The Last of Us: Grounded Bundle DLC detailed in full

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‘Completed Grounded Mode’ might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn”

We’re pleased to announce the third and final drop in The Last of Us season pass. Here’s a look at what’s in the Grounded Bundle.
New trophies and a mix of single player and multiplayer content await you in this DLC drop. Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The AI is relentless, smart and brutal – survival will be near impossible. “Completed Grounded Mode” might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn.
The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack features four news maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower. Each map has a mix of trophies attached and is set in location that will be familiar yet unfamiliar to players of the single player campaign. Intelligent use of climbing, stealth, flanking, and all your clan survival techniques will be essential to master these maps.
“Completed Grounded Mode’ might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn.”

Wharf Set in the rusted-out docks where Joel encountered Robert, the Wharf map features close quarters gameplay, two snipers nests, and a giant boat. It’s full of good opportunities for climbing, flanking and stealth.
Capitol Set in Boston, the Capitol Map features indoor and outdoor gameplay. It encourages the intelligent use of flanking.
Coal Mine Set in Colorado, Coal Mine is a winter map that is spotted with abandoned buildings. It’s a spacious map that has long lines of sight and a bridge that’s a perfect perch for snipers. The dynamic snowstorm obscures the view so be on your toes.
Water Tower Set in Lincoln, PA, the Water Tower map features two primary chokepoints for some deadly face-to-face confrontations. It’s mainly an outdoor map with a few indoor areas and some very unique lighting. It might seem open but it’s really a tight map that’s perfect for close quarters melee.

New guns and new survival skills are coming as part of the Grounded Bundle as well. All new guns and skills are available to try before you buy as part of new pre-set load outs. The Survivalist Weapon Bundle contains four new weapons: Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. These guns have very unique attributes that have been carefully balanced so as to offer new play styles that fit into the existing Factions gameplay.

Survivalist Weapon Bundle Need more firepower? This is your bundle. The Survivalist Weapon bundle includes the Specter, Double Barrel, Enforcer, and Launcher. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.
Specter A silenced assault rifle that’s great if your style is stealth stalker. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.
Double Barrel Classic, deadly, double-barrel shotgun. Only 1 loadout point. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.
Enforcer Highly accurate pistol but will cost you an extra loadout point.
Launcher A weapon that fires small explosives, in the vein of a home-made potato gun. PSN purchase unlocks this gun for use in your Custom Loadout. Equip in the Purchasable loadout slot, then use in-game parts to buy it during the match.

Two Survival Skills Bundles, Situational Survival Skills Bundle and Professional Survival Skills Bundle, are also included if you own the season pass. These skills are very effective ways to find your new favorite play style.

Situational Survival Skills Bundle Unlock four survival skills that will help you get the best of any situation. This bundle includes Agility, Awareness, Fortitude, and Scavenger.
Agility Climb, vault, and move while crouching faster than you could before. At level 3 you are nearly impossible to hear while moving.
Awareness See enemy nametags before they see yours and enemy nametags remain on screen for several seconds when taking fire.
Fortitude Downed? Level up this skill and it will help you survive longer as you’ll take longer to bleed out, crawl faster, and have more health when downed. At higher levels you’ll start with an extra health pack, and earn extra parts each time you heal.
Scavenger Automatically pick up ammo and supplies and see increases in drops from enemies with this valuable skill. At level 3 enemies sometimes drop a random crafting ingredient.
Professional Survival Skills Bundle Unlock four survival skills that will make you even more deadly. This bundle includes Gunslinger, Bomb Expert, Executioner, and Damage Marker.
Gunslinger Equip this skill to start each spawn with more pistol ammo as you level up the skill.
Bomb Expert Your bombs will explode more quickly and you’ll be immune to the stun of your own smoke bomb as you level up this skill.
Executioner If your play style is the higher the risk, the greater the reward then this is the skill you want. Earn more parts for shiv kills and special executions, and get extra shiv uses every time you craft a shiv.
Damage Marker Good at hitting your targets? This is the skill for you as you’ll automatically mark any enemies you hit and earn double the parts for making.

Finally everyone, non-season pass holders included, will be getting a new gun – the Full-Auto Rifle – for free. This is a fully automatic, modified burst rifle that is very easy to use. It’s the perfect weapon for people who are new to Factions and experts alike.
While it’s been very cool to tell you about all this fresh content nothing beats showing you. To that end we’ll be live-streaming for the first time ever this coming Friday, 18th April over on the Naughty Dog Twitch channel. We’ll be showing off some of the new Grounded Bundle content so tune in at 8.00pm BST on 18th April to see new DLC in action.
Additionally, we’ll be doing some live-streaming on Twitch of our participation in Operation Supply Drop’s 8-Bit Salute on 17th May. Head over to learn more about the event at Team Naughty Dog’s fundraising page today.
If you haven’t purchased a season pass for The Last of Us yet you’re missing out. With our final pack, this Grounded Bundle, as well as the Abandoned Territories, the Left Behind, and the multiplayer head items drops all included, you’ll be getting savings of over 80% versus purchasing all the content individually. The season pass will be available for four more weeks. After the week of 13th May, when the PlayStation Store updates in your region, the season pass will no longer be available. Get the most out of The Last of Us while you still can.

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  • So we have to buy it again to play on ps4?
    And pay for online too?
    Sounds like a horrible deal!

  • Any chance that people who own TLoU on PS3 and also the season pass will get a discount on TLoU Remastered?

    • I really wish this game had a character creator…male/female…

    • We’re looking into the business model for all this and will post about this once we have input from all regions.

    • I hope that there is some kind of upgrade program, and that it is reasonably priced (i.e. not more than the other £10 upgrades). I don’t own this dlc and am not goign to pick it up because a) im laying my ps4 now, adn b) i dont know what, if there is, an upgrade program will include/need)

    • @Eric Monacelli, not sure if it’s worth anything to ya, but for me and many of my friends it would make the difference between us buying the remastered version. TLOU is the best game ever don’t get me wrong, but after spending $80 it’d be hard to justify another $60 for upgraded graphics, but $10 or $20, count me in. Obviously do whatever makes the most sense from a business perspective though!

    • Hey stopped by from Canada to say that I own the PS3 digital version and will also only upgrade if reduced upgrade price is available. Also.. What ends up happening here will also have an impact on if I choose digital versions in the future. If I owned a physical copy I could have upgraded at a reduced price by trading up. Thanks for listening.

    • It should be easy for the digital buyers to generate a discount version. It could be more complicated for the disc version, hence one would need a receipt that some might not have anymore. But I would really look into buying the Remastered Version for an updated price model similar to Battlefield 4 or Assassins Creed 4. A price range around 10 to 20 Dollars/Euros would be suitable.

  • So is Grounded Mode just a new, harder difficulty to the already existing single player campaign? Or something different?

    • This is what I’m interested in too. Why is it hard? Are you only limited on supplies or do you have lower health? Or is there something actually interesting that makes the game harder

    • Whoops, sorry misunderstood your post… But yeah it is just a new difficulty setting (as far as I understand) but i just want to know WHY is it harder

    • its just a new difficulty mode for single player which you have to pay for if you dont own the season pass. this whole “you gotta pay for new difficulty levels” better not catch on with other games! already had that crap with Metro Last Light’s Ranger Mode.

  • Why are you getting rid of the season pass in four weeks time if I might ask???

  • Is there any chance of Left Behind (or season pass) being discounted any time soon (Naughty Dog’s birthday)?

  • Grounded difficulty sounds great, I hope it’s one of the regular trophies for TLOU PS4.

  • What’s the release date? And is it just 1 new trophy for the SP difficulty? Are the rest MP trophies and if so what are they?

    • There are 6 new trophies. Not sure of the requirements though. I’m sure there’ll be a gold for completing the game on grounded mode.

  • And uhh… exactly WHEN will this DLC drop?

  • Better AI?
    Sounds great, because I didnt like the AI at The Last of Us.
    Release date is May or?

  • so anymore details about Grounded Mode apart from that it’s hard. majority of the post was just covering the mp mode which i don’t have any interest in also will Grounded Mode be included in the ps4 version or will we have to buy it separately?

  • Nice collection of goodies for Season Pass holders – glad I got one!
    I love that they’re adding new perks – though I still wish they’d nerf the ‘Covert’ one slightly. Being un-markable is ridiculous and almost everyone uses it, which ruins the whole concept of target marking.

  • The extra perks for season pass holders only are stupid.
    The benefit of getting a season pass should just be a discount, surely?
    I’ve been buying the DLC packs one by one as they came out to see if I wanted them as they were released. To think that I’d have to buy a season pass AS WELL just to get the perks to put me on a level playing field is ridiculous.

    • All bundles listed will be available for purchase separately. Season pass holders just get them as part of the season pass.

  • That is awesome, especially new single player difficulty, but I’m concerned about PS4 release
    Can we transfer our saves and earn trophies automatically? As much as I love TLOU playing it 4 more times (Hard, Survivor, Survivor+ and this new mode) would be too much…

  • Ahhhhh man i deleted the last of us because i didn’t think their was going be any more dlc’s and i got all the trophies that were available…… guess i’m going to need to redownload it again

  • So let me get this straight.
    You are selling me the original promise of the advanced AI with this DLC which the vanilla game lacked. Since ND has admitted in some form that the AI was dumbed down after the release (and after I had bought and played it), I think what you are (Sony and Naughty Dog) doing is, if not illegal bait & swich and cashgrab, very very wrong and immoral.
    Your previews of the game showed and promised these AI features and marketed them as one of the selling points of the game.
    I’m really going to ask if this situation would be considered false marketing and intentional misguidance of the consumer.
    And yey for selling (most likely) op weapons and skills.

    • @Commandofin:
      You don’t understand the AI part in this DLC so you are over reacting and blaming which is so stupid. ND did create excellent AI in the vanilla game and its different in each Difficulty(already many modes are there) which is already very challenging for most of the people. This new difficulty(which modifies the AI to even better by making the game so much harder than already existing modes) is for providing more challenge to the expert players whose are going to very few like 5-10% at most (who purchased the game). All these DLC’s content are not pre-planned but they just wanted to create more content after the game to support the game. And the DLC ideas are thought after the game has been released based on the feedback of the users and their creative guys which has been already disclosed by the ND in an interview.
      So, don’t try to blame ND without any proofs. The DLC has not been released yet and you are making assumptions based on what you think which is your wrong and I will say think and read/research what this AI part in the DLC means before typing unless you want to make the ND stupid because you are other console fan boy.

    • @GrytEcHoG:
      What I don’t understand? “The AI is relentless, smart and brutal”. It clearly reads that “smart” is one part of the improvements. And I haven’t found the AI being smart or acting realisticly with my second hardest difficulty run. And I haven’t seen any improvements with the AI during my hardest difficulty run.
      No offense to anyone but if you have hard time with the AI regardless of the difficulty then I will say you are just a bad player.
      As an “expert” which you are refering to I was expecting the AI being relentless, smart and brutal from the get go with the hardest difficulty which all the previews lead me to believe. Seriously, I was expecting the AI to be really good considering there would be less AI to manage on screen and boy was I disappointed in the end.
      On my first run with the second hardest difficulty I only took down 2 people during the final level because the AI was so scripted and easily manipulated that it wasn’t even hard to do. I just ran/sneaked past by them.
      Oh how naive for you to think that the DLC isn’t pre-planned. Some of it might not be but they sure are pre-planned. Looking at those map pics I can clearly see that the harbor thing is redecorated harbor from the game where you first see the smuggler guy, the Capitol building from the departure scene with the woman buddy, the Bill’s town outskirt part where you use ladders and finally the snow thing is the city where there was a snowstorm.
      You want proof? Here
      I sure didn’t have the AI act all buggy like that but it clearly shows what the AI should have been. I didn’t see any flanking chokehold attempts at all and Ellie only threw a brick once during my whole gameplay.
      I guess you are missing a word or two at the end but are you really accusing me for being fanboy? I don’t even own Xboxes or Wii(U)s. PC/PS platforms have been enough for me. Doesn’t mean I can’t make a critique.

  • Challenge accepted!

  • At the moment I own physical copy of The Last of Us, but not a single DLC content. Season pass is 20€ and I’m really confused if I should either buy it now, since someone decided to take season pass off the store soon, or I should rather wait and buy PS4 version of the game that includes all DLCs since that plus enhanced graphics might be worth buying the same title for the second time.
    Maybe I’ll be able to make any decision after watching the live-stream from this DLC on Friday.

  • Not my kind of game, 20years later destroyed my expectations.. still trying to work out why they bothered with the easter egg in Uncharted3, the newspaper story etc, That was what caught my interest, initially, wish i hadn’t seen/ discussed that non-part of the ‘action’

  • This is cool, very cool. I’m always happy to accept additional single player experiences (such as Killzone Shadow Fall did recently) + trophies. So challenge accepted.
    But I have to ask as a trophy hunter; is the online portion of the Last of Us of the PS3 going to carry over to the PS4? I liked the multiplayer portion but at the same time I don’t really want to do it again >_>

  • This is a pretty hefty addition, although I was hoping for a little more SP DLC, like a Bill or Henry and Sam sidestory, but either way this is pretty great. At first I hated all the MP DLC, but now I’m really hyped since I’ve been getting into it. But I do have one really important question:
    Will ND be hacker-proofing the game and removing all the hackers from the Leaderboards? It really makes me feel bad to see level 0s up at the top as opposed to people who have put forth a lot of time just to see themselves high up on the leaderboard, but don’t because of the hackers up there.

  • Hi Eric!
    Honestly I don’t know why I bother asking questions on here, but here I go again.
    Will the ‘Grounded’ difficulty be the same on PS3 and PS4 or does PS4 have ‘Grounded 2.0-E3 gameplay edition’? With some of the A.I. behaviours that were missing in the PS3 version included?? I’d pay double for that.

  • How much does it cost if you just want the Grounded difficulty mode?

  • Wait, so could someone please explain this to me? If I’d like the whole grounded bundle (which I do), and have the season pass, would I get the whole bundle at a 80% discount? And how much is that exactly? Also is the grounded difficulty, map packs, and extra weapons and perks available for ps3 and then you are able to do a free upgrade when I’ve bought the Remastered edition? Or is this even coming to ps3? Gratefull for answer.

    • Hey villecool1,
      When you buy the season pass you get ALL DLC for €20. It’s an 80% saving on all items when their individual costs are added together.

  • @Eric Monacelli
    i must say that i would buy remastered version only if i get a descount because i own game and season pass on PS3
    please make this ! you know it is logical, you have to do it,
    although adaptation needed some work and it deserves some money but not rebuying the whole game !

    • It is pretty reasonable to ask for a discount, but the most I could see them doing is putting forth a twenty dollar discount on the digital version if you have the season pass and trophy data of the original game or the purchase of the digital version.
      I don’t think they can do anything in the ways of physical, so this is probably the most you’re going to get.

  • I hope retailers will allow us trade in our PS3 game for an upgrade to PS4 at a small fee!! I don’t like downloads so would rather do it from store. Make it happen please!

  • As I’ve stated in another post, I’m a huge fan of Naughty Dog and have bought any game of theirs that came out on Sony’s previous generation platform. For The Last of Us, I even made the exception and didn’t buy a physical disc, but the “The Last of Us™ + „Sights & Sounds“- package” right off the PS Store digitally. Being charged for having owned the original and invested into Sony’s new console generation, I find a little harsh, from a customer point of view. Not to mention that I’ve just finished the game for the 7th time or so by the time Ellie’s DLC came out, which I obviously also bought. What I’m trying to say is the chance that dedicated fans of their franchise will most likely not invest into the Remaster without a discount.

  • Will the new dlc maps be full of hackers like the other dlc ones?

  • will this dlc difficulty include the animation shown in the original demo where Joel actually picks up a weapon and empties out the bullets to collect ammo? because if it did i wouldn’t think twice about buying it

  • just wanted to add my voice in support of the upgrade path request to ps4.
    As a day 1 purchaser and season pass holder of thelastofus, and early adopter of ps4, i would feel disappointed about being left behind (pun intended) of lastofus on ps4, mostly for the MP at this point, having played through the game (on hard) and the dlc (survivor?.. the one harder than hard) .. I don’t usually play through SP games more than once (Souls games and Bayonetta apparently notwithstanding).. but am really enjoying the lastofus MP. spectacular showing guys .. and with the lineup for the ps4 still feeling a bit lean for my taste, I would feel disappointed to be left out of the MP on ps4.. but would also have a hard time justifying another $40-$60 after already spending >$80. that would seem like a poor way to reward loyalty and early adoption.. so i’m hoping you find a way to either a) break out the MP for those who’ve already bought and played the SP content, or b) offer a reasonably priced upgrade path for currently owners so that we can enjoy this fantastic game on our ps4s as we await more new content (Uncharted ps4!!)
    thank you for listening!

  • will the season pass become available when “the last of us: remastered is released?

    • The season pass for the PS3 version?
      As Eric said, there’s only four weeks left for it on the store, and it’s been up for over a year. Season Passes are only meant as a temporary buy-it-while-you-can-for-discounts-on-future-DLC, so we’re lucky ND left it up for as long as they did. Naughty Dog’s not going to keep it up forever, especially when they’re coming out with the equivalent of a GotY edition. So if you’re going to get it, get it in the next four weeks.

  • I’m actually surprised that no discount plan for PS3 version owner has been announced or even planned in the first place as far as I can tell from the other comments.
    If nothing has been planned, it means probably ND genuinly thought people would jump on it either because they think we love their game too much to keep common sense or because there are not enough valuable PS4 games yet. Not sure which is the worst.
    So even if I’m a huge fan of the studio, if you don’t announce anything, not only will you love the valuable trust you earded so hard, but the question I’ve asked earlier, people will start to ask them as well.

  • Ah, as a season pass holder this will be an excellent excuse for me to replay the game… Any more info on Grounded Mode? Will I have to complete a game in “Survivor” Mode to start a game in Grounded Mode?

  • I dont think its fair to just jump to conclusions. Also, I believe IGN mentioned something about it being cheaper for previous owners

  • Completing the grounded mode will we unlock also the survivor mode throphies?

  • WHERE IS THE STREAM??? Im really angry…
    To that end we’ll be live-streaming for the first time ever this coming Friday, 18th April over on the Naughty Dog Twitch channel. We’ll be showing off some of the new Grounded Bundle content so tune in at 8.00pm BST on 18th April to see new DLC in action.

  • I have the PS3 version, Joel’s Edition from the first day of sale, and I think SONY would spit in my face if I as a consumer does not offer a discount on the price of the remastered edition. So please, as a customer, as a consumer, for the support i always offer to your company, I hope you can consider my proposal and offer up your game to a considerably reduced price to the holders of the original game. I don’t speak english so well, i hope you understand me.
    Thank you for your time. ^^

  • I’m kind of bummed that they didn’t add any new multiplayer game modes that involved the infected like a horde endurance mode or even just throwing them into the mix in supply raid etc.. I occasionally enjoy the online, I just recently finished both 12 week journeys and I just kind of got bored halfway through each time because each game mode is essentially team deathmatch with slight variations and it gets old to me. I’m pumped for Grounded though, gonna be awesome and I look forward to getting my ass kicked. Each difficulty in the game got gradually harder but Survival was still pretty manageable and it didn’t cause me much trouble. I play this game to death and I spend more time in the single player campaign so Grounded is a very welcome edition to me.

  • Great news! I can’t wait new single-player and MP stuff!

  • On exploring the business model of an upgrade. Some customers (me), digitally pre-ordered and purchased The Last Of Us along with the season pass on launch, then digitally pre-ordered The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4 prior to hearing the news of a possible discount. I understand that Playstation doesn’t offer refunds for digital pre-orders. Would this ecustomers be credited the difference? Just concerned.

  • Buenas noches a todos, pero mi pregunta es simple o es que yo no se leer bien, este DLC también va para la edición de PS3 o solo para PS4…Una respuesta es tan amable Gracias, la sola respuesta me deja tranquilo!!!

  • In regards to the Season Pass being removed on the Store, what happens if I’ve bought a RETAIL Season Pass with the code in the box, but not yet redeemed the code? Will I still be able to download the content after the 13th/store update or is it completely gone?

  • Hey Guys I just wanted to say I know you are working on a discount price for gamers who already bought TLOU on PS3. Why don’t you do what Ubisoft did with Assassins Creed Black Flag? Maybe $9.99 upgrade for people who already purchased the season pass and maybe 19.99-29.99 for those who didn’t? If Ubisoft can do it I am sure the mighty nuaghy dog can. Who is with me?

  • Another thing can you please make a PS4 collectors edition statue to put next to my Joel and Ellie?

  • PLEASE give us the same free upgrade deal SE gave Final Fantasy 14 fans, you get SO much great pr from your customers! People are still talking about the FF 14 free PS3-PS4 upgrade deal.

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