starting from tomorrow.

  • Managed to get a hold of vesperia and innocence in japanese, looks like will not have to struggle with hearts!

  • I’m happy for every Tales of game we can get!
    I would like to know if there is a chance of a physical release.

  • All hail the SCEE god, SHAHID!
    Thanks for hearing our calls!
    (What about Type 0!? Please let it be next!)

  • Please … Tell me this a mistake …
    Kor ? Why ?

    It was just perfect with Shing, Kohaku and Hisui !

    I hope you’ll keep Japanese voices (Marina Inoue & Tetsuya Kakihara were awesome !) and Jap Names. Normally there should be a physical release (GameStop exclusive), but I hope we will have a French, German, Italian and Spanish translation for European fans.

  • Glad to see you guys are listening, I will support this :) hope that awesome looking Digimon game and God Eater 2 will get localised at some point

  • Can never have too much Tales Of. SUPER excited to see this coming! Now just for Tales of Innocence aswell :p

    Thank you for bringing more jrpgs to this part of the world. And on vita to make it even better!

  • fantastic news!!! thank you all guys in Sony that you finally heard your fans and made a reality the release in the West on Playstation Vita the marvelous Tales of Hearts R !!

  • I’m really excited.
    Really can’t wait :)

  • Please have spanish subtitles like in Tales of Xillia (Graces F does not). And we also want the custom mp3 soundtrack feature and turn based fights! :)

  • Kor? ¬¬

    Thanks god Kohak is Kohaku…

    The game will have dual audio like Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Zestiria?

  • I can’t wait!!! Hearts always looked interesting to me and I love to be able to play it and actually understand it! Whoever made the decision to bring this over, THANK YOU! Now excuse me while I start praying for a physical release…

  • Just a question : What about Infinite Evolve and Clocks app, sold with the game in Japan ? Will they be available for us (they are just great).

    I’m really excited for this game !
    I hope it will have French, Italian, Spanish, German subtitles too (and Jap voices).

  • Short Peace, Tales of Hearts R and Xillia 2. You guys are on a roll! Thank you for localising these great games.

  • the question remains, will it be only downloadable, like ragnarok or murasama , or will we have a boxed version….

  • Just got myself a Symphonia on GameCube and picking up Tales of the Abyss on 3DS soon too. I’m a bit behind when it comes to these, but this is a launch day game as far as I’m concerned :D

  • This is fantastic news, especially after Xillia and Symphonia – a Day One purchase for me. All in all, this is turning out to be a brilliant year for localisations on the Vita. Will this have dual audio, or English only?

    That makes two great Namco titles on Vita that are pretty much essential for me this year, Tales of Hearts R and Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, which is already on pre-order.

    I know we’re not getting a localisation of SAO, but it was indicated that the Asia/Taiwan version has English as well as Chinese subtitles, so it will be an import for me. I’m still concerned about the extent of the English subtitling, and whether it will include dialogue and items or just movie cutscenes and top-level menus, but I’m determined to muddle through somehow after seeing how awesome the gameplay footage looks.

  • Awesome! I’m in love with the Tales games ever since I got my first psp years ago, togther with Eternia as my first game. :-) Just finished Xillia a week ago, and currently in Graces and Vesperia…

    Though I’m really, really hoping Tales of Hearts will also get a physical release – I kinda dislike buying games digitally for the vita due to the small memory cards.

  • i’m very excited, i started my Tales of with the release day 1 of Tales of Graces F even went to pre order Tales of xillia. really enjoy them too much and i’m most excited for xillia 2, Hearts R was a huge suprise to me. i bet you bring us innocence R i love the work you and many others bring us thanks and Hideo baba san too!

  • Thanks so much you guys!!!

  • Wow, another amazing announcement from Bandai Namco!! You almost never fail to satisfy our expectations.

    I really hope this will get a limited edition physical release in Europe.

    Thank you so much :)

  • You’ve got a definite purchase from me either way, but I would definitely prefer a physical release if possible. Thanks for localising it!

  • +1 for physical! I definitely will not buy day 1 if it’s digital only.

  • To the Namco Employee, i know that Tales never disappointed by not releasing a physical version, but if by any chance i there isn’t a physical version i will not buy it in European territories.

    That’s all, and thanks for localizing the game!

  • Day 1 purchase for me if there’s gonna be some kind of physical items!

  • I’m so happy for this announcement. Thank you so much for supporting Vita players and Vita itself, I appreciate the huge effort behind all this! I’ll buy Hearts R 99% on day one, and I really hope Tales Of Innocence R will reach our shores, too.

  • Finally!!! Thanks for this!

    Hope with this #JRPGVita thing include Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and God Eater 2. We want these games too Sony and Bandai Namco, please.

  • And don’t forget about Japanese dub. I believe,generally like anime style game with Japanese dub, don’t forget about this please.


  • Just fallen in love with Symphonia Chronicles, already bought Xillia Day One, aiming at buying Graces after paycheck before Easter Sale ends and now this announcement. PS3 still lacks Enhanced Vesperia but after this one my hope is reborn.


  • Is this localised version compatible with Vita TV (whenever that will be released)?

  • Awesome news! Just finished Graces recently; looking forward to the release of Xillia 2, and to hearing more info concerning Zestiria. :D

  • Fantastic news! Hope it’s as good as Tales of the abyss for the 3ds!Tales of Graces was my all time fave but was disappointed with Tales of Xillia due to the poor voice acting ( in my opinion) but looming forward to this and Tales of Xillia 2.Anyone know when Xillia 2 is being released??

  • Sorry,I meant `looking` not looming!

  • Cool. This will be my first “Tales of” game, I hope it’s gonna rock :) Hopefully a retail version is gonna hit the stores.

    Shahid, I hope we’re gonna get more awesome games localised! A FF Type-0 HD Vita port would be massive.

  • This is awesome, come to NärCon and I’ll have a present for you all, it may be a local souvenir :)

  • Thanks for bringing this to Europe and I’m excited about any Tales of Xillia 2 news. Please note the demand for physical release too, since downloading isn’t convenient for me. Also, part of the fun of games is buying and having the actual game and case, its the same with music and physical albums for me.

  • Absolutely awesome news, really happy to hear this is coming later this year!! I’m really hoping for a physical release, that would be the absolute best news possible.. :) Thanks!!!

  • Great. I’m looking forward to it. But what about Tales of Vesperia PS3? You have JP version of the game, you have localization already. At least say officialy it will never happen!

  • as i see, more and more tales of game is localized, when i get a vita, i will get this, i’d like to play with vesperia on ps3, i’m sure i’m not the only one

  • This is good news, now here’s hoping Tales of Innocence will make it over as well. Please don’t make the Square-Enix mistake of only releasing it as digital (Drakengard 3). The thing a lot of companies seem to miss is that people in the west who play JRPG’s are usually collectors of the physical disc or even cart as in the case of the vita. We actually like tangible things.

    It was disappointing that Earth Defence Force 2017 was digital only and I’m skeptical about buying digital only games as seemingly SCEE actually removes purchased games from our download list. There is no assurance that we actually get the items we pay for. This has happened to me enough times that its doubtful I will purchase anything from the SCEE store again. I’m tired of throwing money at nothing. If this is digital only I will be importing from Japan.

  • Day one buy, physical copy or not!!

  • I don’t really care about RPGs nor have I ever played a Tales game, but I will buy it day 1 to support Sony’s actions to bring niche PlayStation games to the West.

    I hope you folks will do the same if we ever get another Yakuza game. ;_________;

    • Namco isn’t responsible for the Yakuza games, that is a Sega IP.

      In Europe they do however publish EDF, One Piece Pirate Warriors, Dark Souls, Naruto and Pac-Man amongst others.

      I would hardly call the Tales games niche, they are a long running series and that series has sold over 13 million worldwide.

  • YES! YES! YES!

  • That’s really some good news, but please BandaiNamco don’t forget the japanese voice option.

  • This sounds awesome! I’m planning on playing tales of symphonia because of all the positive reviews, already preordered tales of xillia 2. Any opinions on symphonia?

  • Excuse me. Who knows if this game support spanish subtitles??

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