LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack coming this week!

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LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack coming this week!

Major new expansion adds a tonne of new features to Sackboy’s portable adventure

LittleBigPlanet is in danger from those dastardly DC Comics supervillains again and it’s time for your Sackboy or Sackgirl to team up with the Justice League once more for a brand new adventure in the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack!

  • Brand new levels!
    Join forces with your friends at the Justice League again to put a stop to the evil Lex Luthor’s latest scheme in a brand new story exclusively for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita!
  • The Hero Cape!
    The Hero Cape makes its way to LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and will allow any heroic Sackfolk to glide great distances and perform incredible aerial stunts.
  • Wall jumping!
    With the Wall Jump Surface Material and the Wall Jump Material Tweaker, any creator will be able to give players the ability to wall-jump in their LBP PS Vita levels.
  • Even more creative goodies!
    Looking to expand your creativity in LBP PS Vita? This pack will also come with a whopping collection of new Materials, Objects, Decorations, Music and even a new Background to create with!
  • Bonus costume – Captain Cold
    Hidden within this pack you will be able to find a costume that will allow you to dress up as the sinister Captain Cold! Don’t forget that if you own LittleBigPlanet 2 or LittleBigPlanet Karting, you will be able to download this bonus costume for those titles too!
  • New Trophies – Be rewarded for your superhero exploits!
    The LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack comes with 7 Trophies and 40 Pins to earn for your latest heroic exploits.

Complete your DC Comics costume collection!

DC Comics Wallpaper 16-10
With the release of the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack containing the final costume, our wallpaper showcasing the ultimate DC Comics battle is finally complete!
All of these costumes are now available, so choose your allegiance and head on over to the PlayStation Store to suit up your Sackboy or Sackgirl in their very own super costume for the eternal battle between good and evil!

Pick up the DC Comics Season Pass!

When the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack is released later this week, you will still be able to pick up the DC Comics Season Pass for just £19.99/€24.99 to instantly access the complete collection of DC Comics content!

Picking up the DC Comics Season Pass will entitle you to some super-savings that will effectively mean that you get all four costume packs for the price of three and will give you access to all of the great new levels and creative fun for both LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita!

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  • I know it’s a boring question, but any pricing and file size details?
    (or are they the same as LBP2’s pack, €6.99 and a download that is just an unlock pass?)

    • The pack will be available for £4.79/€5.99/$5.99
      For compatibility reasons for our community levels, you would have been able to download an update for LBP PS Vita that contains the content last week.
      Purchasing the level pack will enable you to play the brand new story levels and collect the new creation content.
      If you don’t purchase the pack, you will still be able to play any community levels that are created using the new content. :)

  • This is excellent, been waiting for this. Love DC comics, love LBP Vita – it’s a lovely match. Also been craving more unlockables so this will satiate that need. =D
    Love your work MM, between LBP and Tearaway you can count me as a fan. Look forward to seeing the weird and wonderful surprises you may have in store for PS4 and Vita in the future! :)

    • Oh, there will be plenty unlock in this pack but you may find that you need Green Lantern’s help to collect everything… ;)

  • The blue text under the title has a typo. Instead of tonne you should use ton.
    Also, I’m wondering, how will you be able to use the season’s pass for the PSVITA version?

    • It’s not a typo. This is how we spell it in Britain. Not the simplified English you Americans use.

    • The DC Comics Season Pass entitles you to download all of the content that was listed in the article above.
      So after the PlayStation Store updates this week, just head to the PS Store on your PS Vita and download the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack on to it.

  • One question I hope you can shed some light on. Will the Season pass be available after the final dlc is released? & for how long?

    • The DC Comics Season Pass will continue to be available after this new release and we don’t have any plans to retire it from the PlayStation Store.
      So just think of it as a way of being able to purchase all of our DC Comics content in one massive bundle for a reduced price compared to purchasing the content individually.

  • Noob question, I’m new to the Vita, how do I get that wallpaper as my background? I know how to choose a background but don’t know how to save it in the first place when I’m viewing this page from my Vita. Thanks.

    • If you find an image you like on your PS Vita internet browser that you want to download, just hold your finger down on the image until a button saying “Save Image” pops up.
      Click on this and you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to save the image to “Photos”.
      Oh, by the way…
      You may want to keep an eye on this week because we will be releasing a few cool LBP DC Comics wallpapers including the one above. These will be available in a variety of sizes including some that have been optimised for display on your PS Vita. :)

    • That worked great, thank you.

  • I love all of the LBP games, I’ll buy the Vita level pack.
    The PS3 and Vita DLC’s content’s the same levels?

  • Awesome, some new single player content, and 6 bucks sounds like a decent price, so i’ll pick this up ASAP.
    Any chance of you guys doing a Marvel pack somewhere down the road?

  • How much will it be for Australia

  • Question: does the DC pack have the same levels for both versions, or is it different across LBP 2/VITA?
    Also, I ‘d like to buy the DC pack for both LBP 2/VITA, but I think the season pass is way too overpriced (€25). Not to mention the ridiculousness of buying a few costumes for €5 per pack. I know that some people like to buy stuff like costumes, but I don’t care about silly stuff and it’s way too much.

    • Just remember it’s the DC brand your paying for. I think the prices are worth it considering what goes in to modelling them and creating new creation content.

    • I readed on a post from Steven Isbell that the DLC from LBP2 and LBPV have different levels, but also they share the same type of materials/objects/Stickers and other stuff. I mean, you may find the same content in each DLC, but the levels are different in design so it’s awesome for people who wants to play both DLCs.
      at first I was believing it wasn’t 100% accurate, becuz on the jungle temple level I saw a golden material, and I found out that LBPV don’t have anything that resembles gold, I almost thought that the PS Vita don’t have enough quality in graphics to be able for showing shiny metal, coloured glass or special FX materials in LBPV. but after looking at the trailer, I’ve discovered that I was probably 50% wrong.
      you can make gold materials in LBPV, however you may prefer the LBP 2 golden materials.

    • At least, I’m happy that the Vita DLC have the materials I was looking for.
      for now my wishlist of content in PS Vita is:
      [O] Wall Jumping material
      [O] Color tweakable materials from DC comics DLC
      [O] Lava material
      [X] Atract-0-gel (it’s the top most important material I wanna have on PSV)
      [X] coloured glass materials (If possible tweakable)
      [X] More special effect materials (Tweakable too)
      [X] a Tweakable shiny metal material (with it you may not only able to create gold material by using yellow/orange color, you may use white color for silver, brown for copper and green for bronze, etc)
      Vehicle objets.
      [X]Avalonia vehicles (Specially the bunny, dog and hamster vechicles)
      [O] Music from DC Comics DLC
      [X] Music from LBP1-2 (Maybe available after the release of LBP Hub?)
      [X] Costumes from LBP1-2 including the characters (same chances as above)
      plz, keep making new stuff on PSVita as well as you make stuff for PS3.
      becuz for now you made me happy with this new content.
      Thanks a lot. I will get this DLC asap. :D

    • Attract-O-Gel is on my list too!
      Just under LBP 1 & 2 items and costumes.

  • The DC Comics Premium Level Packs for LBP2 and LBP PS Vita contain entirely different levels, so there’s plenty of new challenges for players that have already played the LBP2 pack.
    If you don’t want to purchase the DC Comics Season Pass, you still have the option of buying the two level packs individually and saving yourself some money by not purchasing the content that you don’t want.

    • That’s what I’ve done. I’ve purchased the Level Pack for PS3 and Costume Pack one, as I only wanted Batman and Joker, so i’ll be buying the Level Pack for Vita as I play that more anyway.

    • Great choices!
      Now… Do you prefer to play as Batman or the Joker? ;)

    • Always Batman. :3
      Is there any news on the Cross-Controller Pack materials and other create content coming to Vita?

  • Any chance that we will get a sale on Marvel Pack please?

  • I have a problem. I somehow missed the wall-jump tweaker. Is there a way to replay the tutorial?

    • Wait, I have another problem. In A Frosty Reception, the level link didn’t work and I can’t replay or return to pod. Is anyone having the same problem?

    • If you return to the teleporter that originally sent you to the Wall-Jump tutorial, you can hop into it again to replay the tutorial.
      Will pass on your feedback about the level link to the team.
      Have you been able to exit the level and replay it to completion yet?

    • The replay button is grayed out. Same with the return to pod button.

    • I somehow fixed it. I think I restarted the game.
      I there a way to get the music “On Thin Ice”? I think it is a gift for acing a level.

    • I am having the same problem with “A frosty Reception”. I get to a point in the level where there is an elevator that leads to a level link, and it never links, it just sits there. I can’t quit the level, must quit the entire game and restart. I’ve got all the score bubbles everywhere else in the DLC, and I am missing an important material. I just tried 5 times in a row and it froze every time! I’m frustrated, I want that material! Yesterday This problem happened but not 5 times in a row, I was able to link on to the rest of the level SOMETIMES. Now the problem seems permanent.

    • It happened three times already.

    • Crazy links :( breaks levels.

  • Hi, I bought the Season Pass and it’s not listing the Vita Level Pack as free? (Everything has been free.)
    I use the Australian PSN Store if that helps?

  • Yea, i’m having the exact same with mine too. Although i am using the United Kingdom store, if there is any way we could sort it out i’d appreciate it :)

  • Same problem here. It wants me to purchase again.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
      I’ll check in with the PS Store team and see if we can get this resolved asap.

  • I had the same problem too, this time with the Spanish store.
    I was waiting for this DLC and now I had it on my sight, Must I have to pay for it?… Sigh. :(

  • Any news? It been almost 24hrs since your reply. any Info would be nice.. please

  • All fixed here in Australia :) Playing it now as I type this :D

    • Just received confirmation that the issue with the DC Comics Season Pass has now been fixed.
      Many apologies for the delay folks! Hope you have fun playing the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: DC Comics Premium Level Pack this Easter weekend! :)

  • Hmmm… I bought the level pack but I’m just getting a costume pack (the Batman one). Doesn’t matter whether I click on the link from the Vita PS Store, from inside the game or from the Store on my PS3 – all roads lead to this second costume pack… even though my transaction record indicates I bought the Premium Level Pack. It’s a little frustrating not being able to play the thing I paid for. Please help.

  • Totally got the same problem as desktops, only giving me costume pack, not happy this is the first full content I have bought for this game. Really frustrated. If this has happen now to two of us it can not account error. (UK shop)

  • 24 hours later and the links are still broken. @scarybiscuit Hate to say it but I’m glad it’s not just me. Hopefully someone gets onto this quickly. Seems this DLC has had issues since its release.

  • Bought this yesterday and had the same problem as those listed above. Only got the costume pack 2 not the level pack or the exclusive costume. sent a message to PSN yesterday but assume it wont get sorted till next week now. Shame

  • Same problem as above here. Opening the pack for download gives a set of 5 costume packs that cannot downloaded through PSVita and only one of them (costume pack 2) can be downloaded. No DC level kit in sight. Thats ridiculous…

    • I agree with Zupaton. This is getting really annoying now, they’ve known about the problems with the DC premium pack for 24 hours now, I was looking forward to playing over the Easter break. Worst thing is it’s made even worse by the fact that it’s made near impossible to get hold of anyone to complain!!

  • Still no solution, I understand issues come up with tis type of Major DLC, really looking forward to having this over easter, what a really can’t understand is why realise a major upgrade close to public holidays and weekends without any support to sort issues wouldn’t make it simple to realise on a Monday so support can be given on its first week out, as normally that’s when the main bugs occur. How long will it be until I can play and create with this awesome me pack.

  • What I can’t understand is why it’s still available on the store when it’s not been working for a few days… Just bought it and the exact same problem as the last few posts.
    This is the second DLC pack for LBPV that I’ve bought that does not work (Cross Play, Incident 140219-002622… Still waiting for my call back Sony, it’s been a month and a half, not great customer service…).
    I’ve bought every level pack aside from Move for PS3 and Vita, things like this make me wish I hadn’t bothered.

  • Round two ding ding, so the great PSN shop support have now wonderfully reset my account so I now content I never paid for DC costume pack 2, and it shows up that I have to repay for the DC level kit, if I wanted the costumes I would bought them so now start all again with customer support. Thanks PSN.

    • Exact same problem here. I bought the pack 3 days ago and its never worked, all it ever downloaded was DC Costumes Pack #2.
      Checked the store this morning and now its saying that I haven’t even bought the pack at all (even though i have a receipt for it) – I refuse to buy this again.
      Why is there no official word on this?

  • Dear Steven, as LBP Community Coordinator perhaps you could shed light on why records of these transactions were removed from our accounts. Whilst I could dismiss a lack of action as being a result of the Easter break, the deletion of the purchases has left me confused – clearly someone is aware of the issue. As an act of courtesy, it would be preferable to receive some form of communication regarding such actions before they are carried out. Do we purchase the DLC a second time? In the absence of an explanation – and a refund – I am loathe to do anything. Shame really, as this is no doubt impacting upon the sales of content that many LBP designers and programmers spent time and effort in creating.

  • got the same problem as mentioned above. plz comment AND fix this, i dont wanna pay again for this!

  • I’ve got exact the same problem like Treas0n2013. I didn’t get, what i purchased.

  • As many others I’m not able to download DLC: I purchased it but I was (and still am) only able to download a skin pack (and doing so did not unlock levels under the “other story” section of game), now if I look on the store I can see that DLC it’s no more free (and surely I’m not gonna buy it again).
    Please fix this and make us able to download correctly, thanks.

  • Same problem here too. No DLC which I paid for and no response from the Email I sent. I refuse to pay more by calling customer services as I dont have a landline phone. Hope this gets sorted soon as its a bit of a fiasco.

  • I have a problem I bought the level pack it said I bought it but all I got was dlc costume pack 2 and when I went on next morning and it said all I had bought was the costume pack I know how much I had in my Wallet £6.06 but after the purchase 1.47 I think

  • I just made two large comments about this the first one crashed my i pad I have the same problem of just geting a skin pack and the punches just disapering

  • Whops my wallet amount after punches was £1.27

  • Just had an email from support telling me they cannot resolve the error by email and I have to call them. This is unbelievable that I have to spend more money on a phone call to resolve their error!
    Not impressed with the service at all, I don’t know what info they think I can provide by phone which I can’t provide by an email?

  • I’m having the same problem here. after purchasing the DLC level pack all Iwas able to download was the second costume pack, even though I had the Red bag next to the DLC name in the store (content purchased). now I checked again and the bag dissapeared, so I woud have to spend another 6€ for something i’ve already bought.. I hqve the receipt in my email and I would email sony but as I’m stating it’s as good as nothing, so I really hope you fix this problem ASAP so I, and everyone having issues, can finally download and enjoy this DLC.

  • Hi Folks!
    Apologies to those that are still encountering issues with purchasing this pack.
    We have forwarded this issue to the PlayStation Store team to get this problem fixed for everyone asap.
    If you can just hold tight and avoid purchasing the content a second time, we will try to ensure that you all receive the correct content that you originally purchased.
    Thank you for your continued patience whilst we try to get this issue resolved.

    • Thanks for reply, hope this will be fixed soon.

    • STEVEN ISBELL – Is there any chance you can add my psn id to the list of those who needs to be fixed. I received another email from Sony today stating I have to call to register the issue but as I only have a pay as you go mobile it will cost me most of my credit to get this resolved. Hope you can help.

  • i pretty much hope so, thx for the reply. i’ll hang in tight a little longer hope this will get fixed for US soon.

  • Hope this gets sorted soon. I got another email stating I have to call to report the issue.
    To STEVEN ISBELL – Is there any chance you can add my psn id to the list of people who need to be fixed as otherwise I will have to waste all my phone credit calling Sony to register this issue (As I only have a pay as you go mobile).

  • STEVEN ISBELL – Is there any chance you can add my psn id to the list of those who needs to be fixed. I received another email from Sony today stating I have to call to register the issue but as I only have a pay as you go mobile it will cost me most of my credit to get this resolved. Hope you can help.

    • There’s no need to call in to register the issue, we’re already working on it.
      Once I’ve received confirmation that the issue has been resolved, I’ll be sure to let you all know and will double-check with everyone that they have received the content that they originally paid for.

  • This issue happened to me as well. Emailed customer support before the weekend and was also told to phone, which I didn’t really want to do. Glad its being sorted out now, thanks Steven for keeping us in the loop!

  • Thanks Steven for keeping us informed, are we looking at getting the issue resolved soon, as I’m getting a little fed up with not been able to add these great new additions to my levels, plus by the time a played and collected all the new stuff the whole of LBP Vita will be a flood with all these great powerups making my new levels look a little dated.

  • Sorry about the amount of my posts above – the posts didn’t seem to register yesterday when I did them, but checking the progress today I seem to have posted the same thing multiple times. Sorry all.

  • Are there any updates on the issues so far? I know things cannot be solved i na matter of minutes but I would like to have some regular updates on the matter.

  • One week since the DLC was released and still no fix? How did the DLC ever even pass internal QC (if it had any) – when it is so evidently broken?
    Its not acceptable to release DLC and then keep customers waiting while you fix it.

  • I put in my comment regarding this error on the 17th April. It’s now the 25th. Does it take over a week to fix a link to the wrong DLC? Why was this not tested?

  • This becoming a major issue, and no longer should we be patient, one week on and you have my money but I do not have the goods I paid for. Why does a issue involving digital goods take so Long. Starting think Sony do not have any idea of customer support, I’m getting very concerned that PSN system is so fragile that they don’t even know what or who bought the pack. I expect better service then this, and expect some form compensation for the fact you taken my time and money. Please respond within 5 hours with a solution or at least a time when this issue can be resolved. I bet you one thing if we owned Sony Money it would be a completely different matter. Steven I know you are only a cog in a machine. But please share this complaint with customer service department I you even one (starting to maybe not)

  • I honestly cannot believe this is still going on. Like many others, I purchased the level pack and got a costume pack.
    Emailed Sony, wont deal with the issue via email, security issue?
    Rang Sony, (wasn’t asked any security questions btw which is what the email stated the reason they couldn’t help via email) gave details of my problem. The guy I was speaking with said he had no knowledge of this issue and was unable to help me, stating only the issue would be investigated. When he asked me for a contact number should they need to get in touch, I told them to use the email address they had for me, he seemed startled by this (really! The 90s called – couldn’t make out the message with all the crackling and what not but Im guessing it was to laugh).
    If you need to investigate this, by all means, go nuts! Thats not my problem. What is my problem, is I paid for something, I don’t have it, I do want it, Im saying this as crystal clear as I know how that I want what I actually paid for. Make it so I have what I paid for.

  • I have to agree… I was raging a bit at first then realised that I had my receipt so it’d get worked out but now… Starting to get annoyed again…
    It cannot take this long to fix… Just be honest and If you can’t fix it then just refund us and then we may decide to purchase it again once fixed
    It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to say we’ll get updates (we haven’t) that it’s getting fixed (clearly isn’t if customer services isn’t even aware of the issue) and still keep everyone’s money.
    The whole thing leaves a sour taste – I’m on the verge of buying a PS4 (already owning a PS1, 2 & 3 plus the Vita) but what if it dies or I get a problem? I’ll have to deal with the muppets at customer service who seem to have no idea what’s going on… It’s like Sony have forgotten that the people who buy DLC are the true fans and pump so much money in – I checked how many games I’ve played this generation on my trophy list… 72, multiply that by £40 for each game and tack on what I bought the console for… Over £3000! Sony, just give your customers some help!!

    • Im in the very same boat as you, I have a PS1 (I actually have 4 of them!), PS2, PS3, Vita, TV, DVR… Ive so much stuff from Sony. Been waiting for some titles that interest me before I get a PS4 (Watchdogs was probably going to get me to buy it). I dont even want to add up how much money Ive given a company that is treating me like this.
      Its not like Im asking them to take my word for it (check my account, again). Or that my request is unreasonable, its a miniscule amount of code that tells the game I have access to some content.
      So why is it still on the store? Is anyone who is buying it now getting the same problem, or have you fixed it for them but you need to bounce a memo around your offices for who knows how long before you get around to making it right for fans who purchased early.

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