GT Academy 2014 kicks off in-game next week

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GT Academy 2014 kicks off in-game next week

Get more details on the first stage of the competition accessed from within Gran Turismo 6

I am really pleased to be able to announce that GT Academy 2014 is about to start very soon. Once again, we are aiming to unearth real-world racing talent via Gran Turismo. The first stage of the competition accessed from within Gran Turismo 6 gets underway in-game on Monday, 21st April.
It’s hard not to feel really proud of what GT Academy has achieved since it started in 2008: podiums in the famous Le Mans 24 Hour race; championship wins; multiple race wins; and this year we have one of our winners, Jann Mardenborough, racing in the GP3 single-seater series on the F1 calendar.
Our first ever winner, Lucas Ordoñez, is racing Super GTs in Japan as his day job in 2014 and will also team up with 2012 European winner Wolfgang Reip at Le Mans this year to race Nissan’s fascinating ZEOD RC (‘Zero Emissions On Demand’) experimental car. Meanwhile, last year’s band of GT Academy winners from Europe, the USA and Germany were all in action last weekend at Monza in the Blancpain Endurance Series in a 500-plus BHP Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3.
Just my humble opinion, but can there many competitions that are as cool or as life-changing as GT Academy? So, no matter how good you think you are on Gran Turismo, if you have ever fancied being a racing driver then it’s well worth entering GT Academy.
You have nothing to lose, so my recommendation would be to give it a go! You never know…
Good luck.
PS. If you want to keep track of GT Academy news and what the previous champions are up to in their racing careers, there is plenty of news on and on
Race Camp competitor on GT6

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  • when will we get a patch for the tyre choosing bug? i will keep bugging posts like this until PD gets that sorted

  • What the hell happened to this game? It’s been 4 months without an update.

  • It went to vers 1.06 other day. no new vision cars since the mercedes though, but it has 3D support in last update too, plus theres a very easy FT-1 up for grabs in seasonal, atm.
    So, aren’t PD not releasing academy as standalone, like a demo type thing that they usually do?, suppose it makes sense not to, i mean sure it’s nice little ‘demo’ but no way any serious competitors will get anywhere unless there dedicated. know people are getting impatient for more content, but i’m loving GT6 as it is, when more is added then even better.

  • Shame, don’t have GT6 and I’m not buying it when I have a PS4.
    What happened to the standalone download?

  • Shame on PD for delivering an unfinished product . Still waiting for that sound update.

  • I was expecting or should I say hoping that we would see the 2014 Academy on PS4 format. It would no doubt sell the hardware which is badly in need of a quality driving game even if it’s just a limited time demo. In my opinion, PD seem to be slow to fulfil the expectations of GT6 owners with improvements to engine sounds and inclusion of the much awaited course maker / gps app for example.

  • The game is junk in comparison to previous games….less features, placeholders for “coming soon” features for almost 6 months, challenges which offer no challenge, you nerfed the driving license to the point where it’s basically pointless, the engine noises sound like they were recorded using a kazoo and there are umpteen other new features which were promised that aren’t in game.
    Where are the updates as well?
    I don’t know what happened to quality control at PD but don’t expect fans to buy into the brand when you get round to releasing the next title if this is the quality of game you’re putting out. You’re only as good as your last game and in context this is atrocious.

  • Hmm, suppose it could move faster, though PD won’t be rushed, not hardcore enough for most of the usual issues people ask about to bother me, too much, Still four months since release i guess the tyre bug really should be addressed, followed by improved, more realistic engine noise, i just hope we will see most of these issues fixed soon. agree the challenges could be well, more challenging as well.

  • I love GT5, but cannot justify purchasing GT6 for a few new tracks and slightly better graphics. Also I’ve heard that alot of work needs to be done with the online mode, so I think I’ll hold out till the next game.

  • How unexpected, the previous gt academies were stand alone but now that GT6 has been released it is only available when you own that game.
    Won’t persuade me into buying Gran Turismo 6.

  • do you know if sony gonna create GT for PS4?

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