Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita bundle launches soon in the UK

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Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita bundle launches soon in the UK

Acclaimed sports sim takes to the pitch on 11th April

Hi there PlayStation Blog. As you might have noticed, we recently confirmed that Football Manager Classic 2014 will launch on PS Vita on 11th April. If you like the idea of playing Football Manager on the move, but don’t already have a PS Vita, then today we’re happy to announce that we have teamed with SCEE on a hardware bundle that might be just the thing for you.
From 17th April, the PS Vita will be available to UK customers in an all-new Football Manager Classic 2014 pack, which includes a black PS Vita 2000 and a copy of the game (in the form of a voucher which can be redeemed for a copy of the game through PlayStation Store).
If you’re a Football Manager Classic player, this bundle will allow you to take your existing career on the road – or, if you’re new to the game, this bundle will have you managing your favourite team within minutes.
Watch out for further news on Football Manager Classic 2014 for PS Vita over the next few days.

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  • This doesn’t mention that you’ll also need to buy a memory card big enough to hold the game…

    • Based on the packshot, a 4GB Memory Card will be included.

    • If that’s the case, they didn’t say how the Vita Slim comes with built in storage too. It does by the way :)

    • @andrewsqual: It also says that on the top left corner of the box in the white square; “Internal memory card (1GB) built-in”

    • Either way @jorispelgrom, @andrewsqual I’m willing to bet they won’t be big enough. Last year’s Handheld version required a 2Gb download after installing the game, this version is a full replica of the PC’s Classic version.

    • 1 GB isn’t quite enough for the game, but it’ less than 2 GB.
      Also the internal storage on the 2000 is essentially useless if you have a memory card.

    • Great news Miles, any news on pricing for the bundle?

    • It may have 1GB internal memory, but 300MB of that will go to system resources.

  • 4gb memory card? Barely enough to hold one game such as Uncharted which is 3.3gb. Sony really need to lower the cost of the memory for the Vita, it’s incredibly off putting to potential buyers and also discourages digital purchases, which is exactly the opposite of what the Vita needs right now.

    • That’s exactly what’s been putting me off buying one. I do really want one as I think the remote play with PS4 is great feature and very handy. But what’s the point if portability is stifled by the lack of memory.

  • Great pack, even greater when the vita itself had some themed paint/casing.

  • Hey SCEE how about giving us this bundle: “Two yearly cycle games of IGC for the ps vita+AAA games for the vita (every month as promised)+3 ps3 every month (as promised)+Some damn answers about the decline of the quality of the IGC over the past 6 months”
    This is the only bundle I want from SCEE, until you ignore it you’re just a crap company like many others (including one you make some very big jokes when they release there new console)

    • SCEE did say somewhere that the PS3 games would drop to 2.. I’m sure I read that. With regards to the PS Vita IGC games, I agree. They were listed as yearly and they have been there over a year now. As for the decline of games? You think that? The games have been great for months, and have been getting better and more varied as the months have gone by. The PS3 and Vita have had some really good games given to them.

    • The problem with the ps3 games was that SCEE told us (through Chris) that the inclusion of ps4 on ps+ would not affect the number of games (like is happening with SCEA) and then they took the game away without explaining why (money is not the issue because if SCEA can do it, SCEE can do it also). And if you check the post progress on ps+, there’s nothing between Oct. 2013 and Nov. 2013 regarding the change of number of games for the ps3
      As far as I’m concerned “Touch My Katamari” (Oct. 2013), “Guacamole” (Dec. 2013), “Pixeljunk” (Mar 2014), “Smart As…” (Mar 2014) and “Hotline Miami” (Apr 2014) do not qualify as ps+ games. I’ve got better tower defence games on my android tablet than Pixeljunk and Hotline is “Kill, Kill, Kill”, we already have enough violence in schools without every kid on the block playing this type of cr…p.
      Also if you check the dates of the changes you’ll see this
      Oct: 25th of September
      Nov: 23rd of October
      Dec: 29th of November
      Jan: 24th of December
      Feb: 29th of January
      Mar: 5th of March
      Apr: 2nd of April
      They are spreading the releases, making sure that instead of 13 cycles a year we only get 2.
      Also every single reply in the ps+ post are completely unrelated with the questions people are asking, with one single exception where Chris stated that they are not at liberty to discuss SCEA conduct.

    • You can always stop subscribing. Didn’t realise you were in the camp of violent video games causes idiots to go on a killing spree. If you honestly think that then I feel for you.

    • I agree with frodouk.
      The only way Sony will change PS+ is if people cancel their subscriptions.
      I believe PS + is an expensive way to rent games IF you only have a Vita. It’s great value if you have multi formats.

  • Where’s this onesie thing? Haha xD

  • madmanwithabox12

    Good job guys, this bundle actually has some pretty strong potential. :)
    Now please for the love all things great and small, throw some marketing behind this. I know it’s easy for someone like me to just say “now go do marketing!” but I really think it would be a downright shame if this excellent bundle didn’t sell because nobody knew about it. Please understand that I’m saying this because I care about the Vita and I want it to pick up some steam.

  • Is the game going to be released in North America as well?

    • No release date has been confirmed outside of Europe yet, but the game is getting a physical release, so it could always be imported. ;)

    • Dont import the game. This game got online multiplayer not just singleplayer but, if u cant wait , and dont care about the online part go import it. Lol

  • Thanks for the answer.
    This is weird, I just found this on, it shows up as In Stock. How is that possible?

    • Look carefully at the shop that sells it. It’s not officially sold by Amazon itself but instead from a shop using the marketplace. Addtionally you can see that it’s the PEGI-version (rating in the lower left corner). PEGI –> EU. You got ESRB.

    • If this came out on PS4 I’ve no doubt that people would complain as it’s not “AAA” quality. People need to stop thinking that graphics make a AAA game.
      Some of the best games I’ve played over the pat few years have been indie titles.

    • Indie games are a great addition to AAA games but not something the majority buy a new $399 console for. I see them as a good filler between the big retail games.
      Fotball manager could definatly be released for PS4. Just make it as the PC version.

  • Looks great, but I hope the game (and the bundle) is priced sensibly, and you do not do an angry birds.

  • Had FMC2014 on pre order for months now. Glad they finally sorted it out. Hope its not the only time we will see football manager on vita.

  • Hi there! :)
    what about price? will be there any PS+ discount at the launch?
    many thanks for info.

  • Not played FM since 07. I would buy a PS4 version if it was equal to the PC version. Hoping the PS4 architecture will make a port likely.

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