SHAREfactory video editor and other key features coming to PS4 with new system software update

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SHAREfactory video editor and other key features coming to PS4 with new system software update

Customize your gameplay videos with SHAREfactory

As we mentioned last month during GDC, we’ll be releasing a major system software update for PlayStation 4 that will add some exciting new features that many of you have been asking for. Today, I’m pleased to announce a few of those features from PS4 system software update (v1.70) available soon, which includes features that were incorporated as a result of your great feedback. This will be a significant update, and today we’re excited to bring you a sneak peek of just a few things you can look forward to.

Introducing: SHAREfactory

The 1.70 update will enable “SHAREfactory,” our new rich video editor app for PS4 that makes it easy for you to customize your gameplay videos.
With SHAREfactory, you can now easily combine your captured video clips for editing, personalize them with special effects using filters, transitions and themes and share them with your friends and social networks. SHAREfactory also allows you to personalize your videos by adding text, stickers and a set of included audio tracks, as well as video commentary with picture-in-picture capability with PlayStation Camera. It also allows you to import original music to add to the custom soundtrack for your video.

Take Your Share Anywhere

Once you’re done with your masterpiece, you can easily share your SHAREfactory videos to Facebook, or export them to an external USB storage device to upload them anywhere, another new feature coming as part of the 1.70 system software update. Other PS4 SHARE enhancements include the ability to change the recording time of your gameplay to shorter increments, the ability to change who you share your clips with on the SHARE screen, and the removal of default saves for screenshots and video clips. In addition to these SHARE enhancements, the 1.70 update will allow you switch off HDCP, enabling you to capture video directly from your HDMI output so you can record and share longer clips of your gameplay sessions – a feature I know many of you have been waiting for. We are excited to see what the PlayStation Nation does with these new social features and cannot wait to get them into your hands!

Play the Minute a Game is Released

Providing you with immediate access to your games is a priority designed into the PS4, and something we will always strive to make better. We’ve had a great response from PS4 fans about the “Play as You Download” feature, the snappy load times when launching and playing games, and the general speed and responsiveness of the UI. The 1.70 update adds features to build on this idea and make it faster to play the games you preorder with an auto pre-download capability, which allows you to pre-download your select pre-ordered game up to 4 days prior to release. If your auto-download feature is set up correctly, it will automatically pre-download your pre-ordered game so you can play the second the game is unlocked on release day.
As I mentioned earlier, some of these features were a direct result of the great feedback we’ve been getting from you, our dedicated gamer community. We enjoy listening to your comments, and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts with us. And this is just the beginning. We’ve got a lot more coming in PS4 system software update v1.70 and beyond. The PS4 experience will constantly evolve and new innovative ideas can come from anywhere to ensure the platform continues to deliver the best in gaming and entertainment every time you turn it on.
We’ll have more information to share about new upcoming features for this major system software update as the release approaches, so stay tuned!

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  • Still no DLNA then?

    • Unfortunately it seens to go that way :(
      I’m pretty sure that if they made a poll asking what would people want between HDCP and DLNA, the latest would win flawlessly.
      Yes there lots of people streaming and recording gameplays, but I’m pretty sure there lot more waiting to turn their ps4 into a media hub while not playing.

    • Being told when your friends come online is pretty high up the list I think too, no mention of that yet. DLNA is tricky, there may be additional licensing fees required to add it and a LOT of testing. I don’t even get why people want it, personally I gave up on DLNA on PS3 ages ago because it was such a poor implementation and switched to a WDTV Live that plays everything without needing a PC do most of the work transcoding it first.
      Also “We’ll have more information to share about new upcoming features for this major system software update as the release approaches, so stay tuned!” is annoying. Several weeks ago it was “in the coming weeks”, can’t say I am surprised that it looks like what they meant was “in the coming MONTHS”.
      I love PS4, but there are so many little tweaks the firmware needs I don’t think they are doing any favours leaking out the information that is in this update so slowly. Next to what Microsoft have already added in multiple updates to Xbox One this looks very poor. They have caught up and overtaken when it comes to adding fan requested features but we are still waiting.

    • Just want to reply to the whole HDCP and DLNA thing, HDCP is an easy thing to take off in terms of software, it’s just encryption. DLNA streaming a little more complicated. I was expecting both of these things to be done at launch though but honestly for me and lot of others HDCP is the thing holding us back from promoting the PS4.

  • DLNA/media playback is the main thing missing!

  • Can sub accounts use the SHAREfactory and also be able to export the videos/screenshots to an external drive? I have been waiting for this feature and really do hope to use it once it gets released, as I have never been able to share my videos because of the fact that my account is a sub account…

  • Still no MP3, CD, DLNA support… Months after release. It’s a sad story… :(

  • I’m not really a fan of sharing, but I see even less point when the video is shared to my friends on Facebook, and not my PSN friends list- the people actively interested in video games. I do like how “It also allows you to import your original music to add to the custom soundtrack for your video.” implies we’ll be seeing MP3 compatibility in the update though, that’ll be really cool for me personally.
    Hopefully the update brings suspend mode, that will be a very useful feature for people.
    This post goes into a bunch of digital pre-order jargon, if you still aren’t going to be more transparent with plans to bring this to EU, then that’s salt in wound.
    Overall looking forward to this update and more details. Also, I don’t really know how to submit a bug report for firmware but my Facebook profile picture appears in games, but I can’t get it to appear on my menu- it just uses my standard avatar. It’s a little thing but it’s weird when my login avatar is a drawing while my girlfriend’s picture is totally fine. When I go to deselect and reselect use my Facebook picture, not only does it not fix the problem, but the system gets seriously laggy, we’re talking stuttery unresponsive <20FPS lag. I have to exit the profile picture menu, then it goes away. Hopefully someone's picked up on that.

    • PS needs a place to upload the video’s to. This why Facebook is used and Sony doesn’t have to arrange the storage for this.
      If you only want your PS friends to see this, just create a new gaming facebook account without friends. This way you can then also import your custom facebook profile picture :)
      But i agree that the whats new section needs some work too. On top of the thumbs up we need a reply option to the info that’s on there. Reply in my opinion means text picture voice video (recorded or ps camera).

    • @Bier
      I understand it’s hard for them with the storage and all, but I’d gladly sacrifice the 2GB out of 3GB I have for saves that I don’t use to share little clips. You can then buy more storage ala Drive or Dropbox, if you’re *really* into it. The one thing I won’t do is make a second Facebook account, that would feel silly enough to me without taking into account I’d have to find a bunch of people who do the same thing or ask them to add my gaming Facebook account so I can share videos with them. It’s really just a missed opportunity because stuff like this, while I appreciate the effort, is completely valueless solely because I can only share it to Facebook. I’d love to share to YouTube, but putting it on a flash drive and sending it there means none of my PSN friends will see it in their What’s New feed, which also kind of defeats the purpose of that too because right now it’s just advertisements and insignificant trophies.
      I don’t mean all of it negatively, it’s more in hope that someone sees some valuable feedback in it, because the potential is there.

    • Agree. The Facebook profile pic bug needs fixing

    • As long as your FB and PS4 are set to ANYONE, then any and everything you upload to FB will be on your PS4 under What’s New and your Recent Activities and the uploads can be watched right there on your PS4 n by your friends too

  • If we can add our own music to clips does this mean we can finally play CDs/MP3s on our PS4s? It’s really annoying having to turn on my Xbox 360 to play CDs. I know it seems petty but I really love my console to be a media device as well, as in DVDs and CDs. Music Unlimited is a GREAT service and I strongly recommend it, however I fail to see how I should spend money to play CDs I bought years ago. It feels like we’re being forced to buy this service, let us play our own CDs and DVDs. This should have been an out of the box feature considering it’s last gen software.

  • will the browser be updated? html5 audio and video support is pretty broken, as shown by the 4+ year old html5 fish bowl demo and other pages. netfront nx appears to mislead in some of these things, and the Vita has the same problems (and then some). I’ll settle for the demos showing correctly, but it would be nice if the PS4/Vita matched the framerates on html5 demos that my old iPhone 3G gets. right now, it looks like nothing in the browser is GPU accelerated :(
    the other day I was browsing and the browser kept restarting. how am I supposed to read trophy guides on PS4 or Vita if the browsers crash out or won’t play html5 YouTube embeds?
    I also had trouble with JS events not firing correctly when I used a Bluetooth keyboard with my PS4. this actually works on PS3 :/

  • You haven’t really listened at all to any of the feedback from your customers. These features weren’t the most requested or wanted. Also at the current store prices I will never be buying games of PSN. Sony really need to wake up.

  • So 1 question about this update:
    With the current PS4 software, if you share or edit your video the game will be suspended. For multiplayer sessions this is killing because you will get kicked out of the game.
    Is it with 1.7 possible to edit and share the video’s without suspending the game?

    • Simple. Save the video but back out of the Share screen when it pops up. Just upload the video after. I’ve done it loads of times and never had any disconnects.

    • I understand that that’s the way it works now. But it should be possible to multitask right?
      Sometimes i record several clips and to all edit them later for upload is just a pain.
      I hope it will be possible to at least trim the recording in-game and maybe rename it for future upload / editing.

    • I’m pretty sure that most people you play online with would be annoyed to find out that you’re editing a video mid-match and not contributing to winning. That’s just as bad as camping and a waste of a lobby space.

  • Quick question: If you pre-order by download does the game unlock at 12:00AM the day it comes out later in the day?

    • yes that’s right it be the same thing as on ps3 by the reads of it
      BUT I have a question about it when we are in BST time ps3 pre-order games unlock at 1AM :S I hope its not the same for ps4

  • Nice update, but still no dlna ?

    • That will come in time, one thing at a time. DLNA is obviously something that will take them a little longer to sort out or they could be holding it for E3, got to look good for the journalists right?

  • Can we get a proper Twitch App?
    The current Live from Playstation app is pretty damn lame. I want to watch Fighting game tournaments instead of cringe worthy playroom streams.
    Also PSN name changes.

  • Exporting shares to USB storage is nice, and so is the pre-download feature. I’m guessing that means we will see pre-orders for PS4 digital games on the store now, finally.

  • PSN Changes Please!!!! Or a definitive answer if its not going to happen! I would like to know if i should start a new account with the name i want, or just wait for a name change announcement.

  • The American blog have given gamers the opportunity to give ideas for dynamic themes, I suppose you guys will take initiative so here are a few :
    1) standard dynamic themes like on the ps3
    2) ability to use your own photos as a theme
    3) an active desktop e.g. Shows time, date, weather in your city, but all this via a virtual room where your trophies are displayed. The room will only come into view when screen saver mode is activated (manually or automatic) and players will be able to interact with it. Switching it off will be a simple press of the option button.
    4) Offer to activate a dynamic theme which would be connective such as the folding at home initiative.
    5) Dynamic Fish tank, pond, ride through the clouds, fire place etc which all look super real and again come with manual and auto options to switch UI or xmb off until a certain button press
    6) an old skool ghetto blaster that plays custom music and visually acts like illumiroom
    7) A free dynamic theme that has a huge catalogue of pictures which are all memes of the great Sony fellowship (Yoshida, Cerny, House, Kaz etc and Banderas). Pic them off the Internet, host a competition to let people send them in, just do it.
    That will do for now I think

    • That last one is just stupid and will never happen.
      I’d like to use my own images as a theme though like the VIta. PS4 supports .png files, so you can have images that contain transparency.

    • @maxdiehard you clearly not been on gaf and seen how many people like the Kaz, Cerny and Yoshida memes. In fact the whole Banderas gif being reinacted by Yoshida, fans and even Joel from the last of us was a fan service from Sony.
      It is optional and nothing would stop you or anyone else for that matter in changing to another dynamic theme. Silly is not giving a choice.

  • I just hope the issue with saving recordings is being fixed.
    When I save, I expect it to be the last 15 minutes. The preview screenshot it gives me is correct, but the video itself is from gameplay about 1 hour previous. There’s a massive chunk missing.
    It’s disappointing because I miss out on the chance to share random events and highlights in games. Starting video capture myself is pointless because I can’t obviously predict when funny things are going to happen.

  • Apologies if odd words have been used, swipe had a brain of its own :-/


    • Why not just save and stand-by until the console is stable enough for holding all info in a hibernation state. They could give us suspend and resume to have it kill the console then everyone would be whining about that. They promised it so they will deliver it in time otherwise it will hurt their sales and business.

    • Why not indeed @legocrazy505 – seeing as we have no other option!
      It’s an invaluable feature on the Vita, which has been implimented perfectly on the handheld since day one…so why the technical nightmare on a ‘supposed’ powerhouse of a console such as the PS4?
      Personally, I wouldn’t have mentioned it as an included feature from the offset….dangling a tasty morsel in front of us like that to lure us into a purchase, then once we’ve all preordered the console they can unassumingly circulate the small print stating “some features such as suspend/resume won’t be available at launch”. :/
      It’s certainly not a deal breaker, but both the delay and lack of any mention doesn’t instil me with confidence tbh.
      But then again if something sounds too good to be true, it’s because it usually is. ;)

  • I know it is impossible to give everyone what they want but i do hate when companies say we are giving you want you want when nothing i have just read is what i want :D I want MP3 playback + the PS3 DLNA features + Suspend & Resume + Folders + Save Gameplay videos directly to YouTube + PS1 & PS2 & PS3 disc playback on my PS4(o.k that 1 is my big dream) :D Seems a cool update for some people i guess.

    • It’s what the general consensus want… I’m sure when Sony have had feedback these were high up the list, hence why they worked harder on getting them out sooner rather than later.
      DLNA, CD/MP3 playback will come, I’m sure of it – I bet it’s announced at E3 as the big 2,0 update that will include all the stuff the PS3 could do (eventually… as I remember the PS3 at launch, it did very little).
      You can never please everybody all of the time, so no matter what Sony do they will always have to face moaners and groaners.

  • If this update doesn’t already have these, please consider implementing these:
    -Ability to sort the Trophy list alphabetically
    -Ability to pause/resume downloads
    -Mute the PS Camera by game, rather than system-wide (e.g. I may just want to mute the camera for Killzone and Battlefield [so it’s not broadcasting my audio when I play online], but keep it operating throughout the rest of the system.

  • Seems like quite a nice update so far – like the idea of adding commentary to gameplay videos.

  • What about share video bug that saves the wrong footage?
    PS4 was released 5 months ago and the bug is still unfixed.

    • Sony should defiantly fix that since one of the consoles core features are orientated around “Share”. Even this update is orientated around “Share” thanks to the new ShareFactory.

  • Playstation team
    I am not a moaner, or anything like that , just need to tell you that there is no way i am going next gen until i can use all my features i have on my ps3. Bluray3d, media hub, mp3, also nothing except second sun to encourage me to make the move yet. Even buying cheap games from game retailers.

  • My first post on here, but seems like the ideal time to provide some feedback on my experience with the PS4 OS. Had a PS4 since around launch and used it regularly.
    First things first; I never had a PS3, only a 360. The PS4 system and UI overall is an amazingly nice change. It’s artistic and very very clean, modern and thoughtfully designed, where the Xbox’s was ad-ridden and full of crap everywhere, not to mention poorly designed.
    There are a bunch of current things that I thing could be improved upon with the PS4 system software though, unrelated to the adding of new features.
    The first thing, and probably most of all, is the Playstation Store. It is incredibly cumbersome.
    The only reason I’m really aware of anything on there is because I’m the type who regularly reads gaming news on the internet anyway, so I’m aware of release dates in advance and know what to dig through the store for. If I wasn’t like that I wouldn’t really be aware of any of the new stuff that’s come out because most of it (other than inFamous) is thoroughly out of the way. It’s the one PS4 thing which is designed really poorly: easy discovery of new things doesn’t happen easily and the organisation of it is plain terrible.
    I’ve only recently by chance seen the US PS4 PlayStation Store, and it is significantly better than the UK one in every single way. It displays everything extremely clearly and everything is organised smartly into clean and logical sections. Content is so easily discovered. It doesn’t even have the strange overlays for advertised games on the main page that limit how much can be shown. In every way the US store is an improvement.
    Opening the UK store today the first screen should clearly display new, or important things: in fact it’s still a big box offering a 14 day free trial to PS+, while clicking that brings you to a screen with launch titles and some of last year’s films & TV shows (really?) to buy. Clicking on “Games” beneath that brings you to a kitchen sink-style screen that 99% of the time is filled with mountains of Add-Ons for games, with a light sprinkle of games dotted throughout when scrolling down. Lag and slowdown frequent throughout.
    I could go on and on and on about this but, really, just follow the lead of the US store’s design and you won’t go wrong. It’s probably also the reason why in the US the PS4’s more indie-style games sell well: they’re clearly displayed and discoverable. A smartly designed store is so important.

    • PS Store on PS3 looks far more better, than on PS4.

    • This is the SCEE fault. on my american account the store is so much better organized. still not perfect but way better than my dutch account.
      i think they should all have the same template. i dont get why they are different per region

  • “It also allows you to import original music to add to the custom soundtrack for your video.”
    Does this imply we will see MP3 support soon? Certainly audio/video playback are the most requested features at present, so shouldn’t they take priority?
    Also, what about the Suspend/Resume feature? We’ve had complete silence from Sony about that feature, which was originally promised at launch, by the way.

  • Please can someone confirm 3d blu ray support in the 1.7 update?My 3d movies are collecting dust+im waiting already for 5 months for a feature that should have been incuded in the release of ps4…

  • Seriously, this is it? In the two months since 1.62, this is all you have done? So what was all that fanfare, and talk about there being “plenty to excite everyone”? I’m not excited, I’m barely even intrigued!
    Can you please focus on basic functionality before you go off making superfluous Video Apps? Nobody asked for this. Where are the features to bring the all-powerful PS4 in line with the last-gen PS3 in terms of functionality? I still can’t do simple things like play a CD or watch a video off a USB drive Or watch a 3D Blu-Ray. Even the PSP and Vita play video files, but the PS4 can’t? Come on.
    I don’t like to rant or complain, and I’ve been patient up to now, but this stuff was pretty much promised by Shu at launch. Do we just accept that media functionality this generation’s cross-game chat? Where you’ll pretend it’s coming but it never actually will?
    And also, will Share Factory be optional? Please make it an optional app, and not part of the system.
    I don’t want another unused but permanent icon on my Home Screen. The Playroom is bad enough already. I guess it’s this generation’s Singstar; it’s there, so deal with it.

  • Great news, however it is no secret to reveal that the number one most requested feature is psn ID modification. Hope this one is on the incoming train .

  • There are no PS4 games to preorder on the Europe store, so pointless…

    • I never got why the Europe store is always seemingly the worst out of the two. Why can’t we all have the same things? Shouldn’t an always online and connected world be an equal world in terms of digital content?

  • Hmm no 3D Movie Support, no DLNA Support – I mean with a Ps3 I am fine with it, I just hope that these are still to come for the PS4 (since my PS3 is certainly getting a lot more love than the PS4 atm).

    • I reckon that they’ll announce DLNA, MP3 etc. stuff at E3 as a big update. Everyone here seems to think they’ll never get it but if the competition have it then Sony have to add it otherwise it affects the bottom line which is their sales and profits.

  • Thanks! Leave DLNA/Media/MP3 for last, that’s the least important thing. And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

  • I know you have been replying to lots of comments over on the US blog but I’ll put my opinion here. Great start on the PS4 major update but here are some points that we know you know we all want addressed soon (I.e. before Christmas this year);
    1. DLNA/local MP3 playback support
    2. Suspend/resume feature much touted at E3
    3. Folders for organising home screen
    4. Native YouTube app
    5. Colour changing background with different swirls/PS logo shapes and/or dynamic backgrounds
    6. Expand HDMI-CEC implementation to apps such as Netflix or allow the PS3 Bluetooth remote compatibility OR a new PS4 remote.
    Hope to see these PS4 specific updates soon, great job so far, let’s get the next updates coming through speedily too.

  • Hey Scott,
    Seen a comment on the US blog where you said you’re listening to ideas about customising the PS4 main menu.
    Could we have it so that it changes colour/brightness with month/time similar to how the PS3 does it? And please, no sparkles.
    Also, could the music visualiser from the PS3 with the Earth rotating/changing position be possible as a background on the PS4?

    • Yeah, this sounds awesome. I’ve read that the PS3 menu changes colour throughout different times/dates and this is a really cool elegant way to bring something dynamic to the UI.
      Please don’t introduce gaudy unnecessary themes, the current PS4 background is super clean and immediately recognisable. Implementing different kinds of customisable backgrounds will always end up tacky.
      Subtly time-adapting colours on the already sleek background is a stylish, tasteful and beautiful way to bring something dynamic to it.

    • There is nothing wrong with tacky customisable backgrounds because, after all, they are YOUR background. Why shouldn’t you be able to make your console match your personality? :p
      The thing I like the most about dynamic themes is that I can immediately tell who is logged in on the console. I just wish there was more of them and they were better, most of the PS3 ones are rubbish and especially once they started adding ones that were just video files looped.

  • We were told soon back in March. Why is it so hard to give us a rough eta. I might have something to eat soon but be damaged if that’s in 6 weeks time. Build the hype machine by all account but am getting a little tired of the “soon” Remember sponge teasing. I just wanna be able to start getting visually creative with he tools on the system and the more it’s dragged out the less invest I start to have.

  • Urgh stupid mobile predictive text. What the hell is sponge teasing? Lol

  • sharefactory seems cool but another icon on the main dashboard means one step closer to that thing becoming an unweildy mess! we NEED sorting options.
    I’m talking:
    -custom folders
    -nested folders
    i want to be able to sort my app content from my game content and then, additionally, sort my finished game content from my unfinished game content.
    having the cool art of game icons interrupted by stock blue playstation images really distuprts the flow of the ui. I would like to have some control over that.

    • Custom folders is one of my top requests. In the same vein I would like to be able to group my PSN friends list too as the majority of people on my list don’t have PS4. Being able to see at a glance who on my list DOES have one, or more importantly that they are using it right now, would be extremely useful.

  • what about themes and dynamic themes

  • Good update. The video recording is finally useful.
    I don’t wanna sound too greddy but somehow I feel that every single feature that the PS3 is capable of, is mandatory on the PS4. I expect the superior hardware of the PS4 to do it all, do it better and do even more :)

    • Not greedy at all, you don’t expect a newer product to be less functional.

    • We’ll get more in time, bear in mind that the console isn’t 100% at it’s potential yet, both the manufacture and 3rd parties have to unlock all it’s potential. It’s like setting up a Formula 1 car, it takes time to get everything out of it. I do expect it to have more than the PS3 had by the end of the year and if it doesn’t, I’ll eat my PS4.

  • I guess most of these things are good. I don’t really share videos (due to not having a facebook account, so I can’t upload them).
    How is this pre-download idea going to be worthwhile, though? Has there even been a single PS4 game up for pre-order on the psn store? I get that it’s useful for America where they actually get the chance to pre-order games but don’t try to tell us it’ll benefit us. Who even likes the Play as you Download feature, anyway? For all but the best connections, it’s “Play a short tutorial level, then stare at an installation screen while you still have a dozen GB or more to download”

  • This is not what the majority of the players( 4 the players ) were/ are asking for but better than nothing. ( typing this while listening to audio cd on last gen but superior feature wise ps3)

  • Cool update, looks like some nice features. Would it be possible to look into fixing sub accounts in the next update and focusing on MP3 support, please?

  • Features are nice but it was a month since you announced it was coming. Now there is another post with the promise of another update of what is to come… You would have done better to remain silent, release a full feature list a day or so before release and then you’re golden.
    Right now there is 2 issues I feel need addressing and I hope the update does cover it, for starters the record gameplay is still broken. It rarely has the footage I want to share recorded, but something from 60 min ago is there.
    Secondly with all the games the UI is a mess that needs to give me the ability to group the content.

  • This takes way to long… We just get another ‘stay tuned’. No even a damn date!

  • Do you ever see a time where Sony allows us to change our PSN ID, even just a one off option?

  • Was going to put some feedback, till post32 said the replies were done already on US blog, waste of time then.

  • Hi. Great job in PS4, big fan, but it can be better if:
    -> You release a MP3 player and also a photo app
    -> Option to personalize our UI
    -> New sounds to our DS4, like notifications
    -> New demos (yeah, it’s really necessary ;))
    But right now PS4 is awesomme, but with this features it would be better, just saying (:
    Love PS4, very well job

  • Guys look at the PS4 Dashboard in the YouTube video. There is a Photo/Video icon. Could this be the media player?

    Improve the appearance of the Trophy list, the icons are far too small and please remove the lines between each game, it looks so bland n boring compared to PS3/Vita.
    Give us ability to look at our Trophies offline and whether we WANT to sync or not, you have just assumed we want to sync every SINGLE time we open the trophy list.
    PLEEEEEEEASE for the love of GOD fix the Store and Trophy list bug that exits me to the very top/1st game of the Trophy list/Store page so I have to scroll ALLLLLL the way back down to where I was.
    It’s so annoying.

    • Yes I wanted this bring this up too. I want trophy sorting and each every console/portable seperate instead of just one big list, especially with all those cross buy titles which sometimes pop up three times. Also, something I hated since one of the updates, having the last game you unlocked a trophy for being on top.. I really prefered having the game you PLAYED last on top, that way you don’t have to scroll through a list of over 200 games just to find the one you’re currently playing if you don’t immediately unlock trophies for it..
      Have also been hoping for a way to edit the downloadlist, deleting demo’s etc.. If at all possible..

  • You know what I want, a patch so that I can delete The Playroom, Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and (if its forced on us) SHAREfactory.
    Don’t and have no intention of using them, rather have the memory space back.

  • Now i just need the ability to upload to YouTube and I hardly will need to turn on my PC

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