The Walking Dead Season 2 hits Vita next week

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The Walking Dead Season 2 hits Vita next week

Clementine’s story continues on PS Vita on Wednesday

Have you been looking forward to The Walking Dead: Season Two arriving on PlayStation Vita? We’re pleased to announce that Episodes 1 and 2 will premiere on Vita, Wednesday, April 23rd.

The Walking Dead S2 on PS Vita

Each episode is £3.99 or €4.99 – or you can save 20% over purchasing each of the episodes individually by getting the Season Pass.

We’re only partway through the season, so Vita players have the chance to catch up before the debut of Episode 3 – ‘In Harm’s Way’.

Thanks for reading, and as ever, don’t hesitate to share your questions and comments below!

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  • Is it still not Cross Buy/Cross Save?

  • Will it be as a crappy port as the first one?

    With the terrible stuttering and loading screens?

  • Played the first season on Vita So I held off playing Season 2 on PS3 so I can use my save files from my vita for Season 2. Just finished Wolf Among Us episode 3 yesterday, keep up the good work guys.

  • Great, loved first season. But is the performance on Vita better? Or is it still as choppy and buggy as the first one?

  • The first one was buggy and choppy on all platforms not just the Vita, it’s an engine problem.

    Will it be available at retail anywhere in the world so I can import it like I did with the first game? Don’t like buying digital unless I’m forced to.

    • I played it on PC as well and it was nowhere near as choppy as Vita version.

    • I wanted to ask the same. Have the US retail version from season one and it would be nice to buy the second one in physical format too.

    • I don’t think that will be an issue this time.

      Episodes 1-5 of season one had issues with pausing, the additional episode did not it ran flawless on vita.
      As far as I’m aware the dlc used the same engine that season 2 was using hence the reason the dlc looks a little different to episode 1-5 and this seems to be working better on vita.

      I wonder if the vita version will have a platinum unlike the ps3.

  • Good news! I might pick this one when on sale.
    Any related info regarding “The Wolf Among Us”?

  • Will you release Episode 1 & 2 on the PS4 please.

  • Would be good to get the first season added to the IGC so it would encourage sales of the new season right? Hint hint! Google play are giving it away for free so no reason why Sony can’t!

    • The Google Play version is only Part 1 free. Episodes 2-5 are paid. TWD Episode 1 has been free for IGC already too, while Episode 2-5 also have been on sale a few times for less than ten Euros. If you still haven’t bought it, you’re being cheap.

    • I did buy it…on Xbox 360. I don’t want to buy any more games on 360 since I’ve jumped to next gen so I want the last season for free before I play season 2. Obviously it’s unlikely, but would be nice :-)

  • Yes I will be picking this up. However I am now much more into the wolf amoung us. Any news on if that is coming to vita or ps4 would be appreciated.

  • I played Season 1 on PS3 and it was great. Can I use my PS3 save file to continue the story on my PS Vita, or do I have to purchase Season 1 for Vita, too, and start from scratch?

    • You have to start from scratch on vita.

      My vita save from season one is totally different to my ps3 one, I’m currently continuing on ps3 so when the vita comes out it will be interesting to see what’s different in my playthrough

  • I like to wait until all episodes are released before buying. That way I won’t have such a long wait until the next one. Would be great for it to be cross-buy so can get it for both PS3 and Vita. Don’t know which version to get cos I have both for season one.

  • I think the answer to this is no, but is there any chance saves could be saved across from PS3 to Vita here? I’d rather play season 2 on Vita, but I played season 1 on PS3. Much as I loved season 1, I don’t really want to go through it again, largely as I don’t have the time! But I do want my story to continue (assuming the save does carry through the story).

  • Without meaning to sound cheeky, can you put 400 days up for a price cut, as you sorta said we could continue our season one experience, but forgot to add the bit about needing 400 days to do so, also i have seen it on that other console for £1.99 which would probably entice me to buy and then invest in season2, thnx.

  • Finally been waiting to play this since Christmas.

  • great! :) I no longer have my ps3 but I played the first season. ever since I’ve literally avoided everything, now finally its coming! ^-^

  • Is this coming to PS4 at all? i thought you were working with Sony to work out how to carry over our choices on the ps3. I’m waiting for that.

  • I probably will get the season pass for the Vita, despite the fact I already did for the PS3.

    They did announce a PS4 version. I wonder if they’ll release Season 1 for that format as well?

  • Any information about the price of the Season Pass?
    Will it be €19.99?

  • Argh the wait for this is hard.. Waiting for pricecut to get the season pass, prefer playing them all in a row anyway, but damn it’s hard -_-

  • Waiting for the PS4 version. Hope they make some kind of transfer of save data / choices from the PS3 version.

  • Admittedly it did stutter a bit, but it didn’t detract from the utterly compelling storyline. One of the best games ever created!

    I played Season one in a single hit, and I’m going to wait for the rest of Season 2 to be released so I can do the same. It’s a difficult act of abstinence, but ultimately worthwhile.

  • It doesn’t look like the Vita version have a Platinum

  • Great! I hope that The Wolf Among Us is coming as well. Though I’m not gonna buy it now – I’m waiting to get the whole thing in one package, just like I did with the 1st season. A physical release would be perfect for me. I had to import my copy from USA, but it was worth doing it.

    Here’s for hoping for a retail copy of Season 2 and TWAU!!

  • Why even bother porting the game of you’re going to make an effort to make it run properly?

  • How about Season Pass on Sale as well for PS3?

  • available when “the walking dead season two” in android

  • Telltale games will not see one cent of my money until they acknowledge and rectify their stuttering messes they call games…..I dont care how engrossing or good their storytelling team does…period

  • No way I’m ever buying this after the atrocious Vita version of TWD. It’s one of the worst pieces of software I’ve encountered in recent memory. It’s a stuttering, borderline unplayable mess of a game and Telltale games are the most arrogant, incompetent and technically inept developers out there. When grilled about patching TWD on Vita they just arrogantly said “nope”.

    Who in their right mind would hand over money to pond scum like Telltale Games?

  • Really looking forward to playing Season 2 but I prefer to wait until all of the episodes have been released so I can play all together rather than having to wait for the next episode to be released.

    Hopefully the the serious lag issues have been sorted for Season 2 also.

  • Downloaded season 2 for vita but for some reason it is failing to recognise the saved data for season1 even though it is stored on the same memory stick. Is anyone else having this problem?

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