GT Academy 2014 now live!

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GT Academy 2014 now live!

If you've ever dreamed of being a real-life racing driver this is your chance

Hello Everyone. Just a quick reminder that the NISMO PlayStation GT Academy is live from today and runs until 16 June.


If you have ever dreamed of being a real-life racing driver then this is your chance – the path to motoring stardom beckons and it could start with the GT Academy qualifying rounds accessible via a special Gran Turismo 6 in-game event.

The initial GT6 rounds are designed to hone your racing skills and there will be a thrilling final challenge at the end in which you’ll be able to compare yourself against some of the best GT gamers in the world – and your mates, of course.

Jann gaming

If you get through from the final GT6 challenge you may end up at the National Finals. These exciting (and exacting) events are like a prize in themselves! From there the best will end up in Racecamp at Silverstone Race Circuit driving some rather lovely Nissan performance cars and getting top-level instruction.

If you’ve watched GT Academy on TV, then you’ll know Racecamp presents our winners with some fascinating and sometimes tough physical and mental challenges, but surely a small price to pay for winning the ultimate prize – entry onto Nissan’s driver development programme and the chance to race in the Dubai 24 Hours in January.

Former winners of GT Academy have gone on to some pretty impressive international racing programmes, so this is the real thing!

Miguel Faisca wins Race Camp

Have fun playing this year’s GT Academy content and good luck.

Just in case you don’t get to qualify in-game, then do keep following what’s happening on the various GT Academy channels as there will be some live events competitions and a chance to qualify for a special Live Event via Facebook.

You can follow what’s going on in GT Academy via, and by following us on Twitter @GTAcademy. There are also some great videos on


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  • So you aren’t even releasing a standalone this time around?


  • servers still up for gt6?

    • Yes they are for gt6.
      For gt5 its al taken down a while ago

    • No actually GT5’s servers are still running and will be turned off on 20th May. Its hilarious to even think that GT6’s servers would be turned off after only 5 months.

    • Ah ok i thought they where allready offline.
      That would be very stupid if they would do that.
      But then again the seem to have an habbit of dissapointing people lately :p

  • Just to bad that the game is released unfinished and the updates that we were promised are still nowhere to be seen.
    Even answering questions is something poly isnt doing.
    When gt7 arrives id maybe, but just maybe, buy it with a huge discount.
    The dont deserve my money anymore.

  • Sweet will give this a go even though I know I’m not that good :P The perfect gift to all real GT fans by giving them a chance to enter this. :)

  • I am really disappointed with this year’s GT Academy. I do not have GT6 atm and you put this IN GAME???

    I have participated in every GT Academy but now I can’t participate this year thanks to it’s GT6 exclusivity.

    Not everyone has GT6 you know!

    Really disappointing that not ANY PS3 user can participate this year. :(

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