PS4 Hits 7 Million Globally

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Hi guys! I’ve got a quick update to share with you. Today, Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. just announced that PS4 has cumulatively sold through more than 7.0 million units globally as of April 6th, 2014. PS4 software sales are another bright spot, with more than 20.5 million copies sold at retail and PlayStation Store worldwide as of April 13th, 2014.

On behalf of the entire global team at PlayStation, I want to thank you for your unprecedented support and for making PS4 your next-generation console of choice. We couldn’t have done this without you! And please keep the feedback coming: we are listening.

On that note, we’ll have some great new details to share with you regarding PS4 system software update 1.7our upcoming PS4 system software update very soon. Stay tuned!

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  • Great to hear. Now make a PS4 sale on PSN to celbrate that.

  • 7 million in less than 6 months is amazing.

    • in little over 4 months! that makes it even more amazing!

      (dec, jan, feb, march, +last week of nov and first week of apr)

  • Well done to Sony Worldwide. Cracking achievement

  • Congrats! Hopefully the ps4 surpasses the ps2 sales oneday, now that would be remarkable.

  • Proud to be a small part of that number. Congratulations.

  • Congrats on the 7 million!! Now make us lots and lots and loots of games!!!

  • Congratz with the high numbers Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.!

    Some feedback/requests for PlayStation 4:
    – Change your PSN-id nickname.
    – ‘What’s new’-category on the PS Store of PS4 with the latest Store-update content.
    – Higher limit to the number of people that can join a Party (higher than 8 please!).
    – Youtube-support for the Share-button.
    – Where’s the function that you can see what fits to you in the PSN-store?
    – The function that you can take over the control of a friends PlayStation 4.
    – MP3’s and video’s transfer via USB
    – Blu ray 3D-support for PS4.

    Thanks again guys for the amazing console and I hope you can integrate these features.

  • That was quick.
    Now celebrate by cancelling your recent decision to make redundancies at SCEE so all those who have made it a success can be rewarded.

  • All i ask for is DLNA support :) Congrats on the 7mil sold! #KickingArse

  • Congratulations!
    Great console will be even better when theres more games out for it. Looking forward to see what the new update will bring.

  • Congratulations sony. All I ask for is cd playback and 3d blu ray.

    • CD playback?? I can’t remember the last time I used a CD in the house … or anywhere else for that matter. MP3 support is needed, not CD playback imo. Can’t play a retail game and play a CD but you can play MP3.

    • To be fair some people invite friends round for a drinking party so might want to play some CD instead of games so it’s all not all bad. Also saves space on the HDD.

    • yes indeed, who needs high quality audio when we all can have mp3s? o_O

    • I never understood why they didn’t add FLAC and/or OGG support to the PS3, or their Bluray players for that matter. Then have the ability to rip directly from CD into either of those formats.

      Both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 let you rip to WMA on the HDD.

    • Forgot to add, I’m not holding my breath for them adding that to PS4 either but I really wish they would. Although if you could use DLNA for custom soundtracks at least I could have my NAS transcode into PCM before sending to the PS4.

    • I buy CDs. I get then when an album comes out and am usually the first to enter the CD’s songlist into the PS3 database. i have that down to an art. For example I made moby’s innocents album on it’s release day the same capatilsation(or lack thereof) and forward slashes that the album liner notes has which is still there in the database. I’m hoping PS4 will finally get that service for our CDs and a nice World feature we can watch whilst we listen to our sounds, with a real star field this time please and a better more realistiv world. Fingers xxed…

  • Congratulations Sony! You sold 7 million Blu-ray players without 3D support! A fantastic multimedia console without DLNA, CD or MP3 playback… and we cannot share videos to YouTube, the bigger video sharing website in the world!!!
    Sarcastic mode off: please, release ASAP a decent software update. We (the 7 million buyers) need it.

    • YouTube will be coming at some point but it’s not really vital is it? Even with uploading vids to Facebook, your upload/share still comes up in your PS4s What’s New n under your Recent Avtivities.

      As long as your Facebook/PS4 is set to Anyone (can view it) your upload will play right there on your PS4 for you/your friends to watch.

    • @Coody-Baroody the question is simple: why I must have Facebook? I don’t want to share my videos on Facebook like I don’t want to share my own photos on Facebook.

    • Those features are all coming later in an update. I’m glad Sony focused on getting the core stuff right first instead of giving us another PS3 that got all the media hub stuff right but almost always had inferior multiplatform games compared to the cheaper, less capable Xbox 360. 3D support for Blu-ray was added to the PS3 in an update so it can be added to the PS4 in an update also.

      Sony got the main stuff right so now we can think about other features. YouTube would be a good addition.

  • Congratulations and still our European PS4 store is lacking. It’s like a bunch of stuff was thrown together into one unmanageable pile called “Games”, compared to lovingly crafted U.S. store with different sub groups for ease of use and convenience. Why SCEE treats us like lepers?

    • Compared to U.S. store we have also overpriced content. A game that in USA costs 59 dollars in EU costs 69 euro.

    • @xPaRRoTx

      That’s not a problem for us,here in Europe.

    • It was the same with PS3 store. Since day ONE of the store redesign it’s awful user unfriendly redesign here in EU has had the exact same problems now that it’s had since that first day.

      I’ve tried everything to explain the issues the store has n trying to give feedback but they just ignore me.

      So now I only EVER use the webstore.

      PS4 store will be exactly the same as PS3 store the more content is added. A broken mess.

    • Has the ps3 store issue where it crashes everytime you visit a gamepage has been fixed YET? I’ve had this issue for over a year so also just use the webstore for ps3 now..

    • @xPaRRoTx The games here in UK/Europe are not overpriced, don’t forget tax is EU is anywhere between 18-25%. In US states it can be as low as around 5-7% tax on goods. Don’t forget minimum wage, the percentage of a game in comparison to an average wage in EU is way better than that of US, they have widespread exploitation of employees who are on low wages, so although a game might seem cheap to us, retailing at around £30-35 over there in US money, to them it may be the same way we look at a £50-60 game here

  • So What, had mine since Dec 13th, can’t say i use it much, when are we going to get announcements that actually mean something to us individuals, eta on added features, news about Driveclub, maybe 3D support for video store?.

  • The new update is awesome!

  • Proud to be part of Playstation.. y también porque sus juegos son lo mejor.

  • That 7 million people who have/ are going to find out that there’s only 1 or 2 next gen games for this next gen console that doesn’t even play an mp3.

  • I am very Happy for you Sony so to celebrate I’m playing some MP3’s on my PS4 ….

    Oh wait … I can’t

  • Greate achievement well done Sony. You should celebrate by giving the demo MGSV away to PS+ members instead of charging for it

  • Not bad when you consider it has no games and its European customers are treated like dirt.

  • Congratulation :) I’m glad you won i stay tuned for more

  • PlayStation 2 would be so proud

  • Makes retail and digital games cheaper. Thanks, much obliged.

  • Another success story, this somehow reminds me of Ps2. It still amazes me how the ps3 wasn’t this popular, just because the price was a little higher and Xbox released first.. Best consoles of all, never quit on us ,Sony!

    • It was probably a bit more than that. A lot of multiplatform games were inferior compared to the cheaper, less capable Xbox 360. Some would be more or less equal. I still remember the Skyrim PS3 disaster which is yet to be fully fixed. Sony really shot themselves in the foot when the PS3 launched. At least they turned it around though and made it a good console in the end.

      I’m glad they learned from their mistakes with the PS3 and made the PS4 a better console because of it.

  • Congrats for that 7 million mark! I so proud and excited to be part of the PlayStation nation, but I have yet to buy a PS4. Hopefully, PS4 will become as popular (if not more) as her older sister PS2!

  • No 3d playback for 7 million
    No videostore in the majority of the eu
    Google is even selling sony movies in their eu videostore


  • cool in around the world 7 milon ps4

  • 3D Blu Ray playback yet?

  • I don’t want to be a party pooper but 20.5 mln copies sold is less than 3 copies per system. Even if you counted only AAA games this is still not that impressive I’d say.




  • No proper movie or music support, a gaming machine sells more to consumers than MS’s multimedia machine sells to stores. Bravo!

  • Feedback: The PS4 could do with a couple more USB slots, my current ones are constantly in use charging the controller and headset and then being swapped out for keyboard and headset dongle. If you could enable gameplay from HDD after a game is installed from disc without having to reinsert the disc each time, that’d be great!

    Other than that, well done – 30,000 consoles per day since your 6.0 million announcement is pretty close to PS2 lifetime daily average, and considering PS2 Online didn’t have PS Plus back then it’s a pretty impressive sales figure.

  • firstly @FantasyMeister. FM, I saw a peripheral in the PS4 section of a local store that is a unit that plugs into the two USB slots of your PS4. It expands the two original slots to FIVE slots and even better the fifth slot on the right of the unit is a blue USB 3.0 slot. It only costs $NZ29.00 (that’s about 15 Euro). :)

    secondly @Sony. Sony, I don’t care at all for expanded features in an update on something we have already, ie Video capture and editing. I want, NEED actually, what you promised to deliver in “January or February” CD playback, MP3 playback amongst other promises. 3D ability on BDs would not go amiss either. You did invent BDs did you not? Basically PS4 should have been able to do everything that PS3 does (except PS3 disc gameplay) on it’s orig shipping day last year. Basically I have a machine that is largely redundant to me. Make the thing a useable media hub like the PS3 is at least. Come on! Get your act together or some of us whom made the PS4 the console of choice may have to give the thing up for our PCs (I’m not xboning, nope, not ever…).

  • congrats sony on the 7 million,i cant wait until some of my pre-order games this year Destiny is one of them and sales will be even higher.

  • Congratulations. Sadly all stores out here are still out of stock, been that way since the release.

  • My PlayStation expectations are around:
    * YouTube opt;
    * 3D Blu Ray playback
    These are the ones I definitely need.

  • Great… now it just needs some games and I’ll buy one. It hasn’t quite got any system sellers for me yet. Sequels, sequels and some more sequels to merely good/ok franchises doesn’t sell me on the system at the moment. Multiplatform games I play on my far superior PC, so the PS4 needs some very compelling and original content to make me buy one.

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