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This week at PlayStation

Project Morpheus, new PS4 features, inFAMOUS Second Son and plenty of new game reveals

Greetings gamers. It’s been a huge week for news here at PlayStation – we offered a first glimpse at our new PS4 virtual reality prototype Project Morpheus; gave you a taste of what to expect in the next big PS4 system update; unleashed inFAMOUS Second Son on the world; and, as ever, announced a fistful of new games (Home, Aztez, Dragon Fin Soup and Savant, to name but a few).
Take a look some at select highlights below, and join us next week for another seven days of news, interviews and announcements, including word on which games are coming to PS Plus in April.
And finally, a little bit of housekeeping: you may have noticed that Weekend Debate has taken a brief two-week sabbatical. Rest assured it will return next week!

Top 5 most read PlayStation Blog posts this week:

  1. Introducing Project Morpheus
  2. New PS4 update to add SHARE enhancements and HDCP Off
  3. New on PlayStation Store: inFAMOUS! Final Fantasy! Metal Gear! Towerfall!
  4. Big savings on GTA, Max Payne and other Rockstar series start today
  5. inFAMOUS Second Son launches on PlayStation Store at midnight

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  • Interesting to see that the most read posts are also the most liked post (based on the ‘Most likes’ block in the footer).

  • Hey Fred! Some questions and requests, might not be able to answer them, I understand that.
    First off, firmware updates. Any kind of estimate on when to expect the update? Days, weeks? When will we find out about the other features that were mentioned but not detailed?
    Second, PS+. I’ve kinda fallen out of sync with the PS+ posts. When will we find out about the next month of games?
    Feature- How is 4J Studios coming along with Vita/PS4 Minecraft? It would be nice to get some updates on that since I’ve still got my money in my PSN wallet waiting.
    Cheers, good job as always.

    • Firmware – We’ll confirm details soon. Not far off, but weeks rather than days.
      PS+ – At some point in the next 7 days! We’re finalising now.
      Minecraft – I’ve not got an update from them to pass on today, but we’ll definitely have more news soon.

  • Updates on that** meaning maybe bring them in for a blog post on how things are going. It’d be exciting to know what will be different about the PS4 edition of Minecraft.

  • Do we have any kind of response from the ”right” people regarding the negative changes Sony EU made to ps plus in the last few months, yet? [1) 12 PS3 games less on a yearly basis compared to the US, while Sony stated PS4 wouldnt affect PS Plus, 2) we pay more (€50 ≈ $68) than the US but get a lot less, 3) no yearly Vita titles that should have changed last year november, according to info you posted on the blog last year.] If you cant answer questions of this type, do you have any feedback from the people who can? it’s been going on for more than four months now.

  • @Fred, there were no responses at all to posts on last week’s roundup, so I’ll post my question again. Can you please explain why the Persona 2 Innocent Sin situation has been handled the way it has.
    This is what we feared when moving over from physical to digital, that games we had paid good money for would suddenly disappear off PSN and from our download queues without any form of notice or explanation. My e-mail to the Customer Service Team was answered with “We’ll take this to the management”, then silence.
    Where was the communication, the e-mail telling all affected parties of a product recall. Where’s the estimate as to when it will be back up. Sure the TOS allows you to pull it without notice, but good business practice says if you want any more of our digital business you’ll inform, communicate, reassure and where necessary, compensate for things being taken down.
    It took a Google search to find it had been removed as a hacker had found an exploit, and I had to find out from the hacker’s own website because Sony was silent. The entire digital purchase system is based on trust – if people don’t trust that it’s as safe as buying a physical disc, no-one will ever buy digital.

    • Apologies, for my absence last week – I was out of the office. I’ll chase an update re. Persona from the Store team on Monday morning.

  • Having got my gripe out of the way, I’ll congratulate you on the Morpheus announcement. As long as this hits the right price point and isn’t just an accessory for shooters, it could be a game changer for console gaming, as well as a system seller. The thought of playing Elder Scrolls VI on this thing, an immersive MMO, a dungeon crawler or Fallout 4 is enough to make it a day one purchase for me. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.
    Fred, you probably have a few more contacts in these companies than we the public do, can you see if you can get an answer from Namco Bandai as to what the situation is with Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. A recent article on Gematsu suggests that the Traditional Chinese version, available in Taiwan, has both Traditional Chinese and English subtitles and menus. Can you put out a few feelers to see what the extent of these English subtitles are, as quite a few of us have the Japanese version on pre-order and would switch if this version has an English text option.

  • I got Infamous yesterday but I don’t have the enthusiasm to play the game. My cat my gaming buddy for the last 6 years died suddenly and it is not the same playing games without him. I named him after the game I playing at the time. I will miss my Dante.

  • Thanks Fred,
    The beep of the console turning on and him not appearing will take some getting used to.

  • [PART 1]
    hey fred
    happy sunday.
    In this week’s store update i asked about the discount of guitar hero tracks.
    activision said :
    Sad to say that the downloadable songs for the Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero games, and the Guitar Hero mobile game will no longer be available after March 31, 2014. The Guitar Hero servers will stay online and any previously purchased downloadable content is unaffected by this change.
    We want to thank all of you for supporting Guitar Hero over the last nine years. To celebrate this great community, selected songs and tracks will be available for as much as a 50% discount on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii from now until the end of the month.
    For more information, please visit the store on your console.

  • [PART 2]
    jawad replied :
    Unfortunately we will not be discounting Guitar Hero DLC. You can still obtain them until next week however where we will remove them.
    Sorry we weren’t able to slash the prices before removal
    so ive been tweeting with activision a bit about why discounted on xbox us/xbox eu/wii/scea but not scee. and they said :
    We hear you :( Unfortunately retailers set prices on content.
    so why wont scee discount the tracks? they are EVERYWHERE else.
    i dont get it.

  • @Fred re: Sword Art Online.
    Yeah, I tried to contact them, and a few others in my circle of friends who’ve pre-ordered the Japanese version have tried to contact them too in various ways. The local team don’t know anything outside of UK/EU releases, and it’s difficult to find a contact at the Japanese or other Asia region offices that takes English enquiries. My playthrough of this was going to be facilitated with a kanji dictionary by my side, but this article has given us all a lot of hope that there’ll be English subs on the Asia / Chinese version.
    Thanks for taking the Persona 2 issue forward. It really has knocked my confidence in buying digital, as I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on the PSN store on pure digital products, and have gone fully digital for Vita.

  • I bet Payday 2 and Injustice will enter our Plus collection next month. From what I heard, we’re getting Sercet Poachos for PS4 as well.

  • @Fred
    Any idea will the ps4 be getting dlna (probably the feature i want the most) support latter on ?

    • I’ve nothing to confirm at present I’m afraid. You’ll learn about it here first in the event that it does happen.

  • @Lucreto Sorry for the loss of the great gaming buddy. :(
    @Fred Hopefully you had a nice day off last monday – have you finished Dark Souls 2 yet? ;) And have you tried Luftrausers? Really addicting game, that one. And 20% off Plus discount was great. Worth every cent! Easy to pick up and hard to master – perfect game to relax and have fun with! :D
    And thanks for your hard work, being SCEE Blog Manager isn’t one of the most rewarding jobs out there. SCEE really doesn’t make your job easy (you know, we wanting answers and change in SCEE policy, SCEE ignoring us and waiting us to just deal with it), but I believe in you and that you tell your superiors our opinions. Can’t see you giving up on us, you have the right attitude for the job! Keep on posting! ;)

    • I’ve got 3 out of 4 Great Souls, so I’m well on my way! Loving it, though it’s not quite up there with DS1, I’d say. And yes, Luftausers is my commuting game at the minute. Mega-fun – though I’m lousy at it!

  • @supersmith2500 Oh wow really? Sercet Poachos doesn’t look that good :( Ps plus has had bad games for the Ps4 so far. Sony needs to up their game and stop giving us cheap indie developer tat, this is going to hold back this generation.

  • hi fred i know cant do nothing
    but my infamous scened son game wont work and keep coming error and faild to downlord and i rang sony servie they try everything and aslo disc makeing some noise but my other game work so they think know its my consle and to me i think the new update destroy my ps4. and a lot people haveing problems on sucker punch and i didnt use my ps4 much.
    so for know on getting replacement if dont work its game or the update im not very happy at all its destroyed my weekend .:[
    plus all this error codes is destroying Sony and Playstation trust .

    • Really sorry to hear you’ve had trouble :( Trust in Customer Support – they will get you all fixed up.

  • @ScooterMix
    i think i got that, i had same thing happen to me once, on ps3 fw update, after doing some research it seems theres a risk, about 0.03% that performing a fw on a normal console ‘can’ break it, so i dread them, fw’s i mean.. but we mostly got no choice but to accept em, be interesting to find the fail rate out for ps4 though. luckily for you, you should get replacement, unlike when it happened to me.

  • @Basket21
    ‘retailers set prices’? unbelievable, i hope you posted back saying we get told the opposite?, my ideas on the crazy prices are that yes, maybe devs do set prices so high, but for X amount of time, then it is up to ‘the retailers’ (sen) to adjust them accordingly. which takes far to long imo. speculation though, as it seems we will never get a proper answer for the rrp’s being set, digital ones that is.

  • @fred I’d heard that games such as #DriveClub are already coded to be integrated with Morpheus, exciting prospect esp for the hardcore racers, any truth behind what’s supported and what’s not?

    • Alas, nothing I can talk about today. We’ll keep you updated in the coming months though. You can be sure that there’s plenty of cool stuff in the works.

  • Really… Secret Ponchos is the PS+ game for April! Strike 2!!! That’s 5 months and all PS4 owners have got are indie games. Very, very poor. Plus where’s Drive Club? You do know by saying nothing you’ve virtually killed everyones interest in the game.

  • @Voodoo341
    How do u know thats the ps4 game for april ?

  • I knew about secret ponchos two weeks ago. I was hoping that rumour was untrue. But more and more gaming websites have secret ponchos listed as PS4 plus game, so its likely to be true.

  • @Phene90x
    I don’t know but it’s ‘rumoured’ on loads of other sites and we all know how those rumours turn out. SCEE would appear to have more leaks than the Titanic.

  • @Voodoo341
    Thanks , i hope that the vita games are at least good.

  • @Voodoo341, @Phene90x: We had info about the first months of ps4 psn+ offerings months ago. I dont remember from where exactly though. Nevertheless, expect Secret Ponchos and Binding of Isaac as ps4 content for April and May. Hope Im wrong and we get some AAA game, but I dont think so.

  • Hi Fred,
    Is Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut ps4 still coming out this month ?
    On the last blog post they said March:

  • @Lucreto
    Sorry to hear the loss of your gaming buddy. Can understand how hard it is. Lost my dog back in January after 10 years with him. :( Stopped gaming for a while cos I lost interest in everything. Had three new games at Christmas which wasn’t even started due to that but then one day I forced myself to stop with the depression and start getting my life back so I loaded up AC4. It wasn’t the same but you will slowly get back into it. It’s good for keeping your mind busy. When the time is ready, load up inFAMOUS and he will be watching you once again from a better place.
    So just got my platinum on infamous second son. Now need a sequel!! :D Lets get the developers back here so we can bug then for another game!! For the meantime going to get myself Final Fantasy x/x-2 HD for the next game. When we going to get some AC5 news? I hear it’s been announced for PS4. Would love to know what the PS3 version will be. Hope your enjoying infamous. It’s a great game but I prefer Cole from the last two.

    • inFAMOUS is next in line after I polish off Dark Souls 2. Looking forward to it – I’m hearing/seeing great things!
      AC5? Yes, it looks like Ubi made an announcement last week. I’m sure we’ll have them on the blog before too long to show off a little more. It’s looking very interesting this year!

  • The Internet browser on the PS4 needs a serious update. I wont be able to complete the infamous paper trial on there since it needs adobe flash player. And on another link it says this data is not supported by the PS4. Seriously, this is a sony made game and I have to start up either a Microsoft internet explorer or a google Internet Explorer? Surely when making these websites you’d make sure it works on the PS4?

  • Loving second son really is an awesome game…. and definately a step up after playing infamous 2…..would really love to know if in the future we will be getting the ability to play and store music cd’s on our playstation 4 system ? :)

  • My cat sits on top of my PS3 every chance it gets! Guess that’s why my Bluray drive has trouble recognizing discs…

  • Last month they said PS+ content would be announced sooner, and here we are again…. last week of the month and still dont know when in the next 7 days we will be told.
    I want to hope the delay is to secure a really good game, but last month I had the same expectation and was left disappointed.

    • In the interest of full disclosure, for the foreseeable future, you can expect PS Plus games to be announced 5-7 days before they go live. We’ll be confirming April details towards the end of the week. Sorry to keep you folks waiting.

  • @Lucreto and @dark_angel69. Sorry for your loss :(
    I’ve really enjoyed Smart As and Tomb Raider from this month’s PS+, although Tomb Raider Multiplayer has shockingly bad lag for a 2013 game. I’m hoping for Payday 2 for April PS+.
    @Fred. Will the Weekend Debate be returning soon?

  • It will indeed. My apologies – I’ve just had two ‘challenging’ Fridays in a row and it fell by the wayside. It should return this week.

  • Is there any chance of Playstation compiling a list of games that wont be coming to plus, even if its for the next few months or something like that? I’m always a bit worried that I’ll buy a game only for it to be on plus shortly after…

  • hey fred
    Kinda disappointed u avoided my question about the guitar hero tracks.
    U do know they will be removed and never come back on march 30,
    So a discount like on all the other systems would be nice since activision says so themselves.
    Really disappointed in SCEE again.

    • Apologies, I didn’t mean to ignore. I’m actually overseas today and not equipped to properly investigate what’s happening here. I’m looking into it though and will update asap.

  • Hey Fred… maybe you should read all the posts before trying to give a smart answer! ;-)

  • Hey Fred, I know this is kind of a leap of faith but can you confirm if Persona 4 Golden will be one the next IGC games as I am eager to play it but I need to order ASAP from overseas to have on time for the Easter holidays, as it isn’t sold in my country and it would be a shame if my game was in transit and announced as part of the IGC in the meantime.

  • Just a quick question about the IGC. Im thinking about buying Splinter Cell Blacklist. Any chance it might hit the IGC in the forseeable future?

  • Doubt anyone is still reading this, but is there any chance Kingdoms of Amalur dlc will be on sale at any point?
    Also any chance EU plus will be offering anything similar to JPN plus – such as the ridiculous amount of psone titles free in the offering on top of their usual monthly offering. I seriously doubt it considering you would get people complaining about old games and no trophies. I also certainly hope we aren’t getting the JPN plus free PS3 titles for this month both Heavy Fire Afghanistan and Heavy Fire Blah Blah Blah and Nights into Dreams. Seriously doubt Nights into Dreams as Sega likes to insure that primarily the only games the west gets are ones with little blue hedgehogs. However I would like to see Dragon’s Dogma Quest as ftp with plus as it is on JPN store..
    Now back to my imported Yakuza Ishin / Ryo ga Gotaku Ishin that I imported from Japan at least there is something to play until Dynasty warriors Xtreme Legends Complete Edition comes out in 11 days for PS4

  • @Fred. No problemo, thanks for the reply :D

  • I’m quite pleased to see so many effective responses to peoples queries. Keep up the good work Fred!

  • @fred
    In the interest of full disclosure, could you please then tell us when we can expect the monthly updates then, as without this reference point 5-7 days before makes no sense.
    And have you had any feedback on those questions you have passed on yet? Been nearly 5 months since they were first asked now! Could we have some answers please.

    • Ah, you’re right, that would be useful information! At present, they’ll be updating a week on wednesday. It’s generally first wednesday of the month.

  • I hope that with this months PS+ we will also be getting at least 2 full titles. Its bad enough we lost 1 PS3 game a month but when one of those games is a very short indie title as well tut, tut.
    I can only assume the loss was due to the added PS4 game. At least those lucky enough to own the PS4 still get a full PS4 title each month, oh hang on a minute you don’t! Indie titles all the way.

  • @Fred i have issue with Sony Bulgaria. They say the dualshock 4 has only 3 months guarantee as it is an accessory. I have contacted local authorities(Buyer protection committee) To whom from Sony EU we can escalate this?

  • How about a YouTube app on the PS4 so I can comfortably watch cat videos on my TV?
    Even the Wii U has a YouTube app and well err it’s the Wii U lol!

  • So the next free PS4 game is MERCENARY KINGS, thank you and come again :)

  • I hope we’ll know the games before the Max Payne sale is over -,-

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