PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ultimate balance update has arrived

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ultimate balance update has arrived

Plus, grab a discount on the The Graveyard Pack DLC for a limited time

PlayStation All-Stars fans, the ultimate balance update you’ve been waiting for is finally here. With over 100 balance adjustments combined across all characters, and a wave of additional improvements, this update truly creates a new playing field for all challengers.
This update also unlocks the previously-promised third costumes for both Zeus & Isaac characters in-game, for all players that currently own them. If you do not have these bonus characters in your roster, we are happy to inform you of a significant PSN DLC price drop on “The Graveyard Pack” to €1.49/£1.19 – which includes both Zeus & Isaac, and a stage based on MediEvil’s Graveyard mashed with hidden elements from the world of “The Unfinished Swan”. This PSN DLC sale will last until 23rd April.
PlayStation All-Stars
Finally, we have partnered with fighting game community powerhouse Level-Up Series for a Spring Tournament at “The Runback”. This is a 10-week offline tournament at Super Arcade here in Southern California, and will be live streamed weekly on TWITCH.TV/LEVELUPLIVE on the road to the finale. The season grand prize is a PlayStation 4, and awesome PlayStation All-Stars community notoriety.
Even if you can’t make it, you can still win WEEKLY MYSTERY PRIZES just by tuning in to the live TWITCH.TV/LEVELUPLIVE stream every Thursday starting this week at 9:30PM PST. Keep it locked in!
PlayStation All-Stars
PlayStation All-Stars fans, we cannot thank you enough for your patience and continued roaring passion throughout the community, and especially our message boards. Over the past months we’ve read every word, clicked every thread, assessed the game balance inside out, to ensure as best as possible, this balance update would not only bring a superior new challenge to the game, but also feel heavily impacted by your voice. Thank YOU and our “hats off” to Super Bot Entertainment for creating an incredible fighting game for PlayStation fans world-wide.
To download the PlayStation All-Stars update, just boot up the game, ensure you are connected online, and you’ll be automatically prompted to download the update.
Follow us @SonySantaMonica and visit our official studio website at

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  • Great that you guys still suporting this game :)
    I hope Super Bot is working on a PS4 version tho

    • They are not and its best to start sequel instead of the existing game. Hopefully we get another All starts game in future for Vita/PS4.

  • Any chance on a discount for the heavenly sword level?

  • Great update! Hopefully we will see another game in future for PS4/Vita with all new roster. When we can purchase this discounted DLC?

  • a cross-trophy function would have been welcome, i really don’t understand why certain cross-play games like sly thieves in time, sound shapes and others have cross-trophy function and this one doesn’t have one

  • That’s awesome! Thank you, and I’ll definitely grab the Graveyard pack at that price!
    I would also really like to see a sequel for PS4/Vita sometime in the future. :)

  • How active is this game and the community around it these days? I remember when it first came out there was constant news and people were convinced there would be near endless character DLC, and then it just kinda stopped after Zeus and Isaac…
    Personally, while I enjoyed the unique characters, the game play didn’t hold a candle to Smash Bros. I understand they were going for a different mechanic, but even playing 4 players on the one screen, the game got boring fast; it seemed to value technical mechanics higher than ‘fun’ mechanics. I realise some people enjoy this, however I suspect the devs later realised this too, as they hype seemed to die almost immediately with DLC stopping almost as fast.
    It’d be great to see another Sony world brawler; hopefully the next iteration puts a higher value on fun instead of technical mechanics though, as I personally won’t be buying it if its a reskinned PS All Stars.

    • I agree with you as its not related to fun and less content for most of the part, but it has some good mechanics. And sonly also tried to avoid to not repeat the things used in Smash bros so they ended up something different which people did not love. Well, sony just experimented a little on this to see how it holds instead of going in full force. So, they learned a lot from this game and I’m sure there will be another playstation stars game in the near future for PS4/Vita with more content with better roaster.

    • Sony definitely put together the game they wanted to, and it wasn’t a half bad game, but ultimately it didn’t have the staying power; no doubt there are many factors to why this was.
      I personally didn’t have an issue with the ‘limited’ character selection, it just seemed there was an impression that plenty of characters would be added over the games life time, which ultimately stopped after 4 characters and 2 levels. This was a bit of an admittance by Sony that the game had not succeeded as they basically dropped the product within 3 months.
      I hope they did indeed learn a lot from this venture and have more luck in the future with a product that has more staying power. I guess there will be two ‘camps’ when/if they do make one; those that loved it and will pick it up, and those that didn’t and will need convincing. Unfortunately I think if they maintain it as it is, it will not succeed again (or at least meet expectations), and if they change it too much, those that loved it for its mechanics will be upset. Ultimately, I guess whatever brings in the most cash will be the option we’ll end up with.

  • I know this might not be the most important question in everyones mind but are there trophies with the DLC yet? I remember this being promised like the other DLC had.

  • Awesome news, now let’s get this puppy free on PS Plus! ;)

  • I actually quite loved PS All Stars. Very interesting game mechanics that became much more a strategy has the game evolved.
    My only problem was the game became a game of who can do the most crumple moves into supers. With some characters (Raiden, Cole, Dante, Sly etc) it became a chore to play against. As you were just constantly trying to avoid crumple moves. And sometimes they were unavoidable if the player could combo into the crumple and then a super. So the majority of the roster paled in comparison to these characters in 1v1 battles especially.
    But they made a great foundation. There is a game underneath it all, that is quite unique and fresh.
    I’ll definitely have to check out the streams when they post em though!

  • hello Aaron sorry that this is off topic but when do the EU get the GOW DLC free like the USA ?

  • A significant reduction on the “The Graveyard Pack” eh?… Does that mean we’ll finally get a sale for the full game tomorrow?.. I tell you what, go under a tenner for the PS3 digi version, and you’ve got yourselves a deal : )

  • Does the DLC deal go live with the store update tomorrow? Not seeing it through the AU (EU) store as it’s still AU$14.45.

  • Is there any chance of a discount on the GT6 Anniversary Edition or Sports Champions 2 in Poland/EU PSStore?
    I think that Sony has forgotten about move games discounts :-).

  • Too bad the music issue is back in the Vita version. :(

  • Great to know, that this game is still relevant. But no love for Kat & Emmett pack discount?

  • anyone know if more trophies have been added? love the game but deleted it off ps3 a while ago and don’t see much point re-downloading it just 4 update, also how big is update?

  • This is a good game and I’m glad I got it from the sale but damn-it the online is a disgrace! I can’t even get a decent game without being disconnected

  • anyone playing BATTLE ROYAL ?
    add me hash9306 , will play against ..

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