Your first look at Final Horizon, a new strategy game for PS Vita and PS4

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Your first look at Final Horizon, a new strategy game for PS Vita and PS4

Intergalactic tower defence coming soon from the team behind Total Recoil

Hi everyone, this is Si at indie developer Eiconic Games in the UK. We’ve been busy developing Final Horizon for PS Vita and PS4 and are excited to be able to share the first batch of screenshots with the PlayStation Blog readers.
You will enjoy some great puzzling levels that will need all of your skills to solve and other frantic action levels where you won’t dare to blink or take your eyes from the screen
We are pleased to share a screenshot from the cinematic level select screens. The story takes the player on a journey from planet to planet into dark undiscovered galaxies that are the home of the alien Swarm.
Not only will you play on the planets’ surfaces, but you will also get to take over the Overwatch orbital satellite as a killstreak reward and as standalone missions. Ever wanted to shoot the legs off a spider from space?
As you play through the game, the levels get tougher, the Swarm gets stronger, and you’re going to need to think fast and act faster. This is a strategic, puzzling, action-packed tower defence game like you’ve never seen before.
We have developed and optimised our PS Vita engine to be able to pack as much action into the handheld experience as possible. And developing on PlayStation 4 means more of everything – more explosions and more special effects, which we’ll continue to build on over the coming months.
For those of you in the UK, Final Horizon will be featured on Sony’s stand at the Eurogamer Rezzed show at Birmingham NEC from 28th to 30th March. Come along and see the game for yourself!

FinalHorizon_PS4_Screenshot_05 FinalHorizon_PS4_Screenshot_01

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  • Cross-buy and cross-save pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Cool I haven’t played any TD games on my vita. This should be my first.

  • Awesome. I was surprised how good Total Recoil was, especially considering it was only £1.99, so I’ll definitely be giving this a look.
    Cross buy would be amazing as well. ;)

  • croze343# PixelJunk Monster is FREE for PS+ right now. Great TD game!

  • If i want a TD game i’ll take my ipad or mobilephone!
    It would be nice if whe saw some A titles appear on the vita.
    I like indy titles but lately that is all we get and now this glorified app??
    And its for PS4 too wow, that will get the damn thing smoking.
    Come on Sony get your act together !

  • people complaining about the number of games available on ps4 are ignorant of the gaming industry.And as for getting there act together 6million and rising sold,fastest selling console of all time.Anyway so what if it doesnt push the ps4 graphically,if its decent enough and priced right how can that be bad.Oh an not everybody has an i pad or a nice phone,this is my only gaming platform,so the more diverse choice of games the better.

  • Spend £400 on a console that lets you play games you can play on your mobile…. that’s what you’re giving us SCEE!

  • I didn’t realise u could play killzone,knack,theif,battlefield,cod,mavel superheroes and not long now infamous on ur mobile, plus who pays £400 for a product without looking at the games and release dates

  • I was given a release date for Drive Club…. look how that turned out.

  • release dates are sometimes mercurial in nature and has been a part of the games industry before even the psone came out.

  • I like the sound of this, top stuff Team Eiconic :). Don’t pay any attention to the haters either – there’s unfortunately a subculture of people on the internet these days that if it’s not something they like, they automatically hate it. Some kind of wierd emotional disfunction that’s likely the product of the information age. There were some great tower defence games on PS3, and I’m looking forward to giving this a run on PS4 or Vita (probably PS4, more razzle dazzle :)). Good luck with the rest of the development, looking forward to playing it when it’s done :).

  • voodoo no offence but in the last 6 months i haven’t seen one positive post from you,in fact not even one neutral post,maybe your just not a gamer,or at least you dont appear to be enjoying any games or looking forward to any of the amazing games coming.Why are you so negative,im interested to find out why.

  • So driveclub was the reason you brought your ps4 even though it was free with plus and was delayed pior to the ps4’s release, they did let us know, hopefully you can find something positive someday

  • @Axe99 – top comment.
    @Voodoo341 – It’s easy to deduce that (A) Either this is your first console launch “purchase” or (B) you’re trolling but lets just say it’s (A) and I’ll give you the low-down:
    Next-Gen games take time to make and launch titles are always sparse and rarely great. Try free the shackles of your mind of corporate favouritism and open your eyes to the incredible indie titles available. People regard them so highly because they have invigorated and influenced the gaming industry simlpy because they are a hell of a lot of fun to play. Be glad this console launch is the first to have an extra option rather than just the few crappy AAA titles that many console launches have been marred with.
    In the case of (B) – being a troll means you’re a kid or just an annoying person. When you grow up, just copy paste this post for those who bitch about the PS7.
    Dear Sony – I would love a ps4 pls thx :)

  • I’d love to see the Playstation get its own sci-fi exclusive RPG. Much like Mass Effect began life exclusively on the 360 before being ported to others. I would love a sci-fi RPG series for the Playstation.
    But in terms of strategy, this could b e good. Not been a fan of strategy games since the good ol’ days of Mega Lo Mania. Awesome game to this day that you younger gamers should check out. Might introduce you to a strategy genre which you end up demanding more from.

  • Darkwoodstock84
    Well said

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