Card game roguelike Hand of Fate coming soon to PS4 & Vita

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Card game roguelike Hand of Fate coming soon to PS4 & Vita

Expect deep dungeon combat brought to you by experts in the genre

Salutations PlayStationers! The team at Defiant Development are thrilled to announce that our Kickstarter-funded table-top roguelike deck builder, Hand of Fate, will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita!
For those of you who haven’t heard of Hand of Fate, it is a roguelike that blends table-top card gaming and video game magic.
Inspired by tarot and fantasy, all bets are off as you create your own journey by building a collection of cards used to deal out a boardgame-like dungeon teeming with enemies, treasure and adventure. Upon entering combat, the cards come to life as the player is propelled into a beautiful 3D environment to brawl it out with the foes of the land. Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate.
Being a roguelike, Hand of Fate’s strength is its nearly endless combination of cards and ways to play. The deck builder lets you determine a mix of combat, chance and equipment cards for your deck before you set out on your quest. Equipment selection ramps up replayability as the player is introduced to a slew of artefacts, weapons and armours that modify gameplay. The player has the freedom to choose their cards, but how and when they are dealt out is purely up to The Dealer.

HoF_Screenshot_Beta_02 HoF_Screenshot_Beta_03

Hand of Fate is lovingly made by a talented team of board game, RPG and roguelike game enthusiasts. So it’s a real treat to see our passion being brought to a new audience thanks to Sony.
Read more about our Kickstarter campaign, join our Hand of Fate mailing list or keep updated through our website, Twitter and Facebook. We can’t wait for you to play Hand of Fate!

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