Save 50% on Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Thief this weekend

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Save 50% on Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Thief this weekend

Big savings on two massive PS4 blockbusters for a limited time only

It’s payday! So with our friends at Square Enix, we have a pair of cracking offers for you to get stuck into. Your weekend can be taken up with a spot of adventuring in Tomb Raider, or alternatively maybe sneak around in the dark in Thief. Whichever you choose, you’ll have fun and save big at the same time.
Thief (PS3)
Was £39.99/€59.99/AU$69.95, now £19.99/€29.99/AU$39.95
Thief (PS4)
Was £49.99/€69.99/AU$99.95, now £24.99/€34.99/AU$47.95
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (PS4)
Was £44.99/€59.99/AU$84.95, now £22.49/€29.99/AU$39.95
Offer ends 31st March 2014.

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2 Author Replies

  • This is a very welcome discount, thank you. As I don’t get paid until the 31st, when does this actually run out?

    • AM of the 1st, but I definitely recommend buying early morning on 31st to avoid any disappointment :)

  • Already owned great Tomb Raider on PS3 so no point to add that on PS4.
    But Thief on PS4 for £25? Hmm, very interesting. Even if it isn’t the greatest game but I may think about adding another one to my PS4 backlog!

  • jawad any comments on why fred was layed off or is it wrong info?

  • Already own both, but it’s great to see competitive digital pricing happening so soon after release of both these games
    Offer Infamous for half price in a month or so’s time and it’ll take a good chunk of sales that would otherwise go on preowned copies – everyone’s a winner

  • That’s a couple of good deals, but a bit of a tough sell on Tomb Raider after it joined the IGC. I might have missed a blog or a post, but what happened to the Weekend Debate? It was always good fun and a good read. Fred?

  • Tomb Raider is now at the price I can see myself pay for it. Bought.

  • This is great for people who are interested. Great job! But I really want an answer to this question.. Asked Chris 2wice over at the igc post.
    I really don’t wanna feel bad for myself so.. Can I safely assume that dishonored will not make it into igc? And any chance for batman arkham origins.. Really wanna play that 1 as my most anticipated game is arkham knight for the year!

  • Arkham origins is just too soon man

  • any offers for rayman legends and Battlefield 4 Premium? Please Or at least gave us a real price for Battlefield 4 Premium $49.99 And not, as is now $64.99 Please and thank you .

  • Fred, any news on Saints Row 3- Full Package? It’s still not purchasable. I hate to ask in an unrelated post but waiting/eager to get it. Cheers!

  • That’s a great discount on each of these games, thank-you!
    I will most likely buy Tomb Raider

  • anyway that we will see some offer on Killzone season pass?

  • Good stuff Fred. :)

  • I don’t see the discount? Thief is still listed as £39.99 for me?

  • That’s the price those games should have been listed at from the start. Knock another £10 off the price now and you can call it a sale. Great job on the PS+ discounts…

  • Hi PS Team!
    Please provide an update regarding the Blockbuster Sale. Some titles are showing sale prices in the icon, for example AC3 season pass for £8.99, but when purchasing it comes up as £23.
    If you could just let us know that it is being looked into please.

  • Both very tempting. But I am unsure if I want digital versions or wait for the physical editions to lower in price. Decisions decisions.

  • Ordered Thief (PS4) at the start of the month from for £40 thinking bargain. It still hasn’t come and so I decided to get a refund on it (still waiting on that as well unfortunately). Saw this offer earlier and thought to myself “karma” (Y). Very pleased with this flash sale :D Awesome!

  • Ziet er goed uit

  • in the US they are complaining that EU gets the better plus content this month. Just saying.

  • A few people saying they’d like PES does not constitute people complaining EU gets better content. I can’t see much other than praise from the US customers.

  • Excellent sale. I’ll be buying Thief as I already have Tomb Raider on the PS3. Keep doing sales like this a few months after initial release dates and I’m sure the crowd who wait for second hand physical copies will be sorely tempted to buy digital!!
    Quick question – Will the PS1 and PS2 classics ever catch up to our American counterparts? I’m itching to replay the Fatal Frame games as well as a few others!
    Good work guys, keep it up.

  • Fantastic offers so soon after release, Tomb Raider was one of my fave games on PS3 until I had to sell it to fund the PS4, def grabbing the shiny version for the collection. :))))

  • Why do I get the feeling Thief will be a PS+ game soon?

  • Where is “Saints Row: The Third: The Full Package” at €9.99/AU$12.95/£7.99? It’s over 2 full days and it’s still not up, and not a single reply from you guys. The whole Blockbuster sale 2 is a big mess. Items come and go, prices changes every few minutes (without discount, with discount but no PS+ discount, …). It’s ridiculous that you are acting like there wasn’t a crisis the last 2 days+.

  • @Jawad, Go read the comments on the “Save on Assassin’s Creed, Need For Speed, Dragon Age, Fallout this week” and “New on PlayStation Store: FEZ, Destiny of Spirits, more” will you? Just see what a big pile of mess you and SCEE had been ignoring the last 2 days (and still ignoring).

  • Yep, well happy with this, am picking up Thief for ps4, have TR in ps3 via IGC, yet to really start it though, what is the trophy list for TR?. are they same as on ps3 vers, as in you can’t earn two of each, guess that may be a factor in wether to rebuy it or not later on. After all it would be bit boring if i replayed it after finishing it on ps3, just for nicer scenery.

  • @Jawad What’s the deal of the weak for Saudi Arabia? It just shows 0 results :s

  • Wow, great sale for relatively new games, bought Thief day one for £45 and thought that was a good price, anyway I would highly recommend Thief great game that keeps you interested and playing long after you should have gone to bed, especially good for all of you that like stealth games, although you can play through on full frontal attack if you like. Might have to grab TR as it’s to good a price to let slide

  • Great offer!! Already own Tomb Raider so just grabbed Thief ;) Good to see fantastic offers like this on the store, far cheaper than any online website or shop. Thanks guys

  • Thanks ver much for the discounts, nice to finally see some love for the current gen.

  • One query, MGS PS3 $35, on PS4 $55 – seems a bit odd?

  • Can anyone give me feedback on how’s the MP population on TR? I have it on PC, enjoyed but MP is dead, barely anyone plays. How is it on PS4?

  • Thief is sort of tempting but I’m sure the digital version takes up loads of space and bandwith.. Might wait for a pricecut on the physical version instead.

  • fmykdisbad 28 March, 2014 @ 6:09 pm
    in the US they are complaining that EU gets the better plus content this month. Just saying.
    lol, people will never satisfy… I would say both EU and NA should be complaining what Asian store gets for PS+ games. just saying

  • @alice_push_lara2, You are only saying that because you know nothing about Asian store. I am a PS+ member on US, UK and Asia. I can tell you, the Asia store is simply a disgrace. Not a week goes by when I don’t think about asking for refund. They have terrible IGC. (When US and EU were giving Borderlands 2, they started giving Borderlands 1.) Sale? What Sale? Probably once in a quarter there is a sale, and you will laugh so hard at the ridiculous price. (Remember your January sale in Europe store where over 100 titles went on sale? Asia is having a sale with just a couple of items, including SSX selling at 3x the Europe sale price.) The blog is a joke, the community manager only replies to a couple of posts each week, if at all.

  • … cont.
    As for the IGC, it is only good if:
    – You know Japanese language. Asia store caters to Asian countries, except Japan who has their own store. Probably only the hardcore anime fans in Asia know Japanese (less than 10% of PS gamers I guess). Yet some 30-50% of the IGC are in Japanese. (There was Soul Sacrifice Japan version one month, then Chinese/Korean version another month, but English is not in plan.)
    – You play on Vita a lot. Yes, instead of giving full size retail PS3 games, they give away a lot of Vita games (ie. cheaper games). Before any Vita gamer get excited about this, remember, the Japanese language majority rule still applies here (followed by Chinese and Korean language; English is the minority – which is funny cos it’s the majority language when it comes to PS gaming).

  • Great deals. Loved Tomb Raider, and currently enjoying Thief (although a bit glitchy soundwise). That’s the last time I buy something from the PS Store in the release week though. £25 down the swanny, for having an itchy trigger finger. :-) & :-(

  • Check the us discount on ea
    Thats what you call a sale!!!!!
    This is just another smack in tha face

  • Great offers PS :)

  • >S-Cript 29 March, 2014 @ 1:55 pm
    >Check the us discount on ea
    >Thats what you call a sale!!!!!
    >This is just another smack in tha face
    are you st00pid or somethn? we got dead island 3 + dead space 3 in EU already in january for only like 6 each, in US now in the EA flash sale they are 20/30 each.

  • damn i should not hang out with the st00pid people here it colors on me too, i meant crysis 3 + dead space 3… both these were 6 in the EU sale in jan :) without dlc, but still the much better deal compared to US.

  • Jawad, Is it possible, that these two games with injustice are the main candidates for the first PS4 ps+ AA IGC title?

  • @Porcupeth00
    It’s more or less a ghost town on all platforms even on PS3 & 360 where the userbase is bigger. Tomb Raider’s MP wasn’t popular with a lot of fans.

  • If its 50% off, then why does Tomb raider cost 349 NOK, when the normal price is 500 NOK??? (im from norway)

  • So @Jawad, when are you going to “take a look into” Saints Row 3 The Full Package missing from the sale? It’s 84 hrs and still no resolution.
    It seems bloggers (community manager, communication manager, content manager, whatever) here only baby sit their posts for less than an hour, posting some empty replies to comments easy to respond to, and just another day in the office is over. They will disappear thereafter, no one reads user comments any more, no one follows up on any issue any more. And it’s just a 9-to-5 job to them, no one works weekends or nights, no one cares about office crisis when they are off-site. There’s a complete lack of passion and professionalism to the job, and lack of commitment to the customers.

  • Well if it ain’t coming to the US this blows cuz I loved the tomb I had for 360 and would def get it on the ps4…if it the discount comes to the US

  • hmmm .. maybe I’ll get tomb raider today .. just platinumed nfamous SS. PS.. It just updated Infamous SS and when I looked at update notes it says “Coles legacy DLC” … does that mean we get the cole’s legacy DLC? I started the game but can’t find the cole’s legacy mission only the papertrail one (that I want to do .. but I hate the fact that I need to make an account, so I will do it later when a few more missions are out)

  • Well its brill just bought thief on my fone off the ps app cant believe . I downloadin it while i play knack. Which is a very good game . Hope theif is a gud 1 .

  • Probably not going to get an answer but..
    Store page says the sale will be up until midnight 1st April. Can i expect this to be 100% accurate? Cause i’ll only be able to buy a pre-paid card tomorrow night and then get home to buy the game around ~2 hours before midnight, would be terrible to get home and see the deal was no longer valid

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