Your first look at fire-fighting roguelike Flame Over on PS Vita

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Take on a towering inferno in Laughing Jackal’s procedurally-generated adventure

Hi everyone. I’m Al, Producer at Laughing Jackal and project lead on our latest game, Flame Over for PlayStation Vita.
Flame Over Title Screen
We initially revealed we were working on Flame Over back in August 2013 but after that, all communication ceased (for which I offer my apologies.) Needless to say, tons of stuff has happened since then, so here’s a reminder of what you can expect when the game is released later this year!
Flame Over is a fire-fighting action roguelike, featuring randomly generated levels, twin stick controls, fast-paced gameplay, permadeath and dynamic fire that burns, spreads and threatens the player (and other NPCs) in some cool ways.
FO 2014-03-20 16-20-15-76
Your objective in Flame Over is simple. Just guide your heroic fire fighter, Blaze Carruthers, up through the floors of the Infernal Industries building in London, extinguishing all fires and rescuing all the stranded workers and – naturally – their pet cats as you go.
As you guide Blaze through this mazelike building on your quest to put out the deadly inferno and save the day, you’ll move through four different zones, each with their own unique features and hazards.
On top of its original setting, Flame Over is a game of several firsts for Laughing Jackal. It’s our first game created using Unity (which really is great by the way), our first game in 3D and our first ever action game. It’s also by FAR our most ambitious project to date, having been in the works for over a year.
In writing this post I’ve looked back over our initial reveal of the game back in August 2013. We have had a mountain of technical issues to climb in that period but we’ve defeated every obstacle in our way and made something that is pushing PS Vita to its absolute limits. Not only that but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a game that looks great, featuring lots of stunning details and a miniaturised cartoon art style that we are incredibly proud of.
The screens accompanying this post are from the first theme only, and are missing lots of polish, such as final GUI, player animations and feedback, but even with all that said, here at Laughing Jackal we still think Flame Over’s looking great!
FO 2014-03-20 16-37-21-58
Flame Over’s core gameplay involves using equipment such as your mini-map, thermometer and fire fighting gear to seek out and extinguish the fires on each floor of the Infernal Industries building, in a race to complete each level before time runs out.
You can boost your chances by spending loot on power-ups and by rescuing the stranded workers and cats left behind on each floor.
All levels in Flame Over feature items that the fire is able to spread to and consume. The fire can also create backdrafts and unstoppable walls of flame, along with a host of other dangers. By mastering the fire and its hazards you may hope to defeat the inferno and get to the top of the game’s leaderboards with a truly epic time or cash score that will be the envy of your fellow gamers. Sounds pretty great right?
So, when can you get your hands on the game? As things currently stand we’re hoping to release Flame Over in late Q3 or early Q4 of 2014. We’re all super-proud of how things have progressed and we’ll be sure to keep our noses firmly to the grindstone so you can play the game as soon as possible.
In the meantime, from now on I’m hoping to reveal more about Flame Over’s features and themes each week on the Laughing Jackal blog. So, please visit and subscribe or keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages where we will be posting all the news from Laughing Jackal.
For now, keep the home fires burning! ^^

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