The Last of Us passes 6 million sales

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The Last of Us passes 6 million sales

And Left Behind is now the highest rated PS3 DLC ever

As we did in 2012, we’ll have a large pack of Dogs giving talks at GDC 2014. We just wrapped up The Last of Us: Left Behind to universal critical acclaim. It currently has a score of 89 on Metacritic making it the highest rated PS3 downloadable content ever. We also recently received five BAFTA awards, including the coveted Best Game in 2014, for our work on The Last of Us.
We’re now heading to GDC to talk about some of the techniques and process that went into making The Last of Us, which has now hit over six million copies sold worldwide, as well as what made Left Behind, our first ever downloadable, single player story chapter, so unique.
The full list of sessions for all Naughty Dog talks, along with dates, times, locations and descriptions, is available on the Naughty Dog blog. Visit the GDC Schedule builder if you want to put these sessions in your calendar, export them or print them out.

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  • And the most awarded game in history completely deserved!

  • Now bring it to PS4! The demand is huge! You’d get easily another 1 million sales from new Sony gamers

  • @JezPSN
    I agree. I would double dip, many newcomers would buy it. Just outsource the work and reap the benefits so precious dev time doesn’t disappear from other projects :)

  • BRILLIANT game + the DLC is BRILLIANT so far to(just started playing it) :P Well done ND & SONY ;)

  • Excellent experience and its deserves more. Keep doing like this ND and Sony.

  • not surprised a masterpiece like the last of us deserves to pays 10 mill

  • Mass Effect 3: Citadel is 90 on Metacritic! Heh heh, just saying…

  • Yes! TLoU definetly deserves all the success it’s getting. Now port it over to PS4. Everyone wants it. It would be a shame if it wasn’t available on PS4. There’s a huge demand for it and I’d definitely buy it again :P

  • Bring TLoU to the Vita as well, well at least the MP side of it, my Vita has been craving for a good online game for over 2 years… TLoU could be that game, KZ:M almost was but I’m barely able to ever find a game & TLoU MP is better so I want that.

  • Tlou is a truly amazing game, and I would say the best game I have ever played over the last 30 years. Well done to the dogs, looking forward to what they do next :)

  • Wow, it’s very good sales for exclusive game, congratulations, guys! This is what happens when devs don’t shy to talk on serious themes!

  • about the 6 millions , its not enough

  • How much of those sales are digital downloads?

    I got it digital download in the 12 deals of Christmas, 18 quid on Christmas Eve I believe……great game at a great price so fair play to PS EU on that occasion and for ACIV at 18 quid a few days before that in the 12 deals, shame I have nothing else to thank them for for the rest of the year though :-(

  • I love games with more of a story like uncharted but last of us just blew me way the story was so gripping the direction of the game everything bout it was amazing it is by far the game I’ve ever played it’s done by naughty dog and for me last of us is 100 times better than uncharted

  • The story does sound good. Killer mushrooms in stead of zom-zoms mooching about the place.
    But the fact it has a tacked on MP section put me off the game. I’m hoping the PS4 releases PS3 games that have the MP mode ripped from certain games and sold at discount. Then I will get to play this game.

  • @ Brako_Version_5
    Please play the multiplayer before you start saying that it’s tacked on …
    The multiplayer is amazing and has a lot of original and innovative features, it is by far one of the most original multiplayer games ever created. The majority of the people who played it loved it and the game has a big and active multiplayer community.
    When I bought the game on launch day I was just like you: “This game doesn’t need an MP, it’s going to be bad!”. But after finishing the singleplayer I decided to try it and I immediately fell in love with it. I have played the multiplayer for more than 40 hours, I’ve gotten all the MP trophies and I’m still playing it from time to time.
    The only thing that I want to say to you is: PLEASE try the multiplayer before saying that it’s tacked on and bad, because it isn’t !

  • great for ND and all, but i still cannot wonder just how much celebrated TLoU would of been if, for ‘unknown reasons’ the Ubisoft title I AM Alive would of been made as the planned full game, not the downgraded psn type, but i do love my conspiracy stuff, so that would be a normal thought, for me… i to thought six million wasn’t enough, should of doubled that, imo.

  • @ valkyrio
    I’ve spoken to many about this and they all agree that the MP is tacked on. I’m really glad you like it mate, God knows there’s been games that sold next to nothing but I’ve enjoyed them so much its like they were personally made for me.
    But I refuse to buy a game like this when it didn’t need the MP mode. Uncharted 2 on my very first profile for PS3 put me off Naught Dog MP modes for life.
    Do I wish I played TLoU? Yes. But do I feel like I’ve missed out by refusing to buy on the basis that it has multiplayer tacked on? No.
    And if I let that matter slide then what next? Removing the sentry guns from the front of my house in fear of a Zombie attack someday? No thank you sir!

  • Theirs not a high percentage of games these days that i would say are actually worth the money, but have to say this one was worth every penny, the multi player side of it is quite addictive aswell

  • Also wish they’d have made that mall level on the last dlc a multiplayer map, it wold have bee epic

  • Many thanks to ND and Monacelli from Italy.

  • @Brako_Version_5
    You know all those game of the year awards The Last of Us has won, right? Did you know that a good part of those awards were accolades like “PS3 multiplayer game of the year”, and “Overall multiplayer game of the year”?
    I guarantee you, the multiplayer is in NO WAY “tacked on”, and it makes a ton of sense in the game’s world. In the multiplayer, you’re fighting as a leader of one of the two rival factions in The Last of Us: The Hunters or The Fireflies. You have to fight the other faction (the opposing team in multiplayer matches) to scrounge up supplies for your clan, with a goal of surviving for 12 weeks. If you don’t do well in matches, your clan members will grow hungry, get sick and eventually die. If your entire clan dies, you’ll have to restart from week one.
    The matches themselves are brutal as well, and thus carry an amazingly tense atmosphere if you really get into it, which acommodates the single player experience perfectly. And it’s just a damn solid multiplayer game to boot.
    Like I said, there’s nothing “tacked on” about it. Give the game a try, and go into it with an open mind – trust me, you won’t regret it. :)

  • @Brako_Version_5
    I seriously recommend trying TLoU MP, I really really disliked Uncharted MP. I bought The Last of Us for its SP game, loved it & thought its MP would be just as horrible as Uncharted.. But then I made the mistake of trying its MP before finishing its SP, now whenever I start up TLoU I’m more keen to play its MP then SP (haven’t finished SP cause of it..). No way is it tacked on.
    Its MP is very tactical/lots of team play needed, its up their with the best of the best tactical games, lots of skill is needed to do well in MP, its not CoD or Uncharted MP. I was expecting something horrible like Uncharted MP but what I got was the best MP experience I’ve had in years. If you like senseless MP then TLoU isn’t for you (CoD) but if you like tactical gameplay then you can’t get any better then TLoU.

  • @ XSpike
    There are two major reasons I despise MP in games…
    1: Its used as a cash-cow to bring in not genre specific fans and usually ends up destroying the SP experience as less effort went into it. This usually starts off as people loving the first game which was a superb SP experience. The publisher then forces the dev to create an online mode in hope to bring in the Halo/CoD fans, but it fails. It puts off the original fans, and the pick up & play gamers don’t like it because it over-complicates itself. This then makes the original fans miss out on the MP featured sequel as well as future sequels to the franchise. Happened with BioShock, happened with Batman, Happened with Uncharted, happened with… etc etc etc.
    2: I work a lot of hours a month, usually 276-300 hours per month. So when I get to play on the PS3, I like to be able to be immersed in a capturing story and funky new gameplay every other level. Single player offers me this. I’m the hero, the most awesome man on the in-game planet, the badgers nadgers etc etc. Multiplayer does not give me this. What multiplayer gives me is the same thing round after round and that my ol’ spikey amigo, reminds me too much of work.

  • @Brako_Version_5
    You should feel like you missed out on something because you refused to buy it due to the inclusion of multiplayer. It is the best single player experience you will have on the ps3. full stop. I don’t like multiplayer but i did on this. thats not the issue though. Unless you are a trophy hunter and the lack of 100% irritates you why would you deny yourself one of the best single player campaigns available.? There are no sections of the game that ever feel lower in quality due to the inclusion of it. The games tone, story, music, gameplay and visuals never drop below exceptional. no spoilers here but there is a beautiful section where players experience the story of another character that you can completely miss. They are hardly skimping on the single player story if they are happy putting the hours in creating content that quite a lot of people will miss!
    Get the game. you will not regret it honestly. I’d be very very surprised if it ever came to ps4 as its Playstations flagship title for playstation now when it launches

  • This game is fantastic, definitely in my top 5 of all time. I just don’t understand the 6 million sales. Obviously, that’s a lot for a video game, but that means that something like only 1 in 14 PS3 owners bought a copy of this game. How dumb are the other 13?

  • @ Cleggworth
    You know what mate, I actually tried to explain that but when posting I had to chop up the post due to going over the amount of words used.
    Basically I have two profiles. One as a dummy account which I use for games where I cannot attain 100% completion due to servers being shutdown, trophies being glitched, as well as using it to test a game before putting it on my completion profile. Basically a way to demo test a game before commiting to the full playthrough.
    If I do get TLoU it will be at a major bargain pre-owned price to play on my dummy account. For one I don’t trust ND when it comes to multiplayer. There trophy lists are not fun and have put me off any of there future releases. And two, I won’t pay full whack that I will only get a portion of because the rest of it is not what I want.
    When I saw the tech demo I was blown away. But after thousands of posts on how bad the MP is on this game, I wouldn’t even attempt to boost it if worse come to worst.

  • @ Pica_Man
    Its all about personal taste mate. You also have to look at how people use the PS3. Some for family entertainment and the odd game, other for streaming etc. This is why its a risk on the release of new consoles. You could have the best FPS shooter out there, but if the first batches of consoles are bought by RPG gamers, chances are they won’t buy the game.
    Look at GTAV. Sold over 300 trillion-billion-Ka-schmillion throughout the known galaxy, and there are still those who won’t play it as its simply not there type of game. So you have to look how varied gamers are when it comes to exclusives. 70+ million PS3 units sold and one of its best exclusives sells only 6 million units. Goes to show have different we are on whats a top game or not.


  • Can we have a PS4 version now? Easily get it to 8 million sold.

  • Just bring the “definitive edition” allready. It worked out well for CD and Tomb Raider.

  • Deserved :) Continue to impress us with these masterpieces Sony and ND!

  • $60 well spent I’m tellin’ you!

  • Wallah This Game Having a Super Graphics In PS3 I cnt Imagine This Game On Next Next Guys What Do You SaY?

  • Well done, it’s all well deserved!! :)

  • Fantastic, I hope that they release a sequel of sorts in 5-10 years from now. That’d be amazing.

  • This game was very good and now set the bar really high for other games.

  • seria bueno que lanzaran un the last of us para PS VITA seria increible

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