PS Vita system software update 3.10 out today

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New calendar feature added, 100 app limit increased

Hi everyone. Today we’re releasing PlayStation Vita system software update version 3.10 with lots of exciting new features.

Home screen

Good news for you all – you will now be able to display over 100 applications on Home screen. The limit has been increased to 500 icons.


You will now be able to exchange voice messages. The PS4 has the same feature so you can exchange voice messages with your friends who are playing PS4.
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Parental controls

We have enhanced the parental control features. You will be able to restrict PS Store access, and with a children’s age guide for each level it is easier to find the right level for your children. We’ve also added an information guide for TrendMicro web security.


With the Calendar app, you’ll be able to create gameplay events with your friends and sync your calendar with Google Calendar. You’ll also be able to invite your friends to share events by using Messages and Email.

Content Manager

You can check and manage Memory Card usage with Manage Content on Memory Card.
See other updates below:

  • Music – You will now be able to search for content saved on a connected device such as a PC.
  • Video – You’ll be able to now sort content by size.
  • Photo
    • Rotate Screen Automatically has been added to Photos to control tilt sensor for rotation of images.
    • Freeform has been added to the Panoramic mode selection list.
  • Settings
    • Adjust Daylight Saving Automatically has been added.
    • 30 minutes has been added in Enter Standby Mode Automatically.

Let us know what you think of the new update in the comments below. What new feature are you most looking forward to?

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  • what about the autodim on ps vita, this is a real problem when playing remote play

  • Nice update all in all, but if you really are looking for feedback on updates, there’s a huge bux fix two years in the waiting and it needs fixed more than ever.
    PS3 needs a significant update. When I go to install this update on my Vita, I am going to disappear to the bottom of my friends’ friend lists on PS3 or outright disappear. If I send an image from my Vita (or any device) to a PS3, they won’t see it- they won’t even be notified there is a picture. If I a message from my Vita or receive one, guess where I’ll have to open it again or delete it- my PS3. Messaging to PS3 is totally broken, and the PS3 friends list is totally broken.
    It’s a major bug and it needs fixing.

  • Any chance of any new apps, like North America is getting?

  • This update fixes MGS codec problem?

  • This is a good update, delivering something people have been asking for a while with the increase of 100 app limit but also useful things like more ways to manage content and connect with ps4.

  • Wow, a surprisingly great update. I wasn’t expecting that 100 app limit to be upped any time soon, massive thanks to sony for that!

  • Jesus what took so long to update the icon limit? Now I can finally import the 64gb memory card

  • Looks like a decent update, I’ll have a look at that manager for the memory card. Hopefully it means we can separate save data from the game install data? Ive always found it annoying that the two are merged together. Annoying knowing I’ll have to completly start over if I delete anything.

  • An option to permanently disable this AVLS function would be most welcome. I mean why the h*ll (is he*l a unwelcome word? I don’t know) does it automatically enable itself after 20 hours? I don’t want it. What’s the point anyway? I’m really lost on that part, oh whatever.
    Apart from that, nice to see all those Vita realeses in the past few weeks. A nice little console that deserves the attention.

  • great update. there is no information regarding the web browser though, does that mean that nothing has changed or can I still hope for copy/paste and search functions. I also think something should be done about the dim-problem (Ie. for the walking dead). now hurry up and bring those 64gb of sweetness to the west!
    thank you and keep up the good work :)

  • cool now can u release the 64 gb memory card in uk/eu so we can take advantage of this update

  • It would be nice to see the free space of a memory card on the upper black bar, or while maintaining the PS button, instead of always going to the Settings icon.

  • +1 re: auto-dim. Many games have slightly long cutscenes that cannot be viewed without the screen going dim.
    Most important request: SUPPORT MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ON VITA.
    Let my family enjoy gaming on my Vita with their accounts. Let my family enjoy my digitally-purchased Vita games on their accounts. Remote play is great, but why does everyone have to have their own Vita to use it? PS4 is multi-account, no reason for the Vita which remote plays the PS4 be just single-account.
    PS. Can you update the PS3 to allow PS3 to remote play PS4 too? If a Vita can do it, no reason a PS3 can’t. This will solve the problem of having a console in the living room and having to have another in the bed room. Many of us still have a PS3, it can be put to good use to access a PS4.

  • are we every going to get NETFLIX on the UK store for the VITA??? cmon SONY!

  • @UK_Rocklance
    Seamless Remote Play won’t be possible on PS3. It wasn’t made to properly incorporate it, whereas the PS4 has internal hardware and a chip dedicated to it. The Vita was developed after the PS3 after all.

  • FINALLY! So glad to see the addition of the screen timeout option.

  • Please get rid of the account restrictions. I’m originally from Australia and I moved to Japan so I have both Australian and Japanese PSN accounts and I don’t want to have to play games from different accounts on separate PS Vitas…

  • @MaxDiehard
    You misunderstand, they were asking if the PS3 can be updated as a Remote Play CLIENT.. In other words, use it to remote control a PS4 in another room.
    That most certainly CAN be done and would be doubly useful as it would also mean people could remote play PS4 games on an old SDTV via the PS3.

  • Really genuinely stoked for this. A few things I’ll benefit from.

  • Great! Finally new update block all TN-V :-D Are you planing add message options like “Google Talk”, “FB Chat” or other??

  • option to choose 5 secs. rewind/fast forward in the video player instead of 15 secs.. it’ll be handy for watching subbed animes

  • A really nice update, but it does not fix the avatar issue. Why can’t I view the avatars that I bought from PS Store on the VITA? Why do I need to get on my PS3 just to change my avatar? Fix this Sony.

  • This is great and all but… We want the feature to have multiple accounts on the same PSvita! NOW GET TO IT AND GIVE US THIS FEATURE!

  • Jeez an awesome update and people are just complaining, ha ha.
    Seems a really awesome long overdue update. Especially content manager, was surprising to see a portable console not have that.
    I’m definitely all for easier multiple accounts too, without needing to reset your vita every time you want to.
    Hopefully that’ll be coming next, but happy with one of my most Wanted features finally being in this update.

  • We need multiple accounts features just like PS4 please and Music Playback in background for all games which is not working now. Bring this feature as quickly as possible and its really hurting for the people who wants best of both US and Europe content. Thanks

  • Now if the UK could get the Netflix app that’d be awesome.

  • You listened well done. Now i can have all (most of) my many psm and ps mini games all installed ready for whatever my attention deficit mind decides it wants to play.

  • Please, please, puh-lease give us a Netflix app in Holland… The Vita is such an awesome device to watch Netflix in bed :)

  • Dear Sony
    Can I finally click on a game blocked by Parental controls and give it a PIN number to play?
    Like on PS3 and PSP.
    Parental control is useless if I must disable it completly to play a game blocked by it.
    Same problem is on PSVita and PS4.

  • Dear Sony, if anything can be done in respect of visual side of software. Why PSVITA OS looks like a baby OS ? It is not consistent. Different apps has different design language. May we see better disigned OS ? Smth like latest android or iOS ?
    Also what abt Youtube app for the Europe ? We still didn’t have it. And of course account manager in order not to reset Vita everytime.

  • It’s very nice to see additional features. I would personally like to see an improvement with regards to the browser, as I have found it to be quite sluggish on both the Vita and PS4. This is particularly noticeable when for example I want to comment in a games magazine I’m reading on the Vita. Thanks for the improvements and look forward to what comes next.

  • Another one for Netflix please, It’sa fantastic screen that unfortunately doesn’t see any video for me

  • Yes! Please give us netflix in the Netherlands/europe!

  • Good job with the calendar, especially with its integration with messages/emails apps.
    How about synchronising it with caldav ? So we are not bound using Google Calendar service.

  • Please, please! Give us MULTIPLE ACCOUNT SUPPORT on PS Vita.
    If an account is activated on my Vita, I should be able to access its downloaded content on the main account, just like on the PS3/4. I also have a friend that created a new PSN account (because you can’t change your PSN name), and she now can’t access the content she purchased on her previous account!

  • Please can we split save data and install data for games? Thanks.

  • Please fix the download list in the store!
    > Being able to sort the queue alphabetically would be awesome, much better than date purchased!
    > Allowing us to remove items such as demos from the download list would be good too.

  • I really like the look of this update, i’m sure i’ll find a use for the calendar and voice message apps.
    I have a few suggestions for future updates though
    1: Multiple PSN Accounts
    2: WPA-Enterprise2 support
    3: Option to disable auto-dim (this got REALLY annoying during The Walking Dead)
    4: Split save data from downloaded games (needing to backup a 2gb game just so i can save a ~500kb file is ridiculous!)
    5: PS2 game support? That would be nice :)
    They are the main things that i have noticed people want, myself included.

  • i’ll give some feedback!
    how about the fix for low latency for remote play to ps4.
    My upolad is rubbish so i cannot connect via internet but for some reason the vita always tries to incoporate the internet. If i turn off my internet then i get flawless connection…..bit weird?
    We need a dedicated connect to ps4 only button methinks.

  • Sorry for double post, but i’ve just remembered another issue i have.
    The PS3 and PS4 stores, to my knowledge, both have a page to show the new content available this week. The Vita does not. Vita owners have to check the blog, and then manually search the store to find the game they want. Quite a lot of the games i picked up on PS3 were through browsing the new games pages of the store, so surely having this would increase digital game sales too.

  • is this thing live?

  • it would be nice to do something about reaciving all game invites and messages that you got and sent on one system to the other system as new unread and unsorted messeges because amount of junk notification i am getting every week is enormus.

  • Voice massages awesome!!!! great update now is time for vita games :) the only game is intresting for me is counter spy this summer. infamous, Gow, Gta, Uncharted…. it wii be nice … also ps3 needs some love with final update to fix psn friend list if you have more than 100 friends, some friends disappearing on ps3 or the trophies from others, also option to delete the singstar icon :) and more options to download list

  • I don’t think SONY will ever make this happen. Maybe because they just don’t know how to do it… but I really want multiple accounts on PSVita like I have on PS3/PS4

  • Nice, a vita update, Sony isn’t ignoring it after all (like they are doing in Europe with PS+!!!!) and it’s nice to see that our console still deserves some love. Now hurry up and release the two yearly cycle games for the vita and give us complementary AAA class games for the vita to compensate for the total screw up of the last 2 months!

  • Calendar, it’s about time you added one. What I liked most about the PSP Go is simply pressing L & R together to bring up a calendar, which also gave you messages depending on the event such as Birthday messages or Christmas messages.

  • I hope the next update will add the ability to save your Video content on the PS4

  • Those features are great, and thanks.
    I am wondering however if the the EU/US Vita will ever get a reader. The Japan PSN has one, why not us? Surely there are lots of people here who read too, and I’m sure implementing one wouldn’t cost much, and since the vita screen is so great, I’m sure many people would be more interested in buying a vita if it had a reader, and other basic functionalities most people take for granted.

  • Good update but we do need multiple accounts please?

  • Thanks to the firmware team. Yet another useful useful update, please keep them coming.
    I would still like to see the auto dim screen function removed. Dual shock 4 support for remote play would be lovely.
    And please release a vita stand so I can use dual shock properly with vita.
    Also can something be done to improve WiFi on vita when connected directly to ps4? I can play for around 10 minutes before lag sets in. I’ve tried disabling low power WiFi mode but the signal still drops off after time.
    Slightly off topic, but remote play is such an awesome function but it feels a little held back by the Vita’s poor controls and WiFi.
    I really wish you guys at PlayStation would design a new device just for remote play. A variant of dualshock 4 variant with a custom LCD screen, greater WiFi and matching ds4 controls would be a dream come true tbh.
    Come on Sony. A device like this would sell like hotcakes and be cheaper to produce because it won’t need a strong processor, GPU or huge memory, unlike the vita. It would still require a touchscreen to mirror the ds4 touch pad, but the vita style rear touchpad could be omitted too.
    You can have that idea for free Sony. Make it happen.

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