The ultimate Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 beta 2 FAQ

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The ultimate Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 beta 2 FAQ

Everything you need to know about the second beta phase, which starts today

Welcome to our newest weekly article – this time with something that many of you have been looking forward to. And boy, have you been looking forward to it.
This time around, let’s see if we can get you prepared with all the important questions and answers!
If you have any more questions regarding the beta, please feel free to ask in the comments! I’ll do my best to answer them.
Here you’ll find pretty much all of the questions and comments that came up during the first beta phase, with according relevant answers. You can find the following points below:

  • When does the beta start?
  • What do I need to play the beta?
  • Where can I download the beta client?
  • Can I carry my character over to the live game after the beta test?
  • Can I play my existing character (live PC/PS3)?
  • Can I play my existing character (previous beta 1)?
  • Do I play on beta servers? Will I see other players?
  • Why can’t I create a character on server X?
  • I participated in beta 1, and the text was really small. Was that fixed?
  • I can’t log in with my existing account!
  • Do I need a one-time password to log in?
  • I did not get my confirmation mail!
  • How can I contact the support centre (for account related problems)?
  • Can I share a live stream or screenshots from the game?
  • Can I use Mouse & Keyboard instead of, or additional to, the PS4 controller?
  • Can I play using Remote Play on the PlayStation Vita?
  • Is the game subscription-based?
  • I love it! Where can I pre-order Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn?

FF14_PS4_Launch_Screen_Grab_ 05
When does the beta start?
Beta phase 2 starts today Friday, 4th April, and runs until Monday, 7th April.
What do I need to play the beta?
All you need is a PlayStation 4! Some of you may still have the old beta client installed – you can safely delete it to free up hard disk space. We know it’s a big download, but there have been a lot of updates, so updating the old client didn’t make much sense. The good news is: If you buy the game after playing beta 2, you won’t need to download the full game again. A few small updates and you’ll be up and running in the full game!
Where can I download the beta client?
Just log into your PlayStation Network account, go into PlayStation Store, and select Games -> Top Games – you will see it in the list. Alternatively, you can search for Final Fantasy XIV – the beta client will be among the results! (Remember that you can safely uninstall/delete the beta 1, if you still have the old beta client on your PS4, to free up disc space.)
Can I carry my character over to the live game?
Yes! If you decide to buy the game, you can continue playing with your character from beta 2.
Can I play with my existing character (Live PC/PS3)?
Yes! Simply log in on the PS4 with your usual account details and link your Square Enix Account to your PlayStation Network account (unless you have already played on the PS3, then you just need to accept the terms for your existing account). You will be able to play normally.
Can I play my existing character (previous beta 1)?
No – as explained before the first beta, characters that have been created during that phase had to be wiped.
controller 1920x1080 no logo
Do I play on beta servers? Will I see other players?
This beta phase will take place on live servers! Which means you will be playing together with all the existing FFXIV players on PC and PS3.
Why can’t I create a character on server X?
During the beta, there will be a massive amount of new players. If too many want to start on the same server at the same time, we might have to temporarily disable character creation on that server to make sure that the game continues to be enjoyable for all players on the server. If you are determined to play on a specific server, you will have to wait for it to open up again.
I participated in the beta 1, and the text was really small. Was that fixed?
We have worked on the size of the launcher as well as the size of the in-game text. Please give it a try! And remember that you can resize and move UI elements at will (see how-to here). We will continue to optimize these settings in future updates. If you still think it’s too small, please let us know on the official beta forums!
I can’t log in with my existing account!
We know the service names are quite similar, and many of you already have a Square Enix membership, where you link your existing games. FFXIV, however, needs a separate Square Enix Account. So please do not try to log in with your Square Enix membership, as it won’t work!
Please note: Our account system is also case sensitive!
We know the text entry tool sometimes likes to disfigure things like email addresses (for instance .Com instead of .com). Please make sure to mind capitals in your username and email address when creating an account!
If you still can’t log in, please contact our customer support here (North America, Europe)!
Do I need a one-time password to log in?
A one-time password is generated by a free smartphone app or a small keychain fob. Only users that have previously added this as an extended security measure will need to enter it.
If you buy the Collector’s Edition, you will get a keychain fob in it! Otherwise, just download the smartphone app for free. Everyone that has registered a one-time password device to his account will be able to select a free teleport location ingame! More info here!
I did not get my confirmation mail!
Please let us know in the comments if you do not get your confirmation mail, and make sure to mention which email provider you use (Gmail, GMX, Yahoo, etc.) and if your email address contains any special characters (like underscores, hyphens, commas, dots, etc., or country/language-specific characters like öäü). Please do not post your full email address or any identifying information!
Also, please make sure to check your spam folders and add * to any whitelist you may have, if you are familiar with that process.
How can I contact the support centre (for account related problems)?
Just check out our convenient chat support tool (North America, Europe). Please try to have all relevant information ready before you start the chat though, to keep waiting times short – the beta weekend will probably be very busy! Thank you!
Can I share a live stream or screenshots from the game?
Yes! By all means, go ahead :)
Can I use Mouse & Keyboard instead of or additionally to the PS4 controller?
Yes! You can play the game however you want.
Can I play using Remote Play on the PlayStation Vita?
Yes! Someone wants to watch a football game on the TV? Just grab your vita and continue to level your character remotely.
Is the game subscription-based?
Yes. You get 30 free days of game time when you buy a retail version. You can learn everything about what you get with your subscription in this article, here on the PS Blog!
I love it! Where can I pre-order the game?
Just follow this link!
And that’s it! If you have any other questions, feel free to put them into the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. See you next week!

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  • Hey
    i bought the ps3 CE version last week and have been playin already.
    If i transfer my current char to the ps4 to play in the beta … when the beta ends .. can i just keep playin on the ps4 ?
    Or do i need to transfer my char back to the ps3 version to continue there ? I read before that if i transfer everything to the ps4 i cant play on the ps3 anymore. This means i cant play from mon 7th till the game is released ?
    Else i just stick to the ps3 version until the game is released officialy

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Hi Basket – It’s not directly a transfer. Think of it as accessing your character from a different machine :) During the Beta, you can play both on the PS3 and the PS4. When the beta is over, you can only play on PS3 again. Nothing changes.
      After the beta, however, if you Upgrade your account from PS3 to PS4 (for free), you won’t be able to log in on your PS3 anymore. If you want to play on both systems, you’ll want to buy the PS4 version :)

    • Hi Kahuna! I’m wondering about trophies. There will be another trophy set, am I right?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Hey icecrasher – no, your trophies will be carried over to the PS4 :) You won’t need to do everything again.

  • Hey Kahuna, thanks again for all the updates.
    Any chance you can detail what sort of fixes and optimisations have been made since the first PS4 beta? I know you said the launcher and text-size was worked on, but what about the nitty-gritty details like frame-rate, graphics, etc.?
    I find that stuff really interesting and I imagine others do too.
    Also, just a suggestion: I’d really appreciate if we could purchase game-time directly through the Playstation Store. Perhaps you could also offer a minor discount for those with Plus subscriptions too.
    It’d be much more convenient if we could purchase game-time with this method.

  • Will we be able to preorder through psn store?

    • U can just buy the ps3 version already .. and start playing that .. u can upgrade for free to the ps4 version when its out.
      If u buy the ps3 CE version u also get the ps4 CE items once u upgrade it to the ps4 version free.

  • Hi there :D happy to see this launch on PS4 and have some questions….
    I have bought the collector’s edition of ff14 arr for ps3 maybe a month ago and have NOT activated the game yet as i wanted to wait to play on ps4 right away :D i also took part of the beta phase 1 on ps4 and loved it :)
    My question is… if i start with beta phase 2 on ps4 without activating my registration codes of my ps3 collector’s edition… can i then activate those codes on April 11th on my ps3 and will i have access to my ps4 beta phase 2 character or not??? The reason i ask is ’cause is wanna take advantage of the 3 free beta days without already having my 30 days free sub start running…ya see :D
    Also, if i activate my registration codes of my ps3 collector’s edition on April 11th… does my 30 days sub start running already or does it start from the 14th???
    Only a matter of getting the most out of my free days of sub before i start payin’ my sub ya see ;)
    Thx in advance for answering and keep up the good work ;)

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Absolutely. We are finalizing the process right now, so please take it with a grain of salt, but if you adhere to the following path, that should work:
      1) Install and activate the game on your PS3
      2) Login to the game on the PS3 and create a character
      3) Upgrade to the PS4 version
      4) Play on PS4
      However – you can already start playing on your PS3* and use the free days on that :) Changing to the PS4 will be a sight to behold then!
      The 30 free days start at the moment of activation. And thanks :)
      *: Please note that characters created during the PS4 beta will retain their level 20 cap until Early Access starts!

  • Ok thx for answering so fast but i don’t really see an answer to the important part :D
    Can you confirm that IF i start playing beta phase 2 on ps4 (without activating my ps3 ce registration code)
    I can then use this beta phase 2 character AFTER i activate my ps3 ce registration code on April 11th???
    Does my 30 days free sub upon activation add on top of the 3 bata phase 2 days and/or the April 11th early access or not??? The reason i ask is cause if i activate my ps3 ce version now, then i would lose 3 days from beta phase 2 / 3 dayse from early access and also 3 days in between beta phase 2 and early access :(
    I know it sounds kinda silly but i’m just trying to get the most out of my 1st month :D sorry if i wasn’t clear on this.

    • Let me rephrase this maze of a question i made :D
      What happens to my character i made on beta phase 2 for ps4 IF i activate my ps3 ce registration code on April 11th??? Do i still have access to that character or will i have to start over because i activated my ps3 collector’s edition after i started play’in on ps4 (beta phase 2)
      Do the beta phase 2 and early access days add to the 30 days free sub or do they overlap eachother?
      Thx in advance and sorry for the silly questions :P

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Your character should stay as it is, unless something unforeseeable happens (someone casting Meteor on one of our data centres, for instance) :) Imagine your character as being created on the server of your choice. It will always stay there.
      Also, the beta phase 2 and early access days indeed overlap with the 30 days free sub.
      And the questions are totally fine :)

  • I’ve had to make like 3 accounts and I still won’t get a confirmation code I’ve checked spam and everything no email.

    • I can confirm that some e-mail providers DO NOT accept e-mails from Square-Enix for some reason and the solution to that is to make a new e-mail with another provider like i did…. my main e-mail is with “telenet” from Belgium and i had to make a Gmail account to get the Square-Enix e-mail.
      It could be that for you it will take another provider then gmail as some people confirm this as well but i’d start with gmail as that ‘s a fast an easy setup….hope this helps ;)

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      As mentioned in the FAQ, could you please let us know the Email provider you are using, and if you have any special characters in your email address? Thanks!

  • Yeah made an account off because my other emails I have to wait 24hours can you change the email after you made the account

    • If i remember correctly i had to change my password and then i could try again without the 24hrs waiting time but i’d like a confirmation from devs on this to be sure as it’s been a while.
      Yes there should be an option to change the e-mail afterwards but i ‘m gonna stick to the same e-mail…
      Ya never know when you’ll need it again and ya don’t want something to NOT reach ya like….lets say a free item from Square-Enix with a code or something like that for instance…
      What i did was make a gmail account after i didn’t get the e-mail from Square-Enix and after i did that i got it in like 5 seconds and i plan to stick with that e-mail account for reasons i stated above .
      But don’t take my word for it ;) this was my experience and could differ for you and/or others.
      Hope this helped ya out a bit and don’t give up ;) the game is worth the hasstle :D

  • Yeah I just made a gmail right now and got it instantly thanks for the help DIVINE2

  • Can we switch servers on this beta phase… I want to get in with my friends but we might be on different servers

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Server transfers are a paid service, I am afraid. Since this beta is taking place on live servers, you will want to check with your friends beforehand on which server the play.

  • I gotta say… Kudos on answering and i hope FF14 ARR will stay for a long time… i’ll probably stay subbed for a long time for sure…. i came from Tera on pc which was a blast but went downhill fast once it turned to F2P from P2P.
    I sure hope that Square-Enix never goes to a F2P plan which i doubt they will ….but just to be sure….don’t ;)
    Thx again for the reply and this is me signing off and goin’ online soon ….cya inside the wonderful world that is FF.

  • I cannot link my PS3 SE FF14 ARR account with my PS4. I keep getting an error message.

  • Hi, will playing the beta install the trophy set?

  • If I transfer my PS3 SE account to PS4 then I will not be able to play the game on my PS3 any longer?

  • I too can’t link my ps3 data on my ps4 beta of FF14.
    The error code is NP-31865-3
    I thought we can transfer data from ps3 to ps4 During the beta & back again after the beta but lose the ps3 if upgrade for free right.

  • The error I get while trying to link my PS3 to PS4 account is NP-31865-3

  • Me too getting that code NP-31865-3 when I transfer my ps3 onto ps4.

  • I did not receive my confirmation email. My email provider is google mail. I do not have any special characters in my email address, only letters and numbers. Thanks in advance.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Thanks for letting me know. Please rest assured that we’ll be looking into this issue – it’s not exactly in our best interest to block people out of our game! Sorry for the trouble.

    • Make sure too check your spam folder, mines was there …

  • My brother also didn’t get a confirmation email. He also has no special characters and he’s with Gmail as am I but I got my code within seconds

  • I got a keyboard and mouse but can’t find where to switch it over on my already exiting characters is this something you can’t do yet?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      You can switch by pressing the switch button in the character configuration panel in the options/system menu :)

  • I cant get a confirmation code emailed to me

  • I am with gmail, no confirmation code sent, ive tried twice

  • I just started playing the game with this PS4 beta. Love it and I just order the CE retail version. Will I still be able to transfer the character for beta phase (hope it’s not for PSN version only)? Also, can I delete the game data after I receive my game disc to free up disk drive?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Welcome to Eorzea :) You can continue to use the beta client for the retail game after the beta ends,so you don’t have to reinstall. Barring any unforseen circumstances, your beta character will be absolutely fine and playable in the retail version :)

  • will the grafics become better in the final version???

  • I did not get my confirmation mail to me

  • never mind i got the email. If anyone who has gmail try to check the spam.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      It’s probably too late now, but can you please let us know which reason Gmail showed you for listing it as spam? If you access the mail in the spam folder, there should be a yellow notification at the top of the mail as to why it was sorted away. Thanks!

  • I downloaded the beta but it says I need to register the code . And I did not get any confirmation mail . I use and my email address contain “dot” in it . I checked the spam but there is nothing .help please .

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      A small number of users is unfortunately experiencing this issue, and we’re currently looking into it. I may ask you to contact our customer support at some point, so please keep an eye on the comments here. Thanks!

  • I am wondering can you still stansfer your character from PS3-PS4 without a PS3 as mine is broken?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Only if you have logged into your account from a PS3 before, I fear. If you have done so in the past, before your PS3 broke, then you’ll be able to upgrade.

  • How can I request another confirmation mail ? I downloaded the beta from NA psn store but now I cant find the game in the store .

  • Greetings! I have a messed up situation and I hope you will be able to help me out with it!
    I have purchased FFXIV ps4 version and applied the early access code on my Sony US account
    But i did not realize that my SE PC account is set on EU Region!
    So when I have downloaded the beta client from the NA PS4 Store, it refused to log me in.. telling me to use an application that follows the same region of the SE account..
    So i have created a new PS4 EU account and download the FFXIV client from EU PS4 store, and it allowed to log me in BUT.. I did not proceed with it as it would have linked my PS4 EU account to my SE Account permanently!
    So is there a way to transfer the early access code from my PS4 NA account to my PS4 EU account ? OR on official release date I won’t be facing this issue when logging from a PS4 NA FFXIV client with my SE EU account ?
    Your support is highly appreciated! and i wish i would be able to test out the beta client and provide you with my feedback ^^

  • Thanks i will check that out but can you answer this question pls if possible ?
    On official release date I won’t be facing this issue when logging from a PS4 NA FFXIV client with my SE EU account ?
    As in there will be no region restriction on official date ? as NA/EU servers are in the same data center if i am not wrong ?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      While the servers are indeed unified, the markets are different. That’s why there are regional restrictions for NA/EU/JP versions.
      I fear you won’t be able to apply the code of a different region to your existing account. But definitely mention it to our support, they might be able to help with that!

  • Hi, sorry for asking again, but will playing the beta install the trophy set?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      I fear I don’t have a definitive answer for you in that regard, sorry! Don’t want to give you any wrong information.

  • Thanks again Hergen for your prompt reply, the thing is i am not sure if SE support would be the right option for this issue, as I have applied the early access code on my PS4 NA account not yet linked to my SE EU account if you get what I mean.. so should PS Support team handle this instead ? correct me if i am wrong please.
    just to be clear, if I go to my service account links in my PS NA account I can see the entitlement for the FFXIV PS4 early access hence I think i should be contacting PS support team.
    anyway I have already placed a ticket with SE regarding this issue. waiting for their reply now. but I doubt they would be reply to me anytime soon.. it would be after when the beta 2 ends lol..

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      The point about contacting the colleagues from support is that they have a knowledgebase available to them that far exceeds my own :) You can of course get in touch with the PlayStation support team. Trying both ends won’t hurt anybody (he said, all support agents of the world on weekend shift suddenly giving him the evil eye) :)

  • Looking forward to seeing the difference in the PS4 version. I’m hoping that the monthly fee is placed on the PS Store though as I’d find that a lot more convenient.

  • I’m just curious as to why you had to make the login and updates so awkward. Why couldn’t you have them work exactly like every other game. And why use a web browser in-game for login? Is a dedicated console UI too much work for you guys to handle?

  • I haven’t received my confirmation email. I’m using Gmail and the only thing besides letters in my address is full stops.

    • Same here.
      And to add insult to injury they just desabled comments in this thread to stop negative feedback instead of admitting problems and fixing them.

  • hi,
    i am trying to transfer my character data across from the PS3 version to the PS4 beta (the basic character info, not necessarily hotbars or anything) and am getting the (NP-31865-3) error.
    i have tried logging on on my ps3 to upload the character data, but since i last played FFXIV on ps3, my ps3 broke, and i needed to replace it. now, its saying that i dont have a valid service account on that machine, and need to either purchase it from PSN (wouldnt want to, as already bought it once, but cant anyway, as the store knows i already own it!) or register a product code. the code i got in the box though, doesnt show anything, or do anything anymore (it has already been used once, after all!)
    so, i cant get on to the PS3 client to select transfer character data, to then get it work on my PS4, so im stuck with that error…
    is there anything you can do to help??!

  • i have a gmail account. no luck getting a confirmation email at all. have been trying all day. no special characters at all. please help!!

  • been trying to log in since yesterday. When i go to pick my data center its kicks me to a Error 2002 Lobby server connection has encountered and error. is this from server overload or something on my end?

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      2002 usually means that the lobby server is under a lot of stress. That should have subsided over time.

  • I am with no confirmation code has been sent to my inbox. no funny letters or lines. have received password reset emails no problems

  • I am with hotmail no confirmation code has been sent to my inbox, no funny letters or lines in address, have received password reset emails from SQUARE sent to same email

  • I preorded my game from Gamestop, i didn’t get anything for the early access code, Should i be buyingthis from somewhere else? because i want the early access

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      How and when the codes are sent varies from retailer to retailer. I’d suggest giving them a call and ask them directly.

  • I have a Gmail and a Hotmail neither one got the Beta code

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Thanks for the note and sorry for the problems – we know that this is causing frustrations, and we’re looking into the issue.

  • Cant get my confirmation email . I have yahoo

  • I downloaded the beta on Friday night in the UK and have been waiting for a validation code via email to my gmail account ever since,I even created another login using my girlfriends email which is hotmail and again no joy. Majorly disappointed as something as email validation is stopping me from enjoying this as I’ve been eager to play it for a while.

    • Hergen 'Kahuna' Thaens

      Please check your Spam folder – if you find the mail in your spam folder, please make sure to let me know here which reason Gmail listed for it being sorted away as spam. Thanks!

  • Still no confirmation code.
    Set up a new account 3 times and still no code.
    Only one hour until it expires is ridiculous also, as I have routinely tried yet need to go out.

  • I have tried 3 times to get a code yet have not received one.
    Using Gmail.

  • Hey there, I haven’t received my confirmation code to complete the registration as I believe it’s to do with having a couple of “_” in my email address and Yahoo being my provider? please help!

  • Can’t finish registration waiting forever to get “confirmation code”.
    So much for an “open beta”.

  • Impossible to get “confirmation code” using gmail and no special characters in email, only letters and numbers.
    Great “open” beta!

  • Oh, so this “new” design of psblog doesn’t show your own comments unless you force refresh a page in chrome, so now i look like spammer :).
    Totally disappointed by EU PSN team and this OBT.

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