An update on the Drakengard 3 PS3 Collector’s Edition

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An update on the Drakengard 3 PS3 Collector’s Edition

A deluxe version is now heading to European shores – find out more

So, thanks for all your feedback on the Drakengard 3 release plans in Europe. Frankly, we’re humbled to have such dedicated fans, and while it’s not always easy when people are upset about something, we have been passing your feedback on to the game teams – and today we wanted to give you a full update on the results.
It’s taken a bit of time – these things always do – but we are now ready to announce that in response to that feedback, we will be releasing a Collector’s Edition for Drakengard 3 in Europe, and that it will feature the Japanese voice-over content too.
We’ll be putting out a press release about this pretty soon, but as you’re the ones that took the time to give us the feedback, we wanted you to know first. So without further ado, let’s see what’s inside the Collector’s Edition…

  • Clamshell Box – An eloquent display case featuring the flower that grows from Zero’s eye.
  • Hardback Novella – This beautifully illustrated 160 page prequel story to Drakengard 3 (available in English language only) contains a collection of short stories written from the perspectives of each character.
  • Add-on Pack – Downloadable tokens for the Ciam costume, an additional level where you play as One, Zero’s sister, and a Giant Baby Hat (yes, an enormous baby’s head for your dragon, Mikhail).
  • Music Sampler CD – A CD containing a selection of mesmerising tracks from the game’s original soundtrack, composed by Keiichi Okabe (who also created the score for Nier).
  • Double Sided Poster – A collectable double sided poster only available in the Collector’s Edition of Drakengard 3.
  • The Game – While there won’t be a physical disc version of the Drakengard 3 for Europe and PAL territories, a download token will be included inside the box which you can redeem on the PlayStation Store.
  • Japanese Voice DLC – Experience the game in its original audio with a download token for the original Japanese voice acting! This DLC is part of the Collector’s Edition, but will also be available for non-CE owners when you pre-order the standard digital game through the PlayStation Store (pre-orders start mid-April).

The Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively from the Square Enix Store (and the SE boutique for France) – but it’s a very limited run. In fact there are only 2,000 of them in total (priced €69.99), so you’d best hurry as they’re bound to get snapped up sharpish.
Thanks again for being patient with us during the past couple of months. If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments below. Oh, and there’s less than two months until the game is out – yay!

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  • I don’t think Square Enix Store Ship to Denmark

    • Hey folks, we’ve got a few updates for you. In regards to the shipping destinations for the Collector’s Edition, the SE Store will only deliver to the following countries in Europe: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Which is why some of you can’t view the page through the link we’ve provided for you.
      For anyone importing the game from North America or Japan, please bear in mind that the DLC included will not work in Europe – we know many of you are happy to play through multiple PSN accounts, this is more of an FYI for those who don’t know.
      Additionally, there was a small error on the store page earlier, which listed the UK price of the game as £69.99 and not £59.99; for those who purchased the former, don’t worry, a member of our customer service team will be in touch over the next few days to refund you the difference.
      If you have any more questions please let me know and I’ll try my best to get back to you!

  • “It’s still a download code?! Forget it, I’m out.”

  • Wow its really nice to see you guys taking on the comments and doing something about it. To be honest this is the first i have heard of this game, but the fact that you have done this has made me take note of it and its now on my radar :-)

  • Hells yes, thank you so so much! I was one of the ones that voiced their opinion and desire to have a Collector’s Edition or some form of physical release so I’m so happy that you’ve announced this. Hopefully the link to pre-order it will be working soon (at the moment if I click on it I just get an error :/) Thanks again, so so much :D :D :D :D

  • I’ll try and grab one as soon as it’s up on the SE store. I do not want to miss out on this.

  • ERROR 404: Not Found
    The page you were looking for was not found.
    I doubt they’ll send to The Netherlands anyways.. So lame. Been with Drakengard from the start.. Why not make it more widely available? :/

    • The dead link has been fixed now, and we’re looking into the problems with shipping destinations – hold tight for an update!

  • Do you ship to Poland?

  • You fall for a stupid psysical disc? .-.
    You could even release the US version to us without reprinting anything else.
    I’m speechless.
    The only bad point is the pricing: too expensive. 10€ less at least.

  • Whilst being a nice gesture, the lack of a physical copy of the game makes this pointless.
    That’s what the complaints were about.

  • Still a shame no disc, since i would had loved that. But glad to see you guys at least listening to the feedback, and brought it to EU aswell. Will still be picking it up no matter what though!

  • Was hoping for a disc version after reading the headlines… well better than nothing I guess?

  • That’s insanely expensive and borderline pointless considering it doesn’t even include a copy of the game on disc, and the music CD is just a sampler. No thanks, guys, I’ll stick to importing from America for half the price.

  • This is honestly better than nothing, but still no physical disk is pretty daft for that price.
    Child of light is getting a CE set with a download code and that’s only £16! and you get twice as much.
    I bought Lightning returns’ steelbook, i bought the LE version of FFX/X-2 and i bought the CE of FFXIV for the ps3, i just want a nice addition with an actual disk please guys.

  • This is fine for me, ill be getting this!

  • No Disc? that was the main problem everyone had, the fact there was no CE was second. I still want a disc, so this really doesn’t do much for me at all.

  • I have not seen such a horrible “hat” addition in ages. Actually, never. Who in the world would even want to use it?

  • I appreciate the effort but the game disc was kinda the point, I hope the version that ends up on the PSN is well priced or, like Hatsune Miku:Project Diva F, It will be another game I want but won’t pick up until a heavy discount due to the lack of ownership, look at GFWL, Capcom and what not. I don’t mind digital games but they are £20 releases at the absolute most.

  • So it’s up on the store now, but… €69.99 = £69.99? I don’t think so, SE. It’s expensive to begin with, but that extra £10 does make a big difference. £70 (€85) for this, you must be joking.

  • Well, wanted to get one, but you only ship to 7 countries, which is a sad joke imo ;)

  • The contents look really good but the price is too high for me. Not having a disc in the box really lowers the worth to me.

  • You didn’t listen to anyone.
    “The Game – While there won’t be a physical disc version of the Drakengard 3 for Europe and PAL territories”
    ^^This is the problem, this is what you should have fixed.
    Screw you and your game, not buying it.

  • Well, a rather nice kick in the teeth: “Currently, boxed games can only be shipped to destinations within Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Please remove any boxed games to continue with your purchase.” I give up.

  • A 70€ “Collector’s Edition” without the Game itself (a download code is just a revocable, limited license) and a promo CD for the OST. I’m honestly speechless.
    This combined with the fact that there is still no way at all to buy the game on disc in Europe (sales in the US Square Enix store are region locked and the same holds true for I lost all my remaining faith in Square Enix today.
    Really, the release of this game is just a disaster regrettably

  • so, the EU price is 70 euros and the uk price is £70? that exchange rate is wrong, you don’t guarantee delivery for release? that is also wrong. Then we are expected to pay more than the US and THEY GET AN ACTUAL DISC included in their price. That’s 3 wrongs. They say 2 wrongs don’t make a right, well 3 makes this a extremely bad offer.

  • If you really would have listened we are many who would like a physical version. While it is nice that you are releasing the collectors, but without the disc in there I personally think its worthless.
    I am still getting the game absolutely, I love Nier. I must have this. But I’m not buying some download only BS, sorry. I’ll be importing it, so I can get my physical copy.

  • Doesn’t appear on the SE store for me. The link in the blog post just redirects me to the store main page. Searching ‘drakengard’ comes up with nothing. So it’s not available for Australia then?
    Looks like I’ll have to wait and buy it on eBay someday. :(

  • At least it’s going to have a jap dub now. Ok Squeenix. You won this time.

  • PS Vita Pets gets a physical release but not this…

  • Hey all, I’m in the process of getting back to you all but I just wanted to post a little update…
    The UK price of the game is actually £59.99, instead of £69.99 which was advertised on the store page. We’ve updated the page, but anyone who has pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition for £69.99 will be contacted within the next few days and refunded the difference. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause – if you have any problems, please let us know at:

  • Fair play guys, I feel loved!

  • Ah, that’s much better, thanks for the update. Got my copy ordered and paid off.

  • It’s pointless without a game disc. And a limited run of 2000 copies, seriously?
    SEGA took our feedback after Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F digital release in Europe and decided to release a physical version of Project Diva F 2nd both for PS3 and PS Vita.
    Square Enix, writes a first blog post about Drakengard 3 saying it will be released in Europe only in digital delivery, receives negative feedback about it and promises to look into it.
    A few months later another blog post reiterates the fact that the game will be available only in digital delivery and it’s written like if the first blog post feedback never happened.
    Now we’re at the third blog post on the subject, claiming the team listened to our feedback and in response to that we get… a collector’s edition without a physical disc of the game (and with a limited run of 2000 copies available in seven countries only, which makes the whole thing look pretty close to a poorly thought out token PR effort).
    I’m speechless.

  • Will the dual audio be purchasable after release too, or is it just pre-order DLC ?

  • I wish the book would get a separate and proper release, so I could at least be allowed to like actually buy it.

    • It will be available separately but if you pre-order the Standard Edition via the PlayStation Store from mid-April, the Japanese Voiceover DLC will be included.

  • You listened to the feedback? Really? Honestly? Ummm well no you didn’t, people wanted a PHYSICAL disc. Please explain to me how offering a download code is a physical disc, how is a virtual item a tangible thing?
    Sorry I don’t want a download code for this game, I want the physical disc in a case complete with the marzipan smell.
    For the record I should thank you, because by not re-subbing to FFXIV:ARR and cancelling pre-orders for ANY Square-Enix game here is what I have bought instead and all are physical copies Toukiden £28, Ys Memories of Celceta £28, Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc £28, pre-order for a collectors edition of Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi £43, Conception II £30 import, pre-order for Mind Zero £30 import. I’ve also imported from Japan Yakuza Ishin PS4, Samurai Warriors 2 HD with Xtreme Legends and Empires and Orochi Ultimate 2.
    It’s good to know that my money has gone to companies that even if the games aren’t released in Europe they don’t apply draconian policies that prevent importing physical versions of the game.

  • I have already preordered from Spain, but just one doubt, English audio with French subtitles only? (from the image) Not even English subtitles? If I want to play with Japanese voices I won’t be able to understand anything due to my lack knowledge of French?

  • When I read the headline I felt a russ of joy, finally I would be able to buy this game like a Tier-1 citizen, I was so prepared to rush into the store and pay 100€ if it was necessary; but then I continued reading, and with despair I realiazed that the 70 € package was an empty shell, no game disc in it.
    I guess I’m still forced to buy this from PlayAsia. Tier-2 citizen it is.

  • That’s it Lee, ignore the genuine issues again. Why is customer support so terrible nowadays and just ignores the real issues rather than try and address them.
    I was so happy when I noticed the title, then I read the details and my joy turned to disgust >:(
    All we ask is for a genuine reason why we cant have a physical release? yet it seems you don’t have the decency to provide us with that.

  • It’s all well & good releasing a collector’s edition, but NO PHYSICAL GAME DISC?????? just a code.

  • Please Note: Drakengard 3 Collector´s Edition contains a PSN game code, no physical game disc will be supplied
    SCAMMING SQUARE ENIX STYLE. and they say that they listened so you pay 70 euro for digital content. sure looks like first class scamming 2 me.

  • Dear Sony and Square Enix, apparently you didn’t get the memo. The biggest problem was and still is the lack of a physical disc release. I would pay a higher price, I would order from the Square Enix webshop, I would even pay for it if it only comes in a bundle, but only and *only* if I would receive the physical disc. Now I guess I will look into other ways to obtain a physical copy. Thanks for nothing, and I hope you see error of your mistake in the future.

  • Square enix, Will this be available for Australia?

  • Cool news, but still… USA 5000 copies, includes 2 more DLC that you don’t and a PHYSICAL DISC which you don’t have either!
    Sure the price is the same, but I’m taking the USA vers. unless you change that vers. to 100% match up with the USA vers.
    What’s cool having a “merchandise” set if the game isn’t Physical not there, its of the things of owning the collectors edition!
    I mean, look at FFXIV PS3/PS4 CE. Disc needed once for installation, but its still a physical game disc!
    Also state if you pay now for pre-orders or at date of dispatch.
    It might cost like 15€ to get it to Europe from USA. But damn is it much more worth it!
    And don’t note me on the DLC, I’m well aware it’s the USA PSN store stuff.

  • The links don’t work for people in Australia!

    • Unfortunately the Collector’s Edition won’t be available in Australia, we’re only able to deliver to the following countries: UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

  • Hi Lee,
    If i pre-order this today will i be charged now or when the item ships, as you have responded to someone above advising of refunds.

  • Thanks for the answer Lee. Looking forward to the book and at the same time pray to Cthulhu it is not SE store exclusive as I hava a hunch it can’t be shipped to Slovenia. Also thanks for the digital pre-order tip, since both editions are digital I’d rather see the CE would be shippable to tier 2 Europen Union members. ;)

  • Why there is no shipping in Greece? I work in the video games press industry and already i have complaints from hundrends of our readers about this. You know we are part of Europe too, and we pay with the same euros other people pay, so give us some respect please. The only thing that i know is that in a few days we will have to pay more than 200 euros to buy the collector’s from Ebay and thats because we dont have a fair chance of preordering it.

  • You clearly didnt do a very good job of listening to the feedback if you didnt hear us saying we wanted a physical disc release of the game :/

  • lolwut? A collector’s edition box without a physical game disc? Is this a joke? I mean, really… it’s a joke, right? The stuff these corporate air-heads come up with…
    I guess I’ll buy the game on sale once it’s 10€. Shouldn’t take too long. If not then meh, there’s plenty of games to play from non-stupid publishers.

  • looks like an interesting game, any chance of updating the graphics and porting this to ps4 ?

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