Interview: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches on PS4 today!

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Interview: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn launches on PS4 today!

Read an exclusive interview with the game's Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida

Today’s the day – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is out on the PlayStation 4, and judging from the masses of players that participated in our betas, a lot of you are currently on the way to becoming the most famous adventurers in all of Eorzea.
Yoshida-san Jun 2013
To celebrate this day, Yoshida-san (also known as Yoshi-P), the Producer and Director of FFXIV: ARR, has taken time out of his incredibly busy schedule to take part in this exclusive interview here on the PlayStation Blog!

Konnichiwa, Yoshida-san and thank you for taking the time to have a bit of a talk with us today. I’m Hergen “Kahuna” Thaens from Square Enix’s European office, and I’m taking care of delivering articles to our fans all over the web, from the PlayStation Blog to Reddit. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Yoshida: Hello everyone, I am Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Today marks the release of the PS4 version of FFXIV: ARR. Welcome on board to new players who start their FFXIV adventure here, and a special hello to those who have or are upgrading from PS3 to PS4 to keep enjoying the game.
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is out now on the PS4, worldwide. How do you feel about that? Was bringing it to the PS4 a priority for you, and are you proud of FFXIV being the first Final Fantasy representative on a next-gen system?
Yoshida: I am so excited to meet lots of new ‘Warriors of Light’. Also, as I believe the launch of the PS4 version will go smoothly, I am really more excited than worried! FFXIV: ARR on PS4 I think is a AAA class title, with the high graphics quality in full HD and ability to render lots of player characters at the same time without losing any details. With further growth for PS4, I will be very happy to see so many players who can enjoy the game together.

FFXIV_PS4_140414 (6)

What priority did the development of the PS4 version take for you? And are you happy that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be the debut title of the Final Fantasy series on the PS4?
Yoshida: The priority for making the PS4 version has been really high. While we were working on the PS3 version, we heard about the new console from SCE and since we had the PC version ready for FFXIV: ARR, we knew the PS4 could offer a gaming experience with great quality. I believe you can see the huge evolution from PS3 to PS4 in the game. It’s really great that we can release the first FF title on PS4 that quickly and the dev team is really happy about it.
For many console players, MMOs are still something relatively new. What do you think makes the MMO experience so special?
Yoshida: When you play FFXIV: ARR, I’d like you to play in a relaxed way and not worry about anything, but just to see what kind of game a MMORPG is. You’ll play with a lot of players online, but tiresome communication is not really needed when progressing through the main story line, even when you gather your party. Instead I’d like you to enjoy the game like you have played other FF titles. So yes, the only difference to the usual FF games is that your PS4 needs to have an internet connection!

FFXIV_PS4_140414 (3)

With the game already out on PS3 and PC, there are already 1.8 million players populating the world. What did you do to make sure that players joining now don’t have too much of a disadvantage over players that have already played the game for months?
Yoshida: FFXIV: ARR currently has a level cap at 50 for classes and jobs, and you can reach level 50 by playing through the main scenario. After that, you can enhance your jobs and classes by having different equipment. To support those who started the game later than players who have already progressed, we have implemented the system called Echo buff for end contents, to enhance character performance. By collecting good equipment, you can be the same as players who started the game before you. So please do not hesitate when you start your adventure!
Coming back to the hardware real quick – did the PS4 hardware enable you to do something you always wanted to do on a console? And are there any improvements you want to bring to the game in the future, that the PS4 is playing a big part in?
Yoshida: The main advantage of PS4 is its machine specs enable us to offer gaming experiences at full HD on huge TV screens at home. Of course FFXIV: ARR has been created fully optimized for the PS4 specs. On PS3, due to 720p resolutions, the screen can look busy when displaying menus. But on the PS4, we have realised the same layout and interface as the PC version, so you can enjoy a great MMO experience without buying a PC. FFXIV: ARR will have big regular updates and new stories and content will be added on all platforms. Please look forward to those updates too!
As for you personally – what is your favourite part of the game right now, when you’re playing? And what part did you enjoy the most to work on?
Yoshida: I am both a creator and a player of FFXIV: ARR, so the moment I like the most is when I see so many players having fun in the world that we created from inside the game (laughs). I like battle content, so even on busy days I login to the game and play end content every day. What I also enjoy in the creation of the PS4 version is remote play with PS Vita. The response is great, so please enjoy this remote function as a new way to play the game.

FFXIV_PS4_140414 (2)

And one last question, as I know you’ll probably have to go back to your work – is there anything you want to share with our readers? For Example: What’s the biggest thing that players may be able to look forward to in the future?
Yoshida: We’ll have an update for the PvP content, called “Wolves’ Den”, in late April, and we’ll also start releasing new information about patch 2.3. I’d like you to keep an eye out for the content of the forthcoming update! Also, it’s 2014, so it’s a year for FFXIV and we have been planning lots of events as well. Please check The Lodestone for the latest information about the game.
Well, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule! And now excuse me while I go and and level up my Black Mage’s Atma Weapon :)
Yoshida: Oh, Atmas… [Atmas are items to enhance relic weapons]… I’ve been completing quite a lot of FATEs (Full Active Timer Events) already to get Atmas, but even I didn’t get one yet! (laughs).

And that’s it! From today, you can find Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn at the retailer of your choice, and of course also on the PlayStation Store! If you’re not sure about the subscription cost, feel free to check out our article from the 24th March: “What do you get with a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 subscription?

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  • Thanks Hergen, well done on the scoop! I’ve been getting a lot of use from the PS Vita’s Remote Play functions this weekend as my daughter is holding the television hostage with Assassin’s Creed III on the 360, and being able to watch her play whilst sitting next to her with the Vita playing FFXIV on the PS4 remotely at the same time is quite the experience!
    I think the only struggle is finding an easy way to tab between open windows on the gamescreen on the Vita, on the PS4 controller it’s just the Options button but there doesn’t appear to be an easy equivalent on the Vita so I have to resort to moving the cursor by touch instead. Maybe I’m missing something?
    Great to hear about the Echo buff system too, I’ve recently joined a Free Company full of experienced players so it’ll probably come in handy later as I’ve only just really got started compared to them.
    P.S. I have to buy Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag for the PS4 now, apparently it’s an order :)

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Sounds like your daughter is treading the path of a gamer already :) Maybe she’ll want her own FFXIV account soon, hehe.
      As for the open windows – a few compromises have to be made when scaling a game with a complex UI down for the Vita, I fear.
      And as for the Echo buff, you will find it really helpful, I’m sure. Plus, in a FC of experienced members, you will learn the whole procedure in no time :)

  • I just purchased in PSN “No valid service account for this game” message. Nice quest :(

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Can you please tell me which store you have been using?
      We had problems with the UK store earlier today, but that should have been fixed for the last four hours.
      The US store is still experiencing issues and we are working with Sony to resolve these problems.

  • bought this off the irish psn “no valid service account for this game ” keeps happening tried customer email twice heard nothing back yet
    any update on sub through the psn yet or for more game cards to be more available at retailers

    • BOOM! Another win for physical.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      The error you get indicates that the PS4 version has not been validated with your account. Please log into your Square Enix account and check your account information on the Mog Station to see if the PS4 version is properly activated.
      No update on the subs, sorry

  • Just picked up my standard edition from GAME. They didn’t even know it released today, they thought it was tomorrow.
    Glad to be back in Eorzea. Haven’t been since Friday.

  • Russian. I tried to remove and install game & saves 2 hours ago – no effect.
    PRS account reports that 2 services available – test stage 2 and FF14 CE, Mog station reports test account only with inactive state.
    Game at launch allows only one option – use service account, which was creating during test period

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      When you select the option to use the service account, the PS4 should automatically connect your PSN account with the Square Enix account. This happens on the first login. If this does not help, can you give me a step-by-step description of what you’re doing? Sorry for the hassle, we’re currently trying to reproduce your issue, but the Russian PSN store should have been fine for the last 4 hours.
      If you bought it BEFORE that time, however, you will need to contact our customer support here:

  • Thanks as always for the updates Kahuna, loving the PS4 version. It’s just a joy to play.
    I’ll be sticking with the game from now on.

  • only beta 1 and 2 service are linked to square enix account if i try add a new license it ask for registration code it is linked to my psn account

  • I played test game stage 2, then stopped playing till april 14
    I purchased & tried to launch game before last hours (april 14, ~ 5-6 am GMT). There was no prompts to link this game to SE account, installer “said” that installed game is “converted” from test to purchased. After login to service account i got “No valid account” message.
    Then i removed game & saves and redownloaded it – no effect.
    I tried to do this one more time after 12:00 GMT – no effect.
    As i understood, at this moment PSN “thinks” that my copy of game is already linked to service account, but service account doesn’t know about this

  • So many fat chocobos running around :o

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Nothing better than relaxing on the back of a fat chocobo for a Lalafell. I could build a little hut on there! :D

  • tried contacting customer support with email and no response twice and no i wont be ringing to waste more time and money either fix it or give me a refund

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Emails take a while to answer. The link I posted will take you to the live chat support. They should be able to help you within minutes there. Please understand that I am not working for our support either – I’m doing what I can to help, but that’s about it. You need to contact our customer support.
      Support can be found here:
      Select “Account” and “New Registration”, and enter your name. On the next page, select “Next”. Then, select the support chat. There is a queue right now, but you should be getting right through.

  • This game is awesome! :)
    Thank you for this interview, Kahuna !

  • Can I play FF IV right out of the box or do I need to enter credit card info to get the free 30 days?

  • My problem with buy before 12:00 solved :)
    I just received replacement code and now Mog station reports CE with 30 day trial and PS4 “prepares first time step”

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Glad to hear that our guys and gals in the support team could help you. Enjoy your time in Eorzea :D

  • I asked before , ill try again , will you sell subscription packages in the playstation store , you know 1 month 3 month 6 month kind of thing, thanks

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Hey KiasKye79,
      I have forwarded these requests. I can obviously not tell you if it will or will not be, that’s quite a few levels above my head, but I can tell you that decisions like that are not made fast. So keep your eyes peeled on the blog, because if it happens, we’ll probably announce it right here.

  • So glad I bought the PS3 version last week and upgraded that. It seems I both avoided the issues AND got the whole game for the same price as 30 days subscription.
    The only problem now is I was wanting to do the easter quest but the requirement to team up with someone with the opposite egg hat is problematic, not least that it seems awkward to try and request people into a party on PS4. Any tips for that short of plugging in a keyboard so I can type in commands?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Inviting people is easy, actually. Select the person in question, square button, invite to party :) A keyboard can be helpful, though. Doesn’t need to be a state of the art gaming keyboard, either.

    • keyboard the best way to go. I use a imac bluetooth keyboard its perfect size. oh and mouse on the side but still using controler as my main input system..

  • Hi Kahuna thanks for answering , I enjoyed my month in Eorzea but when I saw that I couldn’t just flick over to the PS store and grab a few months im afraid I just let the game go , so if theres ever sub packages in the store to buy ill be back to wake up my toon who’s probably still lying in their bed in the inn :)

  • This is completely unacceptable. After downloading the digital version of the game I was expecting to play it after work without issue. Clearly no one has learnt anything after the PS3 launch issues with Final Fantasy XIV. Now I have to wait in a queue of 60+ people before I can get any support. Not how I wanted to spend my evening. I’m expecting a full and immediate refund.

  • ok seriously why…………… just why you guys thought it was a good idea to release a broken game? I cant even link my account on your website, that I must add is a sloppy mess anyway. seriously why cant I link my account and just play what ever happened to putting a disc in and playing for the first time? but noooo u have to make this all complicated I registered the game in my account on your dumb website now when I try to link you have the nerve to tell me my passwords wrong when its not…soo what am I suppose to do? just wait and be bored and hope for the best or are u guys working on the linking situation? because if you read your blogs on the web page there are a couple thousand people with the same problem. just hurry up and get back to everybody and tell us what you are doing to fix the problem

  • Still i cant play it on my PS4, i bought the game on PS store… INVALID service account…… i already sent email to mogstation even one mail they did not reply.. i already re installed it, the same issue happens.. how will i fix this issue? and any refund for this game?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Hey rhusky13,
      Please go to our support page and make sure to follow the following steps:
      Select “Account” and “New Registration”, and enter your name. On the next page, select “Next”. Then, select the support chat. There might be a queue, but you should be getting help there in no time.

    • Hergen i’m having the same problem and when i click on your link i can’t find a button written on account!
      and when i click on “Return to TOP” I find the account button and new registration is already selected and yet no next button there is only “What is a promotion code?” and “Can I use my Version 1.0 SQEX account on PS3™ or PS4™too?” and i need nothing from this! completely useless all i want to do now is to play the game that i have bought yesterday from the playstation store not use a ps3 version! and I have not bought a ps3 version of FF XIV.
      so please… PLEASE!!! solve this problem because its making me lose my mind and i have already wasted load of time on trying to solve this problem!

  • Hi I can’t get this game to work, Bought it from PSN uk yesterday, I input my Square Enix ID and password, It takes to screen saying: Set up a Square Enix Account, Link your Sony Entertainment Network Account and Comfirm Purchase Info. So i click the next button and I takes me a screen with two options, Back button or I currently possess a square enix account button, I click that one, enter my ID and Password again and it says, No vaild service account is available to play FF14, In order to play FF14 you must first purchase the digital download from the PSN store or reg a product code. What do I do now? I’ve went to Square Enix and tried to link my account myself but it’s not letting saying: Account linking failed. This may be due to your PlayStation Network account being incomplete. Help?

    • Have you tried to register the game on you’re square enixe account with the code you received when you purchased the game?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Hey Freeky,
      If you purchased the game before ~1pm BST, please contact customer support through the live chat, they’ll be able to help you:
      Select “Account” and “New Registration”, and enter your name. On the next page, select “Next”. Then, select the support chat. There is a queue right now, but you should be getting right through.

  • this is beyond a joke now 24 hours later and still nothing from square enix support

  • have three times now with different email accounts and have got zero response complete joke

  • Im so frustrated here. Just bought a physical copy, and trying to create an Account. Been trying for hours now, but i dont get the email with the 8 letter conformation code. This game goes in the trash soon. Money saved on subscription at least, but wasted money on the game :-(

  • This is a f******* joke! Finally my email arrives, and I change my password. Go to the login screen…. and it says my password is wrong. So it’s telling my I can’t remember what I changed it to, 15 seconds ago?

  • I hear it’s a good game. Of course, I don’t know that because every time I try to play it I get a Lobby Server Error 2002 and get kicked back out to login.
    Every. Time.

  • Bought ps4 version today and have spent 2 hours going through all this bs login and registration [deleted], finally got it to load, at the login screen and it tells me my password is incorrect, so i got through the process to change it, meet all the requirements for new pw, won’t accept it, dunno why, so i pick a few more until it will finally accept one, back to the login, enter the new password and it tells me its incorrect, seriously, why are you guys selling a broken game, this is total [deleted] and i have lot a lot of faith in square enix for this terrible experience so far. I’m very close to taking this [deleted] back to gamestop and flipping [deleted] until they take it back

    • I had same problems and when I enter the registration code it’s tell me invalid code , so SE any solution for ur unbelievable worst registration game of the history?

  • and stop telling people to go to the live chat, its down and has been for awhile

  • after 2 hours of bs trying to register, finally got it, the game won’t accept my password even after going through the pw change. This game is broken and should not have been released,

  • ive lost alot of faith in square enix after this craphole, taking it back to gamestop and making them take it back, then on to facebook to trash talk to prevent others from buying a broken game

  • So I got a message today trying to login that my account was compromised and suspended. No problem right? I just get an email as it says that tells me how to fix the problem. but the main problem is simple since i got the digital version i had the issue with playing it (could not log in) during that time i registered another account thinking i could bypass the bug. but i used the same email address for this other account. once the digital download issue was fixed after getting to lvl 20 i got the above message that i was compromised so then i tried doing what the email said but the link kept logging me into the other account. so i deleted that other account so as not to confuse my membership. after trying that i had the same issue. then i read you could select forgot ID password. tried that but it only makes you add your email and now it just says no email exists AAARRRGGHH! this is sooo frustrating and being in Australia i can never get through to Square Enix to help me get this block offf my account (only because i used my 4g router instead of home net cause i was shaped at the time)Please someone help me get this lock off my account!!

  • Ive tried getting support but as my account is suspended i cant log in to get support ! this is really starting to Get me annoyed, Can we Australians get some real support?? What our aussie dollar not good enough for SONY and SQUARE ENIX ? this is great game (if a little flawed) but ive had so much hassle since i bought this game its sucked the fun straight from my soul via my wallet. If i dont get this fixed in the next 24 hours im gonna start a Facebook FFXIV boycot page, and get all my followers to like it ! does it have to resort to this ? well i feel there is no other way ! SQUARE ENIX give us some real support, some human to talk to with out filling out 500 pages of details to never get not even a generic computer response. So now ive spent money to stress my self out for hours on end after 10-15 hours of great gameplay!!

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Hey Elisdee,
      Sorry to hear you’ve had your account compromised. I realize that can be very frustrating, especially when just starting out. This is important: You do not need to be logged in to receive support, exactly for such a reason when the account has been compromised! Sorry if the site didn’t make that clear. If you need support, just go here:
      Make sure to select “Account” and “Compromised Account” from the list. You will see the option to contact our Chat support on one of the following steps, where you will talk with one of our service agents. You will need to identify yourself to the support agent and answer your chosen security question – if there’s no queue, it shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

  • Bought a game that I can’t even play, Login gets restricted even though I’ve used the same IP when trying to login. I’ve now tried unlink all my stuff and then retrying doing it that failed as I don’t recieve the email to register. Your support page is down so thats a now go and I’m sitting through all this BS of you trying to find my account details even though they won’t be there since I unlinked them. I would ask for my money back but seeing as I bought the Digital Copy I’m pretty much screwed. Didn’t have any issues in the BETA and now here comes release they all show up. I can’t even set up a new account because your system is flawed because when i try to play on another account it just pops up saying that I dont own the game.
    This gen so far has been the biggest piece of **** ever, no games, no features and the games that we currently have are broken buggy pieces of garbage .

    • My partner is having the exact same problem. He can’t change his username in the sign in section of the game. It keeps saying his name is “Churchilldog” when its Churchilldog86, so because of that, it doesn’t recognise him and he can’t play the game when he bought it from the shop today. I’m royally annoyed, he’s majorly pissed at the moment. the worst part is Square Enix’s help section is under maintenance and has been that way for two days. No chat help, email help. The only help is phoning and its a 2 hour wait which we’re not about to waste our time on.
      We’re both really upset and angry…

  • i want to download the PSN version but i am not sure if it includes the 30day subscription. can you please tell me if it does?

  • Скажите я тут слышал что в final fantasy xiv: a realm reborn ps4 будет добавлен русский язык,это правда?

  • I know this isn’t the place for this, but the comments on the PS4 upgrade thread are closed and the ‘contact form’ link just takes me back to the top of the page. I’ve got a problem. I followed the instructions on that page, got my code and started downloading. However, the download failed (error code NW-31194-8) and I can’t see a way to get it to restart. I’ve turned the PS4 off and back on, and reset the router, with no change. Is there anything else I can do?

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