Air Conflicts: Vietnam swoops onto PlayStation 4 soon

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Air Conflicts: Vietnam swoops onto PlayStation 4 soon

New and approved version adds a host of new features to the dogfight sim

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition, coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 in Spring 2014, is taking air combat to the next level. We have worked hard on the original product and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity, not only to bring something to a current gen console, but also to incorporate community feedback and reconstruct Air Conflicts: Vietnam accordingly.
We were always very sorry for not being able to allow the player to fly for North Vietnam, so now we are giving the player chance to do just that! But the Ultimate Edition is far beyond a simple port to PlayStation 4. We’ve carefully listened to the players, read and analyzed the critical reviews. Based on your feedback we added plenty of major improvements to the gameplay and content.
To be more specific – we added a new simulation mode, reworked control schemes, gameplay dynamics, improved the gameplay balance and further differentiate various airplanes, improved HUD, increased the size of the maps, added new content and fixed a lot of the reported issues and problems – all this happened to improve your Air Conflicts: Vietnam gameplay experience.
Furthermore, we implemented some unique PlayStation 4 features: Headtracking – to control the camera in the cockpits, the controller lightbar and the speaker function. We also implemented Facebook and an additional multiplayer mode only available on PlayStation 4.

ACV_UltimateEdition_02 ACV_UltimateEdition_03

And finally – we added a fresh new campaign – the “Lost Letters” mission that allows the player to fly as Vietnamese legendary ace pilot Nguyen An Toon in famous events from the war, such as Flight of the Tiger, the last known activity of US forces in Vietnam.
We believe that the new Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition delivers a balanced and improved gameplay experience for all players. We developed the Air Conflicts series to bring you often forgotten tales of war history and putting aerial combat more into historical context. Air Conflicts series started with Secret Wars, portraying the events around the resistance movement of the Second World War in European Battlefield. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers followed shortly after and brought the aerial combat into Pacific, right into the relentless war with Japan. Air Conflicts: Vietnam is the last addition to the series and the first addition leaving the World War theme.
For more information about Air Conflicts: Vietnam visit our homepage:

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