inFAMOUS Second Son update launches tomorrow with new Photo Mode

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inFAMOUS Second Son update launches tomorrow with new Photo Mode

Exclusive video details new features for the PS4 action epic

Well, I have some good news for you! We’ve made great progress on the Second Son patch I promised you a couple weeks back. In fact as you read this, the patch is actually winding its way through the final approvals and publishing steps and we expect to publish it on PSN tomorrow, 17th April.
Now first, let me update you on the specifics I promised, and then toss in a few extra goodies that we managed to squeeze in when nobody was looking. First – addressing one of the top two requests we’ve gotten – you’ll be able to disable the HUD, and once you’ve finished the game you’ll be able to adjust the time of day as you like.
We also promised, and have included, an option to cap the game frame rate at 30fps if you prefer playing this way. To set expectations for you all: this is a frame rate cap – not a lock. It won’t eliminate the rare instance of a dropped frame during gameplay.
But that’s all stuff you expected. Let’s talk about a few surprises, saving the best for last:

  • A handful of localisation text changes, and a couple of fixes for rare crashes in the game (thanks to all of you who uploaded reports on those, they were extremely helpful!)
  • If your controller runs out of batteries in the middle of gameplay, your game will pause. Our art director pulled a hamstring scrambling to get his second controller mid-boss-battle, so we needed to fix this.
  • If you are choosing expert difficulty, we let you know within the options dialogue if you’re qualified for the “Unstoppable” trophy the moment you opt in.
  • Photo Mode

Wait, what’s that last one? Well, we were totally amazed at the quality of the screenshots you all shared. Amazed. So we thought we’d try to help you all out. With this patch, you can enable photo mode within the options. Once you do that, clicking L3 will pause the game, and allow you to use a suite of our internal tools (like setting depth of field) to take even more amazing shots.
To hold you over until the patch goes live tomorrow, here’s a brief video tutorial showing how the Photo Mode works!

Final full disclosures and fine print: these options and settings, including frame rate, will reset to defaults each time you restart the game. We chose to not disturb our game save file format with this patch in order get these features to you as quickly as we could. Additionally Photo Mode will only work in situations where the camera is freely movable by players. In scripted sequences/cutscenes you can still take screenshots of course, just not with the Photo Mode tools.
We hope you enjoy the new tools and the Photo Mode and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy and talk again soon.

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