Octodad: Dadliest Catch launching on PS4 next week

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch launching on PS4 next week

Young Horses brings you an adventure of cephalopod proportions

Hello octopus fans, I’ve got great news! Octodad: Dadliest Catch is launching on Playstation 4 next week!

For those of you unfamiliar with Octodad, he’s a normal everyday father with an adoring family, but he just so happens to be an octopus! Life for him is a neverending struggle to control his wobbly limbs and to conceal his cephalopod secret from his loved ones. In Dadliest Catch, Octodad and his family take a disastrous trip to the aquarium, putting him at odds with marine biologists, a manic sushi chef, and his wife’s ever rising suspicions…

We started Octodad as a ragtag group of students, and it’s been a long and crazy ride getting our silly game on the PS4. This is our first foray into consoles, and we’re proud to be here. We released Octodad on PC back in January, and since then we’ve taken the time to improve it based on feedback from our players. The latter third of the game in particular has gone through some radical changes, with added challenges like deck swabbing, jig dancing, and new disguises to wear!


The PS4 version also has support for new controller configurations like PlayStation Move, double PlayStation Moves, and our personal favorite, PlayStation Move plus Nav controller! Let’s not forget local co-op mode, where you and your friends each take control of one of Octodad’s limbs and collectively cause chaos!

Octodad:Dadliest Catch will be €13.99 and releases 23rd April.

Thanks for checking out the game, we hope you have fun!

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  • Finally! Been waiting for a release date for this! Although I’ll have to wait until the 25th (payday) to buy it. But besides the point, I just know I’ll be playing this quite a bit :D

    • You know, If you have a contract phone you don’t actually need to wait. Go to the PlayStation store via a PC and log in to your account. Click add funds and you will be presented with 4 options, Giftcard, Credit Card, Paypal and Phone. If you are with a major network Vodafone etc, you can add multiples of £5 using your number! It just gets added to your next bill. Voila No waiting!

  • Tempting just because of the MOVE support. Surprised that this will be the first supporting title on PS4 – lol

    • Um, Just Dance 2014 – yes, you can play it without Move like with the Kinect but there’s an option to play with PS Move.

  • Fantastic! Have really been looking forward to this. Slowly but surely the PS4 library grows :)

  • Is there a demo?

  • $12 for US, €14 for EU even though €14 is about $20. Where’s our Plus discount?

    • You never know, we may get it for free with PS Plus.

    • We tried to get the discount in for EU as well, but the scheduling of PS+ sales ended up being a different more lengthy process than we thought. We ended up having to make the decision of delaying the release a few weeks or running the sale later and releasing now.

      No worries if you want to wait for a sale. Sorry for the trouble.

    • Disappointing about the discount. Hopefully the sale is soon. No reason EU should miss out.

  • hmmmmm nah. if i wanted to play entirely normal dad simulator 2014, i’d buy the sims 4

  • Seen loads of snippets about this over the last year, but still have no idea about it. Looks like fun though! :)

  • £ price and any ps plus discount?

    • £11.99

      We tried to get the discount in for EU as well, but the scheduling of PS+ sales ended up being a different more lengthy process than we thought. We ended up having to make the decision of delaying the release a few weeks or running the sale later and releasing now.

      No worries if you want to wait for a sale. Sorry for the trouble.

    • What a pathetically weak excuse! So you’re willing to rip off any customer that doesn’t know you’re going to discount it in a few weeks. That’s criminal.

    • Its not really an excuse, its the brilliant people of SCEE. Wished Sony replaced these morons with capable people.

    • hey voodoo, roll back a second, think about it. what the dang are you complaining about?

      scenario a: game releases alongside america, discount later. people who want the game get it early. people who see it in the store decide if they want to pay full price or not. if yes, cool, they have a real neat looking game. if not, they hold off, maybe pick it up cheaper later.

      scenario b: game releases weeks after america, at discount. people who wanted the game asap have to wait. people who may have paid full price don’t have that opportunity. people who would have waited until discount still wait until discount.

      a is a win-win, b is a lose-lose-win

      talking like y’all getting swindled is not only insulting to the folks at young horses, but also to the consumer. don’t you think they are smart enough to make their own purchase decision?

      i’ll for sure be there next week, paying a couple £s more to get some normal dad action asap.

    • Dont be so naive! What about all the customers that don’t access the blog or know that these cowboys intend to apply a discount in a few weeks? They’re being ripped completely off. The clowns at SCEE or Young Horses will not give back the value of the discounts to anyone that buys at launch. Will they put a warning on the game when it’s listed ‘WAIT A FEW WEEKS FOR A 20% DISCOUNT’? I don’t think so. You’re happy for this to happen just so you can get the game at the same time as the US! Stupid! Here’s a win : win SCEE and Young Horses get their act together and release the game in Europe with the same discount at the same time as the US! Valve can do it on Steam, Microsoft can do it on XBL!

    • I agree a bit with Voodoo, but I really wouldn’t blame the developers on this one. Sony Europe team is to blame as they consistently let us down, see Walking Dead season passes, or the price of PS4 games being announced 12 hours before release, $ to £ conversion and so on. The continent is a confusing one and should be broken up, just because theres some archaic rules in some parts of Europe doesn’t mean the rest of us should suffer. As you say Microsoft can do it, Steam can do it, what makes Sony so special to rip off digital customers?

    • If it were up to us we would put the discount into place. If it were just a flip of a switch we would make it happen without question. It’s not an excuse when we actually have no control over it. We fought for it, and lost.

    • Can’t wait to play this game co-op. Since I don’t have a PS Plus subscription yet I’ll be grabbing this game day one and am glad it wasn’t pushed back.

  • I’m scared to even think what the trophies are gona be like.

    • And off topic but what the hell happened with naughty dogs apparent stream of the new DLC 18th April 8:00 BST …..?

  • PS+ discount?(20%) €13.99 feels too much for this. From what I have read the game is quite short.

    • We’re hoping to run a similar promotion in the near future for EU as we did in the Americas. The scheduling of sales in EU is sort of lengthy and if we wanted to get the game out now we had to forego it, sadly. We really wanted to. :/

  • fun, messy, and VERY short… will never buy this on ps4…

  • Yup! 20% discount for this game in the US…. 0% discount for it in Europe. Fleece the sheep SCEE.

    • Do you ever give it a rest? The Dev has told you why yet you somehow think it’s a deliberate attempt to rip off the eu. Get a grip and that kind your lucky stars you don’t live in a country that operates with the Euro (like me)

    • It’s pretty funny seeing Voodoo341 becoming what he cried about on CVG for years. ParaVoodoo, blog dweller.

  • Here is the trophy list for anyone wondering what the list will be


  • Interesting to get confirmation that its SCEE complicated process re sales that means we get the short end of the stick compared to the americans

    It must be same reason why they get bigger discounts than us too

    I’m waiting for the announcement of their battledfield and NFS sale is 50% off

    Game looks fun but i can’t buy knowing we were supposed to have a sale but can’t and that it’ll come later

  • Been looking forward to this for months :), roll on next wednesday ;)

  • I saw TotalBiscuit play a bit of this (on PC obviously).. and it doesn’t look like the kind of thing I’d enjoy. That being said, if this were to ever go for free on PS+, (and I bet it would somewhere down the line) I’d probably try it. It’s just not one I’d jump on straight away.

  • I have no idea what this game is about or how it plays. I’d go check out a video but all of a sudden, I’m enjoying the mystery.

  • “…it’s been a long and crazy ride getting our silly game on the PS4. ”

    “Silly game”? Well I suppose it is a little silly to make a game about a completely normal dad, doing completely normal things… Still, I guess simulation games are pretty popular these days… :/

    • Since when are normal dads an octopus? The game is an absolute laugh trying to accomplish the most simple tasks.

    • @maxdiehard it’s a joke, his family and other people excluding the chef don’t realise he’s an octopus and that he’s a regular person.

  • Sorry guys not one to complain,but the kinda excuse on price and sales is just BS really,
    Just put the price what you want it to be, and if its the same as other stores then weres the problem.
    Imho the problem is your community seeing feeble excuses like this one.

    • I agree, but we don’t have that much control, unfortunately. =/ We would have had to delay the game release quite a bit to account for a launch discount. Our options weren’t very good, but we thought this way we could be transparent about it.

  • Loving father. Caring husband. Secret octopus. Can’t wait to get it to my PS4 in a couple of days! Been looking forward to this for a month :)

  • I would have grabbed this on Wednesday at the posted price, I for one don’t feel entitled to a discount for every release. But now that I know it was supposed to be discounted and that it’s gonna be discounted in a few weeks I’ll stick to my backlog and pick it up at the cheaper price.

    Of course the question must be asked of Fred, why exactly does it take weeks longer to get a PS+ discount signed off in Europe compared to America? These sort of differences just make no sense and only serve to rile people up so why not fix them?

  • The $0.99 flash sale the US has got going on is something that would great here. We got an Easter sale but ours are games that are nowhere near that cheap. Come on SCEE.

  • I’ll pick it up at full price on day 1. Obviously I’d like the discount, but you guys are awesome, honest and open so I don’t really mind paying full price because you seem very trustworthy. I have been waiting for this game for so long and enjoyed the demo I played in the game store. I held out buying it on Steam so I could enjoy the PS4 version.

  • It’s pretty funny seeing Voodoo341 becoming what he cried about for years on CVG. ParaVoodoo, blog dweller.

  • Might buy it full price in full knowledge of the impending discount just to annoy Voodoo341. He seems to get annoying at the littlest things so it’ll probably work.

    Devs, the game looks like a lot of fun and the move support should make it even more so! Well done and I look forward to seeing this released.

    p.s. next time don’t feed the PS Blog trolls; they complain no-one answers them and then NEVER accept the answer they are given!

    • Not only that but they quickly fire out personal insults on those that disagree with them. Half of the usual suspects should have been given posting bans ages ago. Hopefully we’ll get that much needed ignore button and they can all scream into the vacuum together while the rest if us get on with proper discussion.

    • Ironically you complain about people firing out personal insults by calling them trolls. Classic.

  • ah voodoo it’s not just me that thinks you are one track broken record.

    Please for the love of baby jesus on this holy weekend, give it a rest.

    • Over on CVG he was THE big Sony fanboy, to the point he used to report Xbox owning moderators just because he didn’t agree with them. So to see him now constantly complain here over nothing when he apparently hated that behaviour elsewhere is funny yet weird.

  • had this game on PC take my advice dont buy it it only has about 5 levels and a boss the game is funny for about 5 minutes i completed the whole game within 20 minutes

    jsut ignore Voodoo341 everyone he is just a child who has lost his bottle and wont shut up il tell you one thing if he keeps being a pain in the easter eggs sony will ban him from the blog

  • Definitely getting this, but I’ll wait until it’s discounted or on plus. Sorry to hear about the trouble arranging the discount, your honesty is certainly appreciated.

  • First we get everything a day or two late, then everything is more expensive, we get mostly rubbish free PS4 games now we’re not getting any discounts what is the point in PS Plus I’m starting to feel like they are just stealing my money now.

  • ye waddon1 i only buy ps store games if they are worth the money :D

  • Many good/OK game’s come out late/not on time and what i have heard this is a very good game

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