Killzone Mercenary Botzone launches on PS Vita tomorrow

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Killzone Mercenary Botzone launches on PS Vita tomorrow

All multiplayer maps now playable offline against up to seven bots

A few weeks ago we added two classic Killzone multiplayer maps to Killzone Mercenary. Since then we’ve been working on adding more to Killzone Mercenary and finally it’s here. We’re very pleased to announce the release of our latest update for Killzone Mercenary, delivering an offline multiplayer experience to our eight maps.
With the purchase of the “Botzone Soldier Training Pack,” all of our multiplayer maps can now be played off-line in Mercenary or Guerrilla Warfare modes, against up to seven other AI soldiers.
As the game host, you’ll have control over the number of team mates and enemies joining you in battle.
In team modes, you have the luxury of picking your compatriots and foes. Play with three against one for a quick kill, or go brave and take on an entire team of bots alone. Your choice, soldier!
Killzone Mercenary Botzone brings new skills to the series’ traditionally strong AI bot experience. Vanguard usage, zip line navigation, interrogations, rescues, capsule hacking and valour card collection are all behaviours unique to the game and our AI is going to challenge you with all of them. Not only that but our cunning bots will also be using many of the game’s diverse load-outs to stop you in your tracks.
And it doesn’t stop there, you’ll have the chance to collect some of those harder-to-obtain multiplayer trophies in an offline arena – provided your skills are up to the challenge, of course!
Finally, we’ve also taken opportunity with this update to fix up some longer standing collision issues reported in the multi-player maps. As such, the update will be mandatory for anyone wishing to play online multi-player, with 23MB required on the memory card to download it (549MB if you’ve not downloaded our previous updates.)
The title update will be available for download from tomorrow. The “Botzone Soldier Training Pack” will be available for purchase from PlayStation Store on the same day (priced €2.49), and will be required in order to unlock the in-game Botzone menu.
Happy fragging and enjoy your training!

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  • Any sale planned to promote this update?

  • I’m actually surprised that this update costs money, but for €2,49 one can hardly complain (I’m just surprised).
    I’ve enjoyed Killzone Mercenary tremendously, but I don’t think this will convince me to come back, having plat’ed it already. I like that you still support the game and hopefully you’ll be coming back with another installment!
    Jurvn: It’s already in the, currently running, Easter Sale!

    • I have been playing for 7-8 months and i platinumed the game in 1 month.It is the best vita game and i will hapily pay for this dlc and if gun and new feature dlc’s appear!

    • It’s an awesome game, I agree. In fact one of the best on PS Vita, but there are so many other games I have on the Vita and I don’t nearly have time enough to play them all… So I have to keep on going ;)

  • Can you please increase the control sensitivity?
    Even at its highest it’s like moving in treacle.

  • Excellent! Just love KZ: M. It’s such an amazing acheivement on a handheld.
    Was expecting it as an update but I won’t complain at the price. £2 is a snip.
    Shall be getting this as soon as it appears.

  • Your kidding right?
    Charging for something which is normally free in a patch update… I can’t support stuff like this so I’ll just stick to online.

    • C’mon now, €2.49 is a mere pittance for full access to the botzone!

    • I don’t ‘normally’ see this sort of thing being patched into games. If it doesn’t interest you, then don’t buy it. No harm done. I think you’re being just a little too demanding? Perhaps even ungrateful, hm?

    • Botzone wasn’t originally planned to be included in the game. They added it because fans requested it. So show some support, or don’t buy it. Not everything is free in this world.

    • Yeah , even if this dlc was 10 euros i would happily pay.The game has received the most support than any vita game and you really cant reward them with 2,49 for their efforts?Then how will they be coming back with more!Support!

    • I agree this should be free, bot modes usually come free on launch day.
      I bought the game on release day and platinumed it, this bot update now makes it easier to get the same trophy.

    • Agree with @Mathew9R if only all of us who have the game would vote with our wallets and let the DLC collect dust in the store…. maybe, just maybe they would learn and stop being greedy.
      I know I won’t be getting it, and I’ll be selling my copy to a friend so he don’t get it from a store and get them more money.

    • It’s not them that is being greedy, VitalogyPJ. It’s you. The devs worked hard, investing their time and effort to create a new feature for the game, and ask only a small amount of money for it. Then you sit there and complain because they aren’t giving it to you for free, like they owe you something.
      You are the only one being greedy here. Greedy, selfish, and demanding. A real shame.

    • @blendercat27 This mode should’ve been in the game since the beggining so yea this is a milking cow, its because of your way of thinking they keep going on with this. And “worked hard”? If they did worked hard then, like I said and repeat, this should have been on the game day 1. I feel like I paid €40 for an unfinished product and know that they are “finishing it” I still have to pay extra? No, just NO!

    • There are many games that don’t have a botzone at all. They didn’t plan to do it, so the game wasn’t even unfinished at launch. They just added something that many people requested. And it’s not something like a little bugfix or a patch like that.
      You think they have a button that says “botzone on/off” and they only need to press it to add it to the game? They obviously had to put work into it and such a low price is really not too much to ask for.

  • I will able to collect “online” trophies via botzone?

    • “you’ll have the chance to collect some of those harder-to-obtain multiplayer trophies in an offline arena” – Yes.

    • Thanks, I missed it! :)

    • This is exactly what I was hoping. Most online only games should make an offline bot mode available along with trophies allowed to be earned.
      I wish MAG had done this, as the servers are now off and the game I poured money into is now totally useless.

  • Excellent, i’m more stoked about this then the LBPV DC DLC pack even.
    Looks like i need to get back into KZM!
    I’m a bit surprised by the fact that it’s non-free DLC, somehow i feel like stuff like levels make more sense as DLC then a gamemode, but i’ll gladly buy this, knowing this supports GC and games like KZM

  • i have a question does bots count as regular multiplayer for throphies

    • “you’ll have the chance to collect some of those harder-to-obtain multiplayer trophies in an offline arena” – Yes.

  • Why is everyone so surprised that it is not free? The mode wasn’t planned to be in the game from the start. They implemented it because people requested it. Show some support, not everything is free in this world.

  • Well done Guerilla for the great work on supporting the best ps vita game!Just do your best to bring even more to the title , new maps , guns and requested features from us , the fans!Good luck and thanks! :)

  • I got a PSVita but still would LOVE to play this on a big screen so any chance of this game coming to the PS3(or even better the PS4)? :P

  • Botzone is great!
    Now it’s time for Ad-hoc Multiplayer, please! :D

  • Finally. It’s a pity there are no new Botzone related trophies though :(

  • Just why? Why does this cost money (the price of a little game) ? Who wants to pay the price of a little game to just play offline with bots and unlock trophies in vain and not in the way they were meant to be gotten?

  • Already plat the game, really like this addition but it’s not a reason for me to come back to the game.
    I still play this game for the multiplayer.

  • Pay to play with bots when this should’ve been included with the game from the very start!? Are you kidding me? Enough is enough, I’m sick of the greedy people in videogames world lately. From unfinished games (day 1 patchs) to milking content, etc.
    It’s time to sell my copy as I won’t be nedding it anymore. And hopefully sell it to someone that was thinking of getting the game so the greddy devs won’t get a single penny from that sale.

    • Boohoo, Botzone costs 2€, time to sell my copy wah wah. Botzone was never supposed to be included with the game. They added it because people asked for it. Stop complaining, it’s just a couple of pennies.

    • Since Killzone Mercenary is the best FPS on PS Vita, I think 2.50 is ok.
      @Matt Porter
      Is there any chance that we’ll get Ad-hoc Multiplayer?

    • You are one spoiled little kid on here. Show some respect, they put HARD WORK in making the best Botzone experience. They deserve the money. And no they are not greedy. You are the one who is greedy with your money. It’s just 2£. Deal with it, or take a walk.

    • @Nazar_Ops so “hard work” is when you launch a finished/complet product, not an incomplete/unfinished one and then charge extra do complete. I’m greedy? I already paid €40 for the game, why on earth I’m being asked to pay extra for something that should be there since day 1? Shame on them, not me.

    • I don’t remember the game being broken. It worked perfectly fine for me on launch. You’re acting like it’s an easy job to make games. Make one yourself then. And yes you are greedy. Botzone was never planned to be added on launch. It was added because people REQUESTED it.
      Also, no one if forcing you to buy it. How hard is it for you to understand? They are not making it free, end of story. Don’t like it, don’t buy it kid.

    • “I don’t remember the game being broken. It worked perfectly fine for me on launch. You’re acting like it’s an easy job to make games.”
      I never mentioned any of those, its you saying, also I never said anythong about botzone being planed to be at launch. What I said was that they should have made the game with it included. And don’t be so naive, they knew well that people would be asking for an MP offline mode, you think their dumb? They left it out on purpose they then it could be introduced later as a paid dlc like it is now.
      To sum it all, you keep putting words in my mouth when I never said I was being forced, simply that this policy is BS and no I do not llike it and I’m voicing it, so if you don’t like me voicing it then don’t read/reply. And treating others as “kid” when you don’t know them at all, it makes you look so pathetic.

    • Okay then. Have fun complaining. I’m telling you, they won’t make it free. If you think this is overpriced then go take a look a Activision, where they release CoD DLC that costs 13$ just for two friggin’ maps!

    • I agree it should be there from beginning (as was with Killzone: Shadow Fall) as it is a handheld title and you cannot find wifi that easily when you re e.g. on vacation. On the other hand they re different Guerilla team and it’s really a small amount of money to pay for something that you really don’t need if you have stable and constant wifi access. So no, one shouldn’t complain. I might add – yes, it’s a game but you need to know that they sold the game really cheap and it’s one of the best titles for vita out there so they need some income now and then.

  • No AI difficulty setting?

  • “harder-to-obtain multiplayer trophies in an offline arena”
    I love you guys.

  • Will be getting this as soon as the store is updated :)
    I only need around 800 kills for the 10k kills trophy which is the last for the plat so this will add a bit more variety compared to grinding out contract after contract or needing to be near an internet connection to get online.
    Great support GC so thanks but acouple of botzone orientated trophies wouldn’t have gone a miss. Just a handful like win a BZ TDM round with more enemy AI than your team, or win a BZ Free-For-All etc, something along them lines anyway.

  • Any news on a KZ Liberation 2 for Vita yet?

  • Have been holding off getting this because my indie backlog is huge on the “no gamez” vita but offline bot zone (makes me think of the awesome timesplitters) and the Easter sale and the terrific support makes me feel like the inevitable purchase will happen!!

  • Can someone post the full games size, inc mandatory patch/updates please, am thinking very hard on grabbing it for the insane easter price, but memory is a Big issue, also, don’t suppose theres a easy way to get a 64GB card?.. last thing, (promise), IF i was to get a 64GB, how much is left after system is fed!, sorta still makes no sense to me, ie the bigger the HD the more it takes, why?. i l know i promised but.. on ps3 a 500 GB leaves about 440(ish). but ps4 only leaves 408GB, is there a simple/short reason for this? cheers.
    Keep up the excellent work @Guerilla.

    • Apparently the 64GB card gives you 59GB of actual space to use.

    • no device has exactly the same memory as it says on the box. they only round the number to the nearest point. if you have a 85GB card then it would be marked as 64GB, if you have a 53GB card, it would still be marked as a 64GB -this pissed me off when i got 11GB from a 16GB card

  • @blog team
    This is off topic but affects every post. noticed a lot of thumbs up for some points, now i know you can’t introduce a thumbs down option, but what about a disagree one, where clicking it causes A thumbs up to lose one vote, but however you do it, please improve this feature, thanks.

  • @blog team
    This is off topic but affects every post. noticed a lot of thumbs up for some points, now i know you can’t introduce a thumbs down option, but what about a disagree one, where clicking it causes A thumbs up to lose one vote, but however you do it, please improve this feature, thanks.

  • @blog team
    This is off topic but affects every post. noticed a lot of thumbs up for some points, now i know you can’t introduce a thumbs down option, but what about a disagree one, where clicking it causes A thumbs up to lose one vote, but however you do it, please improve this feature, thanks.

  • maybe you could fix the above problem as well. just a thought. am using ipad, first post didn’t show up so i refreshed, seen it there, second did same but after refreshing it seems theres three of them, on old system it was very rare for that to happen, hope it’s just teething problems, still, it kinda makes me look bit silly.

  • Now live, playing right now :D

  • A.I difficulty selected by tapping the icon next to the A.I name once a player has been added.
    Nice new voice over pack too, noticed a few new comments during first few playthroughs in botzone.

  • Love this mode, well worth the money. Any chance of getting a “random map” option though?

  • My install doesn’t work! It says the application to install the add-on couldn’t be found. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help!

  • The steps I did for it to work without any problems was:
    Downloaded and Updated Killzone Merc with the latest patch
    Went to my download list on the store and downloaded botzone
    Once downloaded, clicked the notification and it instantly loaded KZ: M and installed botzone.
    After that, botzone was unlocked.

  • I did exactly that, except that I own the cartridge and after clicking the notification there is an error message istead of the istallation. I downloaded the botzone several times and even reistalled the game plus patch once… still the same. Thanks for the help though!

  • I am very sad that you have to pay for botzone it is not even a map pack the only reason I bought it is because its offline

  • I having problem running botzone on Killzone mercenary (cartridge). I updated game to 1.08 and buy the botzone add-on from psn but some reason the add-on will not install but update 1.08 did install. Error massage says “application to install the add-on couldn’t be found.” Can somebody help me on this problem. Am i doing it the wrong way on the add-on doesn’t work with the Killzone mercenary —- cartridge ——-………

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