New Doki-Doki Universe DLC lands tomorrow

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New Doki-Doki Universe DLC lands tomorrow

A whole heap of new add-ons for the eccentric PS4 experience

Hi. I’m Greg (usually known as… well, Greg) from HumaNature Studios, the gang that brought you Doki-Doki Universe. You had better sit down because I have some big news. Well, at least medium sized news! Woohoo! Tomorrow, we’re releasing a new steaming pile of awesomely exciting DLC for our game. Well, everyone thinks their own kid is adorable, right? But no, really, this is really exciting, I promise!
Here is what we’ve added to the Universe of Doki-Doki Universe:

  • A NEW PLANET PACK: Two new story planets, PIG PIG and ARCTIC 7, each with its own fun new story, and new set of summonables and planet decorations.

Pig Pig 3
Arctic 1

  • THREE NEW THEMED PACKS OF ANIMATING “DEKOS” FOR DOKI DOKI MAIL, each with 25 adorable new Dekos, named the “Romance Pack”, the “Daily Life Relationship Pack” and the “Vacation Time Holiday Pack”. We’ve also added 30 new Dekos to the basic free set in the game.
  • The DELUXE QUIZ PACK includes:
    • 12 new asteroids with 48 new quiz questions!! (These are REALLY good ones too!)
    • A totally new feature to the game called Quiz Party Mode. You can now take the personality quiz from the front menu with up to 8 people. This lets you:
      • Guess your friends’ answers and compete to see who knows who the best.
      • It tells everyone in the group what their personality archetype is, and lets each person see the inside of their brain!
      • It lets you know who is the most similar to whom and who is the most different from whom.
      • It also tells you how the different people in the group match up compatibility-wise.

    Quiz Party is tons of fun when you have friends over – it’s light and easy and very social. It really gets conversations going! It’s perfect to share with non-gamer types.
    Quiz 1
    PQuiz 2
    We’ve also added another fun new feature:

    • Now when you visit your friends’ planets, in addition to seeing their personality report you can also see a report that tells you how compatible their personality is with yours. You also leave a “ghost” of yourself behind so that you can see who has been to your planet, and your ghost leaves a little gift for your friend.

    I sincerely hope you will enjoy the new features. We have poured a lot of love into this game and as QT3 says to Alien Jeff on Planet Farroh, “love is like diarrhea, you can’t control it. It just gushes out all over the place”. Disgusting? OK, Yes! …but best to just go with the flow, as it were. Enjoy, be happy, and er… spread the love.
    All the best from HumaNature Studios.

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  • I would have gotten this game if the developers would have sold it as a hole from the start. DLC campaign for an indie game? Screw that. Keep your damn game.

  • I know it’s off topic, but can someone tell me when is Towerfall hitting the Store?

  • Awesome! I bought the game on release and was completely captured with the humour and how charming it was. Maybe the snowman that hates snow could feature in your next game too.
    Any words on pricing/trophies?

    • Sure:
      Two Cool Story Planets Pack (£1.19/€1.49/AU$2.15)
      Deluxe Personality Quiz Party Pack (£1.99/€2.49/AU$3.65)
      Daily Life Deko Mail Pack (£0.59/€0.75/AU$1.05)
      Romance Deko Mail Pack (£0.59/€0.75/$1.05)
      Vacation Time Deko Mail Pack (£0.59/€0.75/$1.05)

  • This has got to be one of the most “aaaaww!” games I’ve ever played! It’s that adorable! But, after reading the whole thing, and maybe due to the (misleading?) subtitle, I’m not sure if it’s a PS4 only DLC or if it’ll be available for the Vita as well. I only own the Vita version, so this would be very good news if Sony’s portable would get the DLC as well.

  • Hi. The DLC is for all platforms, including the Vita. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Hi. Yes, the DLC is for all platforms, including the Vita.

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