New Sacred 3 trailer debuts first gameplay footage

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New Sacred 3 trailer debuts first gameplay footage

Your first proper look at the hack ‘n’ slash sequel in action on PS3

Sacred 2 transported PS3 gamers to the fantasy realm of Ancaria for dozens, sometimes hundreds of hours, when it was released back in 2009. A few years have passed in our world, but for the lands of Ancaria it has been ages! History has turned to legend, old landmarks turned to ruin, and a new evil in the form of the Ashen Empire has shattered the peace that once was. It is a new era, and a time for new heroes to rise up and fight together.
Today, we’re happy to finally show you a first peek at the next chapter in the world of Ancaria: Sacred 3.
Sacred 3, the newest installment in the saga, is an action-packed Hack ‘n’ Slash game focused on co-op gameplay. You and a friend can choose any hero and use unique skills and co-op combat arts to defeat hordes of enemies and take on epic boss encounters. The game supports seamless drop-in/drop-out multiplayer for two players to fight in co-op offline, and up to four players online over PlayStation Network. But be careful, your partner also is your biggest rival for the ultimate goal; to become the greatest hero of all.
Not much of a co-op player? Don’t worry, the game is designed for both co-op and single-player fun!
You can play as one of up to five characters from Ancaria’s different cultures: Safiri, Khukuri, Seraphim, Ancarian, and the Malakhim. If you played the side-scrolling beat ’em up spin-off Sacred Citadel, which was released on PlayStation Network last year, you may recognize some of these classes already! However, the Malakhim are entirely new in Sacred 3. No one really knows where they came from or when they first appeared. Rumours started spreading about dark assassins decimating Ashen troops in remote areas of Ancaria, and tales about their heroic origins unfolded…
We hope you liked this first look at Sacred 3 in action! Sacred 3 will be released for PlayStation 3 on 22nd August 2014.
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  • I loved the co-op centric Sacred 2, it was a real quirky gem. I’m a bit disappointed this isn’t coming to PS4 though. Any plans to release it on the new console?

    • Many people liked playing Sacred 2 cooperatively, so we put a lot of effort on the co-op action in Sacred 3, and to make it easier to jump in and out of a game! Right now we’re still working on making the PS3 version the best it can be, but we currently have no plans for a PS4 version.

  • PS3? Seems like a waste, By August most of the Active PS3 gamers have moved on to PS4. Can already be seen now with games like Thief that’s selling better on next gen. 80million that PS3 have sold is FAR from active users while on PS4 you have 6million active and by August a few more million.
    Oh well it’s your decision. Hopefully Diablo 3 have been released on PS4 by then.

  • Malakhim raised my interest already with the recent CG trailer. Gameplay seems to be faster than previously too. Add that I enjoyed the first 2 games on PC and I’ll probably be on board once more. Depends on Divinity: Original Sin too though. ;)

  • So any chance of this coming to the Vita ?

    • There is no Vita version I’m afraid. I don’t know where that rumor started, back in 2012, but we never announced a Vita version. Somehow that rumor stuck around for 2 years now! :)

  • Vita would be great!

  • @deathwings51
    Sacred 3 has already been confirmed for the PS Vita in 2012.

  • I realy enjoyed big open world in first and second Sacred. Hope it will be even greater in Sacred 3.

  • @Maurice Tan
    Oh. Maybe someone should edit the Wiki entry about the Vita release too then. No, don’t look in my direction! ;)

  • I didn’t know about the rumor but this would be a great Diablo-like dungeon crawler for VIta. But looking at how things are, guess no one is interested in it. This is one thing that I don’t understand about the Vita. Japanese devs make a ton of games, but rarely localize. Great games do not have any “plan” for a vita port. It took so long for some PS2 HD collections to arrive (some arent there at all) and then Sony cries that Vita isn’t selling well. Who is the head of handheld division anyway ? I need to send him/her an email if possible.

  • Sacred 3 First Edition… That must mean their will be a second edition

  • when we are going to get Sacred 3 in Vita please?

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