PlayStation Plus in April: Pro Evo 2014, Mercenary Kings, Sly Cooper, more

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PlayStation Plus in April: Pro Evo 2014, Mercenary Kings, Sly Cooper, more

Hotline Miami and MotoGP 13 also join your Instant Game Collection next month

Hi everyone! PlayStation Plus is proud to present some huge titles coming your way this April including a day one exclusive on PS4, epic battles on the pitch and a master thief in some sneaky adventures.

New on PlayStation 4:

First up for all of you with a PS4, I’m sure you will be very excited to welcome Mercenary Kings to the PlayStation family. In this frantic 2D action game, you are part of the Mercenary Kings, the most skilled team of warriors-for-hire on Earth, but when your comrades have fallen and the fearsome forces of CLAW have seized an island-wide top secret laboratory base, you must do what it takes to stop them.
But you’re not going in unprepared! You have a crew of rogue geniuses in tow, and can craft and customize a massive area of weapons and armour. Whether it’s solo or with friends, move out, cut down CLAW and save the world!

New on PlayStation 3:

On PS3 this month, it’s time to step into the feet of your favourite players and take on the best in the world in the latest iteration of Konami’s classic football franchise Pro Evolution Soccer.
In Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 the ball is the focus, offering new levels of control and fundamentally changing play. Konami’s celebrated Fox Engine offers stunning detail and combined with a new football system offers improvements at every level. Other key features include the M.A.S.S physics engine, which makes every tussle unique and true-to-life, plus new animation tech and emotion mapping of players, teams and fans.
Next up, join master thief Sly Cooper on an adventure through the ages in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. The story goes that a time-travelling villain is scouring the past to pinch the Cooper clan’s biggest burgling secrets. Can Sly thwart the cunning crook before his family’s legacy is lost forever?
Don’t forget this title supports Cross Buy, Cross Play and Cross Save so you can access it on both your PS3 and PS Vita to ensure you keep up with Sly’s sneaky antics on the move!

New on PS Vita:

First up on PS Vita this month comes a high octane top-down shooter that’s attracted massive acclaim since its launch last year. Set in an alternative 1989, Cross Buy-enabled Hotline Miami finds you assuming the role of a mysterious antihero on a murderous rampage against the shady underworld at the behest of voices on your answering machine. Rely on your wits to choreograph your way through seemingly impossible situations as you constantly find yourself outnumbered by vicious enemies.
Finally it’s time to get on your bike with pocket racing gem MotoGP 13. This adrenaline fuelled experience allows you to step into the shoes of a rider in career mode challenging you to rise from your Moto 3 wildcard entry to take on the very best in the MotoGP championship covering every racer of the season. If that isn’t enough then take on your friends in multiplayer. Whether you go it alone or with friends I’m sure you will love it!

In summary

Leaving PS Plus on 2nd April:

Entering PS Plus on 2nd April:

Don’t miss out! Make sure add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!
Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.
Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.


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10 Author Replies

  • So the rumors were true.

  • This is an good games there. Thanks for the update

  • That couldn’t have been timed any better. I bought Sly Cooper for Vita while I was in the US last year, and I’m going back there this weekend, so I can trade in the copy I have and just download again from PSN on Wednesday!

  • Great update this month, even though it’s a shame the list was leaked *again*!
    Two cross-buy games should keep the moaners about nog getting a third PS3 game away at least this month, as they got what they wanted (and more!)
    Excellent to finally see a sports game entering the Collection. I wouldn’t mind if other sports like NBA would follow!

  • Already own Sly/Hotline/Merc Kings and I’m not really interested in football. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent month for people who don’t have them. I heartily recommend people to play Hotline Miami on the Vita and Sly Cooper on the PS3, Hotline will keep you busy for quite a while.

  • There’s the update, better late than never.
    Can i ask Chris/Jawad/Fred if it’s likely we might see Deadly Premonition enter the IGC in the coming months? I really feel it’d be a great addition.
    This is an okay update for me, but i’m less than happy three games i recently bought in sales (Brothers, Sly 4 and Hotline Miami) have all turned up in the IGC only a month or two after i bought them. I could do without the leaks of the monthly update too if i’m honest.

  • well done for letting us have the 2 titles on cross buy
    no these leaks are they sanctioned by you guys i cant believe you dont know how there leaked after about 3 month in a row

  • As I feared… Oh well we were due a bad month sooner or later. I do want Sly Cooper (thanks for that) but everything else is disappointing.

  • since plus is only $30 a year in US in sales and you get way more content, why does sony hate europeans so much?

  • PLEASE fix the leaks :(
    Why is Sony always the last to announce their own line-up :( Not a dig at you guys, but whoever is leaking this to the general public needs a kick in the head

  • You won’t be getting another year’s sub out of me. This is the worst lineup yet.
    A kid’s game, an xbla reject, a racing game and football? If it wasn’t for Hotline Miami this would be unforgivable.

  • Would prefer a sale on Sly again and if the store actually said its real size because it says its 26GB when really its not. PLUS is the most worthless thing ever invented but nice its tricking the stupid people into thinking they get free games its only renting and you will still pay in 20 years and get nothing to play all your old games.

  • I already own Hotline Miami but will plus members also get in on PS4 when it’s released there? Pretty cool bonus if they can.

  • Will we ever get a PS4 title that looks like a PS4 game?

  • This is a really nice update. I mean they’re all nice, but this one has a nice variety. I’ve always wanted a football game to mess around with, and the cross buy deal on Sly Cooper is always a lovely bonus. Shocked to see moto GP 13 though. Never thought it would be a target for the IGC. I have the game already, but I look forward to the online MP being bolstered and me getting my final MP trophy for the platinum. So all in all well done on the super update.

  • It’s a bit anticlimactic that this stuff was leaked a week ago (like a few times before)
    Glad to see Sly is cross-buy, as i already own MotoGP and Hotline isnt my thing

  • Content for PS3 is nice and versatile but Vita doesn’t seem to get anything from top shelf, same goes for PS4, do we have to wait till E3 month to get something decent? I got used to getting top games every month, this month is just not good enough. I’d prefer to have 3 months with “good” content than getting 1 good month and 2 poor, that’s how it is right now.

  • Will we ever get a PS4 game that looks like a PS4 game and feels like we are getting real good value from our PS Plus sub?

  • Good stuff, 2 cross buy titles is always nice. And PES 2014 fits perfectly into the bracket of games I’d quite like to play but would never actually pay for separately

  • @Grimmy11 Hotline Miami on PS4 is free to people who bought the game already on PS3/Vita, not sure if you got it for free in PS Plus if you’re eligible though.

  • really sony? when are we getting a full retail game for the ps4 jesus also when are you changing the anual games for the vita as its been over a year since gravity rush and uncharted golden abyss was added to ps+

  • Why did it take you so long to announce it? A few months back, i used to enjoy discovering on this blog the new entries in IGC. Now the info is always up on other sites days if not weeks before.

  • العاب جيدة

  • Nice month! I’m happy

  • @fmykdisbad: everyone KNOWS they only ‘rent’ the games for as long as they keep PS Plus, but thanks for reminding. Still, can’t hardly say it’s worthless, when you get to play all these games for less than the price of a single retailgame a year, can you?
    If you think otherwise, you’ve got a very strange way of thinking.

  • Nothing that tickles me the right way this month …but some needed variation to PS3 games (sports and kids friendly).
    All in all, a good set.

  • confirmation sony is the antichrist would have expected last of us, gta 5 and ac4 this month.

  • @johnnycide – LOL. Not getting another sub over, in your opinion, a bad month? Get a grip.

  • Not really a huge fun of Football games but hey I’ll take PES2014 and MotoGP14 anytime. I already got Sly Cooper and Hotline Miami. Btw, I think PES2014 would fit perfectly since it’s the World Cup this year.

  • Very good and slightly surprising update. I never thought I would see a football game on PS Plus. I already own sly and hotline but will be snapping up the other three. I now have quite a large plus backlog with the amount of great games offered.
    Hope the team at playstation can keep giving us as great and diverse a plus update as possible.

  • Ok just looked again. Mercenary kings is a different game. I was under the impression that it was Awesomenauts for some reason. It looks ok, but it’s not a PS4 game, is it?

  • @frodouk
    One bad month? You must be new here……

  • I don’t know how good sly cooper is, and I don’t really care. This is a very disappointing month.

  • @johnnycide seems it IS a PS4 game or it wouldn’t be getting released on the PS4, would it?? What are people expecting on PS4 from PS+ exactly? The console is new, the library is small and the games are still selling well on PS4 at retail price.
    PS3 and Vita both started slowly as their respective libraries grew. PS4 needs to be given a year or so. Don’t forget that PS+ on PS4 is not just about free games, it also grants access to your online

  • Oh god… we don’t need more PC indie games on PS4…

  • Great line up. Never played a footie game before, maybe i’ll try pes 2014. Plus a nice little inde game for ps4. Thanks.

  • A pretty divisive choice. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be football. Dishonored or Dead Space 3 would be great. Surprised you chose PES. A lot of people like it, sure, but an equal amount or possibly more are not in the slightest bit interested, i’d say. The others seem reasonable but this is one month ill probably skip.

  • This is by far the worst PS+ line-up I have seen.

  • It’s great to see Sly Cooper coming this month and Mercenary Kings looks like fun also, but I wish Sony would refrain from putting sports games on PS+, those games really only serve people who are into that gaming niche. Something with a broader appeal would be a lot better IMO.

  • Great news!
    Will The Sly Trilogy also be cross-buy?

  • Terrible. I swapped my PS3 for a PS4 on launch and still waiting for something to make it worthwhile. Terrible instant games collection for PS4. P.S. These games are NOT free, we pay a subscription for them. Hoping for better next month and beyond.

  • As someone who doesn’t have a PS3 but does have a Vita I really appreciate the cross-buy element when it comes to PS3 IGC games.
    It was announced earlier this month that people who own Hotline Miami on the PS3/Vita would get it for free when it comes to PS4. Does that apply to people who get Hotline Miami from the IGC too?

  • For me a bad month is still great. Annual plus subscriptions can regularly be found for £30-£35 and I don’t think there’s ever been a month where I’ve thought “I’d rather have the £3 I’ve paid for this month back instead of any one of these games, let alone all of them”

  • Thanks for the update, but this is genuinely the first month which I find nothing of real interest, not blaming you as obviously this is subjective.
    It is sad to see no positive actions though on the back of our feedback. I thought the PS+ team were striving to achieve best value for us. How does cutting content achieve this exactly?
    Any chance of a comment on “those questions” from the mysterious PS+ puppet masters now please, it’s now 5 months and counting.

  • Just for your information, some statistics from last months PS+ blog post. We are continually asked to post in relevant blogs and to keep on topic yet this happens.
    Last month the update was posted on the 27th Feb a Thursday, we had to wait till the following day for a first reply by Fred at 10.22am. This was a response to the approximately 300th post, was his post “Chris will be a long shortly to answer queries.”
    The next response we got was at 1.50pm on 28th from Fred he continued to reply for approximately 18 minutes, his final reply being at 2.08pm 28th Feb. Chris eventually joined us at 2.27pm 28th Feb and continued to reply for 16 minutes, again this was his final reply. At this time they replied 22 times and Chris Howes response, the final one, was at 2.43pm 28th Feb in reply to a comment posted 27th Feb 2.18pm. That was just the 64th post and only posted 19 minutes after the blog was started at 1.59pm!

  • PT2
    To clarify-
    Chris time spent replying 16 minutes. 28th Feb – 2.27pm to 2.43pm
    Freds time spent replying 18 minutes. 28th Feb – 1.50pm to 2.08pm
    Last comment replied to – 64th post dated 27th Feb at 2.18pm
    I will assume that seeing as the last reply was in response to the 64th comment posted, that either they didn’t bother reading the other 600+ posts or could not be bothered to respond. After all its not like it had the most comments or anything is it?
    Is it any wonder people ask questions of topic elsewhere when this happens. Not all those questions/comments posted after the 64th were complaints either, people just being ignored following the rules.

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