PlayStation Vita Pets release date and new gameplay details

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PlayStation Vita Pets release date and new gameplay details

Find out what to expect from the family-friendly adventure, out this June

Hey everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this, we’re really excited to be back today with some updates on PS Vita Pets we’ve been waiting to share for some time now!
The first being that we are finally able to announce the release date – PlayStation Vita Pets will be available for purchase exclusivity on PS Vita from 4th June and you’ll be able to pick it up on cart or download directly from PlayStation Store! Just in time for the summer holidays J
And here’s the box art to go with it!
So, what have we been doing since the announcement then? Well, it’s been a challenging project. It may seem like a simple game on the surface but there are actually many layers of depth to it. We’ve spoken a little about this before, about our goals to marry a pet game with an adventure game and a large part of that was always the characters – specifically, our talking puppies.

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You see, they are your pet, your partner and hopefully your friend on this journey so we wanted to make sure that they were able to convey their thoughts, feelings and needs to you. This lead us to create a huge script of dialogue for each of the dogs. In total we have around 10,000 lines of spoken dialogue in the game. It’s no small feat, but we felt it was essential to ensure that every day with your pet felt new. It allows us to ensure that there is a great deal of depth to their personalities which will unlock as you become better friends and discover more of the game’s mysteries together. Hopefully by the end you’ll be best friends forever!
We also wanted to take a little time to tell you more about the game’s adventure aspects. When you’re not at home pampering your pooch, playing games together and training up their skills, you’ll be out in the forest uncovering a long lost legend of a king and his dog.
By training your dog’s nose to sniff out buried treasure you’ll be able to dig up clues and artefacts that will open up new areas of the world, each containing more hidden goodies, new challenges and puzzles to solve. You’ll visit dark caves, abandoned mines, an ancient maze and eventually you’ll be able to make your way to the centre of Castlewood Island, where the king’s greatest treasures are hidden…
None of this is possible without your pet pal though. Through nurturing, training and playing together, your dog will gain the skills you both need to be able to progress deeper into the world. Crawling, pulling, digging, jumping and more will all come into play if you want to be able to uncover all the secrets of Castlewood Island.
We don’t want to go into too much detail now though; we’ll back soon with more updates in the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading.

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