The superhuman sound of inFAMOUS Second Son

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The superhuman sound of inFAMOUS Second Son

Find out how Sucker Punch is pushing the boundaries with its audio work on PS4

Hey everyone! I’m the audio director at Sucker Punch, and I’m excited to show off some of the fun and painstaking attention to detail we took with the sound design of inFAMOUS Second Son.
We knew we had to up our game on all sonic fronts because we were launching on PS4, so we started early by identifying the key areas we wanted to focus on. Obviously the powers were going to be the most important aspect, so we began conceiving ideas before there was even visual concept art. We created a language for each power set which we used as a palette to craft the design of each set. With smoke, it was charcoal, air, and extinguishing flames. For neon we strapped a contact mic on our Sly Cooper neon sign and also recorded fluorescent tubes, electromagnetic interference, and a very long induction coil.
Another area we knew needed to come alive was the ambience. Since our game takes place in Seattle, what better way to capture the bustling city than running around with microphones, capturing the subtle nuances from birds, sirens, and car alarms, to rain and traffic? We took things to extreme measures with our ambient design, setting up unique audio events based on the neighborhood, the time of day, and whether or not Delsin or the D.U.P. is in control of a district.
Another concern for us was the final mix. We mixed the game at Sony’s Bridgepointe Studio, which was a wonderful experience. The game sounds great no matter what listening environment you may have: home theatre, TV speakers, headphones, and so on.
Going even further, our team also worked closely with the PlayStation hardware team to develop a custom audio mix for the new PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 which provides an outstanding example of how the audio mode enhances the sound experience.
Hope everyone enjoys the sonic magic of Second Son starting this Friday!

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  • Hurry up friday the wait is killing me lol

  • Can’t wait to play this! However has there been any confirmation about pricing for the downloadable version? I want to play this game on release day and I want to buy the download of the psn store. However if it turns out to be ridiculously overpriced (over £45) which i refuse to pay for a downloadable game that doesn’t have a box, then I will be unable to play on release day which would suck for someone who wants to buy this game on release and support the devs. Considering US have known for weeks that it will be available midnight for $59.99 (which is so much cheaper than us in Europe anyway) I hope we will be updated on pricing before the game goes live on the store. Cheers.

  • Will the custom audio mix be compatible with the PULSE Elite Wireless Headset?
    Knowing Sony, the conversion rates will completely bypass them and will be priced at £59.99 for a Standard Edition, as has been the case for other PS4 games.

  • Why is it that the US are able to pre-order this and get the upgraded to the limted edition and yet we dont even get the option to pre-order and anyway it will probably be priced at £63.99 which is a total rip-off seeing as thee is nothing physical

  • Not sure it’s a blog update or todays PS4 FW, but the blog seems to work on the PS4 browser. Still a few issues but think it’s PS4 related.

  • When is pre order going up and how much will it be, i want to cancel amazon order and get it digitally but only if its reasonably priced in UK.

  • Why there is no support for ps3 game profiles in ps4 headset app? And I guess there will be no ps4 profiles in ps3 app. I have a ps4 by I still enjoy playing on my ps3. And when the Second Son will hit the shelves I will need to flash my headset for it on ps4 and then if I will want to play The Last of Us I will need to update headset firmware again on ps3. This is not user friendly at all. Why we can’t have all profiles (for both ps3 and ps4 games) in any app, on both platforms?

  • @Xenostar
    It was confirmed ages ago that there will be no digital pre-order for Second Son. It will be stupidly overpriced anyway, as Sony have no knowledge of conversion rates.

  • Still waiting for digital pricing information. Though i assume it’ll be 59.99€ and 69.99€ for the two versions

  • Do we know if European PSN purchases of this will get the pre-order bonuses?

  • Interesting article. Thief has shown how important sound design is in a AAA title by doing it incredibly badly, so it’s good to see I:SS taking it seriously

  • The only problem I heard from journalists who played the game was that the game lacked impact when you shoot or hit someone. I guess that’s what bad sound design does.
    As soon as I will be able to buy a PS4 in the Netherlands, and the game is not older then a month, I’ll buy it. Changes are slim.
    Any word from Sony or SP if this game is censored in EU?

  • Only 3 days for release… another thread, another day we won’t know the digital price for the game in the EU Store, and if the digital version will include or not the Cole’s Legacy DLC…

  • @N30RYU – it’s confirmed that only the ‘Legacy Edition’ digital download includes Cole’s Legacy, hence the name. You’re right about the prices though

  • The price will likely be up with the store update tomorrow, considering all previous first part games it’ll be €60.
    No plan to ever trade this in so not bothered by that but the lack of a last gen feature such as pre-ordering and pre-loading is unfortunate.

  • @StevenJamesHyde does that mean that they will inlcude the normal and Limited edition in the store? I don’t think so. I only see advertised the Limited edition in the store under the games sectiones in ther number 9.
    Usually they offer the Limited editions with DLC at the price of the nomral edition if you purchase the game the first week.

  • @N30RYU they’ve already said that they’re 2 separate edition on the PSN store, only the limited edition has the DLC.

  • @Dreadaxe can you provide a link?

  • Already seen the link too bad… hope they say the price soon enough to get to pre-order the game in the US Store with DLC. (CENSORED) spanish if they wanna charge me 70€ for limited digital.

  • I overlooked and didn’t play the first game. However after managing to view some streams on Twitch via PS4, I’m considering picking up Second Son. And this article has only added to that temptation. I’m a sucker for sound design and I’ll take the punch. (See what I did there? ;))

  • @N30RYU Yeah Dreadaxe is right there will b 2 versions on the PS store standard and limited editions with only the limited having the dlc

  • @N30RYU

  • then lets hope they will say the price before US digital store pre-orders expires, so if they release limited for 70€, then I can forget the localization and pay 60$ for the english version with DLC inlcuded.

  • Will be today, with only two days left untill release, that you’ll tell us the digital price of the game in the EU Store?

  • I don’t understand why we get no feedback on these posts. Everyone is asking a simple question, with only two days to go before release when will be able to buy it on the EU PSN store and how much will it cost?
    It doesn’t seem like a difficult question.
    We’ve been shafted with Towerfall which there’s still no sign of and now we’re lagging on pre ordering for Infamous and Metal Gear.

  • Fred, you tell everyone who post off topic to post in the “this week at playstation” post, and when people do you completely Ingore every damn question!
    HOW MUCH WILL THE DIGITAL PREORDER OF INFAMOUS SS COST DAMN IT! the fact you won’t answered makes me think it will be like 79.99 or something… Your pathetic.

  • They don’t give a fu**. We’re the ones that buying it digital will have it later when are stores selling it right now… we don’t even have pre-order bonuses (like in the US Store) or pre-download… so the 21st we are gonna start downloading it, when most of the ppl will have it one or two before… (even later if you don’t have a good conection plus the servers can’t afford such demand) and on top of that we don’t even know what will be de price of the digital version… they REALLY don’t give a FU** about digital customers.

  • @laticspieman There may be a good reason why you can’t do this, but why not just pre-order the disc version online? I usually do this, from game, play, or shopto, and nearly always get the game the day before release (probably 80% of the time) and if not always on the day of release. That way you also have something you can resell on eBay to recoup some money when you are finished with it.

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